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by Guojie Zhang and Cai Li and Qiye Li and Bo Li and Denis M. Larkin and Chul Lee and Jay F. Storz and Agostinho Antunes and Matthew J. Greenwold and Robert W. Meredith and Anders Ödeen and Jie Cui and Qi Zhou and Luohao Xu and Hailin Pan and Zongji Wang and Lijun Jin and Pei Zhang and Haofu Hu and Wei Yang and Jiang Hu and Jin Xiao and Zhikai Yang and Yang Liu and Qiaolin Xie and Hao Yu and Jinmin Lian and Ping Wen and Fang Zhang and Hui Li and Yongli Zeng and Zijun Xiong and Shiping Liu and Long Zhou and Zhiyong Huang and Na An and Jie Wang and Qiumei Zheng and Yingqi Xiong and Guangbiao Wang and Bo Wang and Jingjing Wang and Yu Fan and Rute R. da Fonseca and Alonzo Alfaro-Núñez and Mikkel Schubert and Ludovic Orlando and Tobias Mourier and Jason T. Howard and Ganeshkumar Ganapathy and Andreas Pfenning and Osceola Whitney and Miriam V. Rivas and Erina Hara and Julia Smith and Marta Farré and Jitendra Narayan and Gancho Slavov and Michael N Romanov and Rui Borges and João Paulo Machado and Imran Khan and Mark S. Springer and John Gatesy and Federico G. Hoffmann and Juan C. Opazo and Olle Håstad and Roger H. Sawyer and Heebal Kim and Kyu-Won Kim and Hyeon Jeong Kim and Seoae Cho and Ning Li and Yinhua Huang and Michael W. Bruford and Xiangjiang Zhan and Andrew Dixon and Mads F. Bertelsen and Elizabeth Derryberry and Wesley Warren and Richard K Wilson and Shengbin Li and David A. Ray and Richard E. Green and Stephen J. O'Brien and Darren Griffin and Warren E. Johnson and David Haussler and Oliver A. Ryder and Eske Willerslev and Gary R. Graves and Per Alström and Jon Fjeldså and David P. Mindell and Scott V. Edwards and Edward L. Braun and Carsten Rahbek and David W. Burt and Peter Houde and Yong Zhang and ... and Avian Genome Consortium
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 12/2014, Volume 346, Issue 6215, pp. 1311 - 1320
Journal Article
by Groenen, Martien A.M and Archibald, Alan L and Uenishi, Hirohide and Tuggle, Christopher K and Takeuchi, Yasuhiro and Rothschild, Max F and Rogel-Gaillard, Claire and Park, Chankyu and Milan, Denis and Megens, Hendrik-Jan and Li, Shengting and Larkin, Denis M and Kim, Heebal and Frantz, Laurent A.F and Caccamo, Mario and Ahn, Hyeonju and Aken, Bronwen L and Anselmo, Anna and Anthon, Christian and Auvil, Loretta and Badaoui, Bouabid and Beattie, Craig W and Bendixen, Christian and Berman, Daniel and Blecha, Frank and Blomberg, Jonas and Bolund, Lars and Bosse, Mirte and Botti, Sara and Bujie, Zhan and Bystrom, Megan and Capitanu, Boris and Carvalho-Silva, Denise and Chardon, Patrick and Chen, Celine and Cheng, Ryan and Choi, Sang-Haeng and Chow, William and Clark, Richard C and Clee, Christopher and Crooijmans, Richard P.M.A and Dawson, Harry D and Dehais, Patrice and De Sapio, Fioravante and Dibbits, Bert and Drou, Nizar and Du, Zhi-Qiang and Eversole, Kellye and Fadista, Joao and Fairley, Susan and Faraut, Thomas and Faulkner, Geoffrey J and Fowler, Katie E and Fredholm, Merete and Fritz, Eric and Gilbert, James G.R and Giuffra, Elisabetta and Gorodkin, Jan and Griffin, Darren K and Harrow, Jennifer L and Hayward, Alexander and Howe, Kerstin and Hu, Zhi-Liang and Humphray, Sean J and Hunt, Toby and Hornshoøj, Henrik and Jeon, Jin-Tae and Jern, Patric and Jones, Matthew and Jurka, Jerzy and Kanamori, Hiroyuki and Kapetanovic, Ronan and Kim, Jaebum and Kim, Jae-Hwan and Kim, Kyu-Won and Kim, Tae-Hun and Larson, Greger and Lee, Kyooyeol and Lee, Kyung-Tai and Leggett, Richard and Lewin, Harris A and Li, Yingrui and Liu, Wansheng and Loveland, Jane E and Lu, Yao and Lunney, Joan K and Ma, Jian and Madsen, Ole and Mann, Katherine and Matthews, Lucy and McLaren, Stuart and Morozumi, Takeya and Murtaugh, Michael P and Narayan, Jitendra and Nguyen, Dinh Truong and Ni, Peixiang and Oh, Song-Jung and Onteru, Suneel and Panitz, Frank and Park, Eung-Woo and ...
