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cohort studies (8) 8
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fabry disease - pathology (8) 8
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prognosis (8) 8
risk factors (8) 8
therapy (8) 8
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clinical-manifestations (7) 7
enzyme-replacement therapy (7) 7
females (7) 7
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human health and pathology (7) 7
kidney transplantation (7) 7
medicine, research & experimental (7) 7
meningitis (7) 7
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vasculitis (7) 7
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complications (6) 6
france (6) 6
health aspects (6) 6
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isoenzymes - therapeutic use (6) 6
maladie de fabry (6) 6
medical research (6) 6
outcome survey (6) 6
phenotype (6) 6
quality-of-life (6) 6
sarcoidosis (6) 6
surgery (6) 6
time factors (6) 6
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antibodies (5) 5
complications and side effects (5) 5
corticosteroids (5) 5
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males (5) 5
medicine (5) 5
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by Jallouli, M and Galicier, L and Zahr, N and Aumaître, O and Francès, C and Le Guern, V and Lioté, F and Smail, A and Limal, N and Perard, L and Desmurs‐Clavel, H and Le Thi Huong, D and Asli, B and Kahn, J.‐E and Pourrat, J and Sailler, L and Ackermann, F and Papo, T and Sacré, K and Fain, O and Stirnemann, J and Cacoub, P and Leroux, G and Cohen‐Bittan, J and Sellam, J and Mariette, X and Blanchet, B and Hulot, J. S and Amoura, Z and Piette, J. C and Costedoat‐Chalumeau, N and Astudillo, Leonardo and Belizna, Cristina and Belmatoug, Nadia and Benveniste, Olivier and Benyamine, Audrey and Bezanahary, Holly and Blanco, Patrick and Bletry, Olivier and Bodaghi, Bahram and Bourgeois, Pierre and Brihaye, Benoît and Chatelus, Emmanuel and Damade, Richard and Daugas, Eric and De‐Gennes, Christian and Delfraissy, Jean‐François and Delluc, Céline and Delluc, Aurélien and Duhaut, Pierre and Dupuy, Alain and Durieu, Isabelle and Ea, Hang‐Korng and Farge, Dominique and Funck‐Brentano, Christian and Gandjbakhch, Frédérique and Gellen‐Dautremer, Justine and Ghillani‐Dalbin, Pascale and Godeau, Bertrand and Goujard, Cécile and Grandpeix, Catherine and Grange, Claire and Grimaldi, Lamiae and Guettrot, Gaëlle and Guillevin, Loïc and Hachulla, Eric and Harle, Jean‐Robert and Haroche, Julien and Hausfater, Pierre and Jouquan, Jean and Kaplanski, Gilles and Keshtmand, Homa and Khellaf, Mehdi and Lambotte, Olivier and Launay, David and Lechat, Philippe and Levesque, Hervé and Lidove, Olivier and Liozon, Eric and Ly, Kim and Mahevas, Matthieu and Mariampillai, Kubéraka and Mathian, Alexis and Mazodier, Karin and Michel, Marc and Morel, Nathalie and Mouthon, Luc and Musset, Lucile and Ngack, Rokiya and Ninet, Jacques and Oksenhendler, Eric and Pellegrin, Jean‐Luc and Peyr, Olivier and Piette, Anne‐Marie and Poindron, Vincent and Roux, Fabienne and Saadoun, David and Sahali, Sabrinel and Saint‐Marcoux, Bernadette and Sarrot‐Reynauld, Françoise and ... and Plaquenil Lupus Systemic Study Grp and Plaquenil Lupus Systemic Study Group
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Journal Article
La revue de médecine interne, ISSN 0248-8663, 11/2019, Volume 40, Issue 11, pp. 729 - 732
De nombreuses maladies systémiques (vascularites, connectivites ou sarcoïdose) peuvent présenter des atteintes de la peau péri-anale, de l’anus et/ou du... 
Sarcoïdose | Fecal incontinence | Vasculitis | Anus | Incontinence anale | Sarcoïdosis | Rectum | Ulcérations | Connectivites | cConnective tissue diseases | Vascularites | Ulcerations
Journal Article
REVUE DE MEDECINE INTERNE, ISSN 0248-8663, 11/2019, Volume 40, Issue 11, pp. 729 - 732
Numerous systemic diseases (vasculitis, connective tissue disease or sarcoidosis) can display an involvement of the perianal skin, the rectum and/or the anus.... 
Journal Article