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nursing (2) 2
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slac pep stor (2) 2
specific therapeutic activity of chemical compounds ormedicinal preparations (2) 2
stars (2) 2
stars: fundamental parameters (2) 2
"eveline" (1) 1
"whited sepulchres" (1) 1
02 petroleum (1) 1
023000 - petroleum- properties & composition (1) 1
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1882-1941 (1) 1
1900-1999 (1) 1
400105 - separation procedures (1) 1
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by Tisserand, V and Palano, A and Brown, D.N and Giuffrida, A and Kolomensky, Yu.G and Fritsch, M and Schroeder, T and So, R.Y and Buzykaev, A.R and Golubev, V.B and Serednyakov, S.I and Eisner, A.M and Chao, D.S and Hitlin, D.G and Kim, J and Meadows, B.T and Pushpawela, B.G and Smith, J.G and Wagner, S.R and Bettoni, D and Cibinetto, G and Fioravanti, E and Luppi, E and Calcaterra, A and Finocchiaro, G and Patteri, P and Passaggio, S and Patrignani, C and Davier, M and Le Diberder, F and Lutz, A.M and Lange, D.J and Wright, D.M and Di Lodovico, F and Sacco, R and Davis, C.L and Hafner, A and Barlow, R.J and Cenci, R and Roberts, D.A and Dey, B and Summers, D.J and Jessop, C.P and Honscheid, K and Kass, R and Posocco, M and Simi, G and Simonetto, F and Stroili, R and Akar, S and Ben-Haim, E and Bonneaud, G.R and Biasini, M and Manoni, E and Rossi, A and Batignani, G and Carpinelli, M and Chrzaszcz, M and Forti, F and Giorgi, M.A and Lusiani, A and Smith, A.J.S and Ferroni, F and Pilloni, A and Bünger, C and Grünberg, O and Heß, M and Waldi, R and Adye, T and Wilson, F.F and Cartaro, C and Convery, M.R and Dunwoodie, W and Ebert, M and Graham, M.T and Hast, C and Macfarlane, D.B and Neal, H and Ratcliff, B.N and Purohit, M.V and Bellis, M and Guttman, N and Soffer, A and Spanier, S.M and Schwitters, R.F and Lou, X.C and De Mori, F and Lanceri, L and Oyanguren, A and Albert, J and Bernlochner, F.U and Kowalewski, R and Lueck, T and Nugent, I.M and Roney, J.M and Sobie, R.J and Tasneem, N and Gershon, T.J and Prepost, R and Wu, S.L
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 09/2017, Volume 119, Issue 13
Journal Article
by Tisserand, V and Palano, A and Stugu, B and Feng, M and Lee, M.J and Blinov, V.E and Kravchenko, E.A and Todyshev, K.Yu and Lankford, A.J and Franco Sevilla, M and Eisner, A.M and Lockman, W.S and Chao, D.S and Flood, K.T and Meadows, B.T and Pushpawela, B.G and Bloom, P.C and Ford, W.T and Gaz, A and Wagner, S.R and Spaan, B and Bernard, D and Verderi, M and Playfer, S and Cibinetto, G and Fioravanti, E and Piemontese, L and Santoro, V and Contri, R and Bhuyan, B and Prasad, V and Adametz, A and Arnaud, N and Davier, M and Lutz, A.M and Malaescu, B and Stocchi, A and Wright, D.M and Coleman, J.P and Gabathuler, E and Touramanis, C and Sacco, R and Bougher, J and Hafner, A and Barlow, R.J and Hamilton, B and Jawahery, A and Cowan, R and Sciolla, G and Patel, P.M and Neri, N and Onorato, G and Sciacca, C and Jessop, C.P and Morandin, M and Rotondo, M and Simi, G and Akar, S and Briand, H and Pacetti, S and Casarosa, G and Smith, A.J.S and Faccini, R and Ferrarotto, F and Li Gioi, L and Bünger, C and Hartmann, T and Hess, M and Voß, C and Waldi, R and Aston, D and Convery, M.R and Dunwoodie, W and Field, R.C and Fulsom, B.G and Hast, C and Lewis, P and Muller, D.R and Perl, M and Pulliam, T and Salnikov, A.A and Snyder, A and Su, D and Wisniewski, W.J and Purohit, M.V and Ernst, J.A and Peimer, D.R and Soffer, A and Bianchi, F and Gamba, D and Lanceri, L and Martinez-Vidal, F and Bernlochner, F.U and Lewczuk, M.J and Lueck, T and Tasneem, N and Harrison, P.F and Latham, T.E and Dasu, S and Wu, S.L
