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EuroIntervention, ISSN 1774-024X, 08/2014, Volume 10, Issue 4, pp. 1 - 2
Journal Article
EuroIntervention : journal of EuroPCR in collaboration with the Working Group on Interventional Cardiology of the European Society of Cardiology, 08/2014, Volume 10, Issue 4, p. 431
Journal Article
EuroIntervention : journal of EuroPCR in collaboration with the Working Group on Interventional Cardiology of the European Society of Cardiology, 08/2014, Volume 10, Issue 4, p. 2 pages preceding p.431
Journal Article
by Vranckx, Pascal and Valgimigli, Marco and Jüni, Peter and Hamm, Christian and Steg, Philippe Gabriel and Heg, Dik and van Es, Gerrit Anne and McFadden, Eugene P and Onuma, Yoshinobu and van Meijeren, Cokky and Chichareon, Ply and Benit, Edouard and Möllmann, Helge and Janssens, Luc and Ferrario, Maurizio and Moschovitis, Aris and Zurakowski, Aleksander and Dominici, Marcello and Van Geuns, Robert Jan and Huber, Kurt and Slagboom, Ton and Serruys, Patrick W and Windecker, Stephan and Abdellaoui, Mohamed and Adlam, David and Akin, Ibrahim and Albarran Gonzalez-Trevilla, Agustin and Almeida, Manuel and Alves Lemos Neto, Pedro and Aminian, Adel and Anderson, Richard and Andreae, Rick and Angioi, Michael and Asano, Taku and Barbato, Emanuele and Barlis, Peter and Barraud, Pascal and Benit, Edouard and Bertrand, Olivier and Beygui, Farzin and Bolognese, Leonardo and Botelho, Roberto and Bouwman, Coby and Bressers, Marco and Brunel, Philippe and Buszman, Pawel and Buysschaert, Ian and Canas da Silva, Pedro and Carrie, Didier and Cequier, Angel and Chichareon, Ply and Chin Chang, Chun and Chowdhary, Saqib and Collet, Carlos and Colombo, Antonio and Cotton, James and Cruz Ferreira, Rui and Curello, Salvatore and Curzen, Nick and de Bot, Judith and de Vreede, Tone and Delle Karth, Georg and Dijksma, Lynn and Dominici, Marcello and Édes, István and Eeckhout, Eric and Eitel, Ingo and Faluközy, József and Fath-Ordoubadi, Farzin and Ferrario, Maurizio and Fontos, Geza and Francisco Diaz, Jose and Freitas Quintella, Edgard and Frey, Bernhard and Friedrich, Guy and Galasko, Gavin and Galuszka, Grzegorz and Gama Ribeiro, Vasco and Garg, Scot and Gargiulo, Giuseppe and Geisler, Tobias and Gelev, Valeri and Ghandilyan, Art and Goicolea, Javier and Gori, Tommaso and Gragnano, Felice and Guimarães, Ana and Hamm, Christian and Haude, Michael and Heg, Dik and Heijke, Pieter and Hernández Antolin, Rosa Ana and Hildick-Smith, David and Hillen, Dorien and Hoekman, Ina and Hofma, Sjoerd and Holmvang, Lene and Hoole, Stephen and Horváth, Iván and Huber, Kurt and ... and GLOBAL LEADERS Investigators
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 09/2018, Volume 392, Issue 10151, pp. 940 - 949
Journal Article
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, ISSN 0735-1097, 12/2019, Volume 74, Issue 22, pp. 2728 - 2739
Journal Article
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, ISSN 0735-1097, 2014, Volume 64, Issue 11, pp. B245 - B245
Journal Article
by Auffret, Vincent and Lefevre, Thierry and Van Belle, Eric and Eltchaninoff, Hélène and Iung, Bernard and Koning, René and Motreff, Pascal and Leprince, Pascal and Verhoye, Jean Philippe and Manigold, Thibaut and Souteyrand, Geraud and Boulmier, Dominique and Joly, Patrick and Pinaud, Frédéric and Himbert, Dominique and Collet, Jean Philippe and Rioufol, Gilles and Ghostine, Said and Bar, Olivier and Dibie, Alain and Champagnac, Didier and Leroux, Lionel and Collet, Frédéric and Teiger, Emmanuel and Darremont, Olivier and Folliguet, Thierry and Leclercq, Florence and Lhermusier, Thibault and Olhmann, Patrick and Huret, Bruno and Lorgis, Luc and Drogoul, Laurent and Bertrand, Bernard and Spaulding, Christian and Quilliet, Laurent and Cuisset, Thomas and Delomez, Maxence and Beygui, Farzin and Claudel, Jean-Philippe and Hepp, Alain and Jegou, Arnaud and Gommeaux, Antoine and Mirode, Anfani and Christiaens, Luc and Christophe, Charles and Cassat, Claude and Metz, Damien and Mangin, Lionel and Isaaz, Karl and Jacquemin, Laurent and Guyon, Philippe and Pouillot, Christophe and Makowski, Serge and Bataille, Vincent and Rodés-Cabau, Josep and Gilard, Martine and Le Breton, Hervé and Le Breton, Hervé and Eltchaninoff, Hélène and Gilard, Martine and Iung, Bernard and Le Breton, Hervé and Lefevre, Thierry and Van Belle, Eric and Laskar, Marc and Leprince, Pascal and Iung, Bernard and Bataille, Vincent and Chevalier, Bernard and Garot, Philippe and Hovasse, Thomas and Lefevre, Thierry and Donzeau Gouge, Patrick and Farge, Arnaud and Romano, Mauro and Cormier, Bertrand and Bouvier, Erik and Bauchart, Jean-Jacques and Bodart, Jean-Christophe and Delhaye, Cédric and Houpe, David and Lallemant, Robert and Leroy, Fabrice and Sudre, Arnaud and Van Belle, Eric and Juthier, Francis and Koussa, Mohamed and Modine, Thomas and Rousse, Natacha and Auffray, Jean-Luc and Richardson, Marjorie and Berland, Jacques and Eltchaninoff, Hélène and Godin, Mathieu and Koning, René and Bessou, Jean-Paul and Letocart, Vincent and Manigold, Thibaut and Roussel, Jean-Christian and Jaafar, Philippe and ... and FRANCE TAVI Investigators
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, ISSN 0735-1097, 07/2017, Volume 70, Issue 1, pp. 42 - 55
Journal Article