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by Mahajan, Anubha and Taliun, Daniel and Thurner, Matthias and Robertson, Neil R and Torres, Jason M and Rayner, N. William and Payne, Anthony J and Steinthorsdottir, Valgerdur and Scott, Robert A and Grarup, Niels and Cook, James P and Schmidt, Ellen M and Wuttke, Matthias and Sarnowski, Chloé and Mägi, Reedik and Nano, Jana and Gieger, Christian and Trompet, Stella and Lecoeur, Cécile and Preuss, Michael H and Prins, Bram Peter and Guo, Xiuqing and Bielak, Lawrence F and Below, Jennifer E and Bowden, Donald W and Chambers, John Campbell and Kim, Young Jin and Ng, Maggie C. Y and Petty, Lauren E and Sim, Xueling and Zhang, Weihua and Bennett, Amanda J and Bork-Jensen, Jette and Brummett, Chad M and Canouil, Mickaël and Ec kardt, Kai-Uwe and Fischer, Krista and Kardia, Sharon L. R and Kronenberg, Florian and Läll, Kristi and Liu, Ching-Ti and Locke, Adam E and Luan, Jian’an and Ntalla, Ioanna and Nylander, Vibe and Schönherr, Sebastian and Schurmann, Claudia and Yengo, Loïc and Bottinger, Erwin P and Brandslund, Ivan and Christensen, Cramer and Dedoussis, George and Florez, Jose C and Ford, Ian and Franco, Oscar H and Frayling, Timothy M and Giedraitis, Vilmantas and Hackinger, Sophie and Hattersley, Andrew T and Herder, Christian and Ikram, M. Arfan and Ingelsson, Martin and Jørgensen, Marit E and Jørgensen, Torben and Kriebel, Jennifer and Kuusisto, Johanna and Ligthart, Symen and Lindgren, Cecilia M and Linneberg, Allan and Lyssenko, Valeriya and Mamakou, Vasiliki and Meitinger, Thomas and Mohlke, Karen L and Morris, Andrew D and Nadkarni, Girish and Pankow, James S and Peters, Annette and Sattar, Naveed and Stančáková, Alena and Strauch, Konstantin and Taylor, Kent D and Thorand, Barbara and Thorleifsson, Gudmar and Thorsteinsdottir, Unnur and Tuomilehto, Jaakko and Witte, Daniel R and Dupuis, Josée and Peyser, Patricia A and Zeggini, Eleftheria and Loos, Ruth J. F and Froguel, Philippe and Ingelsson, Erik and Lind, Lars and Groop, Leif and Laakso, Markku and Collins, Francis S and Jukema, J. Wouter and Palmer, Colin N. A and Grallert, Harald and Metspalu, Andres and ...
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 11/2018, Volume 50, Issue 11, pp. 1505 - 1513
Journal Article
by Mahajan, Anubha and Wessel, Jennifer and Willems, Sara M and Zhao, Wei and Robertson, Neil R and Chu, Audrey Y and Gan, Wei and Kitajima, Hidetoshi and Taliun, Daniel and Rayner, N. William and Guo, Xiuqing and Lu, Yingchang and Li, Man and Jensen, Richard A and Hu, Yao and Huo, Shaofeng and Lohman, Kurt K and Zhang, Weihua and Cook, James P and Prins, Bram Peter and Flannick, Jason and Grarup, Niels and Trubetskoy, Vassily Vladimirovich and Kravic, Jasmina and Kim, Young Jin and Rybin, Denis V and Yaghootkar, Hanieh and Mueller-Nurasyid, Martina and Meidtner, Karina and Li-Gao, Ruifang and Varga, Tibor V and Marten, Jonathan and Li, Jin and Smith, Albert Vernon and An, Ping and Ligthart, Symen and Gustafsson, Stefan and Malerba, Giovanni and Demirkan, Ayse and Tajes, Juan Fernandez and Steinthorsdottir, Valgerdur and Wuttke, Matthias and Lecoeur, Cecile and Preuss, Michael and Bielak, Lawrence F and Graff, Marielisa and Highland, Heather M and Justice, Anne E and Liu, Dajiang J and Marouli, Eirini and Peloso, Gina Marie and Warren, Helen R and Afaq, Saima and Afzal, Shoaib and Ahlqvist, Emma and Almgren, Peter and Amin, Najaf and Bang, Lia B and Bertoni, Alain G and Bombieri, Cristina and Bork-Jensen, Jette and Brandslund, Ivan and Brody, Jennifer A and Burtt, Noel P and Canouil, Mickael and Chen, Yii-Der Ida and Cho, Yoon Shin and Christensen, Cramer and Eastwood, Sophie V and Eckardt, Kai-Uwe and Fischer, Krista and Gambaro, Giovanni and Giedraitis, Vilmantas and Grove, Megan L and de Haan, Hugoline G and Hackinger, Sophie and Hai, Yang and Han, Sohee and Tybjaerg-Hansen, Anne and Hivert, Marie-France and Isomaa, Bo and Jager, Susanne and Jorgensen, Marit E and Jorgensen, Torben and Karajamaki, Annemari and Kim, Bong-Jo and Kim, Sung Soo and Koistinen, Heikki A and Kovacs, Peter and Kriebel, Jennifer and Kronenberg, Florian and Lall, Kristi and Lange, Leslie A and Lee, Jung-Jin and Lehne, Benjamin and Li, Huaixing and Lin, Keng-Hung and Linneberg, Allan and Liu, Ching-Ti and Liu, Jun and ... and MAGIC Consortium and ExomeBP Consortium and GIANT Consortium
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 04/2018, Volume 50, Issue 4, pp. 559 - 571
Journal Article