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Tetrahedron, ISSN 0040-4020, 02/2019, Volume 75, Issue 8, pp. 937 - 943
The reactions of 9-phenyl-9-borafluorene with N–H, P–H, O–H, and S–H containing substrates were investigated. Protodeborylation reactions were observed for... 
Journal Article
Applied Physics Letters, ISSN 0003-6951, 02/2010, Volume 96, Issue 5, pp. 053507 - 053507-3
Memory effects in direct detection solid-state photoconductors are attributed to interrupted charge transport by traps in the bulk and result in persistent... 
photoconductivity | A-SE | PHYSICS, APPLIED | sensors | selenium | space charge | photoemission | COPLANAR ELECTRODES | electron traps | photoconducting materials | CHARGE | hole traps
Journal Article
by Shofty, B and Bokstein, F and Ram, Z and Ben-Sira, L and Freedman, S and Kesler, A and Constantini, S and Mauda-Havakuk, M and Ben-Bashat, D and Dvir, R and Pratt, L.-T and Weizman, L and Joskowicz, L and Tal, M and Ravid, L and Dodgshun, A and Maixner, W and Sullivan, M and Hansford, J and Ma, J and Wang, B and Toledano, H and Muhsinoglu, O and Luckman, J and Michowiz, S and Goldenberg-Cohen, N and Schroeder, K and Rosenfeld, A and Grant, G and McLendon, R and Cummings, T and Becher, O and Gururangan, S and Aguilera, D and Mazewski, C and Janss, A and Castellino, R. C and Schniederjan, M and Hayes, L and Brahma, B and MacDonald, T and Osugi, Y and Kiyotani, C and Sakamoto, H and Yanagisawa, T and Kanno, M and Kamimura, S and Kosaka, Y and Hirado, J and Takimoto, T and Nakazawa, A and Hara, J and Hwang, E and Mun, A and Kilburn, L and Chi, S and Knipstein, J and Oren, M and Hardy, K and Rood, B and Packer, R and Kandels, D and Schmidt, R and Geh, M and Breitmoser-Greiner, S and Gnekow, A. K and Bergthold, G and Bandopadhayay, P and Rich, B and Chan, J and Santagata, S and Hoshida, Y and Ramkissoon, S and Ramkissoon, L and Golub, T and Tabak, B and Ferrer-Luna, R and Weng, P. Y and Stiles, C and Grill, J and Kieran, M. W and Ligon, K. L and Beroukhim, R and Fisher, M. J and Levin, M. H and Armstrong, G. T and Broad, J. H and Zimmerman, R and Bilaniuk, L. T and Feygin, T and Liu, G. T and Gan, H.-W and Phipps, K and Spoudeas, H. A and Kohorst, M and Warad, D and Keating, G and Childs, S and Giannini, C and Wetjen, N and ... and for the SIOP Low Grade Glioma Working Group and the participating centers
Neuro-Oncology, ISSN 1522-8517, 06/2014, Volume 16, Issue suppl 1, pp. i60 - i70
Journal Article
by Hoffman, L. M and Donson, A. M and Nakachi, I and Griesinger, A. M and Birks, D. K and Amani, V and Hemenway, M. S and Liu, A. K and Wang, M and Hankinson, T. C and Handler, M. H and Foreman, N. K and Zakrzewska, M and Zakrzewski, K and Fendler, W and Stefanczyk, L and Liberski, P. P and Massimino, M and Gandola, L and Ferroli, P and Valentini, L and Biassoni, V and Garre, M. L and Sardi, I and Genitori, L and Giussani, C and Massimi, L and Bertin, D and Mussano, A and Viscardi, E and Modena, P and Mastronuzzi, A and Barra, S and Scarzello, G and Cinalli, G and Peretta, P and Giangaspero, F and Boschetti, L and Schiavello, E and Calareso, G and Antonelli, M and Pecori, E and Di Meco, F and Migliorati, R and Taborelli, A and Witt, H and Sill, M and Wani, K and Mack, S. C and Capper, D and Pajtler, K and Lambert, S and Tzaridis, T and Milde, T and Northcott, P. A and Kulozik, A. E and Witt, O and Collins, V. P and Ellison, D. W and Taylor, M. D and Kool, M and Jones, D. T. W and Korshunov, A and Ken, A and Pfister, S. M and Makino, K and Nakamura, H and Kuroda, J.-i and Kuratsu, J.-i and Toledano, H and Margolin, Y and Ohali, A and Michowiz, S and Johann, P and Tabori, U and Walker, E and Hawkins, C and Taylor, M and Yaniv, I and Avigad, S and Hoffman, L and Plimpton, S. R and Stence, N. V and Vibhakar, R and Lourdusamy, A and Rahman, R and Ward, J and Rogers, H and Grundy, R and Punchihewa, C and Lee, R and Lin, T and Orisme, W and Dalton, J and Aronica, E and Smith, A and Gajjar, A and Onar, A and Pounds, S and Tatevossian, R and ...
