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Journal Article
Allergie et Immunologie, ISSN 0397-9148, 1992, Volume 24, Issue 6, pp. 213 - 215
Journal Article
by Meyer, H. -J and Tromp, Th(Dick) F. J and Kleijn, E and Fields, Suzanne M and Moors, J. P. P and Enlund, H and Luscombe, D. K and Remond, J -Ph and Martv, S and Dhillon, S and Taylor, D and Kostrzewski, A and Bluml, B. M and Enlow, M. L and Metzler, S. E and Vries, Philip A and Duty, C. J and Lee, H. Y and Ábrahám, Tibor and Cardoni, A. A and Sýkora, J and Szücsová, S and Reymond, J. -Ph and Marty, S and Engová, D and Sheridan, J and Vlček, J and Webb, D. G and Bates, I. P and Tabachnik, A and Cass, Y and Jacobs, J and Vexler, A and Gorodetsky, R and Whittlesea, C. M. C and Walker, R and Khan, F and Houghton, J and Phillips, I and Szymura-Oleksiak, J and Wasieczko, A and Wyska, E and Ayani, I and Errecalde, M. F and Rodriauez-Sasiain, J. M and Aouirre, C and Bellés, Medall M. D and Casabó, Alos V. G and Hervás, Botella M. A and Cabrera, Pérez A and Jiménez, Torres N. V and Casterá, Melchor D. E and Abad, Gimeno F. J and Clark, J. E and Gomez, E. C and Cruz, A. C and Wilbur, R. L and Alfonso, I and Grout, C. H and Goldstein, R and Rivers, P and Stutz, K and Mühlcbach, S and Udeani, George and Zervopoulous, Irene and Patel, Krishna and Mullane, Michael and Radziwill, R and Dudek, J and Herbst, U and Bency, J and Muff, P and Marty, S and Rcymond, J. -Ph and Aumente, M. D and Panadero, M. D and Latre, J. M and Torres, M and Villegas, M. J and Alvarez, J and Dijk, E. A and Logman, E. M and Ploeger, B and Schors, T. G and Steensma, D. J and Langlois-Karaga, A and Davignon, A and Bues-Charbit, M and Somme, V and Albanese, J and Durbec, O and Martin, C and Morati, N and Balansard, G and Pereira, M. E. Araújo and Nogueira, A and Silva, J. C and Mega, I and Costa, A. Gomes and Morais, J. A and ...
Pharmacy World & Science, ISSN 0928-1231, 07/1993, Volume 15, Issue S7, pp. G3 - G22
Journal Article
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