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Lancet neurology, ISSN 1474-4422, 2010, Volume 9, Issue 10, pp. 986 - 994
Journal Article
by Lim, Stephen S, Dr and Vos, Theo, Prof and Flaxman, Abraham D, PhD and Danaei, Goodarz, MD and Shibuya, Kenji, Prof and Adair-Rohani, Heather, MPH and AlMazroa, Mohammad A, MD and Amann, Markus, PhD and Anderson, H Ross, Prof and Andrews, Kathryn G, MPH and Aryee, Martin, PhD and Atkinson, Charles, BS and Bacchus, Loraine J, PhD and Bahalim, Adil N, MEng and Balakrishnan, Kalpana, Prof and Balmes, John, Prof and Barker-Collo, Suzanne, PhD and Baxter, Amanda, MPH and Bell, Michelle L, Prof and Blore, Jed D, PhD and Blyth, Fiona, PhD and Bonner, Carissa, MPH and Borges, Guilherme, Prof and Bourne, Rupert, Prof and Boussinesq, Michel, MD and Brauer, Michael, Prof and Brooks, Peter, Prof and Bruce, Nigel G, Prof and Brunekreef, Bert, Prof and Bryan-Hancock, Claire, BPsych and Bucello, Chiara, BPsyc and Buchbinder, Rachelle, Prof and Bull, Fiona, Prof and Burnett, Richard T, PhD and Byers, Tim E, Prof and Calabria, Bianca, BPsyc and Carapetis, Jonathan, Prof and Carnahan, Emily, BA and Chafe, Zoe, MPH and Charlson, Fiona, MPH and Chen, Honglei, PhD and Chen, Jian Shen, PhD and Cheng, Andrew Tai-Ann, Prof and Child, Jennifer Christine, MSc and Cohen, Aaron, MPH and Colson, K Ellicott, BA and Cowie, Benjamin C, MBBS and Darby, Sarah, Prof and Darling, Susan, MPH and Davis, Adrian, Prof and Degenhardt, Louisa, Prof and Dentener, Frank, PhD and Des Jarlais, Don C, PhD and Devries, Karen, PhD and Dherani, Mukesh, PhD and Ding, Eric L, ScD and Dorsey, E Ray, MD and Driscoll, Tim, PhD and Edmond, Karen, PhD and Ali, Suad Eltahir, Mcs and Engell, Rebecca E, BA and Erwin, Patricia J, MLS and Fahimi, Saman, MD and Falder, Gail, MSc and Farzadfar, Farshad, MD and Ferrari, Alize, BPsySc and Finucane, Mariel M, PhD and Flaxman, Seth, BA and Fowkes, Francis Gerry R, Prof and Freedman, Greg, BA and Freeman, Michael K, BA and Gakidou, Emmanuela, PhD and Ghosh, Santu, MS and Giovannucci, Edward, Prof and Gmel, Gerhard, Prof and Graham, Kathryn, PhD and Grainger, Rebecca, PhD and Grant, Bridget, PhD and Gunnell, David, Prof and Gutierrez, Hialy R, BS and Hall, Wayne, Prof and Hoek, Hans W, Prof and Hogan, Anthony, PhD and Hosgood, H Dean, PhD and Hoy, Damian, PhD and Hu, Howard, Prof and Hubbell, Bryan J, PhD and Hutchings, Sally J, BSc and Ibeanusi, Sydney E, MBBS and Jacklyn, Gemma L, MPH and Jasrasaria, Rashmi, BA and Jonas, Jost B, Prof and Kan, Haidong, MD and Kanis, John A, Prof and Kassebaum, Nicholas, MD and Kawakami, Norito, Prof and Khang, Young-Ho, Prof and Khatibzadeh, Shahab, MD and Khoo, Jon-Paul, MBBS and Kok, Cindy, PhD and ... and Akademistatistik and Sahlgrenska akademin and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Centre for Applied Biostatistics and Sahlgrenska Academy
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 2013, Volume 380, Issue 9859, pp. 2224 - 2260
Journal Article
Journal Article
Lancet neurology, ISSN 1474-4422, 2017, Volume 16, Issue 3, pp. 208 - 216
Journal Article
by Beard, David J and Davies, Loretta J and Cook, Jonathan A and MacLennan, Graeme and Price, Andrew and Kent, Seamus and Hudson, Jemma and Carr, Andrew and Leal, Jose and Campbell, Helen and Fitzpatrick, Ray and Arden, Nigel and Murray, David and Campbell, Marion K and Barker, Karen and Murray, Gordon and Simpson, Hamish and Dodwell, Donna and Donell, Simon and Waite, Jonathan and Arden, Nigel and Beard, David and Campbell, Helen and Carr, Andrew and Cooper, Cushla and Davies, Loretta and Doll, Helen and Kent, Seamus and Leal, Jose and Fitzpatrick, Ray and Murray, David and Price, Andrew and Cook, Jonathan and Campbell, Marion and Fernie, Gordon and McDonald, Alison and Duncan, Anne and Castillo, Mayret and Fusco, Francesco and Greshon, Akiko and Holland, Kay and Li, Jiyang and Rabaiotti, Elena and Regan, Sandra and Stalker, Victoria and Forrest, Mark and MacLennan, Graeme and McPherson, Gladys and Boachie, Charles and Collins, Diana and Cruden, Janice and Halpin, Sophie and Smith, Beverley and Torgerson, David and Maher, Chris and Brownson, Peter and Mullins, Mark Mullins and Blazeby, Jane and Jenkins, Ruth and Lewis, Mark and Mintowt-Czyz, Witek and Beverland, Beverland and Bryce, Leeann and Catney, Julie and Dobie, Ian and Doran, Emer and O'Brien, Seamus and Ali, Fazal and Cripps, Heather and Whileman, Amanda and Williams, Phil and Toms, Julie and Brown, Ellen and Horner, Gillian and Jennings, Andrew and Rose, Glynis and Bamford, Frances and Goddard, Wendy and Marynissen, Hans and Peel, Haleh and Richards, Lyndsey and Bell, Amanda and Deo, Sunny and Grayland, Sarah and Hollinghurst, David and Pegler, Suzannah and Satish, Venkat and Woodruffe, Claire and London, Nick and Duffy, David and Bennett, Caroline and Featherstone, James and Cook, Joss and Dearnley, Kim and Muthukumar, Nagarajan and Onuoha, Laura and Wilson, Sarah and Banher, Sandhu and Emeakaroha, Eunice and Horohan, Jamie and ... and TOPKAT Study Group and TOPKAT Study Grp
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 08/2019, Volume 394, Issue 10200, pp. 746 - 756
Journal Article
Journal Article