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SAE technical paper series, Volume 2013-01-1426.
Weight and heat management of performance aluminum alloy pistons leads to complex piston designs that can be difficult to manufacture compared to conventional... 
Pistons | Imaging and visualization | Non-destructive tests
SAE technical paper series, Volume 2013-01-1426.
Weight and heat management of performance aluminum alloy pistons leads to complex piston designs that can be difficult to manufacture compared to conventional... 
Pistons | Imaging and visualization | Non-destructive tests
by Gröbner, Susanne N and Worst, Barbara C and Weischenfeldt, Joachim and Buchhalter, Ivo and Kleinheinz, Kortine and Rudneva, Vasilisa A and Johann, Pascal D and Balasubramanian, Gnana Prakash and Segura-Wang, Maia and Brabetz, Sebastian and Bender, Sebastian and Hutter, Barbara and Sturm, Dominik and Pfaff, Elke and Hübschmann, Daniel and Zipprich, Gideon and Heinold, Michael and Eils, Jürgen and Lawerenz, Christian and Erkek, Serap and Lambo, Sander and Waszak, Sebastian and Blattmann, Claudia and Borkhardt, Arndt and Kuhlen, Michaela and Eggert, Angelika and Fulda, Simone and Gessler, Manfred and Wegert, Jenny and Kappler, Roland and Baumhoer, Daniel and Burdach, Stefan and Kirschner-Schwabe, Renate and Kontny, Udo and Kulozik, Andreas E and Lohmann, Dietmar and Hettmer, Simone and Eckert, Cornelia and Bielack, Stefan and Nathrath, Michaela and Niemeyer, Charlotte and Richter, Günther H and Schulte, Johannes and Siebert, Reiner and Westermann, Frank and Molenaar, Jan J and Vassal, Gilles and Witt, Hendrik and Burkhardt, Birgit and Kratz, Christian P and Witt, Olaf and van Tilburg, Cornelis M and Kramm, Christof M and Fleischhack, Gudrun and Dirksen, Uta and Rutkowski, Stefan and Frühwald, Michael and von Hoff, Katja and Wolf, Stephan and Klingebiel, Thomas and Koscielniak, Ewa and Landgraf, Pablo and Koster, Jan and Resnick, Adam C and Zhang, Jinghui and Liu, Yanling and Zhou, Xin and Waanders, Angela J and Zwijnenburg, Danny A and Raman, Pichai and Brors, Benedikt and Weber, Ursula D and Northcott, Paul A and Pajtler, Kristian W and Kool, Marcel and Piro, Rosario M and Korbel, Jan O and Schlesner, Matthias and Eils, Roland and Jones, David T. W and Lichter, Peter and Chavez, Lukas and Zapatka, Marc and Pfister, Stefan M and ICGC PedBrain-Seq Project ICGC and ICGC MMML-Seq Project and ICGC PedBrain-Seq Project
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 2018, Volume 555, Issue 7696, pp. 321 - 327
Journal Article
Physics of Plasmas, ISSN 1070-664X, 06/2017, Volume 24, Issue 6, p. 64502
We study the dynamics of seeded plasma blobs and depletions in an (effective) gravitational field. For incompressible flows, the radial center of mass velocity... 
