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by Ogawa, H and Koyanagi, R and Kawada-Watanabe, E and Yamaguchi, J and Takagi, A and Hagiwara, N and Deedwania, P. C and Demicco, D. A and Breazna, A and Wun, C. C and Pedersen, T and Colhoun, H. M and Neil, A and Hitman, G and Nakanishi, K and Fukuda, S and Shimada, K and Ehara, S and Inanami, H and Matsumoto, K and Taguchi, H and Muro, T and Yoshikawa, J and Yoshiyama, M and Dimitriadis, K and Tsioufis, C and Tatsis, I and Chlapoutakis, G and Lioni, L and Tzamou, V and Kasiakogias, A and Thomopoulos, C and Tousoulis, D and Stefanadis, C and Terentes-Printzios, D and Vlachopoulos, C and Aznaouridis, K and Ioakeimidis, N and Parapid, B and Vukcevic, V and Obrenovic-Kircanski, B and Simic, D. V and Milic, N. M and Stojanov, V and Beleslin, B and Nedeljkovic, I and Nedeljkovic-Arsenovic, O. M. S and Ostojic, M. C and Kotecha, D and Krum, H and New, G and Eccleston, D and Collins, P and Flather, M and Pepper, J and Tomiyama, H and Odaira, M and Yoshida, M and Shiina, K and Matsumoto, C and Yamashina, A and Pastormerlo, L. E and Maffei, S and Chubuchny, V and Mazzone, A. M and Susini, C and Passino, C and Chiappino, D and Emdin, M and Clerico, A and Katsi, V and Souretis, G and Vlasseros, I and Vrachatis, D and Kallikazaros, I and Androulakis, E and Chatzistamatiou, E and Papageorgiou, N and Miliou, A and Siasos, G and Moustakas, G and Ochoa, J. E and Balparda, J. K and Correa, M. M and Valencia, A. M and Alvarez, M and Mcewen, J. G and Bilo, G and Salvi, P and Aristizabal, D and Parati, G and De Vries, H and Engen-Verheul, M and Kemps, H. M. C and Kraaijenhagen, R and Peek, N and Vervueren, P. L and Bongard, V and Arveiler, D and Dallongeville, J and ... and on behalf of GEMI Group and on behalf of Korean Acute Myocardial Infarction Registry and on behalf of SWEETHEART-Study-Group and on behalf of QuIK Steering Committee and on behalf of On Behalf of the MADIT-CRT Investigators and on behalf of NAGOYA HEART Study Group and on behalf of Kan Wang, Xiaosheng Hu, Changqing Du, Shike Tu, Furong Zhang, and Xudong Xie and on behalf of The FRANCE2 scientific Committee and on behalf of Oslo Ischemia Study Group and on behalf of EUROVISION investigators and on behalf of German transcatheter aortic valve interventions registry and on behalf of Tokyo CCU network Committee and on behalf of Neha Singh and on behalf of the CASE-J Ex Study Group and on behalf of On behalf of Preserved-DATA-HELP (Diagnostic And TherApeutic methods, used in patients with systolic HEart failure, Living in Poland) investigators and on behalf of Associazione per lo Studio della Trombosi in Cardiologia and on behalf of BRAVO Investigators and on behalf of TIMI Study Group and on behalf of The Swedish Heart Failure Registry and on behalf of German Competence Network of Heart Failure and on behalf of Nordic ARVC Registry and on behalf of ACUITY and HORIZONS AMI and on behalf of Biomarkers in Cardiology and on behalf of Portuguese Registry of Acute Coronary Syndromes Investigators and on behalf of IMPROVE study group and on behalf of CLARICOR and on behalf of Department of Cardiology, Jinan Central Hospital Affiliated to Shandong University and on behalf of STAR-Study-Group and on behalf of DiaRegis-Study-Group and on behalf of MASS II Trial and on behalf of The Rotterdam Study and on behalf of the Korea Acute Myocardial Infarction Registry and on behalf of SACRA and PLUM registries investigators and on behalf of SMILE-4 and on behalf of AMIS Plus Investigators