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alzheimer's disease (49) 49
science & technology (37) 37
life sciences & biomedicine (33) 33
neurology (33) 33
humans (28) 28
alzheimer disease - genetics (23) 23
neurosciences & neurology (22) 22
clinical neurology (18) 18
female (18) 18
genetics (18) 18
genomics (18) 18
male (17) 17
aged (15) 15
genetic aspects (15) 15
aged, 80 and over (14) 14
genome-wide association study (14) 14
analysis (13) 13
genes (13) 13
governors (13) 13
risk factors (13) 13
neurodegenerative diseases (12) 12
neurosciences (12) 12
medical colleges (11) 11
polymorphism, single nucleotide (11) 11
consortia (10) 10
genomes (10) 10
tax increases (10) 10
alzheimers disease (9) 9
dementia (9) 9
medicin och hälsovetenskap (9) 9
taxes (9) 9
bills (8) 8
case-control studies (8) 8
epidemiology (8) 8
genotype (8) 8
gene expression (7) 7
genetic predisposition to disease (7) 7
genetic research (7) 7
genetics & heredity (7) 7
middle aged (7) 7
alzheimer disease (6) 6
apolipoprotein e (6) 6
genotypes (6) 6
immune response (6) 6
medical research (6) 6
medicine, experimental (6) 6
abridged index medicus (5) 5
aging (5) 5
alzheimer disease - epidemiology (5) 5
alzheimer’s disease (5) 5
apolipoproteins (5) 5
genetic predisposition to disease - genetics (5) 5
health risks (5) 5
psychiatry (5) 5
research (5) 5
risk (5) 5
african americans (4) 4
apolipoprotein e4 - genetics (4) 4
bioinformatics (4) 4
disease control (4) 4
genetic variance (4) 4
genome-wide association (4) 4
genome-wide association studies (4) 4
genome-wide association study - methods (4) 4
genotype & phenotype (4) 4
geriatrics & gerontology (4) 4
health risk assessment (4) 4
hispanic americans - genetics (4) 4
immune system (4) 4
medical and health sciences (4) 4
medicine (4) 4
multidisciplinary sciences (4) 4
neurovetenskaper (4) 4
polymorphism, single nucleotide - genetics (4) 4
research article (4) 4
science & technology - other topics (4) 4
single nucleotide polymorphisms (4) 4
studies (4) 4
tau proteins - genetics (4) 4
[sdv]life sciences [q-bio] (3) 3
age (3) 3
age of onset (3) 3
algorithms (3) 3
aligator (3) 3
alleles (3) 3
alzheimer disease - metabolism (3) 3
astrocytoma (3) 3
basic medicine (3) 3
biochemistry & molecular biology (3) 3
brain (3) 3
cancer (3) 3
carrier proteins - genetics (3) 3
cholesterol metabolism (3) 3
cohort studies (3) 3
dementia disorders (3) 3
disease progression (3) 3
dna methylation (3) 3
endocytosis (3) 3
european continental ancestry group - genetics (3) 3
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by Reiman, Eric M and Quiroz, Yakeel T and Huentelman, Matthew J and Chen, Yinghua and Su, Yi and Myers, Amanda J and Paul Vonsattel, Jean and Younkin, Steven G and Bennett, David A and Keene, C. Dirk and Kamboh, M. Ilyas and Gilbert, John R and Gwirtsman, Harry E and Buxbaum, Joseph D and Ghetti, Bernardino F and Wang, Li-San and Hyman, Bradley T and Foroud, Tatiana and Haines, Jonathan L and Trojanowski, John Q and Farrer, Lindsay A and Schellenberg, Gerard D and Beecham, Gary W and Montine, Thomas J and Jun, Gyungah R and Abner, Erin and Adams, Perrie M and Albin, Roger L and Apostolova, Liana G and Arnold, Steven E and Atwood, Craig S and Barnes, Lisa L and Becker, James T and