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biological sciences (2) 2
biologiska vetenskaper (2) 2
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humans (2) 2
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insecticides (2) 2
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natural sciences (2) 2
naturvetenskap (2) 2
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benzodiazepine-receptors (1) 1
bilingual education (1) 1
bioinformatics and systems biology (1) 1
bioinformatik och systembiologi (1) 1
biomarkers (1) 1
biomarkers - urine (1) 1
birth (1) 1
bones (1) 1
brain injury (1) 1
broken symmetries (1) 1
calcium carbonate (1) 1
certainty (1) 1
child abuse (1) 1
child and adolescent health (1) 1
childbirth & labor (1) 1
children (1) 1
chronic overlapping pain conditions (1) 1
classification (1) 1
cloud computing (1) 1
cloud computing; humans; metabolomics/methods; software; workflow; nmr; cloud computing; computational workflows; data analysis; e-infrastructures; galaxy; mass spectrometry; metabolomics; standardization; statistics (1) 1
composite materials (1) 1
computational workflows (1) 1
coniferophyta (1) 1
contusions (1) 1
convulsions (1) 1
criteria (1) 1
cross-over studies (1) 1
data analysis (1) 1
deformation (1) 1
delivery care (1) 1
deprenyl-d2 (1) 1
design (1) 1
detectors and experimental techniques (1) 1
diagnosis (1) 1
disease (1) 1
disrespect (1) 1
double-blind method (1) 1
e-infrastructures (1) 1
education policy (1) 1
elementary particles, quantum field theory (1) 1
energy storage (1) 1
engineering; physics and astronomy (1) 1
english (1) 1
environmental health and occupational health (1) 1
environmental monitoring - methods (1) 1
ethics (1) 1
european languages (1) 1
evidence-based medicine (1) 1
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exotic spin (1) 1
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facility-based childbirth (1) 1
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Scientific Reports, ISSN 2045-2322, 01/2017, Volume 7, Issue 1, p. 40999
Nature has evolved hierarchical structures of hybrid materials with excellent mechanical properties. Inspired by nacre's architecture, a ternary nanostructured... 
FRACTURE | NANOCOMPOSITES | DESIGN | FILMS | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | PAPER | MECHANICAL-PROPERTIES | DEFORMATION | Composite materials | Temperature effects | Calcium carbonate | Vanadium | Mechanical properties | Nacre | Vanadium pentoxide | Energy storage
Journal Article
by Sirunyan, A.M and Tumasyan, A and Adam, W and Ambrogi, F and Asilar, E and Bergauer, T and Brandstetter, J and Brondolin, E and Dragicevic, M and Erö, J and Flechl, M and Friedl, M and Frühwirth, R and Ghete, V.M and Grossmann, J and Hrubec, J and Jeitler, M and König, A and Krammer, N and Krätschmer, I and Liko, D and Madlener, T and Mikulec, I and Pree, E and Rabady, D and Rad, N and Rohringer, H and Schieck, J and Schöfbeck, R and Spanring, M and Spitzbart, D and Waltenberger, W and Wittmann, J and Wulz, C.-E and Zarucki, M and Chekhovsky, V and Mossolov, V and Suarez Gonzalez, J and De Wolf, E.A and Di Croce, D and Janssen, X and Lauwers, J and Van Haevermaet, H and Van Mechelen, P and Van Remortel, N and Abu Zeid, S and Blekman, F and D'Hondt, J and De Bruyn, I and De Clercq, J and Deroover, K and Flouris, G and Lontkovskyi, D and Lowette, S and Moortgat, F and Moortgat, S and Moreels, L and Python, Q and Skovpen, Y and Skovpen, K and Tavernier, S and Van Doninck, W and Van Mulders, P and Van Parijs, I and Brun, H and Clerbaux, B and De Lentdecker, G and Delannoy, A.G and Delannoy, H and Fasanella, G and Fasanella, D and Favart, L and Goldouzian, R and Grebenyuk, A and Karapostoli, G and Lenzi, T and Lenzi, P and Luetic, J and Maerschalk, T and Marinov, A and Randle-conde, A and Vander Velde, C and Vanlaer, P and Vannerom, D and Yonamine, R and Zenoni, F and Zhang, H and Zhang, S and Zhang, Z and Zhang, J and Zhang, F and Cimmino, A and Cornelis, T and Dobur, D and Fagot, A and Gul, M and Khvastunov, I and Poyraz, D and Roskas, C and Salva, S and ... and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States) and Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)
Physics Letters B, ISSN 0370-2693, 12/2017, Volume 775, Issue C, pp. 1 - 24
A search is performed for anomalous interactions of the recently discovered Higgs boson using matrix element techniques with the information from its decay to... 
