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peripheral vascular disease (81) 81
urology & nephrology (41) 41
physiology (24) 24
humans (17) 17
index medicus (17) 17
transplantation (16) 16
female (13) 13
male (11) 11
middle aged (9) 9
hypertension (8) 8
risk factors (8) 8
adult (6) 6
croatia - epidemiology (6) 6
hypertension - epidemiology (6) 6
risk (6) 6
aged (5) 5
cross-sectional studies (5) 5
blood pressure (4) 4
hypertension - physiopathology (4) 4
prevalence (4) 4
ace gene polymorphism (3) 3
adults (3) 3
association (3) 3
blood pressure - physiology (3) 3
further section (3) 3
medicine, general & internal (3) 3
renin-angiotensin system (3) 3
treatment outcome (3) 3
young adult (3) 3
abridged index medicus (2) 2
adolescent (2) 2
albuminuria (2) 2
anthropology (2) 2
aristolochic acids - adverse effects (2) 2
arterial hypertension (2) 2
arterial stiffness (2) 2
balkan nephropathy (2) 2
balkan nephropathy - chemically induced (2) 2
biology (2) 2
biomarkers - blood (2) 2
birth weight (2) 2
body mass index (2) 2
cardiovascular disease (2) 2
cardiovascular events (2) 2
cardiovascular risk (2) 2
children (2) 2
chinese herbs (2) 2
chronic kidney-disease (2) 2
clinical medicine (2) 2
disease (2) 2
endemic nephropathy (2) 2
environmental exposure (2) 2
epidemiologic studies (2) 2
epidemiology (2) 2
growth (2) 2
hospitalization (2) 2
hypertension - therapy (2) 2
infant, small for gestational age (2) 2
insulin-resistance (2) 2
kidney diseases (2) 2
management (2) 2
microalbuminuria (2) 2
obesity (2) 2
obesity - epidemiology (2) 2
original paper (2) 2
patients (2) 2
pregnancy (2) 2
renal artery stenosis (2) 2
residence characteristics (2) 2
telomere (2) 2
telomeres (2) 2
3400 (1) 1
abdomen (1) 1
abdominal fat - pathology (1) 1
acute kidney failure (1) 1
acute renal failure (1) 1
acyclovir (1) 1
adiponectin - blood (1) 1
adolescence (1) 1
adolescents (1) 1
adult life (1) 1
aftercare (1) 1
aged, 80 and over (1) 1
aging (1) 1
agricultural workers' diseases - chemically induced (1) 1
agricultural workers' diseases - diagnosis (1) 1
agricultural workers' diseases - ethnology (1) 1
agricultural workers' diseases - physiopathology (1) 1
agricultural workers' diseases - prevention & control (1) 1
agriculture (1) 1
albuminuria - pathology (1) 1
all-cause mortality (1) 1
alpha-globulins - urine (1) 1
alpha-interferon (1) 1
alzheimers-disease (1) 1
amlodipine (1) 1
angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (1) 1
angiotensin ii receptor blockers (1) 1
angiotensin ii type 1 receptor blockers - therapeutic use (1) 1
angiotensin receptor blockade (1) 1
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The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 09/2018, Volume 379, Issue 12, pp. 1118 - 1127
Journal Article