and on behalf of Gutenberg Heart Study and on behalf of VIPER-BP Study Investigators and on behalf of Hypersleep and on behalf of The CHART-2 Investigators and on behalf of HIJ-CREATE and on behalf of Joint "Croix Rouge Francaise" and "Federation Francaise de Cardiologie" Study Investigators and on behalf of ACTION and on behalf of EHS-PCI-Registry Study Group and on behalf of CCMR-3B Study Investigators and on behalf of The EURIKA investigators and on behalf of The GARFIELD Investigators and on behalf of a name and on behalf of RESET study investigators and on behalf of the SchlaHF-Investigators and on behalf of VIPER-BP Investigators and on behalf of ISSUE3 investigators and on behalf of FOCUS registry investigators and on behalf of NEO study and on behalf of cardiology unit, Ramathibodi hospital and on behalf of First Division of Cardiovascular Department, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou and on behalf of Kyoto University/Canon joint research project and on behalf of The REACH registry investigators and on behalf of GCKD Study Investigators and on behalf of College National des Cardiologues des Hopitaux francais and on behalf of BBK registry Bad Krozingen and on behalf of PL-ACS Investigators and on behalf of the Three-City study Group and on behalf of Apixaban for Reduction In STroke and Other ThromboemboLic Events in Atrial Fibrillation and on behalf of ARISTOTLE Investigators and Committees and on behalf of Heart Cycle and on behalf of Electrophysiologist International Community "EPIC" Alliance and on behalf of MOMOTARO study and on behalf of BOREAS-TCM study and on behalf of BIOSOLVE-I Investigators and on behalf of On behalf of DATA-HELP study (Diagnostic And TherApeutic methods, used in patients with systolic HEart failure, Living in Poland) investigators and on behalf of FINN-AKVA study group
European Heart Journal, ISSN 0195-668X, 08/2012, Volume 33, Issue suppl 1, pp. 655 - 939
Journal Article
by Barthelemy, O and Silvain, J and Brieger, D and Bellemain-Appaix, A and Cayla, G and Beygui, F and Lancar, R and Collet, J. P and Mercadier, A and Montalescot, G and Cha, K. S and Nam, Y. H and Kim, J. H and Park, S. Y and Park, T. H and Kim, M. H and Kim, Y. D and Lee, H. C and Ahn, M. S and Hong, T. J and Blanco, R and Blanco, F and Szarfer, J and Garcia Escudero, A and Gigena, G and Gagliardi, J and Rodriguez, A and Sarmiento, R and Affatatto, S and Riccitelli, M and Petris, A and Datcu, M. D and Pop, C and Radoi, M and Arsenescu-Georgescu, C and Petrescu, I and Petrescu, L and Serban, L and Nechita, E and Tatu-Chitoiu, G and Dorobantu, M and Benedek, I and Craiu, E and Sinescu, C and Ionescu, D. D and Ginghina, C and Minescu, B and Izzo, A and Mantovani, P and Tomasi, L and Dall'oglio, L and Bonatti, S and Rosiello, R and Romano, M and Agostini, F and Zanini, R and Zhao, Z. Y and Wu, Y. J and Li, J. J and Yany, Y. J and Qian, H. Y and Tang, Y. D and Timoteo, A. T and Toste, A and Lousinha, A and Ramos, R and Oliveira, J. A and Ferreira, M. L and Ferreira, R. C and Cabades, C and Diez Gil, J. L and Aguar, P and Sanmiguel, D and Lopez-March, A and Marmol, R and Guerra, L and Girbes, V and Ferrando, J and Rincon De Arellano, A and Patricio, L and Blondal, M and Ainla, T and Marandi, T and Eha, J and Oliveira, M. M and Silva, M. N and Cunha, P. S and Feliciano, J and Silva, S and Kanovsky, J and Kala, P and Parenica, J and Poloczek, M and Prymusova, K and Kubkova, L and Spinar, J and Olinic, D and Homorodean, C and Ober, M and Olinic, M and ...
