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by Hagler, Donald J and Hatton, SeanN and Cornejo, M. Daniela and Makowski, Carolina and Fair, Damien A and Dick, Anthony Steven and Sutherland, Matthew T and Casey, B.J and Barch, Deanna M and Harms, Michael P and Watts, Richard and Bjork, James M and Garavan, Hugh P and Hilmer, Laura and Pung, Christopher J and Sicat, Chelsea S and Kuperman, Joshua and Bartsch, Hauke and Xue, Feng and Heitzeg, Mary M and Laird, Angela R and Trinh, Thanh T and Gonzalez, Raul and Tapert, Susan F and Riedel, Michael C and Squeglia, Lindsay M and Hyde, Luke W and Rosenberg, Monica D and Earl, Eric A and Howlett, Katia D and Baker, Fiona C and Soules, Mary and Diaz, Jazmin and de Leon, Octavio Ruiz and Thompson, Wesley K and Neale, Michael C and Herting, Megan and Sowell, Elizabeth R and Alvarez, Ruben P and Hawes, Samuel W and Sanchez, Mariana and Bodurka, Jerzy and Breslin, Florence J and Morris, Amanda Sheffield and Paulus, Martin P and Simmons, W. Kyle and Polimeni, Jonathan R and van der Kouwe, Andre and Nencka, Andrew S and Gray, Kevin M and Pierpaoli, Carlo and Matochik, John A and Noronha, Antonio and Aklin, Will M and Conway, Kevin and Glantz, Meyer and Hoffman, Elizabeth and Little, Roger and Lopez, Marsha and Pariyadath, Vani and Weiss, Susan RB and Wolff-Hughes, Dana L and DelCarmen-Wiggins, Rebecca and Feldstein Ewing, Sarah W and Miranda-Dominguez, Oscar and Nagel, Bonnie J and Perrone, Anders J and Sturgeon, Darrick T and Goldstone, Aimee and Pfefferbaum, Adolf and Pohl, Kilian M and Prouty, Devin and Uban, Kristina and Bookheimer, Susan Y and Dapretto, Mirella and Galvan, Adriana and Bagot, Kara and Giedd, Jay and Infante, M. Alejandra and Jacobus, Joanna and Patrick, Kevin and Shilling, Paul D and Desikan, Rahul and Li, Yi and Sugrue, Leo and Banich, Marie T and Friedman, Naomi and Hewitt, John K and Hopfer, Christian and Sakai, Joseph and Tanabe, Jody and Cottler, Linda B and Nixon, Sara Jo and Chang, Linda and Cloak, Christine and Ernst, Thomas and Reeves, Gloria and Kennedy, David N and Heeringa, Steve and Peltier, Scott and ...
NeuroImage (Orlando, Fla.), ISSN 1053-8119, 11/2019, Volume 202, pp. 116091 - 116091
Journal Article
by Lange, Leslie A and Hu, Youna and Zhang, He and Xue, Chenyi and Schmidt, Ellen M and Tang, Zheng-Zheng and Bizon, Chris and Lange, Ethan M and Smith, Joshua D and Turner, Emily H and Jun, Goo and Kang, Hyun Min and Peloso, Gina and Auer, Paul and Li, Kuo-ping and Flannick, Jason and Zhang, Ji and Fuchsberger, Christian and Gaulton, Kyle and Lindgren, Cecilia and Locke, Adam and Manning, Alisa and Sim, Xueling and Rivas, Manuel A and Holmen, Oddgeir L and Gottesman, Omri and Lu, Yingchang and Ruderfer, Douglas and Stahl, Eli A and Duan, Qing and Li, Yun and Durda, Peter and Jiao, Shuo and Isaacs, Aaron and Hofman, Albert and Bis, Joshua C and Correa, Adolfo and Griswold, Michael E and Jakobsdottir, Johanna and Smith, Albert V and Schreiner, Pamela J and Feitosa, Mary F and Zhang, Qunyuan and Huffman, Jennifer E and Crosby, Jacy and Wassel, Christina L and Do, Ron and Franceschini, Nora and Martin, Lisa W and Robinson, Jennifer G and Assimes, Themistocles L and Crosslin, David R and Rosenthal, Elisabeth A and Tsai, Michael and Rieder, Mark J and Farlow, Deborah N and Folsom, Aaron R and Lumley, Thomas and Fox, Ervin R and Carlson, Christopher S and Peters, Ulrike and Jackson, Rebecca D and van Duijn, Cornelia M and Uitterlinden, André G and Levy, Daniel and Rotter, Jerome I and Taylor, Herman A and Gudnason, Vilmundur and Siscovick, David S and Fornage, Myriam and Borecki, Ingrid B and Hayward, Caroline and Rudan, Igor and Chen, Y. Eugene and Bottinger, Erwin P and