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by Sullivan, Patrick and Yuan, Maoli and Coleman, John and Destefano, Joanne and Zhang, Xinsheng and Yates, Nicole and Barouch, Dan and Ackerman, Margaret and Decamp, Allan and Alter, Galit and Tomaras, Georgia and Tomaras, Georgia and Montefiori, David and Montefiori, David and Rasmussen, Beth and Morrow, Gavin and Koff, Wayne and Kashuba, Angela and Kashuba, Angela and Mascola, John and Picker, Louis and Kent, Stephen and Selhorst, Philippe and Masson, Lindi and Ngandu, Nobubelo and Rademeyer, Cecilia and Karim, Quarraisha Abdool and Kijak, Gustavo and Barouch, Dan and Rasheed, Ata Ur and Havenar-Daughton, Colin and Pham, Matthew and Kovalenkov, Yevgeniy and Gumber, Sanjeev and Johnson, Matthew and Wrammert, Jens and Villinger, Francois and Haynes, Barton and Haynes, Barton and Fox, Christopher and Reed, Steve and Vasilakos, John and Tomai, Mark and Crotty, Shane and Ahmed, Rafi and Pulendran, Bali and Fukazawa, Yoshinori and Lifson, Jeffrey and Lifson, Jeffrey and Moore, Penny and Chatora, Kumbirai and Skorochod, Elisabeth and Madidi, Ngonidzashe and Gomez, Anabel and Ncube, Getrude and Sundaram, Maaya and Kretschmer, Steve and Pauthner, Matthias and Briney, Bryan and Lee, Jeong Hyun and Saye-Francisco, Karen and Hsueh, Jessica and Ramos, Alejandra and Le, Khoa and Jones, Meaghan and Jardine, Joseph and Bastidas, Raiza and Sarkar, Anita and Liang, Chi-Hui and Wilson, Ian and Ward, Andrew and Zhu, Jiang and Poignard, Pascal and Burton, Dennis and Krebs, Shelly and Law, Wiliam and Gift, Syna and Chenine, Agnes and Rolland, Morgane and Moody, M. Anthony and Jarosinski, Marissa and Georgiev, Ivelin and Chuang, Gwo-Yu and Chuang, Gwo-Yu and Asokan, Mangaiarkarasi and Bailer, Robert T and Cale, Evan M and Louder, Mark and Kwong, Peter D and Polonis, Victoria and Tovanabutra, Sodsai and Robb, Merlin and Mascola, John R and Wibmer, Constantinos Kurt and Wibmer, Constantinos Kurt and Madzorera, Vimbai S and Doria-Rose, Nicole A and Morris, Lynn and Moore, Penny L and Anthony, Colin and ...
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by Morena, Marion and Jaussent, Audrey and Chalabi, Lotfi and Leray-Moragues, Hélène and Chenine, Leila and Chenine, Leïla and Debure, Alain and Thibaudin, Damien and Azzouz, Lynda and Patrier, Laure and Maurice, Francois and Maurice, François and Nicoud, Philippe and Durand, Claude and Seigneuric, Bruno and Dupuy, Anne-Marie and Picot, Marie-Christine and Cristol, Jean-Paul and Canaud, Bernard and Afiani, Aida and Aguilera, Didier and Azymah, Yamina and Babinet, Francois and Belloc, Claire and Bendini, Jean- Christophe and Broyet, Christian and Brunet, Philippe and Chabannier, Marie-Hélène and Chiron, Sylvie and Coindre, Jean-Philippe and Colin, Angélique and Combarnous, François and Coupel, Stéphanie and Cremault, Alain and Dancea, Irima and Delcroix, Catherine and Depraetre, Pascale and Djema, Assia and Ducret, Francis and Farah, Ibrahim and Fleury, Dominique and Guerraoui, Abdallah and Guillodo, Marie-Paule and Haddj-Elmrabet, Atman and Hoffmann, Maxime and Ibos, Richard and Islam, Mohamed Shariful and Jaubert, Dominique and Joule, Josiane and Joyeux, Véronique and Kunz, Kristian and Lagarrigue, Mélodie and Laradi, Achour and Lavainne, Frédéric and Le Grignou, Dominique and Lebrun, Gaétan and Lefebvre, Anne and Lefevre, Jean-Jacques and Lefrancois, Gaëlle and Lemaitre, Vincent and Maaz, Mehadji and Magnant, Eric and Mohey, Hesham and Normand, Michel and Nzeyimana, Hilaire and Ouziala, Messaoud and Parahy, Sophie and Perrin, Franck and Pointet, Philippe and Potier, Jacky and Puyoo, Olivier and Rey, Isabelle and Rivory, Jean-Pierre and Rouleau, Fabienne and Serveaux, Marie-Odile and Simonin, Danièle and Testa, Angelo and Turc-Baron, Cécile and Vela, Carlos and Vido, Sandor and Vrigneaud, Laurence and FRENCHIE Study Investigators
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Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 03/2017, Volume 32, Issue 3, pp. 548 - 555
Journal Article
University of Miami Law Review, ISSN 0041-9818, 01/2014, Volume 68, Issue 2, p. 385
Journal Article
Microelectronics Reliability, ISSN 0026-2714, 2009, Volume 49, Issue 9, pp. 1288 - 1292
In case of operation distance degradation, frequently RFID chips are extracted from their tags and electrically/physically analysed. However, manifold... 
Journal Article
2017, 1, ISBN 9781498740029, Volume 1
A 2015 climate change update to the Baylands Ecosystem Habitat Goals Report recommended multihabitat, multiobjective approaches and living shorelines in order... 
Book Chapter
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 10/2012, Volume 367, Issue 14, pp. 1297 - 1309
Journal Article
by Kunz, J
Der Pathologe, ISSN 0172-8113, 5/2012, Volume 33, Issue 3, pp. 192 - 204
Auf der Basis einer Literaturübersicht (PubMed-Datenbank) werden im vorliegenden Beitrag aktuelle Befunde zur multifaktoriellen Genese der diabetischen... 
Diabetische Makroangiopathie | Atherosklerose | Pathology | Arteriogenesis | Signal transduction | Medicine & Public Health | Arteriogenese | Signalübertragung | Atherosclerosis | Diabetic macroangiopathy | Extracellular matrix | Neovascularization | Vaskuläre extrazelluläre Matrix
Journal Article