Boeve, Bradley F and Bowen, James D and Boxer, Adam and Burke, James R and Cairns, Nigel J and Cantwell, Laura B and Cao, Chuanhai and Carlson, Chris S and Carlsson, Cynthia M and Cribbs, David H and Crocco, Elizabeth A and Dick, Malcolm and Ertekin-Taner, Nilufer and Evans, Denis A and Fairchild, Thomas J and Farlow, Martin R and Ferris, Steven and Galasko, Douglas R and Ghisays, Valentina and Goate, Alison M and Hamilton-Nelson, Kara L and Harrell, Lindy E and Honig, Lawrence S and Huebinger, Ryan M and Hulette, Christine M and Jin, Lee-Way and Karydas, Anna and Katz, Mindy J and Kauwe, John S. K and Kunkle, Brian W and Kuzma, Amanda P and Leung, Yuk Ye and Li, Ge and Marson, Daniel C and McCurry, Susan M and McDavid, Andrew N and Miller, Bruce L and Morris, John C and Mukherjee, Shubhabrata and O’Bryant, Sid and Olichney, John M and Parisi, Joseph E and Paulson, Henry L and Pierce, Aimee and Potter, Huntington and Raskind, Murray and Reisch, Joan S and Reitz, Christiane and Ringman, John M and Roberson, Erik D and Rogaeva, Ekaterina and Royall, Donald R and Schneider, Lon S and Seeley, William W and Smith, Amanda G and Sonnen, Joshua A and Stern, Robert A and Tanzi, Rudolph E and Troncoso, Juan C and Van Deerlin, Vivianna M and Vardarajan, Badri N and Weintraub, Sandra and Welsh-Bohmer, Kathleen A and Wilhelmsen, Kirk C and Williamson, Jennifer and Woltjer, Randall L and Yu, Lei and Alzheimers Dis Genetics Consortium and Alzheimer’s Disease Genetics Consortium and The Alzheimer’s Disease Genetics Consortium
Nature communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 12/2020, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp. 667 - 667
Journal Article
by Bis, Joshua and Jian, X and Kunkle, B.W and Chen, Yuning and Hamilton-Nelson, K.L and Bush, W.S and Salerno, W.J and Lancour, D and Ma, Y and Renton, Alan and Marcora, E and Farrell, J.J and Zhao, Y and Qu, Liming and Ahmad, Shahzad and Amin, Najaf and Amouyel, Philippe and Beecham, G.W and Below, J.E and Campion, Dominique and Charbonnier, C and Chung, J and Crane, L.M.A and Cruchaga, Carlos and Cupples, L.A and Dartigues, J.-F and Debette, Stéphanie and Deleuze, Jean-François and Fulton, L and Gabriel, Stacey and Genin, E and Gibbs, R.A and Goate, Alison and Grenier-Boley, Benjamin and Gupta, Namrata and Haines, Jonathan and Havulinna, Aki and Helisalmi, S and Hiltunen, Mikko and Howrigan, D.P and Ikram, Arfan and Kaprio, J and Konrad, J and Kuzma, A and Lander, Eric and Lathrop, M and Lehtimäki, Terho and Lin, Honghuang and Mattila, K and Mayeux, R and Muzny, Donna and Nasser, W and Neale, Benjamin and Nho, Kwangsik and Nicolas, G and Patel, D and Pericak-Vance, Margaret and Perola, Markus and Psaty, B.M and Quenez, O and Rajabli, F and Redon, Richard and Reitz, Christiane and Remes, Anne and Salomaa, Veikko and Sarnowski, C and Schmidt, Helena and Schmidt, M and Schmidt, R and Soininen, H and Thornton, T.A and Tosto, G and Tzourio, Christophe and Lee, Sven and Duijn, Cornelia and Vardarajan, Bai and Wang, W and Wijsman, Ellen and Wilson, Richard K and Witten, D and Worley, K.C and Zhang, X and Bellenguez, Céline and Lambert, J and Kurki, M.I and Palotie, Aarno and Daly, M and Boerwinkle, E and Lunetta, Kathryn and DeStefano, Anita and Dupuis, Josée and Martin, E.R and Schellenberg, Gerard and Seshai, Sudha and Naj, A.C and Fornage, Myriam and Farrer, Lindsay and Alzheimers Dis Sequencing Project and Alzheimer’s Disease Sequencing Project
