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Lancet, The, ISSN 0140-6736, 2016, Volume 389, Issue 10066, pp. 255 - 265
Journal Article
Lancet Oncology, The, ISSN 1470-2045, 2017, Volume 18, Issue 5, pp. 599 - 610
Journal Article
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Journal Article
Operative Techniques in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, ISSN 1043-1810, 2007, Volume 18, Issue 3, pp. 162 - 165
The aging brow imparts an aspect of fatigue or even anger in many individuals, and may distract from the inherent attractiveness of the eyes. The browlift is... 
Otolaryngology | Surgery | Forehead surgery | Endobrow | Rhytidectomy | Upper face | Endoscopic browlift | Browlift
Journal Article
Operative Techniques in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, ISSN 1043-1810, 2007, Volume 18, Issue 3, pp. 189 - 194
The facelift procedure is intended to smooth redundant skin in the lower face (jowls) and neck (bands and wattles), providing less improvement in the midface... 
Otolaryngology | Surgery | Facelift | Cervicoplasty | Rhytidoplasty | Rhytidectomy | Aging face
Journal Article
Operative Techniques in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, ISSN 1043-1810, 2007, Volume 18, Issue 3, pp. 181 - 188
Osseous genioplasty remains an important technique in the surgical alteration of the chin. Additionally, it is an extremely stable procedure associated with a... 
Otolaryngology | Surgery | Chin augmentation | Alloplastic augmentation | Genioplasty | Chin implant
Journal Article
Lancet Infectious Diseases, The, ISSN 1473-3099, 2016, Volume 16, Issue 10, pp. 1134 - 1144
Journal Article
by Zaaroor, Menashe and Sinai, Alon and Goldsher, Dorit and Eran, Ayelet and Nassar, Maria and Schlesinger, Ilana and Parker, Jonathon and Ravikumar, Vinod and Ghanouni, Pejman and Stein, Sherman and Halpern, Casey and Krishna, Vibhor and Hargrove, Amelia and Agrawal, Punit and Changizi, Barbara and Bourekas, Eric and Knopp, Michael and Rezai, Ali and Mead, Brian and Kim, Namho and Mastorakos, Panagiotis and Suk, Jung Soo and Miller, Wilson and Klibanov, Alexander and Hanes, Justin and Price, Richard and Wang, Shutao and Olumolade, Oluyemi and Kugelman, Tara and Jackson-Lewis, Vernice and Karakatsani, Maria Eleni and Han, Yang and Przedborski, Serge and Konofagou, Elisa and Hynynen, Kullervo and Aubert, Isabelle and Leinenga, Gerhard and Nisbet, Rebecca and Hatch, Robert and Van der Jeugd, Anneke and Evans, Harrison and Götz, Jürgen and Van der Jeugd, Ann and Fishman, Paul and Yarowsky, Paul and Frenkel, Victor and Wei-Bin, Shen and Nguyen, Ben and Sanchez, Carlos Sierra and Acosta, Camilo and Chen, Cherry and Wu, Shih-Ying and Aryal, Muna and Papademetriou, Iason T and Zhang, Yong-Zhi and Power, Chanikarn and McDannold, Nathan and Porter, Tyrone and Kovacs, Zsofia and Kim, Saejeong and Jikaria, Neekita and Qureshi, Farhan and Bresler, Michele and Frank, Joseph and Odéen, Henrik and Chiou, George and Snell, John and Todd, Nick and Madore, Bruno and Parker, Dennis and Pauly, Kim Butts and Marx, Mike and Jonathan, Sumeeth and Grissom, William and Arvanitis, Costas and Clement, Gregory and de Bever, Joshua and Payne, Allison and Christensen, Douglas and Maimbourg, Guillaume and Santin, Mathieu David and Houdouin, Alexandre and Lehericy, Stéphane and Tanter, Mickael and Aubry, Jean Francois and Federau, Christian and Werner, Beat and Paeng, Dong-Guk and Xu, Zhiyuan and Quigg, Anders and Eames, Matt and Jin, Changzhu and Everstine, Ashli and Sheehan, Jason and Lopes, M. Beatriz and Kassell, Neal and Drake, James and Price, Karl and Lustgarten, Lior and Sin, Vivian and ...
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Journal Article