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by Wahlberg, Anna-Maria and Alenström, Magdalena and Udin, Stina and Johansson, Tore and Lundgren, Anna and Romany Johansson, Birgitta and Ekström, Carin and Eriksson, Nils and Andersson, Lisbeth and Eklund, Hanna and Robertsson, Lotta and Bjerhag, Gunilla and Gustavsson, Ann-Charlotte and Israelsson, Madelene and Karlsson, Sofia and Westerlund, Maria and Ek, Yvonne and Stenbäck, Birgitta and Andersson, Barbro and Andersson, Elisabeth and Leppämäki, Kristina and Ramirez, Anette and Wallin, Victoria and Lundberg, Alexandra and Sahlin, Benny and Mälberg, Hasse and Liljeroos, Maria and Gustafsson, Caroline and Nyström, Kerstin and Siklo, Susanne and Zelleroth, Eva and Hjortevang, Finn and Mohammed, Kamaran and Hellblad, Agneta and Schön, Iwona and Carlsson, Kristina and Ole´rs, Marita and Ågren, Pär Lennart and Sjögren, Iwar and Zedigh, Crister and Eriksson, Kristina and Sundkvist, Kristina and Thorsell, Anna-Karin and Kuoljok, Ann-Kristin and Liinanki, Linda and Liljergren, Mona and Turtola, Sara and Nylander, Britt-Marie and Nordvall, Lena and Nilsson, Malin and Blomqvist, Annelie and Sjöberg, Håkan and Nylander, Jenny and Berglund, Linda and Mossberg, Linda and Svennberg, Lars and Haugen, Espen and Hellsten, Lars and Johansson, Staffan and Johansson, Birgitta and Larsson, Pethra and Kellerth, Susanne and Bergström, Monika and Gustafsson, Carola and Nährström, Cecilia and Evenås, Eva and Sundin, Hanna and Lönn, Helena and Svensson, Johan and Kihlgren, Moa and Larsson, Per and Palosaari, Pirjo and Johansson, Susann and Cedermark magnusson, Malin and Ravn-Fischer, Annica and Wittfeldt, Ann and Perers, Elisabeth and Hellberg, Nina and Holmberg, Mikael and Andersson, Bert and Jangsten, Berit and Selimovic, Nedim and Enström, Anna and Dellgren, Göran and Scherstén, Henrik and Biveby-Nilsson, Anna and Lundberg, Johan and Omerovic, Elmir and Petursson, Petur and Albertsson, Per and Ankarstrand, Carina and Flinck, Agneta and Larsson, Titti and Samuelsson, Maria and Bergman, Peter and Nyström, Lotten and Bågenholm, Magnus and Linnér, Anneli and Hornestam, Björn and Sjöland, Helén and ...
Scandinavian Cardiovascular Journal, ISSN 1401-7431, 08/2014, Volume 48, Issue S63, pp. 2 - 133
Journal Article
Over the past two decades, trends of integration processes in terms of citizens of different ethnicities, different gender and different sexual belongings,... 
föreställningar om personer med funktionsnedsättningar | norms | youth values | values | beliefs about people with disabilities | discrimination | värderingar | normer
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