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by Karmin, M and Saag, L and Vicente, M and Wilson Sayres, M.A and Jarve, M and Talas, U.G and Rootsi, S and Ilumae, A.M and Magi, R and Mitt, M and Pagani, L and Puurand, T and Faltyskova, Z and Clemente, F and Cardona, A and Metspalu, E and Sahakyan, H and Yunusbayev, B and Hudjashov, G and DeGiorgio, M and Loogvali, E.L and Eichstaedt, C and Eelmets, M and Chaubey, G and Tambets, K and Litvinov, S and Mormina, M and Xue, Y and Ayub, Q and Zoraqi, G and Korneliussen, T.S and Akhatova, F and Lachance, J and Tishkoff, S and Momynaliev, K and Ricaut, F.X and Kusuma, P and Razafinazaka, H and Pierron, D and Cox, M.P and Sultana, G.N and Willerslev, R and Muller, C and Westaway, M and Lambert, D and Skaro, V and Kovacevic, L and Turdikulova, S and Dalimova, D and Khusainova, R and Trofimova, N and Akhmetova, V and Khidiyatova, I and Lichman, D.V and Isakova, J and Pocheshkhova, E and Sabitov, Z and Barashkov, N.A and Nymadawa, P and Mihailov, E and Seng, J.W and Evseeva, I and Migliano, A.B and Abdullah, S and Aniadze, G and Primorac, D and Atramentova, L and Utevska, O and Yepiskoposyan, L and Marjanovic, D and Kushniarevich, A and Behar, D.M and Gilissen, C and Vissers, L and Veltman, J.A and Balanovska, E and Derenko, M and Malyarchuk, B and Metspalu, A and Fedorova, S and Eriksson, A and Manica, A and Mendez, F.L and Karafet, T.M and Veeramah, K.R and Bradman, N and Hammer, M.F and Osipova, L.P and Balanovsky, O and Khusnutdinova, E.K and Johnsen, K and Remm, M and Thomas, M.G and Tyler-Smith, C and Underhill, P.A and Willerslev, E and Nielsen, R and Metspalu, M and Villems, R and Kivisild, T
Genome Research, ISSN 1088-9051, 2015, Volume 25, Issue 4, pp. 459 - 466
Journal Article
by Ballantyne, Kaye and Ralf, Arwin and Aboukhalid, Rachid and Achakzai, Niaz and Anjos, Tania and Ayub, Qasim and Balažic, Jože and Ballantyne, Jack and Ballard, David and Berger, Burkhard and Bobillo, Cecilia and Bouabdellah, Mehdi and Burri, Helen and Capal, Tomas and Caratti, Stefano and Cárdenas, Jorge and Cartault, François and Carvalho, Elizeu and Carvalho, Margarete and Cheng, Baowen and Coble, Michael and Comas, David and Corach, Daniel and D'Amato, Mauro and Davison, Sean and Knijff, Peter and Ungria, Maria Corazon and Decorte, Ronny and Dobosz, Tadeusz and Dupuy, Berit and Elmrghni, Samir and Gliwiński, Mateusz and Gomes, Sara and Grol, Laurens and Haas, Cordula and Hanson, Erin and Henke, Jürgen and Henke, Lotte and Herrera-Roíguez, Fabiola and Hill, Carolyn and Holmlund, Gunilla and Honda, Katsuya and Immel, Uta-Dorothee and Inokuchi, Shota and Jobling, R and Kaddura, Mahmoud and Kim, Jong and Kim, Soon and Kim, Wook and King, Turi and Klausriegler, Eva and Kling, Daniel and Kovačević, Lejla and Kovatsi, Leda and Krajewski, Paweł and Kravchenko, Sergey and Larmuseau, Maarten and Lee, Eun Young and Lessig, Rüdiger and Livshits, Ludmila and Marjanović, Damir and Minarik, Marek and Mizuno, Natsuko and Moreira, Helena and Morling, Niels and Mukherjee, Meeta and Munier, Patrick and Nagaraju, Javaregowda and Neuhuber, Franz and Nie, Shengjie and Nilasitsataporn, Premlaphat and Nishi, Takeki and Oh, Hye and Olofsson, Sylvia and Onofri, Valerio and Palo, Jukka and Pamjav, Horolma and Parson, Walther and Petlach, Michal and Phillips, Christopher and Ploski, Rafal and Prasad, Samayamantri P and Primorac, gan and Purnomo, Gludhug and Purps, Josephine and Rangel-Villalobos, Hector and Reogonekbała, Krzysztof and Rerkamnuaychoke, Budsaba and Gonzalez, Danel Rey and Robino, Carlo and Roewer, Lutz and Rosa, Anna and Sajantila, Antti and Sala, Anea and Salvador, Jazelyn and Sanz, Paula and Schmitt, Christian and Sharma, Anisha K and Silva, Dayse and Shin, Kyoung-Jin and ... and Linköpings universitet and Institutionen för klinisk och experimentell medicin and Hälsouniversitetet and Avdelningen för mikrobiologi och molekylär medicin
Human Mutation, ISSN 1059-7794, 01/2014, Volume 35, Issue 8, pp. 1021 - 1032
Journal Article
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, ISSN 1746-8094, 09/2019, Volume 54
Poorly regulated and insufficiently supervised medical devices (MDs) carry high risk of performance accuracy and safety deviations effecting the clinical... 
