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by Santos, Paloma Marques and Bocchiglieri, Adriana and Chiarello, Adriano Garcia and Paglia, Adriano Pereira and Moreira, Adryelle and Souza, Agnis Cristiane and Abba, Agustin Manuel and Paviolo, Agustin and Gatica, Ailin and Medeiro, Akyllan Zoppi and Costa, Alan Nilo and Gallina, Alberto Gonzalez and Yanosky, Alberto A and Jesus, Alejandro and Bertassoni, Alessandra and Rocha, Alessandro and Bovo, Alex Augusto Abreu and Bager, Alex and Mol, Alexandra Cravino and Martensen, Alexandre Camargo and Faustino, Alexandre Casagrande and Lopes, Alexandre Martins Costa and Percequillo, Alexandre Reis and Vogliotti, Alexandre and Keuroghlian, Alexine and Colina, María Alicia and Devlin, Allison L and García‐Olaechea, Alvaro and Sánchez, Amadeo and Srbek‐Araujo, Ana Carolina and Ochoa, Ana Cecilia and Oliveira, Ana Cristina Mendes and Lacerda, Ana Cristyna Reis and Campelo, Ana Kellen Nogueira and Oliveira Paschoal, Ana Maria and Costa, Ana Raíssa Cunha and Meiga, Ana Yoko Ykeuti and Jesus, Anamélia Souza and Feijó, Anderson and Hirsch, André and Silva, André Luiz Ferreira and Botelho, André Luis Moura and Regolin, André Luis and Lanna, André Monnerat and Nunes, André Valle and Kindel, Andreas and Moraes, Andreia Magro and Gatti, Andressa and Noss, Andrew J and Nobre, Andrezza Bellotto and Montanarin, Anelise and Deffaci, Ângela Camila and Albuquerque, Anna Carolina Figueiredo and Oliveira, Anne Karoline and Mangione, Antonio Marcelo and Pontes, Antonio Rossano Mendes and Bertoldi, Ariane Teixeira and Calouro, Armando Muniz and Desbiez, Arnaud L. J and Fernandes, Arthur and Ferreguetti, Atilla Colombo and Silva, Maria Augusta Andrade and Zimbres, Barbara and Luciano, Beatriz Fernandes Lima and Thoisy, Benoit and Niebuhr, Bernardo Brandão S and Papi, Bernardo and Gómez‐Valencia, Bibiana and Santos, Bráulio A and Lima, Breno Campelo and Oliveira, Bruna Gomes and Santos, Bruna Silva and Campos, Bruno Augusto Torres Parahyba and Leles, Bruno and Albuquerque França, Bruno Rodrigo and Lim, Burton and Oliveira, Caetano Troncoso and Cantagallo, Camila and Lara, Camila Clozato and Lima, Camila Silveira and Gestich, Carla Cristina and Melo‐Soares, Carla Danielle and Peres, Carlos A and Kasper, Carlos Benhur and Candia‐Gallardo, Carlos and De Angelo, Carlos and Fragoso, Carlos Eduardo and Freitas, Carlos Henrique and Salvador, Carlos Henrique and Brocardo, Carlos R and Melo, Carolina Depolito and Leuchtenberger, Caroline and Braga, Caryne and Sánchez‐Lalinde, Catalina and Bueno, Cecília and Luna, Cecília Licarião and Rojano, Cesar and Hurtado, Cindy Meliza and Santos, Cinthya Chiva and Tellaeche, Cintia and ...
Ecology, ISSN 0012-9658, 07/2019, Volume 100, Issue 7, pp. e02663 - n/a
Journal Article
Rodriguésia, ISSN 0370-6583, 2018, Volume 69, Issue 4, pp. 1513 - 1527
The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC) was established by the conference of Parties in 2002 to decrease the loss of plant diversity, reduce poverty... 
database | diversity | 2 International | Taxonomy | hotspots | Database | Diversity | Hotspots | taxonomy
Journal Article
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, ISSN 1935-2727, 07/2017, Volume 11, Issue 7, p. e0005798
Journal Article
Molecules, ISSN 1420-3049, 09/2013, Volume 18, Issue 9, pp. 11086 - 11099
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Weber, Bernardete and Bersch-Ferreira, Ângela C and Torreglosa, Camila R and Marcadenti, Aline and Lara, Enilda S and da Silva, Jacqueline T and Costa, Rosana P and Santos, Renato H.N and Berwanger, Otavio and Bosquetti, Rosa and Pagano, Raira and Mota, Luis G.S and de Oliveira, Juliana D and Soares, Rafael M and Galante, Andrea P and da Silva, Suzana A and Zampieri, Fernando G and Kovacs, Cristiane and Amparo, Fernanda C and Moreira, Priscila and da Silva, Renata A and dos Santos, Karina G and Monteiro, Aline S and Paiva, Catharina C.J and Magnoni, Carlos D and Moreira, Annie S.B and Peçanha, Daniela O and Missias, Karina C.S and de Paula, Lais S and Marotto, Deborah and Souza, Paula and Martins, Patrícia R.T and dos Santos, Elisa M and Santos, Michelle R and Silva, Luisa P and Torres, Rosileide S and Barbosa, Socorro N.A.A and de Pinho, Priscila M and de Araujo, Suzi H.A and Veríssimo, Adriana O.L and Guterres, Aldair S and Cardoso, Andrea F.R and Palmeira, Moacyr M and de Ataíde, Bruno R.B and Costa, Lilian P.S and Marinho, Helyde A and de Araújo, Celme B.P and Carvalho, Helen M.S and Maquiné, Rebecca O and Caiado, Alessandra C and de Matos, Cristina H and Barretta, Claiza and Specht, Clarice M and Onofrei, Mihaela and Bertacco, Renata T.A and Borges, Lucia R and Bertoldi, Eduardo G and Longo, Aline and Ribas, Bruna L.P and Dobke, Fernanda and Pretto, Alessandra D.B and Bachettini, Nathalia P and Gastaud, Alexandre and Necchi, Rodrigo and Souza, Gabriela C and Zuchinali, Priccila and Fracasso, Bianca M and Bobadra, Sara and Sangali, Tamirys D and Salamoni, Joyce and Garlini, Luíza M and Shirmann, Gabriela S and de los Santos, Mônica L.P and Bortonili, Vera M.S and dos Santos, Cristiano P and Bragança, Guilherme C.M and Ambrózio, Cíntia L and e Lima, Susi B and Schiavini, Jéssica and Napparo, Alechandra S and Boemo, Jorge L and Nagano, Francisca E.Z and Modanese, Paulo V.G and Cunha, Natalia M and Frehner, Caroline and da Silva, Lannay F and Formentini, Franciane S and Ramos, Maria E.M and Ramos, Salvador S and Lucas, Marilia C.S and Machado, Bruna G and Ruschel, Karen B and Beiersdorf, Jâniffer R and Nunes, Cristine E and Rech, Rafael L and Damiani, Mônica and Berbigier, Marina and Poloni, Soraia and Vian, Izabele and Russo, Diana S and ...