European Heart Journal Supplements, ISSN 1520-765X, 10/2010, Volume 12, Issue Suppl F, pp. F1 - F124
Journal Article
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan, ISSN 0009-2673, 7/2018, Volume 91, Issue 7, pp. 1075 - 1111
Journal Article
by Perez-Pomares, J. M and Ruiz-Villalba, A and Ziogas, A and Segovia, J. C and Ehrbar, M and Munoz-Chapuli, R and De La Rosa, A and Dominguez, J. N and Hove-Madsen, L and Sankova, B and Sedmera, D and Franco, D and Aranega Jimenez, A and Babaeva, G and Chizh, N and Galchenko, S and Sandomirsky, B and Schwarzl, M and Seiler, S and Steendijk, P and Huber, S and Maechler, H and Truschnig-Wilders, M and Pieske, B and Post, H and Simrick, S and Kreutzer, R and Rao, C and Terracciano, C. M and Kirchhof, P and Fabritz, L and Brand, T and Theveniau-Ruissy, M and Parisot, P and Francou, A and Saint-Michel, E and Mesbah, K and Kelly, R. G and Wu, H.-T and Sie, S.-S and Chen, C.-Y and Kuan, T.-C and Lin, C. S and Ismailoglu, Z and Guven, M and Yakici, A and Ata, Y and Ozcan, S and Yildirim, E and Ongen, Z and Miroshnikova, V and Demina, E and Rodygina, T and Kurjanov, P and Denisenko, A and Schwarzman, A and Rubanenko, A and Shchukin, Y and Germanov, A and Goldbergova, M and Parenica, J and Lipkova, J and Pavek, N and Kala, P and Poloczek, M and Vasku, A and Parenicova, I and Spinar, J and Gambacciani, C and Chiavacci, E and Evangelista, M and Vesentini, N and Kusmic, C and Pitto, L and Chernova, A and Nikulina, S. U. Y and Arvanitis, D. A and Mourouzis, I and Pantos, C and Kranias, E. G and Cokkinos, D. V and Sanoudou, D and Vladimirskaya, T. E and Shved, I. A and Kryvorot, S. G and Schirmer, I. M and Appukuttan, A and Pott, L and Jaquet, K and Ladilov, Y and Archer, C. R and Bootman, M. D and Roderick, H. L and Fusco, A and Sorriento, D and Santulli, G and Trimarco, B and Iaccarino, G and Hagenmueller, M and Riffel, J and ...
Cardiovascular Research, ISSN 0008-6363, 03/2012, Volume 93, Issue suppl 1, pp. S52 - S87
Journal Article
by Harms, L and Bock, A and JÄnisch, W and Valdueza, J and Weber, J and Link, I and De Keyser, J and Goossens, A and Wilczak, N and Vedeler, C and Bjorge, L and Uvestad, E and Conti, G and Williams, K and Ginsberg, L and Ginsberg, L and Rafique, S and Rapoport, S I and Gershfeld, N L and De La Meilleure, G and Crevits, L and Faiss, J H and Heye, N and Blanke, J and Sackmann, A and Kastrup, O and Doornbos, R and van der Worp, H B and Kappelle, L J and Bar, P R and Davie, C A and Barker, G J and Brenton, D and Miller, D H and Thompson, A J and Block, F and Schwarz, M and Delodovici, L and Baruzzi, F and Bonaldi, G and Dario, A and Marra, A and Mercuri, A and Dworzak, F and Cavallari, P and Confalonieri, P and Zuffi, M and Antozzi, C and Cornelio, F and Baldissera, F and Chassande, B and Ameri, A and Eymard, B and Poisson, M and Vérier, A and Brunet, P and Congia, S and Murgia, P L and Cannas, A and Borghero, G and Uselli, S and Mellino, G and Ferrai, R and Lampis, R and Massa, R and Muzzetto, B and Giannini, F and Rossi, S and Cioni, R and d'Aniello, C and Guarneri, A and Battistini, N and Ceriani, F and Del Santo, A and Poloni, M and Campo, J F and Iglesias, F and Guitera, M V and Farinas, C and Pascual, J and Leno, C and Berciano, J and Thorpe, I W and Kendall, B E and McDonald, W I and Moulignier, A and Dromer, F and Baudrimont, M and Dupont, B and Gozlan, J and El Amrani, M and Petit, J C and Roullet, E and Sterzi, R and Causaran, R and Protti, A and Riva, M and Erminio, F and Arena, O and Villa, F and ... and The Dutch Guillain-Barré study group and The European Velnacrine Study Group and European Study Group and The COP-1 Multicenter Clinical and Research Group Study
Journal of Neurology, ISSN 0340-5354, 6/1994, Volume 241, Issue S1, pp. 1 - 164
Journal Article
