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Subjects Subjects
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humans (401) 401
index medicus (366) 366
chemistry (237) 237
female (233) 233
male (230) 230
metallurgy (221) 221
human necessities (183) 183
hygiene (177) 177
medical or veterinary science (175) 175
animals (169) 169
preparations for medical, dental, or toilet purposes (131) 131
analysis (120) 120
organic chemistry (107) 107
middle aged (104) 104
paleontology (103) 103
adult (98) 98
compositions based thereon (97) 97
organic macromolecular compounds (97) 97
performing operations (97) 97
their preparation or chemical working-up (97) 97
transporting (97) 97
evolution (86) 86
aged (85) 85
acyclic or carbocyclic compounds (82) 82
research (80) 80
life sciences (78) 78
specific therapeutic activity of chemical compounds ormedicinal preparations (78) 78
phylogeny (71) 71
compositions of macromolecular compounds (66) 66
adolescent (64) 64
layered products (61) 61
layered products, i.e. products built-up of strata of flat ornon-flat, e.g. cellular or honeycomb, form (61) 61
surgery (55) 55
child (53) 53
after-treatment not covered by subclasses c08b, c08c, c08f,c08g (52) 52
general processes of compounding (52) 52
working-up (52) 52
chemistry, physical (51) 51
general tagging of cross-sectional technologies spanning over several sections of the ipc (49) 49
general tagging of new technological developments (49) 49
risk factors (49) 49
technical subjects covered by former uspc (49) 49
technical subjects covered by former uspc cross-reference art collections [xracs] and digests (49) 49
evolutionary biology (48) 48
mice (48) 48
technical subjects covered by former us classification (47) 47
studies (43) 43
earth sciences (39) 39
multidisciplinary sciences (39) 39
children (37) 37
morphology (37) 37
origin (37) 37
sciences of the universe (37) 37
dermatology (36) 36
ecology (36) 36
heating (36) 36
time factors (36) 36
aged, 80 and over (35) 35
zoology (35) 35
biology (34) 34
optics (34) 34
proteins (34) 34
research article (34) 34
cancer (33) 33
rats (33) 33
young adult (33) 33
diagnosis (32) 32
neurosciences (32) 32
retrospective studies (32) 32
adsorption (31) 31
prospective studies (31) 31
psychiatry (31) 31
science (31) 31
genetics & heredity (30) 30
medicine (30) 30
phylogenetics (30) 30
public, environmental & occupational health (30) 30
canada (29) 29
child, preschool (29) 29
fossils (29) 29
immunology (29) 29
mechanical engineering (29) 29
physics (29) 29
risk (29) 29
biochemistry & molecular biology (28) 28
blasting (28) 28
identification (28) 28
lighting (28) 28
urology & nephrology (28) 28
weapons (28) 28
biological evolution (27) 27
pediatrics (27) 27
physiological aspects (27) 27
radiology, nuclear medicine & medical imaging (27) 27
adhesives (26) 26
chemistry, multidisciplinary (26) 26
environmental sciences (26) 26
health aspects (26) 26
working of plastics (26) 26
working of substances in a plastic state, in general (26) 26
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Library Location Library Location
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Language Language
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Italian (1) 1
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Journal Article
by Warrington, Nicole M and Beaumont, Robin N and Horikoshi, Momoko and Day, Felix R and Helgeland, Øyvind and Laurin, Charles and Bacelis, Jonas and Peng, Shouneng and Hao, Ke and Feenstra, Bjarke and Wood, Andrew R and Mahajan, Anubha and Tyrrell, Jessica and Robertson, Neil R and Rayner, N. William and Qiao, Zhen and Moen, Gunn-Helen and Vaudel, Marc and Marsit, Carmen J and Chen, Jia and Nodzenski, Michael and Schnurr, Theresia M and Zafarmand, Mohammad H and Bradfield, Jonathan P and Grarup, Niels and Kooijman, Marjolein N and Li-Gao, Ruifang and Geller, Frank and Ahluwalia, Tarunveer S and Paternoster, Lavinia and Rueedi, Rico and Huikari, Ville and Hottenga, Jouke-Jan and Lyytikäinen, Leo-Pekka and Cavadino, Alana and