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middle aged (5) 5
retrospective studies (5) 5
aged (4) 4
antifungal agents - therapeutic use (4) 4
child (4) 4
epidemiology (4) 4
index medicus (4) 4
microbiology (4) 4
prospective studies (4) 4
septicemia (4) 4
treatment outcome (4) 4
aids-related opportunistic infections - drug therapy (3) 3
aids-related opportunistic infections - mortality (3) 3
arthritis (3) 3
cryptococcosis - drug therapy (3) 3
endocarditis (3) 3
france - epidemiology (3) 3
immunology (3) 3
moraxella (3) 3
public, environmental & occupational health (3) 3
adolescent (2) 2
amphotericin-b (2) 2
antiretroviral therapy, highly active (2) 2
bacteraemia (2) 2
bacteremia - complications (2) 2
cryptococcosis (2) 2
cryptococcosis - mortality (2) 2
cryptococcus neoformans - classification (2) 2
escherichia coli (2) 2
flucytosine - therapeutic use (2) 2
follow-up studies (2) 2
france (2) 2
genotype (2) 2
hiv-infected patients (2) 2
human-immunodeficiency-virus (2) 2
infections (2) 2
life sciences (2) 2
mortality (2) 2
pediatrics (2) 2
pregnancy (2) 2
prognosis (2) 2
reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (2) 2
rifabutin - therapeutic use (2) 2
risk-factors (2) 2
strains (2) 2
virulence (2) 2
young adult (2) 2
[ sdv.mp.myc ] life sciences [q-bio]/microbiology and parasitology/mycology (1) 1
[ sdv.spee ] life sciences [q-bio]/santé publique et épidémiologie (1) 1
[sdv.mp.myc]life sciences [q-bio]/microbiology and parasitology/mycology (1) 1
[sdv.spee]life sciences [q-bio]/santé publique et épidémiologie (1) 1
abridged index medicus (1) 1
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (1) 1
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome - complications (1) 1
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome - epidemiology (1) 1
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome - mortality (1) 1
acquired-immunodeficiency-syndrome (1) 1
adults (1) 1
aeromonas hydrophila (1) 1
aeromonas-hydrophila (1) 1
age (1) 1
age factors (1) 1
age groups (1) 1
aged, 80 and over (1) 1
aids-associated cryptococcosis (1) 1
aids-related opportunistic infections (1) 1
aids-related opportunistic infections - complications (1) 1
aids-related opportunistic infections - epidemiology (1) 1
aids-related opportunistic infections - microbiology (1) 1
aids-related opportunistic infections - prevention & control (1) 1
alpha (1) 1
amikacin - therapeutic use (1) 1
amoxicillin - therapeutic use (1) 1
amphotericin b - therapeutic use (1) 1
amplified polymorphic dna (1) 1
anesthesiology (1) 1
animals (1) 1
anti-bacterial agents - administration & dosage (1) 1
anti-bacterial agents - pharmacology (1) 1
anti-bacterial agents - therapeutic use (1) 1
anti-hiv agents (1) 1
anti-hiv agents - administration & dosage (1) 1
anti-hiv agents - therapeutic use (1) 1
antibiotics, antitubercular - therapeutic use (1) 1
antifungal agents (1) 1
antigens, fungal - blood (1) 1
antiviral agents (1) 1
arthrite (1) 1
arthritis, infectious - drug therapy (1) 1
bacteremia - diagnosis (1) 1
bacteremia - drug therapy (1) 1
bacteremia - microbiology (1) 1
bacteremia - mortality (1) 1
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Journal Article