Neuro-Oncology, ISSN 1522-8517, 06/2014, Volume 16, Issue suppl 1, pp. i17 - i25
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Ambady, P and Holdhoff, M and Ferrigno, C and Grossman, S and Anderson, M. D and Liu, D and Conrad, C and Penas-Prado, M and Gilbert, M. R and Yung, A. W. K and de Groot, J and Aoki, T and Nishikawa, R and Sugiyama, K and Nonoguchi, N and Kawabata, N and Mishima, K and Adachi, J.-i and Kurisu, K and Yamasaki, F and Tominaga, T and Kumabe, T and Ueki, K and Higuchi, F and Yamamoto, T and Ishikawa, E and Takeshima, H and Yamashita, S and Arita, K and Hirano, H and Yamada, S and Matsutani, M and Apok, V and Mills, S and Soh, C and Karabatsou, K and Arimappamagan, A and Arya, S and Majaid, M and Somanna, S and Santosh, V and Schaff, L and Armentano, F and Harrison, C and Lassman, A and McKhann, G and Iwamoto, F and Armstrong, T and Yuan, Y and Acquaye, A and Vera-Bolanos, E and Diefes, K and Heathcock, L and Cahill, D and Gilbert, M and Aldape, K and Arrillaga-Romany, I and Ruddy, K and Greenberg, S and Nayak, L and Avgeropoulos, N and Avgeropoulos, G and Riggs, G and Reilly, C and Banerji, N and Bruns, P and Hoag, M and Gilliland, K and Trusheim, J and Bekaert, L and Borha, A and Emery, E and Busson, A and Guillamo, J.-S and Bell, M and Connolly, E. S and Khandji, A and Blakeley, J and Ye, X and Bergner, A and Dombi, E and Zalewski, C and Follmer, K and Halpin, C and Fayad, L and Jacobs, M and Baldwin, A and Langmead, S and Whitcomb, T and Jennings, D and Widemann, B and Plotkin, S and Brandes, A. A and Mason, W and Pichler, J and Nowak, A. K and Gil, M and Saran, F and Revil, C and Lutiger, B and ... and on behalf of the EF-11 investigators
Neuro-Oncology, ISSN 1522-8517, 11/2013, Volume 15, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii98 - iii135
Journal Article
by Park, C.-K and Kim, Y.-H and Kim, J. W and Kim, T. M and Choi, S. H and Kim, Y. J and Choi, B. S and Lee, S.-H and Kim, C.-Y and Kim, I. H and Lee, D. Z and Kheder, A and Forbes, M and Craven, I and Hadjivassiliou, M and Shonka, N. A and Kessinger, A and Aizenberg, M. R and Weller, M and Meisner, C and Platten, M and Simon, M and Nikkhah, G and Papsdorf, K and Sabel, M and Braun, C and Reifenberger, G and Wick, W and Alexandru, D and Haghighi, B and Muhonen, M. G and Chamberlain, M. C and Sumrall, A. L and Burri, S and Brick, W and Asher, A and Murillo-Medina, K and Guerrero-Maldonado, A and Ramiro, A. J and Cervantes-Sanchez, G and Erazo-Valle-Solis, A. A and Garcia-Navarro, V and Sperduto, P. W and Shanley, R and Luo, X and Kased, N and Sneed, P. K and Roberge, D and Chao, S and Weil, R and Suh, J and Bhatt, A and Jensen, A and Brown, P. D and Shih, H and Kirkpatrick, J and Gaspar, L. E and Fiveash, J and Chiang, V and Knisely, J and Sperduto, C. M and Lin, N and Mehta, M. P and Anderson, M. D and Raghunathan, A and Aldape, K. D and Fuller, G. N and Gilbert, M. R and Robins, H. I and Wang, M and Chakravarti, A and Grimm, S and Penas-Prado, M and Chaudhary, R and Anderson, P. J and Elinzano, H and Gilbert, R. A and Mehta, M and Aoki, T and Ueba, T and Arakawa, Y and Miyatake, S.