by Proletov, I and Sipovskii, V and Smirnov, A and Hayashi, N and Akiyama, S and Okuyama, H and Matsui, Y and Fujimoto, K and Atsumi, H and Adachi, H and Yamaya, H and Maruyama, S and Imai, E and Matsuo, S and Yokoyama, H and Prasad, N and Jaiswal, A and Agarwal, V and Yadav, B and Rai, M and Shin, D. H and Han, I. M and Moon, S. J and Yoo, T.-H and Faria, B and Henriques, C and Matos, A. C and Daha, M. R and Pestana, M and Seelen, M and Lundberg, S and Carlsson, M. C and Leffler, H and Pahlsson, P and Segelmark, M and Camilla, R and Donadio, M. E and Loiacono, E and Peruzzi, L and Amore, A and Chiale, F and Vergano, L and Gallo, R and Boido, A and Conrieri, M and Bianciotto, M and Bosetti, F. M and Mengozzi, G and Puccinelli, M. P and Guidi, C and Lastauka, I and Coppo, R and Nishiwaki, H and Hasegawa, T and Nagayama, Y and Komukai, D and Kaneshima, N and Sasai, F and Yoshimura, A and Wang, C.-L and Wei, X.-Y and Lv, L and Jia, N.-Y and Vagane, A. M and Knoop, T and Vikse, B. E and Reisaeter, A. V and Bjorneklett, R and Mezzina, N and Brunini, F and Trezzi, B and Gallieni, M and D'Amico, M and Stellato, T and Santoro, D and Ghiggeri, G. M and Radice, A and Sinico, R. A and Kronbichler, A and Kerschbaum, J and Mayer, G and Rudnicki, M and Elena, G.-S and Paula Jara, C.-E and Jorge Enrique, R.-R and Manuel, P and Paek, J and Hwang, E and Park, S and Caliskan, Y and Aksoy, A and Oztop, N and Ozluk, Y and Artan, A. S and Yazici, H and Kilicaslan, I and Sever, M. S and Yildiz, A and Ihara, K and Iimori, S and ... and Glosen (Spanish Group For Study Of Glomerular DiseAses)
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2014, Volume 29, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii186 - iii200
Journal Article
by Power, A and Duncan, N and Pusey, C and Usvyat, L and Marcelli, D and Marelli, C and Kotanko, P and Li, Z and Wang, J and Yuan, X and Wang, L and Ozkayar, N and Altun, B and Yildirim, T and Yilmaz, R and Dede, F and Hayran, M and Arici, M and Aki, T and Erdem, Y and Vink, E. E and Siddiqi, L and Verloop, W. L and van Schelven, L. J and Liam Oey, P and Blankestijn, P. J and Voslkuil, M and Spiering, W and Vonken, E.-J and Branco, P. Q and Gaspar, A. C and Sousa, H. S and Martins, A. R and Dores, H and Goncalves, P and Almeida, M and Mendes, M and Barata, J. D and Shi, X and Xia, P and Wen, Y and Jiang, L and Li, H and Li, X and Chen, L and Quiroz, Y. J and Franco, M and Tapia, E and Bautista, R and Pacheco, U and Santamaria, J and Johnson, R. J and Rodriguez-Iturbe, B and Suttorp, M. M and Hoekstra, T and Dekker, F. W and Lin, L and Zhang, W and Yang, J and He, Y and Maciorkowska, D and Zbroch, E and Koc-Zorawska, E and Malyszko, J. S and Mysliwiec, M. C and Malyszko, J and Sala, N and Navarro Diaz, M and Serra, A and Lopez, D and Bonet, J and Romero, R and Qiu, L and Li, Y and Zhu, G and Schiller, A and Bob, F and Enache, A and Jurca-Simina, F and Mociar, D and Bozdog, G and Munteanu, M and Petrica, L and Velciov, S and Bansal, V and Timar, R and Goncalves, P. A and Mendes, A and Calderon, C and Lavilla, F. J and Mora, J. M and Garcia-Fernandez, N and Martin, P. L and Errasti, P and David, C and Ciocalteu, A and Niculae, A and Checherita, A.-I and Otowa, T and Yasuda, T and ... and MONDO Consortium
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl 1, pp. i85 - i95
Journal Article
