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Library Location Library Location
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Nature immunology, ISSN 1529-2908, 01/2014, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp. 88 - 97
Journal Article
Physical review. D, ISSN 2470-0010, 08/2019, Volume 100, Issue 3
Journal Article
by Abadie, J and Abbott, B.P and Abbott, R and Abbott, T.D and Adams, C and Affeldt, C and Ajith, P and Allen, B and Amador Ceron, E and Amariutei, D and Amin, R.S and Anderson, S.B and Anderson, W.G and Arai, K and Arain, M.A and Araya, M.C and Aston, S.M and Aufmuth, P and Aylott, B.E and Babak, S and Baker, P and Barker, D and Barr, B and Barriga, P and Barsotti, L and Barton, M.A and Bartos, I and Bassiri, R and Bastarrika, M and Batch, J and Bauchrowitz, J and Behnke, B and Bell, A.S and Belopolski, I and Benacquista, M and Berliner, J.M and Betzwieser, J and Beveridge, N and Beyersdorf, P.T and Bilenko, I.A and Birch, J and Biswas, R and Black, E and Blackburn, J.K and Blackburn, L and Blair, D and Bland, B and Bock, O and Bodiya, T.P and Bogan, C and Bork, R and Born, M and Bose, S and Braginsky, V.B and Brau, J.E and Breyer, J and Bridges, D.O and Brinkmann, M and Britzger, M and Brooks, A.F and Brown, D.A and Brummitt, A and Buonanno, A and Burguet-Castell, J and Burmeister, O and Byer, R.L and Cadonati, L and Camp, J.B and Campsie, P and Cannizzo, J and Cannon, K and Cao, J and Capano, C.D and Caride, S and Caudill, S and Cavagliá, M and Cepeda, C and Chalermsongsak, T and Chalkley, E and Charlton, P and Chen, Y and Christensen, N and Cho, H and Chua, S.S.Y and Chung, S and Chung, C.T.Y and Ciani, G and Clark, J and Clayton, J.H and Conte, R and Cook, D and Corbitt, T.R and Cordier, M and Cornish, N and Corsi, A and Costa, C.A and Coughlin, M and Coward, D.M and Coyne, D.C and Creighton, J.D.E and ... and LIGO Sci Collaboration and The LIGO Scientific Collaboration
Nature physics, ISSN 1745-2473, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 12, pp. 962 - 965
Journal Article
by Achterberg, A and Ackermann, M and Adams, J and Ahrens, J and Andeen, K and Atlee, D.W and Baccus, J and Bahcall, J.N and Bai, X and Baret, B and Bartelt, M and Barwick, S.W and Bay, R and Beattie, K and Becka, T and Becker, J.K and Becker, K.-H and Berghaus, P and Berley, D and Bernardini, E and Bertrand, D and Besson, D.Z and Blaufuss, E and Boersma, D.J and Bohm, C and Böser, S and Botner, O and Bouchta, A and Braun, J and Burgess, C and Burgess, T and Castermans, T and Cherwinka, J and Chirkin, D and Clem, J and Cowen, D.F and D’Agostino, M.V and Davour, A and Day, C.T and De Clercq, C and Demirörs, L and Desiati, P and DeYoung, T and Diaz-Velez, J.C and Dreyer, J and Duvoort, M.R and Edwards, W.R and Ehrlich, R and Eisch, J and Elcheikh, A and Ellsworth, R.W and Evenson, P.A and Fadiran, O and Fazely, A.R and Feser, T and Filimonov, K and Fox, B.D and Gaisser, T.K and Gallagher, J and Ganugapati, R and Geenen, H and Gerhardt, L and Goldschmidt, A and Goodman, J.A and Gozzini, R and Greene, M.G and Grullon, S and Groß, A and Gunasingha, R.M and Gurtner, M and Hallgren, A and Halzen, F and Han, K and Hanson, K and Hardtke, D and Hardtke, R and Harenberg, T and Hart, J.E and Haugen, J and Hauschildt, T and Hays, D and Heise, J and Helbing, K and Hellwig, M and Herquet, P and Hill, G.C and Hodges, J and Hoffman, K.D and Hoshina, K and Hubert, D and Hughey, B and Hulth, P.O and Hultqvist, K and Hundertmark, S and Hülß, J.-P and Ishihara, A and Jacobsen, J and Japaridze, G.S and Jones, A and Joseph, J.M and ... and IceCube Collaboration
Astroparticle physics, ISSN 0927-6505, 2006, Volume 26, Issue 3, pp. 155 - 173
Journal Article
by Ablikim, M and Achasov, M. N and Ahmed, S and Albrecht, M and Alekseev, M and Amoroso, A and An, F. F and An, Q and Bai, Y and Bakina, O and Ferroli, R. Baldini and Ban, Y and Begzsuren, K and Bennett, D. W and Bennett, J. V and Berger, N and Bertani, M and Bettoni, D and Bianchi, F and Boger, E and Boyko, I and Briere, R. A and Cai, H and Cai, X and Calcaterra, A and Cao, G. F and Cetin, S. A and Chai, J and Chang, J. F and Chang, W. L and Chelkov, G and Chen, G and Chen, H. S and Chen, J. C and Chen, M. L and Chen, P. L and Chen, S. J and Chen, X. R and Chen, Y. B and Cheng, W and Chu, X. K and Cibinetto, G and Cossio, F and Dai, H. L and Dai, J. P and Dbeyssi, A and Dedovich, D and Deng, Z. Y and