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physics (926) 926
science & technology (775) 775
physical sciences (578) 578
high energy physics - experiment (521) 521
particle physics (368) 368
physics, particles & fields (352) 352
experiment (331) 331
physics - high energy physics - experiment (321) 321
[phys.hexp]physics [physics]/high energy physics - experiment [hep-ex] (305) 305
astronomy & astrophysics (290) 290
high energy physics (210) 210
experiments (184) 184
física de partícules (181) 181
particle physics - experiment (171) 171
hadron-hadron scattering (167) 167
babar (165) 165
physics, multidisciplinary (160) 160
life sciences & biomedicine (157) 157
humans (144) 144
nuclear and high energy physics (104) 104
lhcb (101) 101
b physics (100) 100
phenomenology (88) 88
astrophysics (83) 83
female (82) 82
physics, nuclear (81) 81
elementary particles, quantum field theory (76) 76
nuclear experiment (76) 76
flavor physics (75) 75
exact sciences and technology (74) 74
quantum field theories, string theory (74) 74
male (69) 69
physics of elementary particles and fields (68) 68
quantum physics (63) 63
high energy astrophysical phenomena (62) 62
settore fis/04 - fisica nucleare e subnucleare (62) 62
classical and quantum gravitation, relativity theory (61) 61
biological and medical sciences (58) 58
cp violation (58) 58
sciences of the universe (58) 58
530 physics (57) 57
physics institute (57) 57
branching fraction (52) 52
medical sciences (49) 49
animals (48) 48
bottom mesons (47) 47
adult (44) 44
hadronic decays of bottom mesons (43) 43
astronomy (42) 42
settore fis/01 - fisica sperimentale (42) 42
decay (41) 41
hadrons (40) 40
14.40.nd (39) 39
research (39) 39
13.25.hw (38) 38
multidisciplinary sciences (38) 38
science & technology - other topics (38) 38
social sciences (38) 38
earth, ocean, space (37) 37
mesons (37) 37
middle aged (36) 36
analysis (34) 34
collisions (33) 33
neurosciences & neurology (33) 33
aged (31) 31
física nuclear (31) 31
hep-ex (31) 31
risk factors (31) 31
astrophysics - high energy astrophysical phenomena (30) 30
clinical neurology (30) 30
physics - high energy astrophysical phenomena (30) 30
qcd (30) 30
rare decay (29) 29
[phys.astr.he]physics [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph]/high energy astrophysical phenomena [astro-ph.he] (28) 28
physics and astronomy (27) 27
[sdu.astr.he]sciences of the universe [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph]/high energy astrophysical phenomena [astro-ph.he] (26) 26
b mesons (26) 26
gamma rays: observations (26) 26
particle decay (26) 26
genetic aspects (25) 25
nuclear & particles physics (25) 25
[phys.astr.co]physics [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph]/cosmology and extra-galactic astrophysics [astro-ph.co] (24) 24
cosmology and extra-galactic astrophysics (24) 24
genetics & heredity (24) 24
lhcb - abteilung hofmann (24) 24
luminosity (24) 24
technology (24) 24
abridged index medicus (23) 23
asymmetry (23) 23
cosmology and extragalactic astrophysics (23) 23
medical research (23) 23
[sdu.astr.co]sciences of the universe [physics]/astrophysics [astro-ph]/cosmology and extra-galactic astrophysics [astro-ph.co] (22) 22
flavour changing neutral currents (22) 22
galaxy astrophysics (22) 22
genetics (22) 22
quantum field theory (22) 22
teoria quàntica de camps (22) 22
hadron interactions (20) 20
hadron-induced high- and super-high-energy interactions: inclusive production with identified hadrons (20) 20
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Library Location Library Location
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OISE - Stacks (1) 1
Online Resources - Online (1) 1
Physics - Circulation Desk (1) 1
Physics - Stacks (1) 1
Robarts - Reference (1) 1
St. Michael's College (John M. Kelly) - 2nd Floor (1) 1
Trinity College (John W Graham) - Reference (1) 1
UTL at Downsview - Stacks (1) 1
UofT at Mississauga - Reference (1) 1