Molecular psychiatry, ISSN 1359-4184, 01/2018, Volume 25, Issue 8, pp. 1859 - 1875
Journal Article
by Vronskaya, Maria and van der Lee, Sven J and Bellenguez, Céline and Chouraki, Vincent and Chen, Yuning and Fitzpatrick, Annette L and Valladares, Otto and Smith, Albert V and Choi, Seung-Hoan and Adams, Hieab H and Dombroski, Beth A and Hofer, Edith and Sarnowski, Chloe and Kornhuber, Johannes and Barber, Robert C and Engelborghs, Sebastiaan and Mayhaus, Manuel and Gu, Wei and Squassina, Alessio and Orellana, Adelina and Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Eloy and Lovestone, Simon and Garcia, Melissa E and Munoz-Fernadez, Carmen and Lin, Honghuang and Maier, Wolfgang and Keene, C. Dirk and Koivisto, Anne Maria and Lynch, Aoibhinn and Tarraga, Lluís and Haapasalo, Annakaisa and Gill, Michael and Alvarez, Ignacio and Salani, Francesca and Ciaramella, Antonio and Boerwinkle, Eric and Hanon, Olivier and Royall, Donald R and Maletta, Raffaele Giovanni and Craig, David and Fratiglioni, Laura and Koutroumani, Maria and Panza, Francesco and Barnes, Lisa L and Barral, Sandra and Passmore, Peter and Bowen, James D and Burns, Jeffrey M and Bass, Nicholas J and Hardy, John and Allen, Mariet and Dick, Malcolm and Duara, Ranjan and Fardo, David W and Farlow, Martin R and Foroud, Tatiana M and Morris, John and Mayo, Kevin and Hamilton, Ronald L and Honig, Lawrence S and Jarvik, Gail P and Meggy, Alun and Karydas, Anna and Kim, Ronald and Lah, James J and Levey, Allan I and Martiniuk, Frank and Medway, Christopher and Nöthen, Markus M and Masliah, Eliezer and Hooper, Nigel M and Miller, Carol A and Shaw, Christopher E and Parisi, Joseph E and Paulson, Henry L and Collinge, John and Cribbs, David H and Rossor, Martin and Raskind, Murray and Reisberg, Barry and Clarke, Robert and Smith, A David and Warden, Donald and Bruni, Amalia Cecilia and Saykin, Andrew J and Pastor, Pau and Spina, Salvatore and Van Deerlin, Vivianna M and Saba, Yasaman and Pilotto, Alberto and Bennett, David and Warner, Nick and Gwilliam, Rhian and Goate, Alison M and Sanchez-Juan, Pascual and Launer, Lenore J and Ikram, M. Arfan and Nicolas, Gael and C. O’Donovan, Michael and Psaty, Bruce M and Cohorts Heart Aging Res Genomic Ep and Alzheimer Dis Genetics Consortium and European Alzheimers Dis Initiative and Genetic Environm Risk AD Defining and Alzheimer Disease Genetics Consortium (ADGC) and Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology Consortium (CHARGE) and European Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative (EADI) and Genetic and Environmental Risk in AD/Defining Genetic, Polygenic and Environmental Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease Consortium (GERAD/PERADES) and The European Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative (EADI)
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 03/2019, Volume 51, Issue 3, pp. 414 - 430
Journal Article
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 09/2017, Volume 49, Issue 9, pp. 1373 - 1384
Journal Article