by Davids, M. R and Marais, N and Jacobs, J and Cohen, E and Krause, I and Goldberg, E and Garty, M and Dursun, B and Sahan, Y and Tanriverdi, H and Rota, S and Uslu, S and Senol, H and Minutolo, R and Gabbai, F. B and Agarwal, R and Chiodini, P and Borrelli, S and Stanzione, G and Nappi, F and Bellizzi, V and Conte, G and De Nicola, L and Van De Walle, J and Johnson, S and Fremeaux-Bacchi, V and Ardissino, G and Ariceta, G and Beauchamp, J and Cohen, D and Greenbaum, L. A and Ogawa, M and Schaefer, F and Licht, C and Scalzotto, E and Nalesso, F and Zaglia, T and Corradi, V and Neri, M and Martino, F and Zanella, M and Brendolan, A and Mongillo, M and Ronco, C and Chinnappa, S and Mooney, A and El Nahas, A. M and Tu, Y. K and Tan, L. B and Jung, J. Y and Kim, A. J and Ro, H and Lee, C and Chang, J. H and Lee, H. H and Chung, W and Clarke, A. L and Young, H. M and Hull, K. L and Hudson, N and Burton, J. O and Smith, A. C and Marx, S and Petrilla, A and Filipovic, I and Lee, W. C and Meijers, B and Poesen, R and Storr, M and Claes, K and Kuypers, D and Evenepoel, P and Aukland, M and Betriu, A and Martinez-Alonso, M and Arcidiacono, M. V and Cannata-Andia, J and Pascual, J and Valdivielso, J. M and Fernandez-Giraldez, E and Kingswood, J. C and Zonnenberg, B and Sauter, M and Zakar, G and Biro, B and Besenczi, B and Varga, A and Pekacs, P and Pizzini, P and Pisano, A and Leonardis, D and Panuccio, V and Cutrupi, S and Tripepi, G and Mallamaci, F and Zoccali, C and Arnold, J and Baharani, J and Rayner, H and So, B. H and ... and Tosca Consortium and On Behalf Of The MAURO Working Group and On Behalf Of The British Columbia Renal End-Of-Life Steering Committee
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2014, Volume 29, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii380 - iii393
Journal Article
by El Minshawy, O and Ghabrah, T and Hamza, A and Fadl, A and Adam, M and El Bassuoni, E and Saran, R and Tilea, A and Sands, R and Kiser, M and Han, S. W and Stack, A and Finkelstein, F and Eisele, G and Kotanko, P and Levin, N and Gillespie, B and Krane, V and Bhuvanakrishna, T and Burnapp, L and Hilton, R and Sibley-Allen, C and Blake, G and Goldsmith, D and Taylor-Stokes, G and Ozbay, A. B and Sayers, J and Marx, S. E and Yanai, M and Okada, K and Takeuchi, K and Matsuyama, K and Nitta, K and Takahashi, S and Delanaye, P and Cavalier, E and Moranne, O and Lutteri, L and Bruyere, O and Krzesinski, J.-M and Silverwood, R. J and Richards, M and Pierce, M and Hardy, R and Sattar, N and Ferro, C and Savage, C and Kuh, D and Nitsch, D and Shin, J.-h and Kim, S. H and Yu, S.-H and Oberdhan, D and Krasa, H. B and Cheng, R and Hays, R. D and Chapman, A and Perrone, R and Cole, J. C and Hedgeman, E and Steffick, D and Rein-Weston, A and Banerjee, T and Powe, N and Rios-Burrows, N and Williams, D and Nagasawa, Y and Yamamoto, R and Shinzawa, M and Hasuike, Y and Kuragano, T and Rakugi, H and Isaka, Y and Nakanishi, T and Iseki, K and Yamagata, K and Tsuruya, K and Yoshida, H and Fujimoto, S and Asahi, K and Watanabe, T and Moriyama, T and Warren, S and Rutherford, P and Van Den Bosch, J and Kusztal, M and Trafidlo, E and Madziarska, K and Augustyniak-Bartosik, H and Golebiowski, T and Krajewska, M and Rymaszewska, J and Weyde, W and Klinger, M and Sato, Y and Konta, T and Kurahashi, I and Ohashi, Y and Elsayed, I and Khwaja, A and ... and for the Network of German Kidney Cohorts
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl 1, pp. i140 - i154
Journal Article