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by Jiang, Yuxiang and Oron, Tal Ronnen and Clark, Wyatt T and Bankapur, Asma R and Anea, D', Daniel and Lepore, Rosalba and Funk, Christopher S and Kahanda, Indika and Verspoor, Karin M and Ben-Hur, Asa and Koo, Da Chen Emily and Penfold-Brown, Duncan and Shasha, Dennis and Youngs, Noah and Bonneau, Richard and Lin, Alexana and Sahraeian, Sayed M.E and Martelli, Pier Luigi and ti, Giuseppe and Casadio, Rita and Cao, Renzhi and Zhong, Zhaolong and Cheng, Jianlin and Altenhoff, Aian and Skunca, Nives and Dessimoz, Christophe and Dogan, Tunca and Hakala, Kai and Kaewphan, Suwisa and Mehryary, Farrokh and Salakoski, Tapio and Ginter, Filip and Fang, Hai and Smithers, Ben and Oates, Matt and Gough, Julian and Törönen, Petri and Koskinen, Patrik and Holm, Liisa and Chen, Ching Tai and Hsu, Wen Lian and Bryson, Kevin and Cozzetto, Domenico and Minneci, Federico and Jones, David T and Chapman, Samuel and BKC, Dukka and Khan, Ishita K and Kihara, Daisuke and Ofer, Dan and Rappoport, Nadav and Stern, Amos and Cibrian-Uhalte, Elena and Denny, Paul and Foulger, Rebecca E and Hieta, Reija and Legge, Duncan and Lovering, Ruth C and Magrane, Michele and Melidoni, Anna N and Mutowo-Meullenet, Prudence and Pichler, Klemens and Shypitsyna, Aleksana and Li, Biao and Zakeri, Pooya and ElShal, Sarah and Tranchevent, Léon Charles and Das, Sayoni and Dawson, Natalie L and Lee, David and Lees, Jonathan G and Sillitoe, Ian and Bhat, Prajwal and Nepusz, Tamás and Romero, Alfonso E and Sasidharan, Rajkumar and Yang, Haixuan and Paccanaro, Alberto and Gillis, Jesse and Sedeño-Cortés, Aiana E and Pavlidis, Paul and Feng, Shou and Cejuela, Juan M and Goldberg, Tatyana and Hamp, Tobias and Richter, Lothar and Salamov, Asaf and Gabaldon, Toni and Marcet-Houben, Marina and Supek, Fran and Gong, Qingtian and Ning, Wei and Zhou, Yuanpeng and Tian, Weidong and Falda, Marco and Fontana, Paolo and Lavezzo, Enrico and Toppo, Stefano and Ferrari, Carlo and Giollo, Manuel and ... and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
Genome Biology, ISSN 1474-7596, 2016, Volume 17, Issue 1, pp. 184 - 184
Journal Article
by Hoglinger, Gunter and Melhem, Nadine and Dickson, Dennis and Sleiman, Patrick and Wang, Li-San and Klei, Lambertus and Rademakers, Rosa and Silva, Rohan and Litvan, Irene and Riley, David and Swieten, John and Heutink, Peter and Wszolek, Zbigniew and Uitti, Ryan and Vanovcova, Jana and Hurtig, Howard and Gross, Rachel and Maetzler, Walter and Goldwurm, Stefano and Tolosa, E and Borroni, Barbara and Pastor, Pau and Cantwell, Laura and Han, M.R and Dillman, Allissa and Brug, Marcel and Gibbs, Raphael and Cookson, Mark and Hernandez, Dena and Singleton, Anew and Farrer, Matthew and Yu, Changen and Golbe, Lawrence and Revesz, Tamas and Hardy, John and Lees, Anew and Devlin, Bernie and Hakonarson, Hakon and Müller, Ulrich and Schellenberg, Gerard and Albin, Roger and Alonso, Elena and Apfelbacher, Manuela and Arnold, Steven and Avila, Jesús and Beach, Thomas and Beecher, Sherry and Berg, Daniela and Bird, Thomas and Bogdanović, Nenad and Boon, Anea and Bordelon, Yvette and Brice, Alexis and Budka, Herbert and Canesi, Margherita and Chiu, Wang Zheng and Cilia, Roberto and Colosimo, Carlo and Deyn, Peter and Yebenes, J.G and Donker Kaat, Laura and Duara, Ranjan and Durr, A and Engelborghs, Sebastiaan and Fabbrini, Giovanni and Finch, Nicole and Flook, Robyn and Frosch, Matthew and Gaig, C and Galasko, Douglas and Gasser, Thomas and Gearing, Marla and Geller, Evan and Ghetti, Bernardino and Graff-Radford, Neill and Grossman, Murray and Hall, Deborah and Hazrati, L.-N and Höllerhage, Matthias and Jankovic, Joseph and Juncos, Jorge and Karydas, Anna and Kretzschmar, Hans and Leber, Isabelle and Lee, Virginia and Lieberman, Anew and Lyons, Kelly and Mariani, Claudio and Masliah, Eliezer and Massey, Luke and McLean, Catriona and Meucci, Nicoletta and Miller, Bruce and Mollenhauer, Brit and Möller, Jens and Morris, Huw and O'Sullivan, Sean and Oertel, W and Ottaviani, Donatella and Padovani, Alessano and ... and PSP Genetics Study Grp and PSP Genetics Study Group
