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by Nishida, Toshirou and Sakai, Yoshiharu and Takagi, Masakazu and Ozaka, Masato and Kitagawa, Yuko and Kurokawa, Yukinori and Masuzawa, Toru and Naito, Yoichi and Kagimura, Tatsuo and Hirota, Seiichi and Saito, Takuro and Komatsu, Yoshito and Kondo, Masato and Hayashi, Tsutomu and Gotoda, Naoto and Takiguchi, Nobuhiro and Maki, Atsuhiko and Baba, Hideo and Orita, Hajime and Yabusaki, Hiroshi and Chiguchi, Gaku and Manaka, Dai and Nabeshima, Kazuhito and Akabane, Hiromitsu and Ono, Koichi and Wada, Norihito and Kaji, Masahide and Yoshida, Kazuhiro and Takahashi, Ikuo and Fujitani, Kazumasa and Matsumoto, Sohei and Tamamori, Yutaka and Saito, Hiroaki and Ueda, Shugo and Yamamura, Masahiro and Fujii, Hirofumi and Yoshino, Shigefumi and Suzuki, Akihiro and Otsuji, Eigo and Kawachi, Shigeyuki and Takahashi, Tsuyoshi and Muguruma, Kazuya and Ishikawa, Suguru and Mitsutsuji, Masaaki and Takamori, Hiroshi and Kaiho, Takashi and Sako, Akihiro and Ito, Seiji and Mori, Masahiro and Tokuhara, Makoto and Kawaguchi, Yoshihiko and Hirabayashi, Naoki and Yoshida, Motohira and Takahashi, Masazumi and Takase, Shiro and Yamashita, Keishi and Iwasaki, Yoshiaki and Ozeki, Yutaka and Nishida, Yasunori and Koeda, Keisuke and Tsujinaka, Toshimasa and Kanie, Hiroshi and Hato, Shinji and Morimoto, Junya and Honda, Hiroshi and Tashiro, Hirotaka and Kakeji, Yoshihiro and Hata, Hiroaki and Sugiyama, Toshiro and Nobuoka, Takayuki and Fukushima, Ryoji and Sugiyama, Katsuro and Hasegawa, Junichi and Yoshimura, Tsunehiro and Takashima, Atsuo and Kunisaki, Chikara and Shinozaki, Hiroharu and Senmaru, Naoto and Imamura, Hiroshi and Otsu, Satoshi and Kobayashi, Daisuke and Noguchi, Akinori and Takagane, Akinori and Mitsunaga, Atsushi and Tamura, Shigeyuki and Matsuyama, Jin and Oka, Yoshio and Kajiyama, Kiyoshi and Yamada, Takuji and Hoshino, Sumito and Ohdan, Hideki and Kakishita, Tomokazu and Yanaga, Katsuhiko and Rino, Yasushi and Takahashi, Takayuki and Matsubara, Hisahiro and Ishizaki, Masahiro and Kim, Songtae and Inaki, Noriyuki and Hirahara, Noriyuki and ... and members of the STAR ReGISTry Study Group and The members of the STAR ReGISTry Study Group
Gastric Cancer, ISSN 1436-3291, 2019, pp. 1 - 8
A multidisciplinary approach based on guidelines and pathological diagnosis by specialized pathologists are important for improving the prognosis and QoL of... 
Multidisciplinary board | Pathological diagnosis | Adjuvant therapy | Gastrointestinal stromal tumor | Guidelines | Pathology | Imatinib | Genotyping | Risk groups | Mitosis | Diagnosis | Multivariate analysis | Stomach cancer | Tumors
Journal Article
Journal of the Neurological Sciences, ISSN 0022-510X, 02/2013, Volume 325, Issue 1-2, pp. 156 - 159
A 69-year-old man with rapidly evolving vertigo and ataxia was admitted to our hospital. He was presented with a dysarthric speech and chaotic eye movements,... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
Magnetic Resonance in Medical Sciences, ISSN 1347-3182, 04/2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, p. 141
  Idiopathic hypertrophic pachymeningitis (IHP) is a chronic inflammatory disease of unknown cause. We report a case of IHP with bilateral distended... 
Journal Article
by Kayama, Takamasa and Yamashita, Hidetoshi and Fukao, Akira and Kubota, Isao and Kato, Takeo and Kitanaka, Chifumi and Sato, Shinya and Ueno, Yoshiyuki and Konta, Tsuneo and Shibata, Yoko and Watanabe, Tetsu and Abe, Shuichi and Miyamoto, Takuya and Inoue, Sumito and Miyashita, Takehiko and Ichikawa, Kazunobu and Shishido, Tetsuro and Arimoto, Takanori and Takahashi, Hiroki and Nishiyama, Satoshi and Ikeda, Ami and Daimon, Makoto and Kawanami, Toru and Wada, Manabu and Arawaka, Shigeki and Oizumi, Hidetoshi and Kurokawa, Katsuro and Susa, Shingi and Katou, Yuichi and Kameda, Wataru and Koyama, Shingo and Karasawa, Shigeru and Iseki, Chifumi and Takahashi, Yoshimi and Kawata, Sumio and Saito, Takafumi and Makino, Naohiko and Okumoto, Kazuo and Haga, Hiroaki and Sato, Takeshi and Sato, Chikako and Watanabe, Hisayoshi and Nishise, Yuko and Ishii, Rika and Matsuda, Akiko and Tozawa, Tomohiro and Honma, Kei and Narimatsu, Hiroto and Shibata, Kyoko and Miura, Akiko and Inoue, Rina and Numazawa, Ai and Kudo, Kahori and Aita, Yoko and Umezawa, Noriko and Saito, Yuko and Takahashi, Yumi and Suzuki, Yuka and Otani, Katsumi and Hozawa, Atsushi and Shao, Li and Orui, Masatsugu and Kobayashi, Atsuko and Kanoya, Yuka and Hosoya, Takiko and Suzuki, Ikuko and Otake, Mariko and Morikagi, Yuko and Sekimata, Akiko and Hiraka, Manami and Matsuda, Yumi and Takeda, Yoko and Matsunami, Yoko and Horie, Tatsuya and Sato, Shiho and Inoue, Mizue and Baba, Kaoru and Tamiya, Gen and Ueki, Masao and Nakamura, Tomohiro and Jambaldorj, Jamiyansuren and Araki, Satoko and Nakajima, Osamu and Takahashi, Kazuei and Goto, Kazuo and Ishizaka, Kimishige and YUGCC and Yamagata University Genomic Cohort Consortium (YUGCC)
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 02/2014, Volume 9, Issue 2, p. e55903
Journal Article
Magnetic Resonance in Medical Sciences, ISSN 1347-3182, 01/2012, Volume 11, Issue 2, pp. 141 - 144
Idiopathic hypertrophic pachymeningitis (IHP) is a chronic inflammatory disease of unknown cause. We report a case of IHP with bilateral distended subarachnoid... 