-I and Tsukahara, T and Miyamoto, S and Nozaki, K and Taki, W and Matsutani, M and Shakur, S. F and Bit-Ivan, E and Watkin, W. G and Farhat, H. I and Merrell, R. T and Zwinkels, H and Dorr, J and Kloet, A and Taphoorn, M. J and Vecht, C. J and Bogdahn, U and Stockhammer, G and Mahapatra, A and ... and The OSAG-101Study Group and Philip H. Gutin on behalf of the EF-11 trial investigators and for the German Glioma Network
Neuro-Oncology, ISSN 1522-8517, 10/2012, Volume 14, Issue suppl 6, pp. vi65 - vi85
Journal Article
Annals of Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 11/2007, Volume 18, Issue 11, pp. 1851 - 1855
Journal Article
by Roth, P and Silginer, M and Goodman, S. L and Hasenbach, K and Thies, S and Schraml, P and Tabatabai, G and Moch, H and Tritschler, I and Weller, M and Perin, A and Verginelli, F and Dali, R and Hei Man Fung, K and Lo, R and Longatti, P and Guiot, M and Del Maestro, R. F and Rossi, S and Di Porzio, U and Stechishin, O and Weiss, S and Stifani, S and Sanzey, M and Golebiewska, A and Stieber, D and Nazarov, P and Muller, A and Vallar, L and Niclou, S. P and Lawler, S. E and Chiocca, E and Williams, S. P and Wanka, C and Steinbach, J. P and Rieger, J and Lavon, I and Zrihan, D and Refael, M and Siegal, T and Sminia, P and Van Nifterik, K. A and Van den Berg, J and Lafleur, V. M and Stalpers, L. J. A and Slotman, B. J and Di stefano, A and Enciso-Mora, V and Marie, Y and Desestret, V and Labussiere, M and Idbaih, A and Hoang-Xuan, K and Delattre, J and Houlston, R and Sanson, M and Woehrer, A and Slavc, I and Stefanits, H and Waldhoer, T and Heinzl, H and Zielonke, N and Czech, T and Hainfellner, J. A and Haberler, C and Zouaoui, S and Darlix, A and Virion, J and Rigau, V and Mathieu-Daude, H and Bauchet, F and Figarella-Branger, D and Duffau, H and Taillandier, L and Bauchet, L and Naydenov, E and Popov, R and Tanova, R and Minkin, K and De Vleeschouwer, S and Van Gool, S and Cavaletti, G and Wilbers, J and Hoebers, F and Boogerd, W and van Werkhoven, E and Nowee, M and Hart, G and van Dijk, E and Kappelle, A and Dorresteijn, L and Furuse, M and Miyata, T and Yoritsune, E and Kawabata, S and Kuroiwa, T and Miyatake, S and Boele, F. W and Heimans, J. J and Aaronson, N. K and ... and On Behalf of the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer Brain Tumor Group
Neuro-Oncology, ISSN 1522-8517, 09/2012, Volume 14, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii1 - iii94
Journal Article
by Shih, C.-S and Ekoma, S and Ho, C and Pradhan, K and Hwang, E and Jakacki, R and Fisher, M and Kilburn, L and Horn, M and Vezina, G and Rood, B and Packer, R and Mittal, R and Omar, S and Khalifa, N and Bedir, R and Avery, R and Acosta, M and Hutcheson, K and Santos, D and Zand, D and Rosenbaum, K and Kalin-Hajdu, E and Ospina, L and Carret, A.-S and Marzouki, M and Decarie, J.-C and Freeman, E and Hershon, L and Warmuth-Metz, M and Zurakowski, D and Bison, B and Falkenstein, F and Gnekow, A and Ehrstedt, C and Laurencikas, E and Bjorklund, A.