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Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 2004, Volume 432, Issue 7018, pp. 695 - 716
We present here a draft genome sequence of the red jungle fowl, Gallus gallus. Because the chicken is a modern descendant of the dinosaurs and the first... 
phylogenetic analysis | mammalian evolution | tissue-specific genes | brown-norway rat | non-ltr retrotransposons | major histocompatibility complex | olfactory receptor | mouse genome | recent segmental duplications | alcohol-dehydrogenase | MOUSE GENOME | NON-LTR RETROTRANSPOSONS | ALCOHOL-DEHYDROGENASE | PHYLOGENETIC ANALYSIS | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | BROWN-NORWAY RAT | RECENT SEGMENTAL DUPLICATIONS | MAJOR HISTOCOMPATIBILITY COMPLEX | TISSUE-SPECIFIC GENES | OLFACTORY RECEPTOR | MAMMALIAN EVOLUTION | Gene Duplication | Multigene Family - genetics | Conserved Sequence - genetics | Vertebrates - genetics | Physical Chromosome Mapping | Genomics | Humans | Long Interspersed Nucleotide Elements - genetics | Mutagenesis - genetics | Synteny | Genes - genetics | Short Interspersed Nucleotide Elements - genetics | RNA, Untranslated - genetics | Sequence Analysis, DNA | Pseudogenes - genetics | Animals | Retroviridae - genetics | DNA Transposable Elements - genetics | Chickens - genetics | Genome | Avian Proteins - genetics | Evolution, Molecular | Birds | Evolution | Genetic diversity | Gene expression | Mammals | Chromosomes | Research Support; U.S. Gov't; P.H.S | Research Support; U.S. Gov't; Non-P.H.S | Comparative Study | Long Interspersed Nucleotide Elements/genetics | Biology | Avian Proteins/genetics | Vertebrates/genetics | Short Interspersed Nucleotide Elements/genetics | Pseudogenes/genetics | Genetics | Research Support; Non-U.S. Gov't | Biologi | Natural Sciences | Biological Sciences | RNA; Untranslated/genetics | Mutagenesis/genetics | DNA Transposable Elements/genetics | Multigene Family/genetics | Retroviridae/genetics | Sequence Analysis; DNA | Genetik | Genes/genetics | Naturvetenskap | Conserved Sequence/genetics | Evolution; Molecular | Biologiska vetenskaper | Cell and molecular biology | Chickens/genetics | Cell- och molekylärbiologi
Journal Article
by Feliciano, Pamela and Daniels, Amy M and Green Snyder, LeeAnne and Beaumont, Amy and Camba, Alexies and Esler, Amy and Gulsrud, Amanda G and Mason, Andrew and Gutierrez, Anibal and Nicholson, Amy and Paolicelli, Anna Marie and McKenzie, Alexander P and Rachubinski, Angela L and Stephens, Alexandra N and Simon, Andrea R and Stedman, Amy and Shocklee, Amanda D and Swanson, Amy and Finucane, Brenda and Hilscher, Brittani A and Hauf, Brenda and O’Roak, Brian J and McKenna, Brooke and Robertson, Beverly E and Rodriguez, Barbara and Vernoia, Brianna M and Van Metre, Bonnie and Bradley, Catherine and Cohen, Cheryl and Erickson, Craig A and Harkins, Christina and Hayes, Caitlin and Lord, Catherine and Martin, Christa Lese and Ortiz, Crissy and Ochoa-Lubinoff, Cesar and Peura, Christine and Rice, Catherine E and Rosenberg, Cordelia R and Smith, Christopher J and Thomas, Carrie and Taylor, Cora M and White, Loran Casey and Walston, Corrie H and Amaral, David