Case reports
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal of Neuroscience, ISSN 0270-6474, 09/2006, Volume 26, Issue 36, pp. 9227 - 9238
Sporadic Parkinson's disease (sPD) is a common neurodegenerative disorder, characterized by selective degeneration of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia... 
Journal Article
by Chris J, Allender and Jenna L, Bowen and Widatella, Awadalla and Iason, Kyriazis and Nikolaos, Tsopanoglou and Panagiotis, Kallidonis and Odysseas, Andrikopoulos and Despoina, Liourdi and Helen, Papadaki and Konstantina, Geronatsiou and Nicolas, Haseke and Sebastian, Walther and Christan, Gratzke and Christain G, Stief and Ronald, Sroka and Ephrem O, Olweny and Stephen, Faddegon and Stacey, McLeroy and Raul, Fernandez and Bruce E, Gnade and Heather E, Beardsley and Margaret S, Pearle and Jeffrey A, Cadeddu and Jeffrey A, Cadeddu and Tatsuo, Igarashi and Takuro, Ishii and Satoki, Zenbutsu and Yukio, Naya and Nuzhath, Khan and Deirdre, Anderson and Jonathan, Watkiss and Ben, Challacombe and Mohammed Shamim, Khan and Prokar, Dasgupta and Declan, Cahill and Nuzhath, Khan and Deirdre, Anderson and Faria, Khan and Jonathan, Watkiss and Ben, Challacombe and Mohammed Shamim, Khan and Prokar, Dasgupta and Declan, Cahill and Nieroshan, Rajarubendra and Ping Han, Chia and Aasheen, Munshey and Shomik, Sengupta and Damien, Bolton and Oneel, Patel and Lin, Xiao and Joseph, Ischia and Graham, Baldwin and Arthur, Schulkes and Payal, Kapur and Yung K, Tan and Samuel K, Park and Mehrad, Adibi and Sara L, Best and Jeffrey A, Cadeddu and Daniel M, de Bruin and Dirk J, Faber and Ton G, van Leeuwen and Jean J, de la Rosette and Pilar, Laguna and Shubha, De and Leah, Grossman and Niels, Johnsen and Greg, Mitchell and Ted, Klein and Benjamin, Lee and Panagiotis, Kitrou and Dimitrios, Karnabatidis and Christina, Kalogeropoulou and Athanasios, Tsamandas and Theofanis, Vrettos and Ioannis, Georgiopoulos and Aarond D, Benson and Bradley F, Schwartz and Kristina L, Penniston and Lauren, Iwicki and Ibrahim, Saeed and Thomas D, Crenshaw and Stephen Y, Nakada and Vivek, Joshi and Sushil, Karia and Sudhir, Sheth and Jitendra, Amlani and Sunil, Moteria and Mohammad Reza, Darabi mahboub and Eugene, Fuchs and Michael, Conlin and Hassan, Razvi and John D, Denstedt and Linda, Nott and Ad, Hendrikx and Michael, Luke and S.K, Pal and Jean, de la Rosette and Sunil, M and Maria Chiara, Sighinolfi and ...
Journal of Endourology, ISSN 0892-7790, 11/2011, Volume 25, Issue S1, pp. P1 - A373
Journal Article
Rinsho shinkeigaku = Clinical neurology, ISSN 0009-918X, 02/2005, Volume 45, Issue 2, p. 111
We report a 54-year-old man (case 1) and a 79-year-old woman (case 2) who presented with encephalopathy of unknown cause. Both patients were on hemodyalysis... 
Magnetic Resonance Imaging | Neurotoxicity Syndromes - diagnosis | Brain Diseases - diagnosis | Humans | Middle Aged | Female | Male | Tomography, X-Ray Computed | Aged | Electroencephalography | Basal Ganglia | Mushroom Poisoning - diagnosis
Journal Article
Journal of Orthopaedic Science, ISSN 0949-2658, 01/2004, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 5
To elucidate the current status of hip fracture incidence and treatment in Japan, a tally of hip fractures in patients from 1998 to 2000 was conducted in... 
Medicine | Hip fracture | Treatment | Epidemiology | Surveys | Hip joint | Medical colleges | Osteoporosis | Fractures | Drug therapy | Bones
Journal Article
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