American Heart Journal, ISSN 0002-8703, 09/2019, Volume 215, pp. 187 - 197
Journal Article
AJIC: American Journal of Infection Control, ISSN 0196-6553, 2014, Volume 42, Issue 9, pp. 942 - 956
Journal Article
by Amour, Caroline and Gratz, Jean and Mduma, Estomih R and Svensen, Erling and Rogawski, Elizabeth T and McGrath, Monica and Seidman, Jessica C and McCormick, Benjamin J. J and Shrestha, Sanjaya and Samie, Amidou and Mahfuz, Mustafa and Qureshi, Shahida and Hotwani, Aneeta and Babji, Sudhir and Trigoso, Dixner Rengifo and Lima, Aldo A. M and Bodhidatta, Ladaporn and Bessong, Pascal and Ahmed, Tahmeed and Shakoor, Sadia and Kang, Gagandeep and Kosek, Margaret N and Guerrant, Richard L and Lang, Dennis R and Gottlieb, Michael and Houpt, Eric R and Platts-Mills, James A and Acosta, Angel Mendez and de Burga, Rosa Rios and Chavez, Cesar Banda and Flores, Julian Torres and Olotegui, Maribel Paredes and Pinedo, Silvia Rengifo and Salas, Mery Siguas and Vasquez, Angel Orbe and Ahmed, Imran and Alam, Didar and Ali, Asad and Bhutta, Zulfiqar A and Rasheed, Muneera and Soofi, Sajid and Turab, Ali and Zaidi, Anita KM and Mason, Carl J and Bose, Anuradha and George, Ajila T and Hariraju, Dinesh and Jennifer, M. Steffi and John, Sushil and Kaki, Shiny and Karunakaran, Priyadarshani and Koshy, Beena and Lazarus, Robin P and Muliyil, Jayaprakash and Raghava, Mohan Venkata and Raju, Sophy and Ramachandran, Anup and Ramadas, Rakhi and Ramanujam, Karthikeyan and Roshan, Reeba and Sharma, Srujan L and Shanmuga Sundaram, E and Thomas, Rahul J and Pan, William K and Ambikapathi, Ramya and Carreon, J Daniel and Charu, Vivek and Doan, Viyada and Graham, Jhanelle and Hoest, Christel and Knobler, Stacey and Miller, Mark A and Mohale, Archana and Nayyar, Gaurvika and Psaki, Stephanie and Rasmussen, Zeba and Richard, Stephanie A and Wang, Vivian and Blank, Rebecca and Tountas, Karen H and Bayyo, Eliwaza and Mvungi, Regisiana and Nshama, Rosemary and Pascal, John and Swema, Buliga Mujaga and Yarrot, Ladislaus and Ahmed, AM Shamsir and Haque, Rashidul and Hossain, Iqbal and Islam, Munirul and Mondal, Dinesh and Tofail, Fahmida and Chandyo, Ram Krishna and Shrestha, Prakash Sunder and Shrestha, Rita and Ulak, Manjeswori and Bauck, Aubrey and Black, Robert E and Caulfield, Laura E and Checkley, William and ... and Etiology Risk Factors Interactions and Etiology, Risk Factors, and Interactions of Enteric Infections and Malnutrition and the Consequences for Child Health and Development Project (MAL-ED) Network Investigators
Clinical Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1058-4838, 11/2016, Volume 63, Issue 9, pp. 1171 - 1179
Journal Article
JER, ISSN 2288-176X, 10/2018, Volume 14, Issue 5, pp. 883 - 890
To investigate whether whole body vibration (WBV) training increases the explosive force of the knee extensors in chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients.... 
Contractile impulse | Rate of force development | Muscle weakness | Hemodialysis
Journal Article
Tropical Plant Pathology, ISSN 1983-2052, 4/2019, Volume 44, Issue 2, pp. 113 - 119
Yeasts have been used to manage a large number of plant diseases, but little is known about the mechanisms used by these biocontrol agents. The objectives of... 
Life Sciences | Plant Pathology | Vigna unguiculata | Antagonists | Induction of plant resistance | Soil-borne pathogens | Biocontrol | CATALASE | RESPONSES | PEROXIDASE | SPP | LEAVES | ROOT-ROT | PLANT SCIENCES
Journal Article