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by Neafsey, D. E and Waterhouse, R. M and Abai, M. R and Aganezov, S. S and Alekseyev, M. A and Allen, J. E and Amon, J and Arca, B and Arensburger, P and Artemov, G and Assour, L. A and Basseri, H and Berlin, A and Birren, B. W and Blandin, S. A and Brockman, A. I and Burkot, T. R and Burt, A and Chan, C. S and Chauve, C and Chiu, J. C and Christensen, M and Costantini, C and Davidson, V. L. M and Deligianni, E and Dottorini, T and tsou, V and Gabriel, S. B and Guelbeogo, W. M and Hall, A. B and Han, M. V and Hlaing, T and Hughes, D. S. T and Jenkins, A. M and Jiang, X and Jungreis, I and Kakani, E. G and Kamali, M and Kemppainen, P and Kennedy, R. C and Kirmitzoglou, I. K and Koekemoer, L. L and Laban, N and Langridge, N and Lawniczak, M. K. N and Lirakis, M and Lobo, N. F and Lowy, E and Maccallum, R. M and Mao, C and Maslen, G and Mbogo, C and Mccarthy, J and Michel, K and Mitchell, S. N and Moore, W and Murphy, K. A and Naumenko, A. N and Nolan, T and Novoa, E. M and O'loughlin, S and Oringanje, C and Oshaghi, M. A and Pakpour, N and Papathanos, P. A and Peery, A. N and Povelones, M and Prakash, A and Price, D. P and Rajaraman, A and Reimer, L. J and Rinker, D. C and Rokas, A and Russell, T. L and Sagnon, N and Sharakhova, M. V and Shea, T and Simao, F. A and Simard, F and Slotman, M. A and Somboon, P and Stegniy, V and Struchiner, C. J and Thomas, G. W. C and Tojo, M and Topalis, P and Tubio, J. M. C and Unger, M. F and Vontas, J and Walton, C and Wilding, C. S and Willis, J. H and Wu, Y.-c and Yan, G and Zdobnov, E. M and Zhou, X and Catteruccia, F and Christophides, G. K and Collins, F. H and Cornman, R. S and ...
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 01/2015, Volume 347, Issue 6217, pp. 1258522 - 1258522
Variation in vectorial capacity for human malaria among Anopheles mosquito species is determined by many factors, including behavior, immunity, and life... 
PROTEIN | ANTENNAL TRANSCRIPTOME PROFILES | SEX-CHROMOSOME EVOLUTION | ANNOTATION | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | R CONSENSUS | GENE-EXPRESSION | AEDES-AEGYPTI | DARLINGI | GAMBIAE | FAMILY | Phylogenetics | Evolution | Mosquitoes | Genomes | Malaria | Mathematical analysis | Genes | Transmission | Vectors (mathematics) | Human behavior
Journal Article
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN 0027-8424, 1/2011, Volume 108, Issue 1, pp. 244 - 249
Journal Article
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, ISSN 0925-8388, 2011, Volume 509, Issue 39, pp. 9528 - 9535
► The XANES measurements were done with taking into account polarization effect of SR ► Influence of the core–hole effect on the analyzed absorption spectra... 
Journal Article
Mater.Res.Soc.Symp.Proc , pp. 881-886. 1997, 12/1996, pp. 881 - 886
Linear muffin tin orbital band structure and spectral function calculations are used to interpret the data. Polarisation effects are evidenced for the N-K-edge... 
Journal Article
Folia histochemica et cytobiologica, ISSN 0239-8508, 1998, Volume 36, Issue 3, p. 119
CD56/N-CAM antigen, 140 kDa isoform of neural cell adhesion molecule (N-CAM) has been previously traced by some of us in follicular epithelium of human thyroid... 
Immunohistochemistry | Adrenal Glands - metabolism | Cell Adhesion Molecules - biosynthesis | Neural Cell Adhesion Molecules - biosynthesis | Humans | CD56 Antigen - biosynthesis | Antibodies, Monoclonal | Endocrine Glands - metabolism | Tumor Cells, Cultured | Thyroid Gland - metabolism | Parathyroid Glands - metabolism
Journal Article
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 01/2015, Volume 347, Issue 6217, pp. 1258524 - 1258524
Introgressive hybridization is now recognized as a widespread phenomenon, but its role in evolution remains contested. Here we use newly available reference... 
