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Nature Medicine, ISSN 1078-8956, 11/2015, Volume 21, Issue 11, pp. 1318 - 1325
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN 0027-8424, 12/2013, Volume 110, Issue 50, pp. 20224 - 20229
Journal Article
Journal Article
Cancer Research, ISSN 0008-5472, 07/2016, Volume 76, Issue 14 Supplement, pp. 872 - 872
The Cadherin-6 (CDH6) gene was found to be frequently overexpressed in ovarian and renal cancers, while featuring a lineage-restricted normal tissue expression... 
Journal Article
by Shaaban, Sherin and Mackinnon, Sarah and Andrews, Caroline and Staffieri, Sandra E and Maconachie, Gail D. E and Chan, Wai-Man and Whitman, Mary C and Morton, Sarah U and Yazar, Seyhan and Macgregor, Stuart and Elder, James E and Traboulsi, Elias I and Gottlob, Irene and Hewitt, Alex W and Hunter, David G and Mackey, David A and Engle, Elizabeth C and Baglieri, Anna and Barry, Brenda and Bekele, Sarah and Breau, Sarah E and Chan, Kimberley and Corkin, Frances and Dagi, Linda R and Elliott, Alexandra and Esligar, Janet and Fang, Caroline and Fulton, Anne B and Heidary, Gena and Johnston, Suzanne and Kazlas, Melanie and Ledoux, Danielle M and Levy, Richard L and Mantagos, Iason S and Miller, Kathryn B and Mills, Monte and Oystreck, Darren and Petersen, Christina S and Petersen, Robert A and Pierce, Carrie E and Raghuram, Aparna and Robb, Richard and Sandoval, Josephine C and Sethee, Sonia and Shah, Ankoor S and Smith, Lois E. H and Toffoloni, Melissa and Vanderveen, Deborah K and Whitecross, Sarah and Wong, Rupa K and Wu, Carolyn and Barbour, Julie and Clarke, Linda and Dondey, Joanne C and Flaherty, Maree and Grigg, John and Hanman, Kate and Haybittel, Michael and Jamieson, Robyn V and Kearns, Lisa S and Kowal, Lionel and Lam, Geoffrey C and Joon, Troy Lim and McKenzie, John and Rose, Loren and Ruddle, Jonathan B and Scotter, Lindsey and Sinclair, Neil E and Wilkinson, Colleen and Wilkinson, Robin and Sheth, Viral and Thomas, Mervyn G and Strabismus Genetics Res Consortium and Strabismus Genetics Research Consortium
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
Journal Article
Drug Development Research, ISSN 0272-4391, 03/2008, Volume 69, Issue 2, pp. 69 - 82
TRAIL (TNF‐related apoptosis‐inducing ligand) induces apoptosis on binding to DR4 and DR5 receptors on the surface of tumor cells. These receptors are of... 
xenograft model | TRAIL | agonistic antibody | anti‐tumor | Agonistic antibody | Anti-tumor | Xenograft model | DEATH DOMAIN | CHEMISTRY, MEDICINAL | BEIGE MUTATION | RECEPTOR | FAMILY | anti-tumor | PRO-APOPTOTIC DRUGS | IN-VIVO | BINDING-SITE | PHARMACOLOGY & PHARMACY | TUMORICIDAL ACTIVITY | LIGAND
Journal Article
by Abma, Joyce and Acock, Alan and Acs, Gregory and Adams, Michele and Adams, Ryan and Adler, Marina A and Adler‐Baeder, Francesca and Ainsworth, James W and Amin, Sajeda and Anderson, Kathryn and Anderson, Kristin and Anderson, Peter and Anderson, Siwan and Angel, Jacqueline and Arrighi, Barbara and Atkinson, Alice M and Avellar, Sarah and Babcock, Renee and Baber, Kristine and Bachman, Heather and Badgett, M. V. Lee and Bahr, Kathleen S and Bahr, Stephen and Baker, Paul and Banerjee, Leena and Barber, Jennifer and Barker, Judith C and Barnes, Grace M and Barnett, Rosalind C and Barnett, Rosemary and Bartell, Denise S and Bartfeld, Judi and Bartkowski, John and Bartle‐Haring, Suzanne and Bass, Brenda L and Batson, Christie D and Baum II, Charles L and Bauman, Karl E and Beach, Steven and Beattie, Irenee R and Beets, Gijs and Belcastro, Philip and Benda, Brent B and Benin, Mary and Benson, Mark and Berardo, Felix M and Berger, Lawrence M and Berger, Roni and Berke, Debra L and Berry, Brent and Beutel, Ann M and Biddlecom, Ann and Bielby, Denise D and Binstock, Georgina and Bjarnason, Thoroddur and Blair, Clancy and Blaisure, Karen R and Blieszner, Rosemary and Blume, Libby and Bõgin, Catherine and Bokker, Lon and Bornstein, Marc and Borsella, Angela and Boss, Pauline and Bouchard, Genevieve and Bouchey, Heather and Bould, Sally and Boxer, Paul and Boyce Rodgers, Kathleen and Bozick, Robert and Bradbury, Thomas N and Bradley, Robert H and Brady‐Smith, Christy and Bratter, Jenifer and Braun, Bonnie and Brayfield, April A and Brennom, Jennifer M and Britto, Pia and Brown, B. Bradford and Brown, J. Brian and Brown, Susan L and Jane Brubaker, Sarah and Bryson, Alex and Buchanan, Christy and Budescu, David V and Bufford, Rodger and Bulanda, Jennifer and Bulanda, Ronald and Bumpass, Larry L and Bumpus, Matt and Burdette, Amy M and Burgoyne, Carole and Burr, Jeffrey A and Butler, Amy C and Butler, Sarah M and Bygren, Magnus and Campbell, Lori and Capaldi, Deborah and Carbone‐Lopez, Kristin and Carder, Paula and ...
Journal of Marriage and Family, ISSN 0022-2445, 12/2005, Volume 67, Issue 5, pp. 1355 - 1358
Journal Article
2004, 18th rev. ed., ISBN 9780966490268, xxviii, 871 p., [8] p. of plates
Edmonton Journal, 04/1999
Only three years after the program's inception, the Edmonton Police Service has withdrawn its officer assigned to the Youth Options program effective June 1,... 
Newspaper Article
Newsday, 11/2003
In recent months, [Gary Leon Ridgway] apparently began to talk to authorities about the crimes, according to the reports, and in August and September the Green... 
Newspaper Article
Newsday, 12/2001
Quotes: QUOTE OF THE DAY. 'I just met a lady that had a baby two days after Sept. 11, and she's here because she has three other kids that really want to have... 
Newspaper Article
Newsday, 04/1998
  The proposed state budget offers more money for remedial classes to help struggling students stay out of special education but not as much as the state Board... 
Newspaper Article
Newsday, 01/1998
  Friends of the Patakis with children in the Syosset preschool for disabled children invited the first lady to visit, and during her hour-long "goodwill... 
Newspaper Article
Edmonton Journal, 05/1999
  "It's in the back of your mind," says Peter Varga, principal at St. Mary's Catholic high school in Vegreville, a town of 5,500, about 100 km east of... 
Newspaper Article
Chicago Tribune, ISSN 1085-6706, 01/2004
[Gary Leon Ridgway]. Tribune photo illustration/ Reuters photo. Gary Leon Ridgway preferred to kill his victims in his own bed at his home in Auburn, Wash. AP... 
Serial murders
Newspaper Article
Newsday, 11/1994
  The first stop for North Hempstead residents is the building department, which rejects plans that don't meet zoning requirements, Donald Marino, the building... 
Newspaper Article
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