by Kutlay, S and Kurultak, I and Nergizoglu, G and Erturk, S and Karatan, O and Azevedo, P and Pinto, C. T and Pereira, C. M and Marinho, A and Vanmassenhove, J and Hoste, E and Glorieux, G and Dhondt, A and Vanholder, R and Van Biesen, W and Rei, S and Aleksandrova, I and Kiselev, V and Ilynskiy, M and Berdnikov, G and Marchenkova, L and Daher, E. F and Vieira, A. P. F and Souza, J. B and Falcao, F. S and Costa, C. R and Fernandes, A. A. C. S and Mota, R. M. S and Lima, R. S. A and Silva Junior, G. B and Ulusal Okyay, G and Erten, Y and Er, R and Aybar, M and Inal, S and Tekbudak, M and Aygencel, G and Onec, K and Bali, M and Sindel, S and Soto, K and Fidalgo, P and Papoila, A. L and Lentini, P and Zanoli, L and Granata, A and Contestabile, A and Basso, A and Berlingo, G and de Cal, M and Pellanda, V and Dell'Aquila, R and Fortrie, G and Stads, S and van Bommel, J and Zietse, R and Betjes, M. G and Berrada, A and Arias, C and Riera, M and Orfila, M. A and Rodriguez, E and Barrios, C and Peruzzi, L and Chiale, F and Camilla, R and Martano, C and Cresi, F and Bertino, E and Coppo, R and Klimenko, A and Villevalde, S and Efremovtseva, M and Kobalava, Z and Pipili, C and Ioannidou, S and Kokkoris, S and Poulaki, S and Tripodaki, E.-S and Parisi, M and Papastylianou, A and Nanas, S and Wang, Y.-n and Cheng, H and Chen, Y.-p and Wen, Z and Li, X and Shen, P and Zou, Y and Lu, Y and Ma, X and Chen, Y and Ren, H and Chen, X and Chen, N and Yue, T and Elmamoun, S and Wodeyar, H and Goldsmith, C and Abraham, A and ...
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl 1, pp. i331 - i351
Journal Article
by Shin, S. J and Rhee, M.-Y and Lim, C and Lavoz, C and Rodrigues-Di;ez, R and Rayego-Mateos, S and Benito-Martin, A and Rodrigues-Diez, R and Alique, M and Ortiz, A and Mezzano, S and Ruiz-Ortega, M and Axelsson, J and Rippe, A and Sverrisson, K and Rippe, B and Calo, L and Dal Maso, L and Pagnin, E and Caielli, P and Spanos, G and Kalaitzidis, R and Karasavvidou, D and Pappas, K and Balafa, O and Siamopoulos, K and Fang, T.-C and Lee, T. J. F and Pappas, E and Ermeidi, E and Tatsioni, A and Blazquez-Medela, A and Garcia-Sanchez, O and Quiros, Y and Lopez-Hernandez, F. J and Lopez-Novoa, J. M and Martinez-Salgado, C and Wu, H.-Y and Peng, Y.-S and Hung, K.-Y and Tsai, T.-J and Tu, Y.-K and Chien, K.-L and Larsen, T and Mose, F. H and Hansen, A. B and Pedersen, E. B and Quiroz, Y and Rivero, M and Yaguas, K and Rodriguez-Iturbe, B and Xydakis, D and Sfakianaki, M and Petra, C and Maragaki, E and Antonaki, E and Krasoudaki, E and Kostakis, K and Stylianou, K and Papadogiannakis, A and Sagliker, Y and Paylar, N and Heidland, A and Keck, A and Erek, R and Kolasin, P and S Ozkaynak, P and Sagliker, H. S and Gokcay, I and Ritz, E and Koleganova, N and Gross-Weissmann, M.-L and Piecha, G and Reinecke, N and Marquez Cunha, T and M . S. Higa, E and Pfeferman Heilberg, I and Neder, J. A and Nishiura, J. L and Silva Almeida, W and Schor, N and Tapia, E and Sanchez-Lozada, L. G and Cristobal, M and Soto, V and Garci;a-Arroyo, F and Monroy-Sanchez, F and Madero, M and Johnson, R and Kim, S. M and Yang, S. H and Kim, Y. S and Karanovic, S and Fistrek, M and Kos, J and Pecin, I and Premuzic, V and Abramovic, M and Matijevic, V and Cvoriscec, D and ...
