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Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 04/2012, Volume 484, Issue 7393, pp. 220 - 222
An intermediate-mass star ends its life by ejecting the bulk of its envelope in a slow, dense wind(1-3). Stellar pulsations are thought to elevate gas to an... 
DISTRIBUTIONS | MIRA VARIABLES | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | CIRCUMSTELLAR ENVELOPES | WINDS | MASS-LOSS RATES | DUST FORMATION | ATMOSPHERES | MINERALOGY | AGB STARS | Grain size | Dust | Grain growth | Stars & galaxies | Stellar winds | Red giant stars | Photosphere | Halos | Grains | Asymptotic properties | Stars | Shells
Journal Article
Astronomy and Astrophysics, ISSN 0004-6361, 12/2018, Volume 620, p. A33
Low-mass stars exhibit substantial pre-main sequence evolution during the first ∼100 Myr of their lives. Thus, young M-type stars are prime targets for... 
Monitoring instruments | Binary stars | Luminosity | Bolometers | Evolution | Stellar evolution | Pre-main sequence stars | M stars | Empirical analysis | Stellar age | Low mass stars | Physics | Astrophysics
Journal Article
American Journal of Physics, ISSN 0002-9505, 01/2017, Volume 85, Issue 1, p. 6
[http://dx.doi.org/ 10.119/1.4964358] 
Usage | Analysis | Coherence (Optics) | Interferometers
Journal Article
by Jennifer C. Stern and Brad Sutter and Caroline Freissinet and Rafael Navarro-González and Christopher P. McKay and P. Douglas Archer Jr and Arnaud Buch and Anna E. Brunner and Patrice Coll and Jennifer L. Eigenbrode and Alberto G. Fairen and Heather B. Franz and Daniel P. Glavin and Srishti Kashyap and Amy C. McAdam and Douglas W. Ming and Andrew Steele and Cyril Szopa and James J. Wray and F. Javier Martín-Torres and Maria-Paz Zorzano and Pamela G. Conrad and Paul R. Mahaffy and the MSL Science Team and Osku Kemppinen and Nathan Bridges and Jeffrey R. Johnson and Michelle Minitti and David Cremers and James F. Bell III and Lauren Edgar and Jack Farmer and Austin Godber and Meenakshi Wadhwa and Danika Wellington and Ian McEwan and Claire Newman and Mark Richardson and Antoine Charpentier and Laurent Peret and Penelope King and Jennifer Blank and Gerald Weigle and Mariek Schmidt and Shuai Li and Ralph Milliken and Kevin Robertson and Vivian Sun and Michael Baker and Christopher Edwards and Bethany Ehlmann and Kenneth Farley and Jennifer Griffes and John Grotzinger and Hayden Miller and Megan Newcombe and Cedric Pilorget and Melissa Rice and Kirsten Siebach and Katie Stack and Edward Stolper and Claude Brunet and Victoria Hipkin and Richard Léveillé and Geneviève Marchand and Pablo Sobrón Sánchez and Laurent Favot and George Cody and Lorenzo Flückiger and David Lees and Ara Nefian and Mildred Martin and Marc Gailhanou and Frances Westall and Guy Israël and Christophe Agard and Julien Baroukh and Christophe Donny and Alain Gaboriaud and Philippe Guillemot and Vivian Lafaille and Eric Lorigny and Alexis Paillet and René Pérez and Muriel Saccoccio and Charles Yana and Carlos Armiens-Aparicio and Javier Caride Rodríguez and Isaías Carrasco Blázquez and Felipe Gómez Gómez and Javier Gómez-Elvira and Sebastian Hettrich and Alain Lepinette Malvitte and Mercedes Marín Jiménez and Jesús Martínez-Frías and Javier Martín-Soler and F. Javier Martín - Torres and Antonio Molina Jurado and Luis Mora-Sotomayor and Guillermo Muñoz Caro and ... and MSL Sci Team and MSL Science Team and the MSL Science Team and Luleå tekniska universitet and Institutionen för system- och rymdteknik and Rymdteknik
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, ISSN 0027-8424, 04/2015, Volume 112, Issue 14, pp. 4245 - 4250
Journal Article
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, ISSN 0035-8711, 08/2018, Volume 478, Issue 2, pp. 1825 - 1836
Journal Article
The Astrophysical Journal, ISSN 0004-637X, 01/2015, Volume 798, Issue 2, p. 68
Journal Article
The Astrophysical Journal, ISSN 1538-4357, 12/2014, Volume 798, Issue 2, p. 68
Journal Article
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, ISSN 0277-786X, 2018, Volume 10701
Conference Proceeding
American Journal of Physics, ISSN 0002-9505, 01/2017, Volume 85, Issue 1, pp. 6 - 13
We present an experiment based on a fibered Mach-Zehnder interferometer, with the aim of familiarizing students with fibered optics and interferometry, and of... 
