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by Adam, R and Ade, P.A.R and Aghanim, N and Bartolo, N and Bersanelli, M and Bonaldi, A and Borrill, J and Boulanger, F and Burigana, C and Calabrese, E and Cardoso, J.-F and Catalano, A and Challinor, A and Chamballu, A and Combet, C and Curto, A and Cuttaia, F and De Bernardis, P and Delabrouille, J and Delouis, J.-M and Désert, F.-X and Diego, J.M and Dolag, K and Dole, H and Donzelli, S and Doré, O and Dunkley, J and Dupac, X and Efstathiou, G and Enßlin, T.A and Eriksen, H.K and Ghosh, T and Giraud-Héraud, Y and Gjerløw, E and González-Nuevo, J and Gratton, S and Gruppuso, A and Guillet, V and Hansen, F.K and Hanson, D and Helou, G and Hivon, E and Huffenberger, K.M and Jaffe, T.R and Jewell, J and Jones, W.C and Juvela, M and Keskitalo, R and Kneissl, R and Knoche, J and Kunz, M and Lagache, G and Lattanzi, M and Leahy, J.P and Leonardi, R and Levrier, F and Lilje, P.B and Maffei, B and Maino, D and Maris, M and Martin, P.G and Martínez-González, E and Masi, S and Melchiorri, A and Mendes, L and Miville-Deschênes, M.-A and Montier, L and Morgante, G and Moss, A and Murphy, J.A and Noviello, F and Novikov, D and Novikov, I and Pagano, L and Pajot, F and Pietrobon, D and Popa, L and Puget, J.-L and Reach, W.T and Rebolo, R and Remazeilles, M and Rocha, G and Rosset, C and Rubiño-Martín, J.A and Rusholme, B and Santos, D and Savelainen, M and Soler, J.D and Spencer, L.D and Stompor, R and Sutton, D and Suur-Uski, A.-S and Terenzi, L and Tucci, M and Tuovinen, J and Valiviita, J and Van Tent, B and Wandelt, B.D and White, S.D.M and Zacchei, A and Planck Collaboration and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
Astronomy and astrophysics (Berlin), ISSN 0004-6361, 02/2016, Volume 586, p. A133
Journal Article
by Ade, P. A. R and Aghanim, N and Ashdown, M and Aumont, J and Baccigalupi, C and Banday, A. J and Barreiro, R. B and Bartlett, J. G and Battaner, E and Benabed, K and Bielewicz, P and Bock, J. J and Bonavera, L and Bouchet, F. R and Bucher, M and Challinor, A and Chiang, H. C and Chiang, L. -Y and Colombi, S and Couchot, F and Coulais, A and Curto, A and Cuttaia, F and Delabrouille, J and Delouis, J. -M and Desert, F. -X and Diego, J. M and Donzelli, S and Dore, O and Dupac, X and Ensslin, T. A and Fantaye, Y and Frailis, M and Ganga, K and Giardino, G and Gorski, K. M and Gruppuso, A and Hansen, M and Herranz, D and Hivon, E and Hobson, M and Holmes, W. A and Jaffe, A. H and Jaffe, T. R and Juvela, M and Knox, L and Kunz, M and Lawrence, C. R and Leonardi, R and Leroy, C and Linden-Vornle, M and Marinucci, D and Maris, M and Masi, S and Massardi, M and Matthai, F and McEwen, J. D and Meinhold, P. R and Mendes, L and Mikkelsen, K and Molinari, D and Moneti, A and Morgante, G and Netterfield, C. B and Novikov, I and Osborne, S and Pajot, F and Paoletti, D and Pasian, F and Perotto, L and Piat, M and Pogosyan, D and Ponthieu, N and Poutanen, T and Pratt, G. W and Prezeau, G and Rachen, J. P and Raeth, C and Remazeilles, M and Riller, T and Ristorcelli, I and Rosset, C and Rubino-Martin, J. A and Santos, D and Spencer, L. D and Starck, J. -L and Tauber, J. A and Tavagnacco, D and Toffolatti, L and Tomasi, M and Tucci, M and Tuovinen, J and Van Tent, B and Varis, J and Vielva, P and Vittorio, N and Wade, L. A and Wandelt, B. D and Yvon, D and Zonca, A and Planck Collaboration and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
Astronomy and astrophysics (Berlin), ISSN 0004-6361, 11/2014, Volume 571, pp. 1 - 48
Journal Article
by Akrami, Y and Ashdown, M and Aumont, J and Baccigalupi, C and Banday, A.J and Bartolo, N and Basak, S and Battye, R and Bersanelli, M and Bielewicz, P and Bock, J.J and Boulanger, F and Bucher, M and Burigana, C and Calabrese, E and Cardoso, J.-F and Colombo, L.P.L and Contreras, D and Crill, B.P and Cuttaia, F and De Bernardis, P and Delabrouille, J and Douspis, M and Dupac, X and Dusini, S and Efstathiou, G and Enßlin, T.A and Fergusson, J and Fernandez-Cobos, R and Forastieri, F and Frailis, M and Franceschi, E and Frolov, A and Galli, S and Ganga, K and Génova-Santos, R.T and Gerbino, M and Ghosh, T and González-Nuevo, J and Gratton, S and Gruppuso, A and Hamann, J and Hansen, F.K and Hildebrandt, S.R and Huang, Z and Jones, W.C and Karakci, A and Keihänen, E and Keskitalo, R and Kim, J and Kisner, T.S and Krachmalnicoff, N and Lagache, G and Le Jeune, M and Lesgourgues, J and Lewis, A and Lilje, P.B and Lilley, M and Lindholm, V and López-Caniego, M and Maggio, G and Maino, D and Marcos-Caballero, A and Martin, P.G and Martinelli, M and Martínez-González, E and Matarrese, S and Mauri, N and McEwen, J.D and Meinhold, P.R and Mennella, A and Migliaccio, M and Millea, M and Miville-Deschênes, M.-A and Molinari, D and Natoli, P and Paoletti, D and Peiris, H.V and Polastri, L and Polenta, G and Puget, J.-L and Rachen, J.P and Remazeilles, M and Renzi, A and Rocha, G and Rubiño-Martín, J.A and Ruiz-Granados, B and Salvati, L and Sandri, M and Savelainen, M and Sirri, G and Spencer, L.D and Tauber, J.A and Tenti, M and Tomasi, M and Trombetti, T and Valenziano, L and Valiviita, J and Vibert, L and Wandelt, B.D and Planck Collaboration and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
Astronomy and astrophysics (Berlin), ISSN 0004-6361, 09/2020, Volume 641, p. A6
Journal Article
Thin solid films, ISSN 0040-6090, 01/2013, Volume 527, pp. 186 - 192
Journal Article