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index medicus (21) 21
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female (12) 12
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adult (8) 8
genetic aspects (7) 7
abridged index medicus (6) 6
blasting (6) 6
genetics & heredity (6) 6
heating (6) 6
lighting (6) 6
mechanical engineering (6) 6
risk factors (6) 6
weapons (6) 6
electric heating (5) 5
electric lighting not otherwise provided for (5) 5
electric techniques not otherwise provided for (5) 5
electricity (5) 5
functional features or details of lighting devices or systemsthereof (5) 5
health aspects (5) 5
indexing scheme associated with subclasses f21k, f21l, f21sand f21v, relating to theform or the kind of the light sources or of the colour of thelight emitted (5) 5
middle aged (5) 5
mutation (5) 5
non-portable lighting devices (5) 5
structural combinations of lighting devices with otherarticles, not otherwise provided for (5) 5
systems thereof (5) 5
vehicle lighting devices specially adapted for vehicleexteriors (5) 5
adolescent (4) 4
aged (4) 4
gene mutations (4) 4
infections (4) 4
physiological aspects (4) 4
research (4) 4
activation (3) 3
alleles (3) 3
analysis (3) 3
animals (3) 3
article (3) 3
astrophysics (3) 3
cancer (3) 3
child (3) 3
child, preschool (3) 3
disease (3) 3
gene (3) 3
genes (3) 3
genomes (3) 3
genomics (3) 3
high energy astrophysical phenomena (3) 3
immunology (3) 3
instrumentation and methods for astrophysics (3) 3
lymphocytes (3) 3
medicine, research & experimental (3) 3
methods (3) 3
mice (3) 3
pathogenesis (3) 3
pedigree (3) 3
phenotype (3) 3
protein (3) 3
viral infections (3) 3
young adult (3) 3
amino acid sequence (2) 2
articles (2) 2
astrophysics - high energy astrophysical phenomena (2) 2
calibration (2) 2
classification (2) 2
cleft lip - surgery (2) 2
cleft palate - surgery (2) 2
co-expression (2) 2
co-regulation (2) 2
cohort studies (2) 2
common variable immunodeficiency (2) 2
complications (2) 2
computer science (2) 2
computers and society (2) 2
corrigendum (2) 2
cosmic rays (2) 2
cosmic-rays (2) 2
cosmology and extragalactic astrophysics (2) 2
data mining and knowledge discovery (2) 2
database management (2) 2
de-novo mutations (2) 2
defects (2) 2
dentistry (2) 2
diagnosis (2) 2
dk/atira/pure/researchoutput/pubmedpublicationtype/d016428 (2) 2
dna mutational analysis (2) 2
earth drilling (2) 2
earth drilling, e.g. deep drilling (2) 2
europe (2) 2
exome (2) 2
expression (2) 2
extensive air showers (2) 2
fixed constructions (2) 2
gene expression (2) 2
genetic variation (2) 2
genome-wide association study (2) 2
genotypes (2) 2
hcc (2) 2
hospital mortality (2) 2
immunoglobulins (2) 2
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