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1996, 1st ed., Scholars' Facsimiles & Reprints, ISBN 9780820115009, Volume 500, 206
by L. E. L. 1802-1838, compiler (Letitia Elizabeth Landon) and Baxter, George, 1804-1867, printer and Woolnoth, T. A., illustrator and Woolnoth, Thomas, 1785- engraver and Russell, Henry, 1812-1900 and Challis, Ebenezer, active 1831-1863 engraver and Floyd, William, fl. 1832-1859, engraver and Thomson, James, 1788-1850, engraver and Romney, John, 1786-1863, engraver and Le Petit, William A., active 1829-1846, engraver and Cochran, John, active 1821-1865, engraver and Brandard, Robert, 1805-1862, engraver and Miller, William, 1796-1882, engraver and Smith, Edward, active 1823-1851, engraver and Cooke, William John, 1797-1865 engraver and Tingle, James, active 1824-1850 engraver and Robinson, H., engraver and Scriven, Edward, 1775-1841, engraver and Finden, W. 1787-1852, engraver (William) and Goodall, Edward, 1795-1870, engraver and Higham, Thomas, 1796-1844, engraver and Bradshaw, Samuel (Engraver) and Thomas, John, engraver, fl. 1830-1835 and Holl, William, 1807-1871, engraver and Sands, Robert, 1782-1855, engraver and Bentley, J. C. 1809-1851, engraver (Joseph Clayton) and Kernot, J. H. fl. 1828-1858, engraver (James Harfield) and Purser, William, approximately 1790-approximately 1852, illustrator and Grindlay, Robert Melville, illustrator and Allom, Thomas, 1804-1872, illustrator and Harlow, George Henry, 1787-1819, artist and Gill, William (Painter) and Drummond, Jane, active 1819-1833, artist and Melville, Harden Sidney, active 1837-1882, illustrator and Williamson, Samuel, 1792-1840, illustrator and Stanfield, Clarkson, 1793-1867, illustrator and Boys, Thomas Shotter, 1803-1874, illustrator and Elliot, Robert James, -1849, illustrator and Pickering, G. 1794-1857, artist (George) and Beechey, William, Sir, 1753-1839, illustrator and Lowry, Joseph Wilson, 1803-1879, illustrator and Stothard, Thomas, 1755-1834, illustrator and Lawrence, Thomas, Sir, 1769-1830, illustrator
1834, Volume no. 5, 63, [1], 2 pages, 36 unnumbered leaves of plates
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