Journal Article
by Karl, Martina and Pfuhl, Oliver and Eisenhauer, Frank and Genzel, Reinhard and Grellmann, Rebekka and Habibi, Maryam and Abuter, Roberto and Accardo, Matteo and Amorim, António and Anugu, Narsireddy and Ávila, Gerardo and Benisty, Myriam and Berger, Jean-Philippe and Blind, Nicolas and Bonnet, Henri and Bourget, Pierre and Brandner, Wolfgang and Brast, Roland and Buron, Alexander and O Garatti, Alessio Caratti and Chapron, Frédéric and Clénet, Yann and Collin, Claude and Du Foresto, Vincent Coudé and De Wit, Willem-Jan and De Zeeuw, Tim and Deen, Casey and Delplancke-Ströbele, Françoise and Dembet, Roderick and Derie, Frédéric and Dexter, Jason and Duvert, Gilles and Ebert, Monica and Eckart, Andreas and Esselborn, Michael and Fédou, Pierre and Finger, Gert and Garcia, Paulo and Garcia Dabo, Cesar Enrique and Garcia Lopez, Rebeca and Gao, Feng and Gendron, Éric and Gillessen, Stefan and Gonté, Frédéric and Gordo, Paulo and Grözinger, Ulrich and Guajardo, Patricia and Guieu, Sylvain and Haguenauer, Pierre and Hans, Oliver and Haubois, Xavier and Haug, Marcus and Haußmann, Frank and Henning, Thomas and Hippler, Stefan and Horrobin, Matthew and Huber, Armin and Hubert, Zoltan and Hubin, Norbert and Jakob, Gerd and Jochum, Lieselotte and Jocou, Laurent and Kaufer, Andreas and Kellner, Stefan and Kendrew, Sarah and Kern, Lothar and Kervella, Pierre and Kiekebusch, Mario and Klein, Ralf and Köhler, Rainer and Kolb, Johan and Kulas, Martin and Lacour, Sylvestre and Lapeyrère, Vincent and Lazareff, Bernard and Le Bouquin, Jean-Baptiste and Léna, Pierre and Lenzen, Rainer and Lévêque, Samuel and Lin, Chien-Cheng and Lippa, Magdalena and Magnard, Yves and Mehrgan, Leander and Mérand, Antoine and Moulin, Thibaut and Müller, Eric and Müller, Friedrich and Neumann, Udo and Oberti, Sylvain and Ott, Thomas and Pallanca, Laurent and Panduro, Johana and Pasquini, Luca and Paumard, Thibaut and Percheron, Isabelle and Perraut, Karine and Perrin, Guy and Pflüger, Andreas and Duc, Thanh Phan and Plewa, Philipp M and ... and GRAVITY Collaboration and GRAVITY collaboration
Astronomy and Astrophysics, ISSN 0004-6361, 12/2018, Volume 620, p. A116
Journal Article
by Abuter, R and Accardo, M and Amorim, A and Anugu, N and Ávila, G and Azouaoui, N and Benisty, M and Berger, J.P and Blind, N and Bonnet, H and Bourget, P and Brandner, W and Brast, R and Buron, A and Burtscher, L and Cassaing, F and Chapron, F and Choquet, E and Clénet, Y and Collin, C and Coudé Du Foresto, V and De Wit, W and De Zeeuw, P.T and Deen, C and Delplancke-Ströbele, F and Dembet, R and Derie, F and Dexter, J and Duvert, G and Ebert, M and Eckart, A and Eisenhauer, F and Esselborn, M and Fédou, P and Finger, G and Garcia, P and Garcia Dabo, C.E and Garcia Lopez, R and Gendron, E and Genzel, R and Gillessen, S and Gonte, F and Gordo, P and Grould, M and Grözinger, U and Guieu, S and Haguenauer, P and Hans, O and Haubois, X and Haug, M and Haussmann, F and Henning, Th and Hippler, S and Horrobin, M and Huber, A and Hubert, Z and Hubin, N and Hummel, C.A and Jakob, G and Janssen, A and Jochum, L and Jocou, L and Kaufer, A and Kellner, S and Kendrew, S and Kern, L and Kervella, P and Kiekebusch, M and Klein, R and Kok, Y and Kolb, J and Kulas, M and Lacour, S and Lapeyrère, V and Lazareff, B and Le Bouquin, J.-B and Lèna, P and Lenzen, R and Lévêque, S and Lippa, M and Magnard, Y and Mehrgan, L and Mellein, M and Mérand, A and Moreno-Ventas, J and Moulin, T and Müller, E and Müller, F and Neumann, U and Oberti, S and Ott, T and Pallanca, L and Panduro, J and Pasquini, L and Paumard, T and Percheron, I and Perraut, K and Perrin, G and Pflüger, A and Pfuhl, O and ... and GRAVITY Collaboration
Astronomy and Astrophysics, ISSN 0004-6361, 06/2017, Volume 602, Issue A94, p. A94
Journal Article