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物理学 (295) 295
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[ phys.hexp ] physics [physics]/high energy physics - experiment [hep-ex] (245) 245
astrophysics (241) 241
female (234) 234
parton distributions (226) 226
[phys.hexp]physics [physics]/high energy physics - experiment [hep-ex] (223) 223
p p: scattering (221) 221
collisions (216) 216
physics, nuclear (215) 215
male (212) 212
p p: colliding beams (206) 206
astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology (204) 204
large hadron collider (199) 199
scattering [p p] (199) 199
hep (191) 191
particle physics - experiment (189) 189
13000 gev-cms (186) 186
high energy astrophysical phenomena (174) 174
chemistry (167) 167
nuclear energy (166) 166
nuclear physics, heavy ions, hadrons (163) 163
science & technology (161) 161
colliding beams [p p] (159) 159
detectors (159) 159
measurement science and instrumentation (159) 159
metallurgy (159) 159
classical and quantum gravitation, relativity theory (158) 158
quantum physics (158) 158
ex (156) 156
ciências físicas [ciências naturais] (152) 152
supersymmetry (151) 151
8000 gev-cms (143) 143
animals (139) 139
nuclear and high energy physics (135) 135
analysis (131) 131
adult (127) 127
decay (127) 127
quarks (126) 126
organic chemistry (125) 125
physics, multidisciplinary (124) 124
regular - experimental physics (124) 124
middle aged (123) 123
settore fis/01 - fisica sperimentale (119) 119
atlas (118) 118
regular article - experimental physics (110) 110
pair production (109) 109
background (106) 106
settore fis/04 - fisica nucleare e subnucleare (106) 106
physics and astronomy (105) 105
nuclear and particle physics. atomic energy. radioactivity (104) 104
physics - nuclear experiment (103) 103
[phys.nexp]physics [physics]/nuclear experiment [nucl-ex] (102) 102
beyond standard model (102) 102
luminosity (102) 102
transverse momentum (98) 98
research (94) 94
higgs physics (93) 93
microbiology (93) 93
lhc (89) 89
leptons (84) 84
searching (84) 84
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by White, Gemma and White, Jacqueline K and Gerdin, Anna-Karin and Karp, Natasha A and Ryder, Ed and Buljan, Marija and Bussell, James N and Salisbury, Jennifer and Clare, Simon and Ingham, Neil J and Podrini, Christine and Houghton, Richard and Estabel, Jeanne and Bottomley, Joanna R and Melvin, David G and Sunter, David and Adams, David J and Adams, Niels C and Baker, Lauren and Barnes, Caroline and Beveridge, Ryan and Cambridge, Emma and Carragher, Damian and Chana, Prabhjoat and Clarke, Kay and Hooks, Yvette and Igosheva, Natalia and Ismail, Ozama and Jackson, Hannah and Kane, Leanne and Lacey, Rosalind and Lafont, David Tino and Lucas, Mark and Maguire, Simon and McGill, Katherine and McIntyre, Rebecca E and Messager, Sophie and Mottram, Lynda and Mulderrig, Lee and Pearson, Laila and Pearson, Selina and Protheroe, Hayley J and Roberson, Laura-Anne and Salsbury, Grace and Sanderson, Mark and Sanger, Daniel and Shannon, Carl and Thompson, Paul C and Tuck, Elizabeth and Vancollie, Valerie E and Brackenbury, Lisa and Bushell, Wendy and Cook, Ross and Dalvi, Priya and Gleeson, Diane and Habib, Bishoy and Hardy, Matt and Liakath-Ali, Kifayathullah and Miklejewska, Evelina and Price, Stacey and Sethi, Debarati and Trenchard, Elizabeth and von Schiller, Dominique and Vyas, Sapna and West, Anthony P and Woodward, John and Wynn, Elizabeth and Evans, Arthur and Gannon, David and Griffiths, Mark and Holroyd, Simon and Iyer, Vivek and Kipp, Christian and Lewis, Morag and Li, Wei and Oakley, Darren and Richardson, David and Smedley, Damian and Agu, Chukwuma and Bryant, Jackie and Delaney, Liz and Gueorguieva, Nadia I and Tharagonnet, Helen and Townsend, Anne J and Biggs, Daniel and Brown, Terry and Brown, Ellen and Collinson, Adam and Dumeau, Charles-Etienne and Grau, Evelyn and Harrison, James and Harrison, Sarah and Ingle, Catherine E and Kundi, Helen and Madich, Alla and Mayhew, Danielle and Metcalf, Tom and Newman, Stuart and Pass, Johanna and Reynolds, Helen and ... and Sanger Inst Mouse Genetics Project and Sanger Institute Mouse Genetics Project
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Journal Article
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PLoS Genetics, ISSN 1553-7390, 08/2014, Volume 10, Issue 8, p. e1004517
Journal Article
2004, 2nd ed., Information Technology: Transmission, Processing and Storage, ISBN 1402080271, xxiii, 390
The focus of Assertion-Based Design, Second Editionis three-fold: - How to specify assertions, - How to create and adopt a methodology that supports... 