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2012, Volume 27, Issue suppl 2, pp. ii86 - ii95
Journal Article
JOURNAL OF HYPERTENSION, ISSN 0263-6352, 06/2010, Volume 28, pp. E316 - E317
Conference Proceeding
by Kleophas, W and Bieber, B and Robinson, B and Duttlinger, J and Fliser, D and Lonneman, G and Rump, L and Pisoni, R and Port, F and Reichel, H and Daniela, R and Ciocalteu, A and Checherita, I. A and Peride, I and Spataru, D. M and Niculae, A and Laetitia, K and Amna, K and Laurence, D and Aoumeur, H.-A and Flamant, M and Haymann, J.-P and Letavernier, E and Vidal-Petiot, E and Boffa, J.-J and Vrtovsnik, F and Bianco, F and Pessolano, G and Carraro, M and Panzetta, G. O and Ebert, N and Gaedeke, J and Jakob, O and Kuhlmann, M and Martus, P and Van der Giet, M and Scha  ner, E and Khan, I and Law, Y and Turgutalp, K and Ozhan, O and Gok Oguz, E and Kiykim, A and Donadio, C and Hatmi, Z. N and Mahdavi-Mazdeh, M and Morales, E and Gutierrez-Millet, V and Rojas-Rivera, J and Huerta, A and Gutierrez, E and Gutierrez-Solis, E and Polanco, N and Caro, J and Gonza z, E and Praga, M and Marco Mayayo, M and Valdivielso, J and Marti  z, M and Fernaez Giraez, E and Obrador, G and Olvera, N and Ortiz de la Pe, D and Gutie ez, V and Villa, A and Redal-Baigorri, B and Sombolos, K and Tsakiris, D and Boletis, J and Vlahakos, D and Siamopoulos, K and Vargiemezis, V and Nikolaidis, P and Iatrou, C and Dafnis, E and Argyropoulos, C and Xynos, K and Schock-Kusch, D and Shulhevich, Y and Geraci, S and Hesser, J and Stsepankou, D and Neudecker, S and Koenig, S and Hoecklin, F and Pill, J and Gretz, N and Schweda, F and Schreiber, A and Kudo, K and Konta, T and Choi, S. O and Kim, J. S and Kim, M. K and Yang, J. W and Han, B. G and Delanaye, P and Cavalier, E and Masson, I and Mehdi, M and ...
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2012, Volume 27, Issue suppl 2, pp. ii96 - ii120
Journal Article
Journal of Hypertension, ISSN 0263-6352, 09/2016, Volume 34 Suppl 2 - ESH 2016 Abstract Book, pp. e87 - e87
OBJECTIVE:Prevalence and characteristics of metabolic syndrome (MS) differ among various populations worldwide. This might explain the observed divergences in... 
Journal Article
JOURNAL OF HYPERTENSION, ISSN 0263-6352, 09/2016, Volume 34, pp. E236 - E236
Conference Proceeding
JOURNAL OF HYPERTENSION, ISSN 0263-6352, 09/2016, Volume 34, pp. E127 - E127
Conference Proceeding
JOURNAL OF HYPERTENSION, ISSN 0263-6352, 09/2016, Volume 34, pp. E234 - E234
Conference Proceeding
Journal of Hypertension, ISSN 0263-6352, 09/2017, Volume 35 Suppl 2 - ESH 2017 Abstract Book, pp. e44 - e44
OBJECTIVE:Although increased rates of cardiovascular events in subjects born small for gestational age (SGA) were reported, the mechanisms underlying these... 
Journal Article
Journal of Hypertension, ISSN 0263-6352, 09/2016, Volume 34 Suppl 2 - ESH 2016 Abstract Book, pp. e5 - e5
OBJECTIVE:An elevated serum uric acid (SUA) was observed in patients with primary hypertension (HT) and prehypertension (PHT). SUA was associated with blood... 
Journal Article
Journal of Hypertension, ISSN 0263-6352, 09/2016, Volume 34 Suppl 2 - ESH 2016 Abstract Book, pp. e61 - e61
OBJECTIVE:Glomerular hyperfiltration (GHF) was associated with progression of kidney disease and hypertension (HT). It was reported that high metabolic risk is... 
Journal Article
Journal of Hypertension, ISSN 0263-6352, 06/2015, Volume 33, p. e229
Journal Article
Journal of Hypertension, ISSN 0263-6352, 09/2016, Volume 34 Suppl 2 - ESH 2016 Abstract Book, pp. e59 - e59
OBJECTIVE:Early vascular aging (EVA) is a feature of chronic kidney disease(CKD) and pulse wave velocity(PWV) is independent predictor of premature... 
Journal Article
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