IRREGULARITIES | EQUATORIAL SPREAD F | TURBULENCE | RADAR | PHYSICS, FLUIDS & PLASMAS | IONOSPHERE | Physics - Plasma Physics | Rom- og plasmafysikk: 437 | VDP | Physics: 430 | Space and plasma physics: 437 | Fysikk: 430 | Matematikk og Naturvitenskap: 400 | Mathematics and natural science: 400
Journal Article
Journal Article
Nature genetics, ISSN 1546-1718, 2012, Volume 44, Issue 12, pp. 1316 - 1320
Journal Article
Journal Article
Nature genetics, ISSN 1546-1718, 2008, Volume 40, Issue 5, pp. 560 - 566
Journal Article
Nature communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 2019, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp. 1459 - 19
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS, ISSN 0027-8424, 9/2015, Volume 112, Issue 38, pp. E5261 - E5270
Journal Article
by Faatz, B and Plönjes, E and Ackermann, S and Agababyan, A and Asgekar, V and Ayvazyan, V and Baark, S and Baboi, N and Balandin, V and Bargen, N. Von and Bican, Y and Bilani, O and Bödewadt, J and Böhnert, M and Böspflug, R and Bonfigt, S and Bolz, H and Borges, F and Borkenhagen, O and Brachmanski, M and Braune, M and Brinkmann, A and Brovko, O and Bruns, T and Castro, P and Chen, J and Czwalinna, M.K and Damker, H and Decking, W and Degenhardt, M and Delfs, A and Delfs, T and Deng, H and Dressel, M and Duhme, H.-T and Düsterer, S and Eckoldt, H and Eislage, A and Felber, M and Feldhaus, J and Gessler, P and Gibau, M and Golubeva, N and Golz, T and Gonschior, J and Grebentsov, A and Grecki, M and Grün, C and Grunewald, S and Hacker, K and Hänisch, L and Hage, A and Hans, T and Hass, E and Hauberg, A and Hensler, O and Hesse, M and Heuck, K and Hidvegi, A and Holz, M and Honkavaara, K and Höppner, H and Ignatenko, A and Jäger, J and Jastrow, U and Kammering, R and Karstensen, S and Kaukher, A and Kay, H and Keil, B and Klose, K and Kocharyan, V and Köpke, M and Körfer, M and Kook, W and Krause, B and Krebs, O and Kreis, S and Krivan, F and Kuhlmann, J and Kuhlmann, M and Kube, G and Laarmann, T and Lechner, C and Lederer, S and Leuschner, A and Liebertz, D and Liebing, J and Liedtke, A and Lilje, L and Limberg, T and Lipka, D and Liu, B and Lorbeer, B and Ludwig, K and Mahn, H and Marinkovic, G and Martens, C and Marutzky, F and Maslocv, M and ... and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States)
New journal of physics, ISSN 1367-2630, 06/2016, Volume 18, Issue 6, p. 62002
Extreme-ultraviolet to x-ray free-electron lasers (FELs) in operation for scientific applications are up to now single-user facilities. While most FELs... 
accelerators | free-electron lasers | soft x-ray | PHYSICS, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | WAVELENGTH | EXTREME-ULTRAVIOLET | Spontaneous emission | Free electrons | Lasers | Free electron lasers | Photon beams | Soft x rays | Photons | soft x-rays | OTHER INSTRUMENTATION
Journal Article
by Decking, W and Abeghyan, S and Abramian, P and Abramsky, A and Aguirre, A and Albrecht, C and Alou, P and Altarelli, M and Altmann, P and Amyan, K and Anashin, V and Apostolov, E and Appel, K and Auguste, D and Ayvazyan, V and Baark, S and Babies, F and Baboi, N and Bak, P and Balandin, V and Baldinger, R and Baranasic, B and Barbanotti, S and Belikov, O and Belokurov, V and Belova, L and Belyakov, V and Berry, S and Bertucci, M and Beutner, B and Block, A and Blöcher, M and Böckmann, T and Bohm, C and Böhnert, M and Bondar, V and Bondarchuk, E and Bonezzi, M and Borowiec, P and Bösch, C and Bösenberg, U and Bosotti, A and Böspflug, R and Bousonville, M and Boyd, E and Bozhko, Y and Brand, A and Branlard, J and Briechle, S and Brinker, F and Brinker, S and Brinkmann, R and Brockhauser, S and Brovko, O and Brück, H and Brüdgam, A and Butkowski, L and Büttner, T and Calero, J and Castro-Carballo, E and Cattalanotto, G and Charrier, J and Chen, J and Cherepenko, A and Cheskidov, V and Chiodini, M and Chong, A and Choroba, S and Chorowski, M and Churanov, D and Cichalewski, W and Clausen, M and Clement, W and Cloué, C and Cobos, J. A and Coppola, N and Cunis, S and Czuba, K and Czwalinna, M and D’Almagne, B and Dammann, J and Danared, H and de Zubiaurre Wagner, A and Delfs, A and Delfs, T and Dietrich, F and Dietrich, T and Dohlus, M and Dommach, M and Donat, A and Dong, X and Doynikov, N and Dressel, M and Duda, M and Duda, P and Eckoldt, H and Ehsan, W and Eidam, J and Eints, F and Engling, C and ...
Nature photonics, ISSN 1749-4885, 07/2020
Journal Article