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by Chiambaretta, Frederic and Chiambaretta, Frédéric and Pleyer, Uwe and Behndig, Anders and Pisella, Pierre-Jean and Mertens, Erik and Mertens, Eric and Limao, Antonio and Fasce, Francesco and Fernandez, Joaquim and Fernandez, Joaquin and Benmoussa, Salah Eddine and Benmoussa, Salah-Eddine and Labetoulle, Marc and Cochener, Beatrice and Cochener, Béatrice and Hartani, Dahbia and Mohabeddine, Slimane and Smaili, Amar and Lazreg, Sihem and Daghbouche, Mounir and Meziane, Mustapha and Grabner, Gunter and Findl, Olivier and Sallet, Guy and Pourjavan, Sayeh and Tassignon, Marie-José and Gohier, Philippe and Milea, Dan and Mazit, Cherif and Delemazure, Barbara and Colin, Joseph and Bouchut, Pierre and Buffet, Jean-Michel and Muselier, Aurore and Pey, Christophe and Robert, Pierre-Yves and Duquesne, Nicolas and Normand, Françoise and Rozot, Pascal and Perone, Jean-Marc and Salaun, Nicolas and Allieu, Sandrine and Lenoble, Patrick and Weber, Michel and Bosc, Jean-Michel and Berard, Alain and Bonicel, Pierre and Laroche, Laurent and Cochereau, Isabelle and Boureau-Andrieux, C and Williamson, Wilfrid and Mercie, Martial and L'Herron, François and Muraine, Marc and Uzzan, Joël and Gain, Philippe and Le Bot, Bruno and Lebrun, Thierry and Jaulerry, Stéphane and Malacaze, François and Bourcier, Tristan and Francoz, Nicole and Kampik, Anselm and Liekfeld, Anja and Lanzl, Ines and Mencucci, Rita and Menchini, Ugo and Beltram, G and Szaflik, Jacek and Lobo, Maria Conceição and Trigo, José Miguel and Aguiar, Carlos and Alio, Jorge and Vila, Jesús Costa and Torras, Josep and Güell, José Luis and Laurell, Carl Gustav and Nuijts, Rudy and Rosen, Paul and Intracameral Mydrane ICMA Ethics G and Intracameral Mydrane (ICMA) and Ethics Group
Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery, ISSN 0886-3350, 03/2018, Volume 44, Issue 3, pp. 341 - 347
To compare the pupil dynamics of an intracameral combination of 2 mydriatics and 1 anesthetic (Mydrane) to a standard topical regimen for cataract surgery.... 
SURGERY | PHENYLEPHRINE | OPHTHALMOLOGY | SIZE | Cataract | Drug therapy, Combination | Surgery | Ophthalmic drugs | Central nervous system agents
Journal Article
by Soranno, Patricia A and Bacon, Linda C and Beauchene, Michael and Bednar, Karen E and Bissell, Edward G and Boudreau, Claire K and Boyer, Marvin G and Bremigan, Mary T and Carpenter, Stephen R and Carr, Jamie W and Cheruvelil, Kendra S and Christel, Samuel T and Claucherty, Matt and Collins, Sarah M and Conroy, Joseph D and Downing, John A and Dukett, Jed and Fergus, C. Emi and Filstrup, Christopher T and Funk, Clara and Gonzalez, Maria J and Green, Linda T and Gries, Corinna and Halfman, John D and Hamilton, Stephen K and Hanson, Paul C and Henry, Emily N and Herron, Elizabeth M and Hockings, Celeste and Jackson, James R and Jacobson-Hedin, Kari and Janus, Lorraine L and Jones, William W and Jones, John R and Keson, Caroline M and King, Katelyn B.S and Kishbaugh, Scott A and Lapierre, Jean-Francois and Lathrop, Barbara and Latimore, Jo A and Lee, Yuehlin and Lottig, Noah R and Lynch, Jason A and Matthews, Leslie J and McDowell, William H and Moore, Karen E.B and Neff, Brian P and Nelson, Sarah J and Oliver, Samantha K and Pace, Michael L and Pierson, Donald C and Poisson, Autumn C and Pollard, Amina I and Post, David M and Reyes, Paul O and Rosenberry, Donald O and Roy, Karen M and Rudstam, Lars G and Sarnelle, Orlando and Schuldt, Nancy J and Scott, Caren E and Skaff, Nicholas K and Smith, Nicole J and Spinelli, Nick R and Stachelek, Joseph J and Stanley, Emily H and Stoddard, John L and Stopyak, Scott B and Stow, Craig A and Tallant, Jason M and Tan, Pang-Ning and Thorpe, Anthony P and Vanni, Michael J and Wagner, Tyler and Watkins, Gretchen and Weathers, Kathleen C and Webster, Katherine E and White, Jeffrey D and Wilmes, Marcy K and Yuan, Shuai and Teknisk-naturvetenskapliga vetenskapsområdet and Biologiska sektionen and Uppsala universitet and Institutionen för ekologi och genetik and Limnologi
GigaScience, ISSN 2047-217X, 12/2017, Volume 6, Issue 12, pp. 1 - 22
Journal Article
McClure's Magazine (1893-1926), 09/1908, Volume XXXI, Issue No. 5, p. 500
"I WONDER," said Andrew F. Biron, manager of the White Star Mine, to his sister, as he watched, with drawn brows, Andre Frangois, immaculate in a white flannel... 