Journal Article
by Adam, W and Bergauer, T and Brondolin, E and Dragicevic, M and Friedl, M and Frühwirth, R and Hoch, M and Hrubec, J and König, A and Steininger, H and Waltenberger, W and Alderweireldt, S and Beaumont, W and Janssen, X and Lauwers, J and Van Mechelen, P and Van Remortel, N and Van Spilbeeck, A and Beghin, D and Brun, H and Clerbaux, B and Delannoy, H and De Lentdecker, G and Fasanella, G and Favart, L and Goldouzian, R and Grebenyuk, A and Karapostoli, G and Lenzi, Th and Léonard, A and Luetic, J and Postiau, N and Seva, T and Vanlaer, P and Vannerom, D and Wang, Q and Zhang, F and Zeid, S Abu and Blekman, F and De Bruyn, I and De Clercq, J and D’Hondt, J and Deroover, K and Lowette, S and Moortgat, S and Moreels, L and Python, Q and Skovpen, K and Van Mulders, P and Van Parijs, I and Bakhshiansohi, H and Bondu, O and Brochet, S and Bruno, G and Caudron, A and Delaere, C and Delcourt, M and De Visscher, S and Francois, B and Giammanco, A and Jafari, A and Komm, M and Krintiras, G and Lemaitre, V and Magitteri, A and Mertens, A and Michotte, D and Musich, M and Piotrzkowski, K and Quertenmont, L and Szilasi, N and Marono, M Vidal and Wertz, S and Beliy, N and Caebergs, T and Daubie, E and Hammad, G H and Härkönen, J and Lampén, T and Luukka, P and Peltola, T and Tuominen, E and Tuovinen, E and Eerola, P and Tuuva, T and Baulieu, G and Boudoul, G and Caponetto, L and Combaret, C and Contardo, D and Dupasquier, T and Gallbit, G and Lumb, N and Mirabito, L and Perries, S and Vander Donckt, M and Viret, S and Agram, J.-L and Andrea, J and Bloch, D and ... and Tracker Grp CMS Collaboration and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States)
The European Physical Journal C, ISSN 1434-6044, 8/2017, Volume 77, Issue 8, pp. 1 - 13
Journal Article
by Peters, Kristian and Bradbury, James and Bergmann, Sven and Capuccini, Marco and Cascante, Marta and de Atauri, Pedro and Ebbels, Timothy M D and Foguet, Carles and Glen, Robert and Gonzalez-Beltran, Alejandra and Günther, Ulrich L and Handakas, Evangelos and Hankemeier, Thomas and Haug, Kenneth and Herman, Stephanie and Holub, Petr and Izzo, Massimiliano and Jacob, Daniel and Johnson, David and Jourdan, Fabien and Kale, Namrata and Karaman, Ibrahim and Khalili, Bita and Emami Khonsari, Payam and Kultima, Kim and Lampa, Samuel and Larsson, Anders and Ludwig, Christian and Moreno, Pablo and Neumann, Steffen and Novella, Jon Ander and O'Donovan, Claire and Pearce, Jake T M and Peluso, Alina and Piras, Marco Enrico and Pireddu, Luca and Reed, Michelle A C and Rocca-Serra, Philippe and Roger, Pierrick and Rosato, Antonio and Rueedi, Rico and Ruttkies, Christoph and Sadawi, Noureddin and Salek, Reza M and Sansone, Susanna-Assunta and Selivanov, Vitaly and Spjuth, Ola and Schober, Daniel and Thévenot, Etienne A and Tomasoni, Mattia and van Rijswijk, Merlijn and van Vliet, Michael and Viant, Mark R and Weber, Ralf J M and Zanetti, Gianluigi and Steinbeck, Christoph and Medicinska fakulteten and Klinisk kemi and Science for Life Laboratory, SciLifeLab and Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet and Institutionen för informatik och media and Humanistisk-samhällsvetenskapliga vetenskapsområdet and Farmaceutiska fakulteten and Institutionen för farmaceutisk biovetenskap and Uppsala universitet and Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper and Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten
GigaScience, ISSN 2047-217X, 02/2019, Volume 8, Issue 2
Journal Article
Annals of Occupational Hygiene, ISSN 0003-4878, 6/2009, Volume 53, Issue 4, pp. 383 - 390
Journal Article
Annals of Occupational Hygiene, ISSN 1475-3162, 2009, Volume 53, Issue 4, p. 383
Objectives: The aim of this study was to assess acute health effects on planters caused by planting conifer seedlings treated with two insecticides, with... 
biological monitoring | Hälsovetenskap | Medical and Health Sciences | inflammation markers | Medicin och hälsovetenskap | planter | Arbetsmedicin och miljömedicin | insecticides | health effects | Health Sciences | Environmental Health and Occupational Health
Journal Article
The European Journal of Public Health, ISSN 1101-1262, 08/2018, Volume 28, Issue 4, pp. 641 - 646
Journal Article
BMC PREGNANCY AND CHILDBIRTH, ISSN 1471-2393, 08/2019, Volume 19, Issue 1, pp. 303 - 14
Journal Article
Brain Behavior and Immunity, ISSN 0889-1591, 01/2019, Volume 75, pp. 72 - 83
Journal Article
Language Policy, ISSN 1568-4555, 11/2007, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp. 333 - 358
For several years now, there has been much debate concerning the status and importance of the various languages in use in Sweden, both in society and in the... 
English | Sociolinguistics | Language Education | Applied Linguistics | second foreign languages | language policy | Linguistics | foreign language educational policy | Political Science | Swedish | Second language instruction | Minority languages | Bilingual education | European languages | Language policy | Education policy
Journal Article
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