G and Coury, Daniel Lee and Sarver, Dustin E and Istephanous, Dalia and Li, Deana and Nugyen, Dzung Cong and Fox, Emily A and Butter, Eric M and Berry-Kravis, Elizabeth and Courchesne, Eric and Fombonne, Eric J and Hofammann, Eugenia and Lamarche, Elena and Wodka, Ericka L and Matthews, Emily T and O’Connor, Eirene and Palen, Emily and Miller, Fiona and Dichter, Gabriel S and Marzano, Gabriela and Stein, Gail and Hutter, Hanna and Kaplan, Hannah E and Li, Hai and Lechniak, Holly and Schneider, Hoa Lam and Zaydens, Hana and Arriaga, Ivette and Gerdts, Jennifer A and Cubells, Joseph F and Cordova, Jeanette M and Gunderson, Jaclyn and Lillard, Joseph and Manoharan, Julie and McCracken, James T and Michaelson, Jacob J and Neely, Jason and Orobio, Jessica and Pandey, Juhi and Piven, Joseph and Scherr, Jessica and Sutcliffe, James S and Tjernagel, Jennifer and Wallace, Jermel and Callahan, Kristen and Dent, Katherine and Schweers, Kathryn A and Hamer, Kira E and Law, J. Kiely and Lowe, Kathryn and O’Brien, Kaela and Smith, Kaitlin and Pawlowski, Katherine G and Pierce, Karen L and Roeder, Katherine and Abbeduto, Leonard J and ... and The SPARK Consortium and SPARK Consortium and SPARK Consortium. Electronic address: pfeliciano@simonsfoundation.org
Neuron, ISSN 0896-6273, 02/2018, Volume 97, Issue 3, pp. 488 - 493
Journal Article
by Feliciano, P and Zhou, XY and Astrovskaya, I and Turner, TN and Wang, TY and Brueggeman, L and Barnard, R and Hsieh, A and Snyder, LG and Muzny, DM and Sabo, A and Gibbs, RA and Eichler, EE and O'Roak, BJ and Michaelson, JJ and Volfovsky, N and Shen, YF and Chung, WK and Abbeduto, L and Acampado, J and Ace, AJ and Albright, C and Alessandri, M and Amaral, DG and Amatya, A and Annett, RD and Arriaga, I and Bahl, E and Balasubramanian, A and Bardett, N and Bashar, A and Beaudet, A and Beeson, L and Bernier, RA and Berry-Kravis, E and Booker, S and Brewster, SJ and Brooks, E and Butler, ME and Butter, EM and Callahan, K and Camba, A and Carpenter, S and Carriero, N and Cartner, LA and Chatha, AS and Chin, WB and Clark, RD and Cohen, C and Courchesne, E and Cubells, JF and Currin, MH and Daniels, AM and DeMarco, L and Dennis, MY and Dichter, GS and Ding, Y and Dinh, H and Doan, R and Doddapaneni, H and Eldred, S and Eng, C and Erickson, CA and Esler, A and Fatemi, A and Fischer, GJ and Fisk, I and Fombonne, EJ and Fox, EA and Francis, S and Friedman, SL and Ganesan, S and Garrett, M and Gazestani, V and Geisheker, MR and Gerdts, JA and Geschwind, DH and Goin-Kochel, RP and Griswold, AJ and Grosvenor, LP and Gruber, AJ and Gulsrud, AC and Gunderson, J and Gutierrez, A and Hale, MN and Haley, M and Hall, JB and Hamer, KE and Han, B and Hanna, N and Harkins, C and Harris, N and Hauf, B and Hayes, C and Hepburn, SL and Herbert, LM and Heyman, M and Phillips, BA and Horner, S and Hu, JH and ... and SPARK Consortium and The SPARK Consortium
NPJ GENOMIC MEDICINE, ISSN 2056-7944, 08/2019, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp. 19 - 14
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a genetically heterogeneous condition, caused by a combination of rare de novo and inherited variants as well as common... 