Metrustry, Sarah and Cousminer, Diana L and Wu, Ying and Thiering, Elisabeth and Wang, Carol A and Have, Christian T and Vilor-Tejedor, Natalia and Joshi, Peter K and Painter, Jodie N and Ntalla, Ioanna and Myhre, Ronny and Pitkänen, Niina and van Leeuwen, Elisabeth M and Joro, Raimo and Lagou, Vasiliki and Richmond, Rebecca C and Espinosa, Ana and Barton, Sheila J and Inskip, Hazel M and Holloway, John W and Santa-Marina, Loreto and Estivill, Xavier and Ang, Wei and Marsh, Julie A and Reichetzeder, Christoph and Marullo, Letizia and Hocher, Berthold and Lunetta, Kathryn L and Murabito, Joanne M and Relton, Caroline L and Kogevinas, Manolis and Chatzi, Leda and Allard, Catherine and Bouchard, Luigi and Hivert, Marie-France and Zhang, Ge and Muglia, Louis J and Heikkinen, Jani and Morgen, Camilla S and van Kampen, Antoine H. C and van Schaik, Barbera D. C and Mentch, Frank D and Langenberg, Claudia and Luan, Jian’an and Scott, Robert A and Zhao, Jing Hua and Hemani, Gibran and Ring, Susan M and Bennett, Amanda J and Gaulton, Kyle J and Fernandez-Tajes, Juan and van Zuydam, Natalie R and Medina-Gomez, Carolina and de Haan, Hugoline G and Rosendaal, Frits R and Kutalik, Zoltán and Marques-Vidal, Pedro and Das, Shikta and Willemsen, Gonneke and Mbarek, Hamdi and Müller-Nurasyid, Martina and Standl, Marie and Appel, Emil V. R and Fonvig, Cilius E and Trier, Caecilie and ... and EGG Consortium and Institutionen för kliniska vetenskaper, Avdelningen för obstetrik och gynekologi and Sahlgrenska akademin and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Institute of Clinical Sciences, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Sahlgrenska Academy
Nature genetics, ISSN 1546-1718, 2019, Volume 51, Issue 5, pp. 804 - 814
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
Journal Article
International journal of cancer, ISSN 0020-7136, 2014, Volume 136, Issue 3, pp. 618 - n/a
Journal Article
by Tagliabue, Elena and Gandini, Sara and García-Borrón, José C and Maisonneuve, Patrick and Newton-Bishop, Julia and Polsky, David and Lazovich, DeAnn and Kumar, Rajiv and Ghiorzo, Paola and Ferrucci, Leah and Gruis, Nelleke A and Puig, Susana and Kanetsky, Peter A and Motokawa, Tomonori and Ribas, Gloria and Landi, Maria Teresa and Fargnoli, Maria Concetta and Wong, Terence H and Stratigos, Alexander and Helsing, Per and Guida, Gabriella and Autier, Philippe and Han, Jiali and Little, Julian and Sera, Francesco and Raimondi, Sara and Raimondi, Sara and Autier, Philippe and Fargnoli, Maria Concetta and García-Borrón, José C and Han, Jiali and Kanetsky, Peter A and Landi, Maria Teresa and Little, Julian and Newton-Bishop, Julia and Sera, Francesco and Caini, Saverio and Gandini, Sara and Maisonneuve, Patrick and Hofman, Albert and Kayser, Manfred and Liu, Fan and Nijsten, Tamar and Uitterlinden, Andre G and Kumar, Rajiv and Scherer, Dominique and Bishop, Tim and Elliott, Faye and Nagore, Eduardo and Lazovich, DeAnn and Polsky, David and Hansson, Johan and Hoiom, Veronica and Ghiorzo, Paola and Pastorino, Lorenza and Gruis, Nelleke A and Bouwes Bavinck, Jan Nico and Aguilera, Paula and Badenas, Celia and Carrera, Cristina and Gimenez-Xavier, Pol and Malvehy, Josep and Potrony, Miriam and Puig, Susana and Puig-Butille, Joan Anton and Tell-Marti, Gemma and Dwyer, Terence and Blizzard, Leigh and Cochrane, Jennifer and Fernandez-de-Misa, Ricardo and Branicki, Wojciech and Debniak, Tadeusz and Morling, Niels and Johansen, Peter and Mayne, Susan and Bale, Allen and Cartmel, Brenda and Ferrucci, Leah and Pfeiffer, Ruth and Palmieri, Giuseppe and Ribas, Gloria and Menin, Chiara and Stratigos, Alexander and Kypreou, Katerina and Bowcock, Anne and Cornelius, Lynn and Council, M. Laurin and Motokawa, Tomonori and Anno, Sumiko and Helsing, Per and Andresen, Per Arne and Guida, Gabriella and Guida, Stefania and Wong, Terence H and M-SKIP Study group and M-Skip Study Grp
Journal of Investigative Dermatology, ISSN 0022-202X, 09/2016, Volume 136, Issue 9, pp. 1914 - 1917
Journal Article