by Dromer, Françoise and Mathoulin-Pélissier, Simone and Launay, Odile and Lortholary, Olivier and Achard, J and Chabasse, D and Bland, S and Bru, J.P and Pulik, M and Leturdu, F and Lepeu, X and Lefrand, H and Ferrand, M and Larrouy, M and Bentata, M and Bouges-Michel, C and Camuset, J and Guillevin, L and Jarrousse, B and Lortholary, O and Robineau, M and Rousset, J.J and Couprie, B and Dupon, M and Dutronc, H and Lacut, J.Y and Pellegrin, J.L and Ragnaud, J.M and Viallard, J.F and Weil, F.X and Bougnoux, M.E and Montreal, X and Morelon, S and Rouveix, E and Granier, P and De Montclos, H and Desveaux, A and Gavignet, M and Labussiere, A.S and Mornet, M and De Saint-Martin, L and Moalic, E and Roucoules, J and Loriferne, J.F and Otterbein, G and Desson, J.F and Leporrier, M and Duhamel, C and Korach, J.M and Salles, B and Sire, C and Herve, V and Souleau, B and Beytout, J and Cambon, M and Boussougant, Y and Dreyfuss, D and Michon, X and Vinceneux, P and Belkacem-Belkaki, G and Bretagne, S and Chousterman, M and Grimberg, P and Lascaux, A.S and Schaeffer, A and Sobel, A and Bacri, J.L and Berthelot, G and Bonnin, A and Duong, M and Lopez, J and Portier, H and Gauthier, M and Salmon, O and Bizet, J and Gaillard, J.L and Perronne, C and Desailly, M.A and Maisonneuve, H and Bedos, J.P and Doll, J and Eloy, O and Ghnassia, J.C and Roussin-Bretagne, S and Brocard, C and Guiffault, P and Layet, A and Morel, A and Botterel, F and Bouree, P and Delfraissy, J.F and Kertaimont, Y and Lozeron, P and Rérat, K and Saïd, G and Cricks, X and Darde, M.L and Jaccard, A and Bouhour, D and Dannaoui, E and ... and French Cryptococcosis Study Group and the French Cryptococcosis Study Group
PLoS Medicine, ISSN 1549-1277, 02/2007, Volume 4, Issue 2, pp. 0297 - 0308
Journal Article
by Bruneel, Fabrice and Tubach, Florence and Mira, Jean-Paul and Houze, Sandrine and Gibot, Sebastien and Huisse, Marie-Genevieve and Megarbane, Bruno and Choquet, Christophe and Corne, Philippe and Peytel, Eric and Villers, Daniel and Camus, Christophe and Bouchaud, Olivier and Caumes, Eric and Girard, Pierre-Marie and Simon, Fabrice and Kalloumeh, Antoine and Roy, Carine and Durand, Remy and Le Bras, Jacques and Matheron, Sophie and Wolff, Michel and Mourvillier, B and Aubron, C and Bouadma, L and Regnier, B and d’Ortenzio, E and Matra, R and Bouvet, E and Tourret, J and Dorchies, J and Males, S and Rioux, C and Flicoteaux, R and Yeni, P and Spingler, F and Kargougou, E and Casalino, E and Ollivier, V and Grandchamp, B and Miri, Y and Fresnoy, E and Grelon, F and Asfar, P and Kouatchet, A and Mercat, A and Joly-Guillou, M.L and Kempf, M and Eveillard, M and Daoudal, P and Royer, A and Runge, I and Mathonnet, A and Boulain, T and Bret, L and Hocqueloux, L and Segalin, J.M and Mille, C and Niang, M and Prazuck, T and Fortin, M and Schortgen, F and Brun Buisson, C and Botterel, F and Bretagne, S and Leroy, O and Georges, H and Meybeck, A and Guery, B and Patoz, P and Dhennain, C and Chakarian, D and Azougagh, K and Bonmarchand, G and Abboud, P and Favennec, L and Lemeland, J.F and Petrognani, R and Nau, A and Puidupin, A and Carpentier, J.P and Garnotel, E and Moalic, J.L and Tual, L and Amathieu, R and Dhonneur, G and N’Diaye, M and Jeantils, V and Chassaignon, C and Guillerm, A.L and Riche, D and Javaud, N and Pevirieri, F and Benkel, J and Luis, D and Bon, M.C and Lenoir, G and Bernot, B and Collignon, A and Bemba, D and ...