Journal Article
by Abbott, Amanda and Woessner, Jeffrey P and Wagner-McPherson, Caryn and Nash, William E and McPherson, John D and Schultz, Brian R and Hillier, LaDeana W and Simms, Elizabeth and Eichler, Evan E and Strowmatt, Catrina and Rock, Susan M and Nelson, Joanne O and Iadanoto, Shawn and Scott, Kelsi and Dauphin-Kohlberg, Sara and Chinwalla, Asif T and Williams, Donald and Baertsch, Robert A and Miner, Tracie L and Bielicki, Lauren and Cordes, Matt and O'Laughlin, Michelle D and Kalicki, Joelle and Leonard, Shawn and Brent, Michael R and Schaller, Mark E and Harris, Anthony and Minx, Patrick and Maupin, Rachel and Eldred, James and Levy, Ruth and Hickenbotham, Matthew T and Graves, Tina A and Lamar, Betty and Edwards, Jennifer and Courtney, Laura and Tomlinson, Chad and Wylie, Kristine and Keibler, Evan and Miller, Nancy and Torrents, David and Bailey, Jeffrey A and Gish, Warren R and Fulton, Robert S and Kozlowicz-Reilly, Amy and Clendenning, James and Bedell, Joseph A and Delehaunty, Kimberly D and Bieri, Tamberlyn A and Raymond, Christopher and Gillett, Will and Chissoe, Stephanie L and Clifton, Sandra W and Harkins, Richard and Portnoy, Matthew E and Furey, Terrence S and Zhou, Yang and Latreille, Phil and Du, Hui and Fulton, Lucinda A and Pepin, Kymberlie H and Kent, W. James and Layman, Dan and Kaul, Rajinder and Johnson, Doug and Wohldmann, Patricia E and Cook, Lisa L and Mardis, Elaine R and Ali, Johar and Hou, Shunfang and Bradshaw-Cordum, Holland and Eddy, Sean R and Sekhon, Mandeep and Bubb, Kerry and Suyama, Mikita and Wilson, Richard K and Marra, Marco A and Olson, Maynard V and Wendl, Michael C and Spieth, John and Becker, Michael C and Bork, Peer and Rohlfing, Theresa and VanBrunt, Andrew and Flicek, Paul and Haugen, Eric and Ozersky, Philip and Isak, Amber and Jaeger, Sara and Fewell, Ginger A and Yang, Shiaw-Pyng and James, Rose and Phelps, Karen and Holmes, Andrea and Wallis, John W and Du, Feiyu and Strong, Cynthia Madsen and Maas, Jason and Tin-Wollam, Aye-Mon and Walker, Rebecca and ...
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 07/2003, Volume 424, Issue 6945, pp. 157 - 164
Journal Article
by McComas, D J and McComas, D J and Alexander, N and Alexander, N and Angold, N and Angold, N and Bale, S and Bale, S and Beebe, C and Beebe, C and Birdwell, B and Birdwell, B and Boyle, M and Boyle, M and Burgum, J M and Burgum, J M and Burnham, J A and Burnham, J A and Christian, E R and Christian, E R and Cook, W R and Cook, W R and Cooper, S A and Cooper, S A and Cummings, A C and Cummings, A C and Davis, A J and Davis, A J and Desai, M I and Desai, M I and Dickinson, J and Dickinson, J and Dirks, G and Dirks, G and Do, D H and Do, D H and Fox, N and Fox, N and Giacalone, J and Giacalone, J and Gold, R E and Gold, R E and Gurnee, R S and Gurnee, R S and Hayes, J R and Hayes, J R and Hill, M E and Hill, M E and Kasper, J C and Kasper, J C and Kecman, B and Kecman, B and Klemic, J and Klemic, J and Krimigis, S M and Krimigis, S M and Labrador, A W and Labrador, A W and Layman, R S and Layman, R S and Leske, R A and Leske, R A and Livi, S and Livi, S and Matthaeus, W H and Matthaeus, W H and McNutt Jr, R L and McNutt Jr, R L and Mewaldt, R A and Mewaldt, R A and Mitchell, D G and Mitchell, D G and Nelson, K S and Nelson, K S and Parker, C and Parker, C and Rankin, J S and Rankin, J S and Roelof, E C and Roelof, E C and Schwadron, N A and Schwadron, N A and Seifert, H and Seifert, H and Shuman, S and Shuman, S and Stokes, M R and Stokes, M R and Stone, E C and Stone, E C and Vandegriff, J D and Vandegriff, J D and Velli, M and Velli, M and von Rosenvinge, T T and von Rosenvinge, T T and Weidner, S E and Weidner, S E and Wiedenbeck, M E and Wiedenbeck, M E and ...
Space Science Reviews, ISSN 0038-6308, 12/2016, Volume 204, Issue 1, pp. 187 - 256
Journal Article