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 11/2014, Volume 113, Issue 20
Journal Article
by Tisserand, V and Palano, A and Brown, D.N and Mattison, T.S and Golubev, V.B and Kravchenko, E.A and Onuchin, A.P and Serednyakov, S.I and Skovpen, Yu. I and Todyshev, K.Yu and Lockman, W.S and Panduro Vazquez, W and Chao, D.S and Echenard, B and Flood, K.T and Kim, J and Miyashita, T.S and Ongmongkolkul, P and Porter, F.C and Sokoloff, M.D and Sun, L and Wagner, S.R and Bernard, D and Bozzi, C and Cibinetto, G and Finocchiaro, G and Martellotti, S and Patteri, P and Peruzzi, I.M and Piccolo, M and Zallo, A and Gritsan, A.V and Arnaud, N and Le Diberder, F and Lutz, A.M and Wright, D.M and Coleman, J.P and Bevan, A.J and Di Lodovico, F and Banerjee, Sw and Brown, D.N and Davis, C.L and Denig, A.G and Fritsch, M and Griessinger, K and Hafner, A and Barlow, R.J and Lafferty, G.D and Jawahery, A and Cowan, R and Dey, B and Palombo, F and Godang, R and Summers, D.J and De Nardo, G and Raven, G and Jessop, C.P and Posocco, M and Rotondo, M and Simi, G and Ocariz, J and Biasini, M and Bettarini, S and Lusiani, A and Rizzo, G and Smith, A.J.S and Dittrich, S and Grünberg, O and Leddig, T and Wilson, F.F and Vasseur, G and Aston, D and Cartaro, C and Dunwoodie, W and Graham, M.T and Leith, D.W.G.S and MacFarlane, D.B and Muller, D.R and Ratcliff, B.N and Roodman, A and Sullivan, M.K and Wisniewski, W.J and Randle-Conde, A and Burchat, P.R and Puccio, E.M.T and Alam, M.S and Ernst, J.A and Guttman, N and Soffer, A and Ritchie, J.L and Bianchi, F and De Mori, F and Gamba, D and Vitale, L and Martinez-Vidal, F and Bernlochner, F.U and King, G.J and Lueck, T and Tasneem, N and Harrison, P.F
Physical review. D, ISSN 2470-0010, 07/2016, Volume 94, Issue 1
Journal Article
by Antonelli, M and Becher, T and Bevan, A.J and Blanke, M and Bloise, C and Bona, M and Bondar, A and Brod, J and Buras, A.J and Cabibbo, N and Carbone, A and Cavoto, G and Cirigliano, V and Ciuchini, M and Cronin-Hennessy, D.P and Dalseno, J.P and Dingfelder, J and Donati, S and Dungel, W and Egede, U and Faccini, R and Feldmann, T and Ferroni, F and Fujikawa, M and Furić, I.K and Gardi, E and Gershon, T.J and Giagu, S and Golowich, E and Goto, T and Grojean, C and Guadagnoli, D and Haisch, U.A and Harr, R.F and Hoang, A.H and Hurth, T and Isidori, G and Jäger, S and Khodjamirian, A and Kowalewski, R.V and Krokovny, P and Kronfeld, A.S and Laiho, J and Lanfranchi, G and Latham, T.E and Libby, J and Limosani, A and Lopes Pegna, D and Lubicz, V and Lüth, V.G and Maltman, K and Martinelli, G and Martinez-Vidal, F and Masiero, A and Mateu, V and Moulson, M and Neubert, M and Neufeld, H and Offen, N and Paradisi, P and Parsa, Z and Passemar, E and Patel, M and Pecjak, B.D and Petrov, A.A and Pich, A and Plaster, B and Powell, A and Prell, S and Rademaker, J and Rescigno, M and Ricciardi, S and Robbe, P and Rodrigues, E and Schilling, C.J and Schneider, O and Scholz, E.E and Schumm, B.A and Schwanda, C and Schwartz, A.J and Sciascia, B and Serrano, J and Shipsey, I.J and Sibidanov, A and Silvestrini, L and Simonetto, F and Smith, C and Sordini, V and Sozzi, M and Spadaro, T and Tantalo, N and Telnov, A.V and Tonelli, D and Towner, I.S and Trabelsi, K and Urquijo, P and Van Kooten, R.J and Wanke, R and Westhoff, S and Zupan, J
Physics reports, ISSN 0370-1573, 2010, Volume 494, Issue 3, pp. 197 - 414
Journal Article