by Valgimigli, Marco and Costa, Francesco and Byrne, Robert and Haude, Michael and Baumbach, Andreas and Windecker, Stephan and Aaroe, J and Aasa, M and Abdel-Salam, A.M and Alaarag, A.F and Accardi, R and Adel, A and Alcazar De La Torre, E and Alejos, R and Alfonso Jimenez, V and Alhashimi, H.M.M and Aljeboury, A and Almeida De Sousa, J and Almusawi, A and Alshaikha, M and Altaf, S and Altahmody, K.E.A and Alvarez Contreras, L.R and Amarasena, N and Amoroso, G and Anderson, R and Andò, G and Andrade, J and Andreou, A.Y and Angulo, J and Antonio, T and Aprigliano, G and Aquilina, M and Arafa, S.E.O and Aramberry, L and Arampatzis, C.A and Araujo, J.J and Asher, E and Ates, I and Athanasias, D and Auer, J and Auffret, V and Ayala, F.J and Baba, C and Baglioni, P and Bagur, R and Balam-Ortiz, E and Balducelli, M and Bam Pas, G and Barbash, I.M and Barbosa, A.H.P and Barbosa, R and Barnay, P and Barroso, L and Basti, A and Bax, M and Bayet, G and Beijk, M.A and Beltran, R and Berenguer Jofresa, A and Berroth, R and Berti, S and Berumen Dominguez, L.E and Bhasin, A and Bhaya, M and Bianco, M and Biasco, L and Bikicki, M and Bonarjee, V.V.S and Bonechi, F and Borges Santos, M and Boshev, M and Bouferrouk, A and Bounartzidi, M and Bousoula, E and Brie, D and Brtko, M and Brugaletta, S and Brull, D.J and Buchter, B and Buendia, R and Burzotta, F and Butz, T and Buzzetti, F and Bychowiec, B and Cadeddu, M and Campanile, A and Carneiro, J.G and Carrilho-Ferreira, P and Carrillo Guevara, J.E and Carter, A.J and Casal-Heredia, H and Castiglioni, B and Castro Fabiano, L and Cavalcante Silva, R and Cavalcanti De Oliveira, D and Cavalcanti, R.C and Cavazza, C and Centemero, M.P and Chabane, H.K and ...
EuroIntervention, ISSN 1774-024X, 05/2015, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp. 68 - 74
Aims: Our aim was to report on a survey initiated by the EuropeanAssociation of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (EAPCI) concerning opinion on the... 
clopidogrel | CARDIAC & CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEMS | acute coronary syndrome | drug-eluting stent | GUIDELINES | dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT) | INTERVENTION | stable coronary artery disease
Journal Article
by Adamo, Marianna and Byrne, Robert A and Baumbach, Andreas and Haude, Michael and Windecker, Stephan and Valgimigli, Marco and Aaroe, J and Abdeltawab, A.A and Accardi, R and Addad, F and Agostoni, P and Alajab, A and Alcázar, E and Alhabil, B and Altug Cakmak, H and Amico, F and Amoroso, G and Anderson, R and Andò, G and Andreou, A.Y and Antoniadis, D and Aquilina, M and Aramberry, L and Auer, J and Auffret, V and Ausiello, A and Austin, D and Avram, A and Ayman, E and Babunashvili, V and Bagur, R and Bakotic, Z and Balducelli, M and Ballesteros, S.M and Baptista, S and Baranauskas, A and Barbeau, G and Bax, M and Benchimol, C and Berroth, R and Biasco, L and Bilal, A and Binias, K and Blanco Mata, R and Boccuzzi, G and Bolognese, L and Boskovic, S and Bourboulis, N and Briguori, C and Bunc, M and Buysschaert, I and Calabro’, P and Campo, G and Candiello, A and Caprotta, U.F and Cardenas, M and Carrilho-Ferreira, P and Carrizo, S and Caruso, M and Cassar, A and Cernigliaro, C and Chacko, G and Chamie, D and Clapp, B and Coceani, M and Colangelo, S and Colombo, A and Comeglio, M and Connaughton, M and Conway, D and Cortese, B and Cosgrave, J and Costa, F and Couvoussis, E and Crimi, G and Crook, R and Cruz-Alvarado, J.E and Curello, S and D’Ascenzo, F and D’Urbano, M and Dana, A and De Backer, O and De Carlo, M and De Cesare, N and De Iaco, G and De La Torre, H.J.M and De Oliveira Netoj, B and Devlin, G.P and Di Lorenzo, E and Díaz, A and Dina, C and Dorsel, T.H and Eberli, F.R and Echeverría, R and Eftychiou, C and Elguindy, A and Ercilla, J and Ernst, A and Esposito, G and Ettori, F and ...
EuroIntervention, ISSN 1774-024X, 10/2016, Volume 12, Issue 9, pp. 1154 - 1163
Aims: Our aim was to report on a survey initiated by the European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (EAPCI) collecting the opinion of... 
Acute coronary syndrome | Bivalirudin | Transradial | TRIAL | CARDIAC & CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEMS | acute coronary syndrome | bivalirudin | MYOCARDIAL-INFARCTION | transradial | ST-SEGMENT ELEVATION | HEPARIN | ACCESS
Journal Article