Loos, Ruth J.F and Sætrom, Pål and Hveem, Kristian and Boehnke, Michael and Groop, Leif and McCarthy, Mark and Meitinger, Thomas and Ballantyne, Christie M and Gabriel, Stacey B and O’Donnell, Christopher J and Post, Wendy S and North, Kari E and Reiner, Alexander P and Boerwinkle, Eric and Psaty, Bruce M and Altshuler, David and Kathiresan, Sekar and Lin, Dan-Yu and Jarvik, Gail P and Cupples, L. Adrienne and Kooperberg, Charles and Wilson, James G and Nickerson, Deborah A and Abecasis, Goncalo R and Rich, Stephen S and ... and the NHLBI Grand Opportunity Exome Sequencing Project and NHLBI Grand Opportunity Exome Sequ and NHLBI Grand Opportunity Exome Sequencing Project
American journal of human genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 02/2014, Volume 94, Issue 2, pp. 233 - 245
Journal Article
JAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association, ISSN 0098-7484, 09/2000, Volume 284, Issue 12, pp. 1573 - 1578
Journal Article
Current Psychology, ISSN 1046-1310, 3/2017, Volume 36, Issue 1, pp. 184 - 191
... & Erin C. Tully 1 & Chad E. Drake 2 & Nicholas Tarantino 1 & Alyssa M. Ames 1 & Dale G. Larson 3 Published online: 23 December 2015 # Springer Science+Business Media... 
Psychological Inflexibility | Psychology | Self-Concealment | Psychological Distress | Social Sciences, general | Physiological Distress | Psychology, general | Mindfulness | Cognitive and Behavior Therapy | Psychology, Multidisciplinary | Social Sciences | Psychological aspects | Secrecy | Mindfulness meditation
Journal Article
by Schmidt, Amand and Holmes, Michael and Preiss, D and Swerdlow, Daniel and Denaxas, S and Fatemifar, G and Faraway, R and Finan, Chris and Valentine, D and Fairhurst-Hunter, Z and Hartwig, F.P and Horta, B.L and Hypponen, Elina and Power, C and Moldovan, M and Iperen, Erik and Hovingh, K and Demuth, Ilja and Norman, K and Steinhagen-Thiessen, Elisabeth and Demuth, J and Bertram, Lars and Lill, Christina and Coassin, Stefan and Willeit, Johann and Kiechl, Stefan and Willeit, K and Mason, D and Wright, J and Morris, Richard and Wanamethee, G and Whincup, Peter and Ben-Shlomo, Y and McLachlan, S and Price, J.F and Kivimaki, Mika and Welch, C and Sanchez-Galvez, A and Marques-Vidal, Peo and Nicolaides, Anew and Panayiotou, Anie and Onland-Moret, N.C and Schouw, Yvonne and Matullo, G and Fiorito, G and Guarrera, Simonetta and Sacerdote, Carlotta and Wareham, Nick and Langenberg, Claudia and Scott, Robert and Luan, J and Bobak, Martin and Malyutina, S and Pajak, Anzej and Kubinova, R and Tamosiunas, A and Pikhart, Hynek and Grarup, Niels and Pedersen, Oluf and Hansen, Torben and Linneberg, Allan and Jess, T and Cooper, Jim and Humphries, Steve and Brilliant, Murray H and Kitchner, Terrie E and Hakonarson, Hakon and Carrell, D.S and McCarty, C.A and Lester, K.H and Larson, E.B and Crosslin, David and Anade, Mariza and Roden, D.M and Denny, Joshua C and Carty, C and Hancock, S and Attia, John and Holliday, Elizabeth and Scott, Rodney and Schofield, P and O'Donnell, M and Yusuf, Salim and Chong, M and Pare, Guillame and Harst, Pim and Said, M.A and Eppinga, R.N and Verweij, N and Snieder, Harold and Christen, T and Mook-Kanamori, D.O and Gustafsson, Stefan and Kao, Wen and Ingelsson, Erik and Pazoki, Raha and Franco, Oscar and Hofman, A and Uitterlinden, Ané and Dehghan, Abbas and ...
BMC cardiovascular disorders, ISSN 1471-2261, 10/2019, Volume 19, Issue 1
BACKGROUND: We characterised the phenotypic consequence of genetic variation at the PCSK9 locus and compared findings with recent trials of pharmacological... 
Genetic association studies | LDL-cholesterol | Phenome-wide association scan | Mendelian randomisation
Journal Article