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by Cossarizza, Andrea and Chang, Hyun‐Dong and Radbruch, Andreas and Acs, Andreas and Adam, Dieter and Adam‐Klages, Sabine and Agace, William W and Aghaeepour, Nima and Akdis, Mübeccel and Allez, Matthieu and Almeida, Larissa Nogueira and Alvisi, Giorgia and Anderson, Graham and Andrä, Immanuel and Annunziato, Francesco and Anselmo, Achille and Bacher, Petra and Baldari, Cosima T and Bari, Sudipto and Barnaba, Vincenzo and Barros‐Martins, Joana and Battistini, Luca and Bauer, Wolfgang and Baumgart, Sabine and Baumgarth, Nicole and Baumjohann, Dirk and Baying, Bianka and Bebawy, Mary and Becher, Burkhard and Beisker, Wolfgang and Benes, Vladimir and Beyaert, Rudi and Blanco, Alfonso and Boardman, Dominic A and Bogdan, Christian and Borger, Jessica G and Borsellino, Giovanna and Boulais, Philip E and Bradford, Jolene A and Brenner, Dirk and Brinkman, Ryan R and Brooks, Anna E. S and Busch, Dirk H and Büscher, Martin and Bushnell, Timothy P and Calzetti, Federica and Cameron, Garth and Cammarata, Ilenia and Cao, Xuetao and Cardell, Susanna L and Casola, Stefano and Cassatella, Marco A and Cavani, Andrea and Celada, Antonio and Chatenoud, Lucienne and Chattopadhyay, Pratip K and Chow, Sue and Christakou, Eleni and Čičin‐Šain, Luka and Clerici, Mario and Colombo, Federico S and Cook, Laura and Cooke, Anne and Cooper, Andrea M and Corbett, Alexandra J and Cosma, Antonio and Cosmi, Lorenzo and Coulie, Pierre G and Cumano, Ana and Cvetkovic, Ljiljana and Dang, Van Duc and Dang‐Heine, Chantip and Davey, Martin S and Davies, Derek and De Biasi, Sara and Del Zotto, Genny and Dela Cruz, Gelo Victoriano and Delacher, Michael and Della Bella, Silvia and Dellabona, Paolo and Deniz, Günnur and Dessing, Mark and Di Santo, James P and Diefenbach, Andreas and Dieli, Francesco and Dolf, Andreas and Dörner, Thomas and Dress, Regine J and Dudziak, Diana and Dustin, Michael and Dutertre, Charles‐Antoine and Ebner, Friederike and Eckle, Sidonia B. G and Edinger, Matthias and Eede, Pascale and Ehrhardt, Götz R.A and Eich, Marcus and Engel, Pablo and Engelhardt, Britta and Erdei, Anna and ... and Wallenberg Centre for Molecular and Translational Medicine and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Sahlgrenska Cancer Center and Department of Laboratory Medicine and Institutionen för biomedicin, avdelningen för mikrobiologi och immunologi and Sahlgrenska Academy and Institutionen för biomedicin, avdelningen för laboratoriemedicin and Sahlgrenska akademin and Institute of Biomedicine, Department of Microbiology and Immunology
European Journal of Immunology, ISSN 0014-2980, 10/2019, Volume 49, Issue 10, pp. 1457 - 1973
These guidelines are a consensus work of a considerable number of members of the immunology and flow cytometry community. They provide the theory and key... 
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