Nature (London), ISSN 0028-0836, 11/2012, Volume 491, Issue 7424, pp. 393 - 398
Journal Article
Molecular systems biology, ISSN 1744-4292, 08/2010, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp. 397 - n/a
Journal Article
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 7/2005, Volume 309, Issue 5734, pp. 613 - 617
Journal Article
by Schmid, Michael and Smith, Jacqueline and Burt, David W and Aken, Bronwen L and Antin, Parker B and Archibald, Alan L and Ashwell, Chris and Blackshear, Perry J and Boschiero, Clarissa and Brown, C. Titus and Burgess, Shane C and Cheng, Hans H and Chow, William and Coble, Derrick J and Cooksey, Amanda and Crooijmans, Richard P.M.A and Damas, Joana and Davis, Richard V.N and de Koning, Dirk-Jan and Delany, Mary E and Derrien, Thomas and Desta, Takele T and Dunn, Ian C and Dunn, Matthew and Ellegren, Hans and Eöry, Lél and Erb, Ionas and Farré, Marta and Fasold, Mario and Fleming, Damarius and Flicek, Paul and Fowler, Katie E and Frésard, Laure and Froman, David P and Garceau, Valerie and Gardner, Paul P and Gheyas, Almas A and Griffin, Darren K and Groenen, Martien A.M and Haaf, Thomas and Hanotte, Olivier and Hart, Alan and Häsler, Julien and Hedges, S. Blair and Hertel, Jana and Howe, Kerstin and Hubbard, Allen and Hume, David A and Kaiser, Pete and Kedra, Darek and Kemp, Stephen J and Klopp, Christophe and Kniel, Kalmia E and Kuo, Richard and Lagarrigue, Sandrine and Lamont, Susan J and Larkin, Denis M and Lawal, Raman A and Markland, Sarah M and McCarthy, Fiona and McCormack, Heather A and McPherson, Marla C and Motegi, Akira and Muljo, Stefan A and Münsterberg, Andrea and Nag, Rishi and Nanda, Indrajit and Neuberger, Michael and Nitsche, Anne and Notredame, Cedric and Noyes, Harry and O'Connor, Rebecca and O'Hare, Elizabeth A and Oler, Andrew J and Ommeh, Sheila C and Pais, Helio and Persia, Michael and Pitel, Frédérique and Preeyanon, Likit and Prieto Barja, Pablo and Pritchett, Elizabeth M and Rhoads, Douglas D and Robinson, Charmaine M and Romanov, Michael N and Rothschild, Max and Roux, Pierre-François and Schmidt, Carl J and Schneider, Alisa-Sophia and Schwartz, Matthew G and Searle, Steve M and Skinner, Michael A and Smith, Craig A and Stadler, Peter F and Steeves, Tammy E and Steinlein, Claus and Sun, Liang and Takata, Minoru and Ulitsky, Igor and Wang, Qing and Wang, Ying and ...
Cytogenetic and genome research, ISSN 1424-8581, 08/2015, Volume 145, Issue 2, pp. 78 - 179
Journal Article