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by Mohan, M and Lilford, R and Soreide, K and Harrison, EM and Gobin, N and Freitas, AV and Hall, N and Tabiri, S and Hanrahan, M and Roslani, AC and Goh, CC and Irwin, G and Luque, L and Shiwani, H and Altamimi, A and Fergusson, S and Rayne, S and Jeyakumar, J and Raptis, DA and Fermani, C and Macdermid, E and Edye, M and Jarmin, M and Youssef, D and Brown, J and Koh, C and Hanley, I and Primavesi, F and Hakim, H and Tutong, AB and Devadasar, GH and Aung, KP and Munhoz, MM and Ferreira, SAK and Laufer, LAV and Altoe, F and Da Silva, LA and Giuriato, TF and Luiz, JS and Leal, A and Dos Santos, DV and Fraga, GP and Stock, S and Kabba, J and Zani, A and Agarwal, A and Horobjowsky, A and Deckelbaum, DL and Razek, T and Montes, I and Villegas, MI and Zamarin, K and Pezelj, N and Khyrallh, A and Fahmy, MAB and Nabawi, A and Abdelkader, M and Gomah, M and Rashwan, H and Karkeet, M and Menshawy, A and Hanafy, M and Al-Mallah, A and Abdulgawad, M and Fattah, IA and Osman, O and Gemeah, M and Mohammed, A and Abozaid, M and Kotb, AHE and Abd El Hamid, N and El-Dien, KS and Hantour, U and Alahmady, O and Taha, EMS and Lasheen, KT and Elkolaly, SS and Saeed, AM and Elsebaaye, AO and Elzayat, M and Elzayat, I and El Deen, KN and Salah, O and Abbas, M and Rashad, M and Khaled, H and Elshaer, K and Ebrahim, OS and Metwally, MM and Nofal, E and Elbermawy, M and Samih, H and Abdelgelil, A and Abdelghany, S and Elkady, F and Salma, M and Haroun, A and Al-Aarag, AAR and Ghanem, E and Hammad, AM and ...
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Journal Article
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 06/2004, Volume 363, Issue 9427, pp. 2105 - 2115
Journal Article
by Duley, L and Farrell, Barbara and Armstrong, Nina and Spark, Patsy and Roberts, Barbara and Smyth, Rebecca and Tivnan, Mary and Laws, Anna and Corfield, Noelene and Salter, Annette and Thorn, Lisa and Altman, Douglas and Yu, Ly-Mee and Abalos, Edgardo and Carroli, Berenise and Dellepiane, Lucrecia and Duarte, Marina and Fernandez, Hebe and Giordano, Daniel and Clarke, Mike and Gray, Alastair and Hey, Edmund and Neilson, James and Simon, Judit and Doyle, Lex and Kelly, Tom and Squires, Jane and Collins, Rory and Karaoglou, Anna and Lilford, Richard and Moodley, Jack and Robson, Stephen and Roberts, Ian and Rubin, Peter and Thornton, James and Twaddle, Sara and Villar, José and Walker, Isabel and Watkins, Christopher and Bimbashi, A and Demalia, E and Gliozheni, O and Shpata, A and Karolinski, A and Lamas, M and Pesaresi, M and Wainer, V and Barbato, W and Paciocco, M and Bertin, M and Boiza, E and Castaldi, J and Partida, Y and Arias, C and Farri, M and Kerz, G and Aguirre, J and De Sagastizábal M, Sagastizabal M and Falcone, R and Morales, E and Carroli, G and Krupitzky, S and López, S and Palermo, M and Montes Varela, D and Delprato, H and Camusso, H and Curioni, M and Ludmer, E and Brandi, R and Martin, R and Mesas, W and Taralli, R and Lezaola, M and Morosini, M and Andina, E and Bernal, L and Estiú, M and Ulens, E and Ortiz De Speranza, B and Peyrano, A and Damiano, M and Saumench, C and Horn, J and Pritchard, M and Smith-Orr, V and Wilson, M and Lawrence, A and Watson, D and Crowther, C and Paynter, J and Ashrafunnessa, Ashrafunnessa and Mannan, M and Shahidullah, M and Shamsuddin, L and Barros Santos, C and Freire, S and Melo, E and Cobo, E and Jaramillo, E and ... and Magpie Trial Follow Study Collabor and Magpie Trial Follow-Up Study Collaborative Group
BJOG : an international journal of obstetrics and gynaecology, ISSN 1470-0328, 03/2007, Volume 114, Issue 3, pp. 289 - 299
Journal Article
by Greenhalgh, R.M and Brown, L.C and Epstein, D and Kwong, G.P.S and Powell, J.T and Sculpher, M.J and Thompson, S.G and Greenhalgh, R.M and Allison, D.J and Bell, P.R.F and Buxton, M.J and Harris, P.L and Hopkinson, B.R and Powell, J.T and Russell, I.T and Thompson, S.G and Brown, L.C and Barton, G and Epstein, D and Kwong, G.P.S and Macran, S and Manca, A and Reise, J.A and Williams, A and Greenhalgh, R.M and Beard, J.D and Buxton, M.J and Harris, P.L and Powell, J.T and Rose, J.D.G and Russell, I.T and Sculpher, M.J and Thompson, S.G and Lilford, R.J and Bell, P.R.F and Greenhalgh, R.M and Whitaker, S.C and Poole-Wilson, P.A and Campbell, W.B and Coles, E.C and Dean, M.R.E and Ruckley, C.V and Ruttley, M.S.T and Powell, J.T and Gibbs, J.S and Halliday, A and Varty, K and Cousins, C and Hannon, R.J and Johnston, L and Bradbury, A.W and Henderson, M.J and Salaman, R.A and Gavan, D and Parvin, S.D and Shepherd, D.F.C and Greenhalgh, R.M and Mitchell, A.W and Edwards, P.R and Abbott, G.T and Higman, D.J and Vohra, A and Ashley, S and Robottom, C and Wyatt, M.G and Rose, J.D.G and Byrne, D and Edwards, R and Leiberman, D.P and McCarter, D.H and Taylor, P.R and Reidy, J.F and Wilkinson, A.R and Ettles, D.F and Clason, A.E and Leen, G.L.S and Wilson, N.V and Downes, M and Walker, S.R and Lavelle, J.M and Gough, M.J and McPherson, S and Scott, D.J.A and Kessell, D.O and Bell, P.R.F and Sayers, R and Fishwick, N.G and Harris, P.L and Gould, D.A and Walker, M.G and Chalmers, N.C and Garnham, A and Collins, M.A and Griffiths, E and Chakraverty, S and Beard, J.D and Gaines, P.A and Ashour, M.Y and Uberoi, R and Braithwaite, B and ... and EVAR trial participants and EVAR Trial Participants
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 2005, Volume 365, Issue 9478, pp. 2179 - 2186
Journal Article