-C and Stromberg, B and Hedborg, F and Pfeifer, S and Bertin, D and Packer, R. J and Vallero, S and Basso, M. E and Romano, E and Peretta, P and Morra, I and D'Alonzo, G and Fagioli, F and Toledano, H and Laviv, Y and Dratviman-Storobinsky, O and Michowiz, S and Yaniv, I and Cohen, I. J and Goldenberg-Cohen, N and Muller, K and Pietsch, T and Zwiener, I and Meyer, F.-M and Micke, O and Hoffmann, W and Kortmann, R.-D and Shofty, B and Ben-Sira, L and Roth, J and Constantini, S and Weizmann, L and Joskowicz, L and Kesler, A and Ben-Bashat, D and Yalon, M and Dvir, R and Freedman, S and Bandopadhayay, P and Dagi, L and Robison, N and Goumnerova, L and Ullrich, N and Opocher, E and De Salvo, G. L and De Paoli, A and Simmons, I and Sehested, A and Walker, D. A and Picton, S. V and Grill, J and Driever, P. H and Azizi, A. A and Viscardi, E and Perilongo, G and Cappellano, A. M and Bouffet, E and Silva, F and Paiva, P and Cavalheiro, S and Seixas, M. T and Silva, N. S and Antony, R and Fraser, K and ... and for the SIOP-Europe Low Grade Glioma Working Group
Neuro-Oncology, ISSN 1522-8517, 06/2012, Volume 14, Issue suppl 1, pp. i69 - i81
Journal Article
Radiotherapy and Oncology, ISSN 0167-8140, 2014, Volume 111, pp. S209 - S209
Journal Article
Radiotherapy and Oncology, ISSN 0167-8140, 04/2019, Volume 133, pp. S66 - S67
Journal Article
by Boman, K. K and Hornquist, L and Rickardsson, J and Lannering, B and Gustafsson, G and Pitchford, N and Davis, E and Walker, D and Hoang, D. H and Pagnier, A and Cousin, E and Guichardet, K and Schiff, I and Dubois-Teklali, F and Krainik, A and Lazar, M. B and Resnik, K and Olsson, I. T and Perrin, S and Burtscher, I. B and Lundgren, J and Kahn, A and Johanson, A and Korzeniewska, J and Dembowska-Baginska, B and Perek-Polnik, M and Walsh, K and Gioia, A and Wells, E and Packer, R and de Speville, E. D and Dufour, C and Bolle, S and Giraudat, K and Longaud, A and Kieffer, V and Grill, J and Puget, S and Valteau-Couanet, D and Hetz-Pannier, L and Noulhiane, M and Chieffo, D and Tamburrini, G and Caldarelli, M and Di Rocco, C and Margelisch, K and Studer, M and Steinlin, M and Leibundgut, K and Heinks, T and Longaud-Vales, A and Chevignard, M and Pujet, S and Sainte-Rose, C and Dellatolas, G and Kahalley, L and Grosshans, D and Paulino, A and Ris, M. D and Chintagumpala, M and Okcu, F and Moore, B and Stancel, H and Minard, C and Guffey, D and Mahajan, A and Herrington, B and Raiker, J and Manning, E and Criddle, J and Karlson, C and Guerry, W and Finlay, J and Sands, S and Dockstader, C and Skocic, J and Bouffet, E and Laughlin, S and Tabori, U and Mabbott, D and Moxon-Emre, I and Scantlebury, N and Taylor, M. D and Malkin, D and Law, N and Kumabe, T and Leonard, J and Rubin, J and Jung, S and Kim, S.-K and Gupta, N and Weiss, W and Faria, C and Vibhakar, R and Spiegler, B and Janzen, L and Liu, F and Decker, L and Lemiere, J and Vercruysse, T and ...
Neuro-Oncology, ISSN 1522-8517, 06/2014, Volume 16, Issue suppl 1, pp. i99 - i104
Journal Article
Journal Article