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 07/2011, Volume 43, Issue 7, pp. 699 - 705
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Aubert, B and Bona, M and Boutigny, D and Couderc, F and Lees, J.P and Poireau, V and Tisserand, V and Zghiche, A and Qi, N.D and Wang, P and Zhu, Y.S and Eigen, G and Stugu, B and Abrams, G.S and Battaglia, M and Brown, D.N and Button-Shafer, J and Cahn, R.N and Charles, E and Gill, M.S and Groysman, Y and Kadyk, J.A and Kolomensky, Yu.G and Kukartsev, G and Lynch, G and Orimoto, T.J and Pripstein, M and Roe, N.A and Ronan, M.T and Barrett, M and Ford, K.E and Harrison, T.J and Hart, A.J and Hawkes, C.M and Morgan, S.E and Watson, A.T and Held, T and Koch, H and Lewandowski, B and Pelizaeus, M and Schroeder, T and Steinke, M and Boyd, J.T and Cottingham, W.N and Walker, D and Cuhadar-Donszelmann, T and Hearty, C and Knecht, N.S and Mattison, T.S and McKenna, J.A and Khan, A and Kyberd, P and Saleem, M and Sherwood, D.J and Blinov, V.E and Bukin, A.D and Druzhinin, V.P and Golubev, V.B and Onuchin, A.P and Serednyakov, S.I and Skovpen, Yu.I and Todyshev, K.Yu and Best, D.S and Bondioli, M and Bruinsma, M and Chao, M and Eschrich, I and Kirkby, D and Lankford, A.J and Mandelkern, M and Stoker, D.P and Abachi, S and Buchanan, C and Foulkes, S.D and Gary, J.W and Long, O and Shen, B.C and Wang, K and Zhang, L and Hill, E.J and Paar, H.P and Rahatlou, S and Sharma, V and Berryhill, J.W and Cunha, A and Dahmes, B and Hong, T.M and Kovalskyi, D and Richman, J.D and Beck, T.W and Eisner, A.M and Flacco, C.J and Heusch, C.A and Kroseberg, J and Nesom, G and Schalk, T and Seiden, A and Spradlin, P and Wilson, M.G and Albert, J and ...
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 05/2007, Volume 98, Issue 21
Journal Article
by Hanley, Daniel F and Thompson, Richard E and Rosenblum, Michael and Yenokyan, Gayane and Lane, Karen and McBee, Nichol and Mayo, Steven W and Bistran-Hall, Amanda J and Gandhi, Dheeraj and Mould, W Andrew and Ullman, Natalie and Ali, Hasan and Carhuapoma, J Ricardo and Kase, Carlos S and Lees, Kennedy R and Dawson, Jesse and Wilson, Alastair and Betz, Joshua F and Sugar, Elizabeth A and Hao, Yi and Avadhani, Radhika and Caron, Jean-Louis and Harrigan, Mark R and Carlson, Andrew P and Bulters, Diederik and LeDoux, David and Huang, Judy and Cobb, Cully and Gupta, Gaurav and Kitagawa, Ryan and Chicoine, Michael R and Patel, Hiren and Dodd, Robert and Camarata, Paul J and Wolfe, Stacey and Stadnik, Agnieszka and Money, P Lynn and Mitchell, Patrick and Sarabia, Rosario and Harnof, Sagi and Barzo, Pal and Unterberg, Andreas and Teitelbaum, Jeanne S and Wang, Weimin and Anderson, Craig S and Mendelow, A David and Gregson, Barbara and Janis, Scott and Vespa, Paul and Ziai, Wendy and Zuccarello, Mario and Awad, Issam A and Abdul-Rahim, Azmil and Abou-Hamden, Amal and Abraham, Michael and Ahmed, Azam and Alba, Carlos Alarcon and Aldrich, E. Francois and Altschul, David and Amin-Hanjani, Sepideh and Anderson, Doug and Ansari, Safdar and Antezana, David and Ardelt, Agnieszka and Arikan, Fuat and Baguena, Marcelino and Baker, Alexandra and Barrer, Steven J and Becker, Kyra J and Bergman, Thomas and Boström, Azize and Braun, Jamie and Brindley, Peter and Broaddus, William C and Brown, Robert and Buki, Andras and Cao, Bing and Cao, Ying and Carrion-Penagos, Julian and Chalela, Julio and Chang, Tiffany and Chorro, Indalecio Moran and Chowdhry, Shakeel and Corral, Luisa and Csiba, Laszlo and Davies, Jason and Díaz, Alberto Torres and Derdeyn, Colin P and Diringer, Michael and Dlugash, Rachel and Ecker, Robert and Economas, Tracey and Enriquez, Pedro and Ezer, Erzsebet and Fan, Yuhua and Feng, Hua and Franz, Douglas and Freeman, W. David and Fusco, Matthew and Galicich, Walter and ... and MISTIE III Investigators
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 03/2019, Volume 393, Issue 10175, pp. 1021 - 1032
Journal Article