Integrated circuits | Very large scale integration | Verification | Design and construction | Verilog (Computer hardware description language) | General Theory of Computing | Computer aided design | Engineering | Circuits and Systems | Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design | Electrical Engineering
2017, Sixth edition., ISBN 9780198719441, xxv, 1030 pages
by Aad, Georges and Abbott, Brad and Abdallah, Jalal and Abdinov, Ovsat and Abeloos, Baptiste and Aben, Rosemarie and AbouZeid, Ossama and Abraham, Nicola and Abramowicz, Halina and Abreu, Henso and Abreu, Ricardo and Abulaiti, Yiming and Acharya, Bobby Samir and Adamczyk, Leszek and Adams, David and Adelman, Jahred and Adomeit, Stefanie and Adye, Tim and Affolder, Tony and Agatonovic-Jovin, Tatjana and Agricola, Johannes and Aguilar-Saavedra, Juan Antonio and Ahlen, Steven and Ahmadov, Faig and Aielli, Giulio and Akerstedt, Henrik and Åkesson, Torsten Paul Ake and Akimov, Andrei and Alberghi, Gian Luigi and Albert, Justin and Albrand, Solveig and Alconada Verzini, Maria Josefina and Aleksa, Martin and Aleksandrov, Igor and Alexa, Calin and Alexander, Gideon and Alexopoulos, Theodoros and Alhroob, Muhammad and Aliev, Malik and Alimonti, Gianluca and Alison, John and Alkire, Steven Patrick and Allbrooke, Benedict and Allen, Benjamin William and Allport, Phillip and Aloisio, Alberto and Alonso, Alejandro and Alonso, Francisco and Alpigiani, Cristiano and Alstaty, Mahmoud and Alvarez Gonzalez, Barbara and 'Alvarez Piqueras, Damián and Alviggi, Mariagrazia and Amadio, Brian Thomas and Amako, Katsuya and Amaral Coutinho, Yara and Amelung, Christoph and Amidei, Dante and Amor Dos Santos, Susana Patricia and Amorim, Antonio and Amoroso, Simone and Amundsen, Glenn and Anastopoulos, Christos and Ancu, Lucian Stefan and Andari, Nansi and Andeen, Timothy and Anders, Christoph Falk and Anders, Gabriel and Anders, John Kenneth and Anderson, Kelby and Andreazza, Attilio and Andrei, George Victor and Angelidakis, Stylianos and Angelozzi, Ivan and Anger, Philipp and Angerami, Aaron and Anghinolfi, Francis and Anisenkov, Alexey and Anjos, Nuno and Annovi, Alberto and Antonelli, Mario and Antonov, Alexey and Antos, Jaroslav and Anulli, Fabio and Aoki, Masato and Aperio Bella, Ludovica and Arabidze, Giorgi and Arai, Yasuo and Araque, Juan Pedro and Arce, Ayana and Arduh, Francisco Anuar and Arguin, Jean-Francois and Argyropoulos, Spyridon and Arik, Metin and Armbruster, Aaron James and Armitage, Lewis James and Arnaez, Olivier and Arnold, Hannah and Arratia, Miguel and Arslan, Ozan and ...
ISSN 1029-8479, 2016
Journal Article
by Sun, Wei and Kechris, Katerina and Jacobson, Sean and Drummond, M. Bradley and Hawkins, Gregory A and Yang, Jenny and Chen, Ting-Huei and Quibrera, Pedro Miguel and Anderson, Wayne and Barr, R. Graham and Basta, Patricia V and Bleecker, Eugene R and Beaty, Terri and Casaburi, Richard and Castaldi, Peter and Cho, Michael H and Comellas, Alejandro and Crapo, James D and Criner, Gerard and Demeo, Dawn and Christenson, Stephanie A and Couper, David J and Curtis, Jeffrey L and Doerschuk, Claire M and Freeman, Christine M and Gouskova, Natalia A and Han, MeiLan K and Hanania, Nicola A and Hansel, Nadia N and Hersh, Craig P and Hoffman, Eric A and Kaner, Robert J and Kanner, Richard E and Kleerup, Eric C and Lutz, Sharon and Martinez, Fernando J and Meyers, Deborah A and Peters, Stephen P and Regan, Elizabeth A and Rennard, Stephen I and Scholand, Mary Beth and Silverman, Edwin K and Woodruff, Prescott G and O’Neal, Wanda K and Bowler, Russell P and Alexis, Neil E and Boucher, Richard C and Carretta, Elizabeth E and Comellas, Alejandro P and Cooper, Christopher B and Criner, Gerard J and Crystal, Ronald G and Dransfield, Mark T and Hastie, Annette T and Krishnan, Jerry A and LaVange, Lisa M and Lazarus, Stephen C and Newell, John D and Oelsner, Elizabeth C and Paine, Robert and Putcha, Nirupama and Tashkin, Donald P and Wells, J. Michael and Wise, Robert A and Crapo, James and Silverman, Edwin and Make, Barry and Regan, Elizabeth and Laird, Nan and Lange, Christoph and Cho, Michael and Santorico, Stephanie and Hokanson, John and De, Dawn and Hansel, Nadia and Hersh, Craig and McDonald, Merry-Lynn and Wan, Emily and Hardin, Megan and Hetmanski, Jacqueline and Parker, Margaret and Foreman, Marilyn and Hobbs, Brian and Busch, Robert and El-Bouiez, Adel and Qiao, Dandi and Halper-Stromberg, Eitan and Begum, Ferdouse and Won, Sungho and Lynch, David A and Coxson, Harvey O and Humphries, Stephen and Jacobson, Francine L and Judy, Philip F and Kazerooni, Ella A and Ross, James C and San Jose Estepar, Raul and Stoel, Berend C and Tschirren, Juerg and van Rikxoort, Eva and ... and COPDGene Investigators and SPIROMICS Res Grp and SPIROMICS Research Group
PLoS Genetics, ISSN 1553-7390, 08/2016, Volume 12, Issue 8, p. e1006011
Journal Article