Automated system | Machine learning | Prediction | Inspection | Medical device | Maintenance | Management | Evidence-based | Performance
Journal Article
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 2014, Volume 9, Issue 8, pp. e105090 - e105090
Journal Article
COLLEGIUM ANTROPOLOGICUM, ISSN 0350-6134, 12/2013, Volume 37, Issue 4, pp. 1313 - 1319
Allele frequencies of 15 STRs included in the PowerPlex 16 System (D3S1358, TH01, D21S11, D18S51, Penta E, D5S818, D13S317, D7S820, D16S539, CSF1PO, Penta D,... 
Turkish population data | phylogenetic tree | IDENTIFILER LOCI | STR loci | TANDEM REPEAT LOCI | REPRESENTATIVE SAMPLE | polymorphisms | ANTHROPOLOGY | allele frequencies | DNA typing | REGION | Humans | Polymerase Chain Reaction | Turkey - ethnology | Phylogeny | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Microsatellite Repeats - genetics | Polymorphism, Genetic | Index Medicus
Journal Article
Collegium Antropologicum, ISSN 0350-6134, 2013, Volume 37, Issue 4, pp. 1313 - 1319
Journal Article
by Purps, Josephine and Siegert, Sabine and Willuweit, Sascha and Nagy, Marion and Alves, Cíntia and Salazar, Renato and Angustia, Sheila M.T and Santos, Lorna H and Anslinger, Katja and Bayer, Birgit and Ayub, Qasim and Wei, Wei and Xue, Yali and Tyler-Smith, Chris and Bafalluy, Miriam Baeta and Martínez-Jarreta, Begoña and Egyed, Balazs and Balitzki, Beate and Tschumi, Sibylle and Ballard, David and Court, Denise Syndercombe and Barrantes, Xinia and Bäßler, Gerhard and Wiest, Tina and Berger, Burkhard and Niederstätter, Harald and Parson, Walther and Davis, Carey and Budowle, Bruce and Burri, Helen and Borer, Urs and Koller, Christoph and Carvalho, Elizeu F and Domingues, Patricia M and Chamoun, Wafaa Takash and Coble, Michael D and Hill, Carolyn R and Corach, Daniel and Caputo, Mariela and D’Amato, Maria E and Davison, Sean and Decorte, Ronny and Larmuseau, Maarten H.D and Ottoni, Claudio and Rickards, Olga and Lu, Di and Jiang, Chengtao and Dobosz, Tadeusz and Jonkisz, Anna and Frank, William E and Furac, Ivana and Gehrig, Christian and Castella, Vincent and Grskovic, Branka and Haas, Cordula and Wobst, Jana and Hadzic, Gavrilo and Drobnic, Katja and Honda, Katsuya and Hou, Yiping and Zhou, Di and Li, Yan and Hu, Shengping and Chen, Shenglan and Immel, Uta-Dorothee and Lessig, Rüdiger and Jakovski, Zlatko and Ilievska, Tanja and Klann, Anja E and García, Cristina Cano and de Knijff, Peter and Kraaijenbrink, Thirsa and Kondili, Aikaterini and Miniati, Penelope and Vouropoulou, Maria and Kovacevic, Lejla and Marjanovic, Damir and Lindner, Iris and Mansour, Issam and Al-Azem, Mouayyad and Andari, Ansar El and Marino, Miguel and Furfuro, Sandra and Locarno, Laura and Martín, Pablo and Luque, Gracia M and Alonso, Antonio and Miranda, Luís Souto and Moreira, Helena and Mizuno, Natsuko and Iwashima, Yasuki and Neto, Rodrigo S. Moura and Nogueira, Tatiana L.S and Silva, Rosane and Nastainczyk-Wulf, Marina and Edelmann, Jeanett and Kohl, Michael and Nie, Shengjie and Wang, Xianping and Cheng, Baowen and ...
Forensic Science International: Genetics, ISSN 1872-4973, 2014, Volume 12, Issue 100, pp. 12 - 23
Abstract In a worldwide collaborative effort, 19,630 Y-chromosomes were sampled from 129 different populations in 51 countries. These chromosomes were typed... 
Pathology | Gene diversity | Discriminatory power | Database | Population structure | AMOVA | SYSTEM | POPULATION | RECOMBINATION | EVENTS | MEDICINE, LEGAL | AZFA REGION | MARKERS | DELETION | ALLELE FREQUENCIES | SEQUENCE | GENETICS & HEREDITY | Haplotypes | Forensic Genetics | Chromosomes, Human, Y | Humans | Microsatellite Repeats | Alleles | Index Medicus
Journal Article
Human Biology, ISSN 0018-7143, 2013, Volume 85, Issue 6, pp. 859 - 900
Journal Article
Croatian Medical Journal, ISSN 0353-9504, 06/2009, Volume 50, Issue 3, pp. 296 - 304
Aim To report on the use of STR, Y-STRs, and miniSTRs typing methods in the identification of victims of revolutionary violence and crimes against humanity... 
BOSNIA | MASS GRAVES | MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | LOCI | DEGRADED DNA | HERZEGOVINA | Usage | Y chromosome | DNA testing | Research | Biological markers | Identification and classification | Methods | Forensic Science
Journal Article
Acta Neurologica Belgica, ISSN 0300-9009, 12/2016, Volume 116, Issue 4, pp. 645 - 646
Journal Article
Forensic Science International: Genetics, ISSN 1872-4973, 2010, Volume 5, Issue 5, pp. 472 - 478
Journal Article