Intensive Care Medicine, ISSN 0342-4642, 01/2018, Volume 44, Issue 1, pp. 141 - 143
Journal Article
by Peigne, Vincent and Dromer, Françoise and Elie, Caroline and Lidove, Olivier and Lortholary, Olivier and Chouaki, T and Samad, Y and Gaillat, J and Leturdu, F and Touahri, M and Delassus, X and Bouchaud, O and Bentata, M and Bouges-Michel, C and Poilane, Isabelle and Fain, O and Couprie, B and Dutronc, H and Rouveix, E and Dunan, J and Bretagne, S and Sobel, A and Lévy, Y and Garrait, V and Fauchet, N and Deliu, F and Lambotte, O and De Lavaissiere, M and Bourrée, P and Jabot, J and Piens, M.A and De Montbrison, F and Bienvenu, A.-L and Togent, E and Ponseau, B and Boibieu, A and Perronne, V and Eloy, O and Genot, S and Ranque, S and Lepape, Y and Dellamonica, P and Roger, P.-M and Gari-Toussaint, M and Lechiche, C and Lachaud, L and Hocqueloux, L and Prazuk, T and Poisson, D and Houzet, S and Chochillon, C and Leport, C and Matheron, S and Wolff, M and Choudat, L and Rousseau, A and Salmon, D and Blanche, P and Dupin, N and Franck, N and Baixench, M.T and Poirot, J.L and Meyohas, M.C and Bollens, D and Jaureguiberry, S and Develoux, M and Dannaoui, E and Karmochkine, M and Aslangul, E and Cornet, M and Delcey, V and Viard, J.P and Dupont, B and Lanternier, F and Bougnoux, M.E and Datry, A and Rozenbaum, W and Trylezinski, A and Molina, J.M and Lacroix, C and Azoulay, E and Kauffman-Lacroix, C and Godet, C and Arvieux, C and Chevrier, S and Favennec, L and Tamion, F and Lucht, P and Imbert, P and Porte, L and Linas, M.-D and Benaoudia, F and French Mycosis Study Grp and French Mycosis Study Group
American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, ISSN 0002-9637, 11/2011, Volume 85, Issue 5, pp. 934 - 941
Journal Article
by Lortholary, Olivier and Poizat, Gwendoline and Zeller, Valérie and Neuville, Ségolène and Boibieux, André and Alvarez, Muriel and Dellamonica, Pierre and Botterel, Françoise and Dromer, Françoise and Chêne, Geneviève and De Roux Serratrice, C and Bensaid, T and Schmitt, J.L and Raccurt, C and Pichard, E and Bouchara, J.P and Michon, C and Blanc, S and Dor, J.F and Blanc, V and De La Blanchardière, A and Lefranc, H and Lionet, X and Leturdu, F and Ferrand, M and Larrouy, X and Drobacheff, C and Million, L and Lortholary, O and Bouges Michel, C and Viallard, J.F and Couprie, Bernard and Ragnaud, J.M and Couprie, B and Beylot, J and Couprie, B and Rouveix, E and Bougnoux, M.E and Canu, N and Laurent, F and Julien, J and Gavignet, M and De St Martin, L and Moalic, E and Lefort, S and Korach, J.M and Toubas, D and Salles, B and Sire, C and Jacomet, C and Cambon, M and Mortier, E and Joly Guillou, M.L and Garait, V and Fauchet, X and Lascaut, A.S and Bretagne, Stéphane and Verdon, R and Duong, M and Bonnin, A and Devidas, A and Malbrunot, C and De Truchis, P and Gaillard, J.L and Stahl, J.P and Lebeau, B and Quertainmont, Y and Botterel, F and Rivoal, I and De Sailly, M.A and Bedos, J.P and Eloy, O and Weinbreck, P and Darde, M.L and Boibieux, A and Piens, M.A and Mialhes, P and Piens, M.A and Jourdan, C and Piens, M.A and Bret, M and Piens, M.A and Tissot Dupont, H and Blancard, A and Petit, N and Michel Nguyen, A and Nezri, M and Bietrix, M and La Torre, Y and Chandesris, C and Kabbani, X and Le Moing, V and Rispail, P and Rabaud, C and Biava, M and Billaud, E and Morin, O and Del Giudice, P and Gari Toussaint, M and Dellamonica, P and ... and French Cryptococcosis Study Grp
AIDS, ISSN 0269-9370, 11/2006, Volume 20, Issue 17, pp. 2183 - 2191
Journal Article
Journal Article
Chest, ISSN 0012-3692, 1988, Volume 93, Issue 1, pp. 43 - 48
During a one-year epidemiologic survey of acute community-acquired pneumonia, we prospectively investigated in 116 adult nonimmunocompromised patients (a) the... 
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Journal Article