Denig, A and Denysenko, I and Destefanis, M and De Mori, F and Ding, Y and Dong, C and Dong, J and Dong, L. Y and Dong, M. Y and Dou, Z. L and Du, S. X and Duan, P. F and Fang, J and Fang, S. S and Fang, Y and Farinelli, R and Fava, L and Feldbauer, F and Felici, G and Feng, C. Q and Fritsch, M and Fu, C. D and Gao, Q and Gao, X. L and Gao, Y and Gao, Y. G and Gao, Z and Garillon, B and Garzia, I and Gilman, A and Goetzen, K and Gong, L and Gong, W. X and Gradl, W and Greco, M and Gu, L. M and Gu, M. H and Gu, Y. T and Guo, A. Q and Guo, L. B and Guo, R. P and Guo, Y. P and Guskov, A and Haddadi, Z and Han, S and Hao, X. Q and Harris, F. A and He, K. L and Heinsius, F. H and Held, T and Heng, Y. K and Hou, Z. L and ... and BESIII Collaboration and Carnegie Mellon Univ., Pittsburgh, PA (United States) and Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN (United States) and Univ. of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI (United States) and Indiana Univ., Bloomington, IN (United States)
Physical review. D, ISSN 2470-0010, 01/2019, Volume 99, Issue 1
Journal Article
by Kou, E and Urquijo, P and Altmannshofer, W and Beaujean, F and Beneke, M and Bigi, I I and Bishara, F and Blanke, M and Bobeth, C and Bona, M and Brambilla, N and Braun, V M and Brod, J and Buras, A J and Cheng, H Y and Ciuchini, M and Colangelo, G and Crivellin, A and Czyz, H and Datta, A and De Fazio, F and Deppisch, T and Dolan, M J and Evans, J and Fajfer, S and Feldmann, T and Godfrey, S and Gronau, M and Grossman, Y and Guo, F K and Haisch, U and Hanhart, C and Hashimoto, S and Hirose, S and Hisano, J and Hofer, L and Hoferichter, M and Hou, W S and Huber, T and Hurth, T and Jaeger, S and Jahn, S and Jamin, M and Jung, M and Kagan, A L and Kahlhoefer, F and Kamenik, J F and Kaneko, T and Kokulu, A and Kosnik, N and Kronfeld, A S and Ligeti, Z and Logan, H and Lu, C D and Lubicz, V and Maltman, K and Mishima, S and Misiak, M and Moussallam, B and Nefediev, A and Nierste, U and Nomura, D and Olsen, S L and Passemar, E and Paul, A and Paz, G and Petrov, A A and Pich, A and Polosa, A D and Pradler, J and Prelovsek, S and Procura, M and Ricciardi, G and Robinson, D J and Roig, P and Rosiek, J and Schmidt-Hoberg, K and Schwichtenberg, J and Sharpe, S R and Shih, D and Shimizu, N and Shimizu, Y and Silvestrini, L and Simula, S and Smith, C and Stoffer, P and Straub, D and Tackmann, F J and Tanaka, M and Tayduganov, A and Tetlalmatzi-Xolocotzi, G and Teubner, T and Vairo, A and van Dyk, D and Virto, J and Was, Z and Watanabe, R and Watson, I and Westhoff, S and Zupan, J and ...
Progress of theoretical and experimental physics, ISSN 2050-3911, 02/2020, Volume 2020, Issue 2
Journal Article
by M. Ackermann and J. Ahrens and X. Bai and M. Bartelt and S. W. Barwick and R. C. Bay and T. Becka and J. K. Becker and K.-H. Becker and P. Berghaus and E. Bernardini and D. Bertrand and D. J. Boersma and S. Böser and O. Botner and A. Bouchta and O. Bouhali and C. Burgess and T. Burgess and T. Castermans and D. Chirkin and B. Collin and J. Conrad and J. Cooley and D. F. Cowen and A. Davour and C. De Clercq and C. P. de los Heros and P. Desiati and T. DeYoung and P. Ekström and T. Feser and T. K. Gaisser and R. Ganugapati and H. Geenen and L. Gerhardt and A. Goldschmidt and A. Groß and A. Hallgren and F. Halzen and K. Hanson and D. H. Hardtke and T. Harenberg and T. Hauschildt and K. Helbing and M. Hellwig and P. Herquet and G. C. Hill and J. Hodges and D. Hubert and B. Hughey and P. O. Hulth and K. Hultqvist and S. Hundertmark and J. Jacobsen and K. H. Kampert and A. Karle and M. Kestel and G. Kohnen and L. Köpke and M. Kowalski and K. Kuehn and R. Lang and H. Leich and M. Leuthold and I. Liubarsky and J. Lundberg and J. Madsen and P. Marciniewski and H. S. Matis and C. P. McParland and T. Messarius and Y. Minaeva and P. Miočinović and R. Morse and K. Münich and R. Nahnhauer and J. W. Nam and T. Neunhöffer and P. Niessen and D. R. Nygren and P. Olbrechts and A. C. Pohl and R. Porrata and P. B. Price and G. T. Przybylski and K. Rawlins and E. Resconi and W. Rhode and M. Ribordy and S. Richter and J. Rodríguez Martino and H.-G. Sander and S. Schlenstedt and D. Schneider and R. Schwarz and A. Silvestri and M. Solarz and G. M. Spiczak and C. Spiering and ...
Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres, ISSN 0148-0227, 07/2006, Volume 111, Issue D13, pp. D13203 - n/a
Journal Article