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by Allemani, Claudia and Matsuda, Tomohiro and Di Carlo, Veronica and Harewood, Rhea and Matz, Melissa and Nikšić, Maja and Bonaventure, Audrey and Valkov, Mikhail and Johnson, A T and Johnson, Christopher J and Johnson, F and Estève, Jacques and Ogunbiyi, Olufemi J and Azevedo e Silva, Gulnar and Chen, J G and Chen, Wan-Qing and Chen, J S and Eser, Sultan and Engholm, Gerda and Stiller, Charles A and Monnereau, Alain and Woods, Ryan R and Visser, Otto and Lim, Gek Hsiang and Aitken, Joanne and Weir, Hannah K and Coleman, Michel P and Bouzbid, S and Hamdi-Chérif, M and Zaidi, Z and Meguenni, K and Regagba, D and Bayo, S and Cheick Bougadari, T and Manraj, S S and Bendahhou, K and Fabowale, A and Bradshaw, D and Somdyala, N I M and Kumcher, I and Moreno, F and Calabrano, G H and Espinola, S B and Carballo Quintero, B and Fita, R and Diumenjo, M C and Laspada, W D and Ibañez, S G and Lima, C A and De Souza, P C F and Del Pino, K and Laporte, C and Curado, M P and de Oliveira, J C and Veneziano, C L A and Veneziano, D B and Latorre, M R D O and Tanaka, L F and Rebelo, M S and Santos, M O and Galaz, J C and Aparicio Aravena, M and Sanhueza Monsalve, J and Herrmann, C and Herrmann, D A and Vargas, S and Herrera, A A and Herrera, V M and Uribe, C J and Bravo, L E and Garcia, L and Garcia, L S and Arias-Ortiz, N E and Morantes, D and Jurado, D M and Yépez Chamorro, M C and Delgado, S and Ramirez, M and Galán Alvarez, Y H and Torres, P and Martínez-Reyes, F and Jaramillo, L and Quinto, R and Castillo, J and Mendoza, M and Cueva, P and Yépez, J G and Bhakkan, B and Deloumeaux, J and Joachim, C and Macni, J and Carrillo, R and Shalkow Klincovstein, J and Rivera Gomez, R and Poquioma, E and Tortolero-Luna, G and Zavala, D and Alonso, R and Barrios, E and Eckstrand, A and ... and CONCORD Working Grp and CONCORD Working Group and Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States). Advanced Photon Source (APS)
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 03/2018, Volume 391, Issue 10125, pp. 1023 - 1075
Journal Article
Lancet, The, ISSN 0140-6736, 2015, Volume 385, Issue 9972, pp. 977 - 1010
Journal Article
by Matz, Melissa and Matz, M and Coleman, M.P and Coleman, Michel P and Sant, M and Sant, Milena and Chirlaque, Maria Dolores and Chirlaque, M.D and Visser, Otto and Visser, O and Gore, Martin and Allemani, C and Allemani, Claudia and Bouzbid, S and Hamdi-Chérif, M and Zaidi, Z and Bah, E and Swaminathan, R and Nortje, S.H and El Mistiri, M.M and Bayo, S and Malle, B and Manraj, S.S and Sewpaul-Sungkur, R and Fabowale, A and Ogunbiyi, O.J and Bradshaw, D and Somdyala, N.I.M and Stefan, D.C and Abdel-Rahman, M and Jaidane, L and Mokni, M and Kumcher, I and Moreno, F and González, M.S and Laura, E.A and Espinola, S.B and Calabrano, G.H and Carballo Quintero, B and Fita, R and Garcilazo, D.A and Giacciani, P.L and Diumenjo, M.C and Laspada, W.D and Green, M.D and Green, M.A and Lanza, M.F and Ibañez, S.G and Lima, C.A and Lobo de Oliveira, E and Daniel, C and Scandiuzzi, C and De Souza, P.C.F and Melo, C.D and Del Pino, K and Laporte, C and Curado, M.P and de Oliveira, J.C and Veneziano, D.B and Veneziano, C.L.A and Latorre, M.R.D.O and Tanaka, L.F and Azevedo e Silva, G and Galaz, J.C and Moya, J.A and Herrmann, C and Herrmann, D.A and Vargas, S and Herrera, V.M and Uribe, C.J and Bravo, L.E and Arias-Ortiz, N.E and Jurado, D.M and Yépez, M.C and Yépez, J.G and Galán, Y.H and Torres, P and Martínez-Reyes, F and Pérez-Meza, M.L and Jaramillo, L and Quinto, R and Cueva, P and Torres-Cintrón, C.R and Tortolero-Luna, G and Alonso, R and Barrios, E and Nikiforuk, C and Shack, L and Coldman, A.J and Woods, R.R and Noonan, G and Turner, D and Kumar, E and Kumar, V and Zhang, P and Zhang, J.H and Zhang, B and McCrate, F.R and Ryan, S and Hannah, H and ...
Gynecologic Oncology, ISSN 0090-8258, 12/2017, Volume 147, Issue 3, pp. 726 - 726
Unfortunately, the original publication of the article includes errors in the author list for the CONCORD Working Group members (pages 411–412). The CONCORD... 
Journal Article
Journal Article