Journal Article
by Ferrie, J and Shipley, M and Cappuccio, F and Brunner, E and Miller, M and Kumari, M and Marmot, M and Coenen, A and Castillo, J L and Araya, F and Bustamante, G and Montecino, L and Torres, C and Oporto, S and Gronli, J and Fiske, E and Murison, R and Bjorvatn, B and Sorensen, E and Ursin, R and Portas, C M and Rajaraman, S and Gribok, A and Wesensten, N and Balkin, T and Reifman, J and Dursunoglu, N and Ozkurt, S and Baser, S and Delen, O and Sarikaya, S and Sadler, P and Mitchell, P and Françon, D and Decobert, M and Herve, B and Richard, A and Griebel, G and Avenet, P and Scatton, B and Fur, G L and Eckert, D and Jordan, A and Wellman, A and Smith, S and Malhotra, A and White, D and Bruck, D and Thomas, I and Kritikos, A and Oertel, W and Stiasny-Kolster, K and Garcia-Borreguero, D and Poewe, W and Hoegl, B and Kohnen, R and Schollmayer, E and Keffel, J and Trenkwalder, C and Valle, A and Roizenblatt, S and Fregni, F and Boggio, P and Tufik, S and Ward, K and Robertson, L and Palmer, L and Eastwood, P and Hillman, D and Lee, J and Mukherjee, S and de Padova, V and Barbato, G and Ficca, G and Zilli, I and Salzarulo, P and Veldi, M and Hion, T and Vasar, V and Kull, M and Nowak, L and Davis, J and Latzer, Y and Tzischinsky, O and Crowley, S and Carskadon, M and Anca-Herschkovitsch, M and Frey, D and Ortega, J and Wiseman, C and Farley, C and Wright, K and Campbell, A and Neill, A and Spiegel, K and Leproult, R and Tasali, E and Scherberg, N and van Cauter, E and Noradina, A T and ...
Sleep and Biological Rhythms, ISSN 1446-9235, 8/2007, Volume 5, Issue S1, pp. A1 - A189
Journal Article
by Ackermann, D. Michael and Ajiboye, Abidemi B and Allison, Brendan Z and Barolat, Giancarlo and Bhadra, Narendra and Bhadra, Niloy and Blaha, Charles D and Bouton, Chad E and Bradley, Kerry and Capadona, Jeffrey R and Cogan, Stuart F and Cozzens, Jeffrey W and Cusack, William and D’Haese, Pierre-Francois and Dawant, Benoit M and de Groat, William C and De Ridder, Dirk and Denison, Timothy and Dolce, Jeffery J and Doleys, Daniel M and Donoghue, John P and E. Larsen, Lars and Falowski, Steven M and Foster, Allison and Gauthier, Lynne V and George, Lydia C and Gomez, Christy and Goodman, Amy M and Grill, Warren M and Gross, Robert E and Guan, Yun and Hara, Seth and Harris, James and He, Bin and Herron, Jeffrey A and Hoyen, Harry A and Kaplitt, Michael G and Keith, Michael W and Kent, Alexander R and Kilgore, Kevin L and Kirsch, Robert F and Kocharian, Gary and Konrad, Peter E and Kramer, Jeffery and Krames, Elliot S and Krishna, Vibhor and Lee, Kendall H and Linderoth, Bengt and Ludwig, Kip A and Machado, Andre G and Madineni, Ravichandra and Manker, Steve G and McIntyre, Cameron C and Mogilner, Alon Y and Mortimer, John T and Mosier, Elizabeth M and North, Richard B and Pancrazio, Joseph J and Parker, John L and Peckham, P. Hunter and Pedersen, Nigel P and Peterson, Erik J and Pless, Benjamin and Pulliam, Christopher L and Rezai, Ali R and Richter, Troy A and Riley, Jonathan and Rosenow, Joshua M and Ross, Erika and Sammartino, Francesco and Schalk, Gerwin and Schubauer, Kathryn M and Sharan, Ashwini D and Shellock, Frank G and Shipley, Jane and Shoffstall, Andrew and Simpson, Brian and Slavin, Konstantin V and Stanton-Hicks, Michael and Tai, Changfeng and Taylor, Toacca and Tomasiewicz, Hilarie C and Tyler, Dustin J and Vancamp, Tim and Vanneste, Sven and Vonck, Kristl E.J and W. Clark, Shannon and Weber, Doug and Weiner, Richard L and Wolfson, Michael and Wu, Chengyuan and Ye, Donald Y and Yin, Dali and Yin, Hang
01/2018, Second Edition, ISBN 9780128053539
Book Chapter
Journal Article
12/1985, Late Edition (East Coast)
[Benjamin G. Rader], a professor of history at the University of Nebraska, turns this well- known phenomenon into an indictment of television. ''Worried lest... 
Book Review
1996, ISBN 9780965236416, xlii, 432
2007, ISBN 9781859184257
2007, ISBN 1851829881, 384 p., [8] p. of col. plates
2002, 3rd ed., Library and information science text series, ISBN 1563088827, xxv, 494
1997, Fallen Leaf reference books in music, ISBN 0914913131, Volume no. 23., xiii, 303
Wall Street Journal, ISSN 0921-9986, 04/2012
"[Francois Hollande] will withdraw support from the U.S.-British plan to release strategic oil stocks if he beats President Nicolas Sarkozy," a vocal supporter... 
Newspaper Article
The Gazette, ISSN 0384-1294, 05/2007
  Mario Dumont was right to drop Jean-Francois Plante as an Action democratique du Quebec candidate during the recent provincial election because of his... 
Newspaper Article
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