STEROIDOGENESIS | GENOME SEQUENCE | EVOLUTION | SPECIATION | ARABIENSIS | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | HUMANS | RESISTANCE | POPULATIONS | ANOPHELES-GAMBIAE COMPLEX | DROSOPHILA | Phylogenetics | Evolution | Mosquitoes | Malaria | Genomics | Mathematical analysis | Transmission | Genomes | Boundaries | Vectors (mathematics)
Journal Article
by Neafsey, Daniel E and Neafsey, Daniel E and Waterhouse, Robert M and Abai, Mohammad R and Aganezov, Sergey S and Alekseyev, Max A and Allen, James E and Amon, James and Arcà, Bruno and Arensburger, Peter and Artemov, Gleb and Assour, Lauren A and Basseri, Hamidreza and Berlin, Aaron and Birren, Bruce W and Blandin, Stephanie A and Brockman, Andrew I and Burkot, Thomas R and Burt, Austin and Chan, Clara S and Chauve, Cedric and Chiu, Joanna C and Christensen, Mikkel and Costantini, Carlo and Davidson, Victoria L. M and Deligianni, Elena and Dottorini, Tania and Dritsou, Vicky and Gabriel, Stacey B and Guelbeogo, Wamdaogo M and Hall, Andrew B and Han, Mira V and Hlaing, Thaung and Hughes, Daniel S. T and Jenkins, Adam M and Jiang, Xiaofang and Jungreis, Irwin and Kakani, Evdoxia G and Kamali, Maryam and Kemppainen, Petri and Kennedy, Ryan C and Kirmitzoglou, Ioannis K and Koekemoer, Lizette L and Laban, Njoroge and Langridge, Nicholas and Lawniczak, Mara K. N and Lirakis, Manolis and Lobo, Neil F and Lowy, Ernesto and MacCallum, Robert M and Mao, Chunhong and Maslen, Gareth and Mbogo, Charles and McCarthy, Jenny and Michel, Kristin and Mitchell, Sara N and Moore, Wendy and Murphy, Katherine A and Naumenko, Anastasia N and Nolan, Tony and Novoa, Eva M and O'Loughlin, Samantha and Oringanje, Chioma and Oshaghi, Mohammad A and Pakpour, Nazzy and Papathanos, Philippos A and Peery, Ashley N and Povelones, Michael and Prakash, Anil and Price, David P and Rajaraman, Ashok and Reimer, Lisa J and Rinker, David C and Rokas, Antonis and Russell, Tanya L and Sagnon, N'Fale and Sharakhova, Maria V and Shea, Terrance and Simão, Felipe A and Simard, Frederic and Slotman, Michel A and Somboon, Pradya and Stegniy, Vladimir and Struchiner, Claudio J and Thomas, Gregg W. C and Tojo, Marta and Topalis, Pantelis and Tubio, José M. C and Unger, Maria F and Vontas, John and Walton, Catherine and Wilding, Craig S and Willis, Judith H and Wu, Yi-Chieh and Yan, Guiyun and Zdobnov, Evgeny M and Zhou, Xiaofan and Catteruccia, Flaminia and Christophides, George K and Collins, Frank H and ...
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 01/2015, Volume 347, Issue 6217, p. 1258522
Variation in vectorial capacity for human malaria among Anopheles mosquito species is determined by many factors, including behavior, immunity, and life... 
Anopheles - genetics | Humans | Molecular Sequence Data | Phylogeny | Anopheles - classification | Sequence Alignment | Animals | Insect Vectors - genetics | Insect Vectors - classification | Base Sequence | Chromosomes, Insect - genetics | Genome, Insect | Malaria - transmission | Drosophila - genetics | Evolution, Molecular
Journal Article
Folia Histochemica et Cytobiologica, ISSN 0015-5586, 1998, Volume 36, Issue 3, pp. 119 - 125
CD56/N-CAM antigen, 140 kDa isoform of neural cell adhesion molecule (N-CAM) has been previously traced by some of us in follicular epithelium of human thyroid... 
Adhesion molecules | Endocrine glands | APAAP reaction | Immunocytochemistry | CD56 | Dot blot assay | NEURO-BLASTOMA | NATURAL-KILLER-CELLS | NCAM | BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | immunocytochemistry | CELL BIOLOGY | adhesion molecules | TISSUES | MONOCLONAL-ANTIBODIES | endocrine glands | dot blot assay
Journal Article
by Miles, Alistair and Harding, Nicholas J and Bottà, Giordano and Clarkson, Chris S and Antão, Tiago and Kozak, Krzysztof and Schrider, Daniel R and Kern, Andrew D and Redmond, Seth and Sharakhov, Igor and Pearson, Richard D and Bergey, Christina and Fontaine, Michael C and Donnelly, Martin J and Lawniczak, Mara K. N and Ayala, Diego and Besansky, Nora J and Burt, Austin and Caputo, Beniamino and Torre, Alessandra Della and Godfray, H. Charles J and Hahn, Matthew W and Midega, Janet and Neafsey, Daniel E and O'Loughlin, Samantha and Pinto, João and Riehle, Michelle M and Vernick, Kenneth D and Weetman, David and Wilding, Craig S and White, Bradley J and Troco, Arlete D and Diabaté, Abdoulaye and Costantini, Carlo and Rohatgi, Kyanne R and Elissa, Nohal and Coulibaly, Boubacar and Dinis, João and Mbogo, Charles and Bejon, Philip and Mawejje, Henry D and Stalker, Jim and Rockett, Kirk and Drury, Eleanor and Mead, Daniel and Jeffreys, Anna and Hubbart, Christina and Rowlands, Kate and Isaacs, Alison T and Jyothi, Dushyanth and Malangone, Cinzia and Vauterin, Paul and Jeffery, Ben and Wright, Ian and Hart, Lee and Kluczyński, Krzysztof and Cornelius, Victoria and Macinnis, Bronwyn and Henrichs, Christa and Giacomantonio, Rachel and Kwiatkowski, Dominic P and Anopheles Gombioe 1000 Genomes and Anopheles gambiae 1000 Genomes Consortium and Sequencing and data production and Web application development and Partner working group and Data analysis group and Guinea-Bissau and Guinea and Kenya and Sample collections—Angola and Burkina Faso and Uganda and Project coordination and Gabon and Cameroon and Crosses and The Anopheles gambiae 1000 Genomes Consortium
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 12/2017, Volume 552, Issue 7683, pp. 96 - 100
Journal Article
PHYSICAL REVIEW B, ISSN 1098-0121, 08/2010, Volume 82, Issue 7
X-ray absorption near edge structure (XANES) at the cadmium L-3 and oxygen K edges for CdO thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition method, is interpreted... 
Journal Article
Genetics, ISSN 0016-6731, 10/2017, Volume 207, Issue 2, pp. 729 - 740
Journal Article