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Lancet Infectious Diseases, The, ISSN 1473-3099, 2015, Volume 15, Issue 4, pp. 415 - 421
Journal Article
by Landier, Jordi and Parker, Daniel M and Thu, Aung Myint and Lwin, Khine Shwe War and Lwin, Khin Maung and Delmas, Gilles and Nosten, Suphak and Nosten, François H and Andolina, Chiara and Aguas, Ricardo and Ang, Saw Moe and Aung, Ei Phyo and Baw, Naw Baw and Be, Saw Aye and B'Let, Saw and Bluh, Hay and Bonnington, Craig A and Chaumeau, Victor and Chirakiratinant, Miasa and Cho, Win Cho and Christensen, Peter and Corbel, Vincent and Day, Nicholas PJ and Dah, Saw Hsa and Dhorda, Mehul and Dondorp, Arjen M and Gaudart, Jean and Gornsawun, Gornpan and Haohankhunnatham, Warat and Hla, Saw Kyaw and Hsel, Saw Nay and Htoo, Gay Nay and Htoo, Saw Nay and Imwong, Mallika and John, Saw and Kajeechiwa, Ladda and Kereecharoen, Lily and Kittiphanakun, Praphan and Kittitawee, Keerati and Konghahong, Kamonchanok and Khin, Saw Diamond and Kyaw, Saw Win and Ling, Clare and Ma, Naw K' Yin and Marie, Alexandra and Maung, Cynthia and Marta, Ed and Minh, Myo Chit and Miotto, Olivo and Moo, Paw Khu and Moo, Merry and Moo, Ku Ler and Na, Naw Na and Nay, Mar and Nyo, Slight Naw and Oh, Eh Kalu Shwe and Oo, Tun Pyit and Oo, Phu Thit and Paw, Eh Shee and Phumiya, Choochai and Phyo, Aung Pyae and Pilaseng, Kasiha and Proux, Stéphane and Rakthinthong, Santisuk and Ritwongsakul, Wannee and Salathibuphha, Kloloi and Santirad, Armon and Sawasdichai, Sunisa and von Seidlein, Lorenz and Shee, Paw Bway and Shee, Paw Wah and Tangseefa, Decha and Thwin, May Myo and Tun, Saw Win and Wanachaloemlep, Chode and White, Lisa J and White, Nicholas J and Wiladphaingern, Jacher and Win, Saw Nyunt and Yee, Nan Lin and Yuwapan, Daraporn and Malaria Elimination Task Force Grp and Malaria Elimination Task Force Group
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 05/2018, Volume 391, Issue 10133, pp. 1916 - 1926
Journal Article
by Ménard, Sandie and Ménard, Didier and Khim, Nimol and Beghain, Johann and Adegnika, Ayola A and Shafiul-Alam, Mohammad and Amodu, Olukemi and Rahim-Awab, Ghulam and Barnadas, Céline and Berry, Antoine and Boum, Yap and Bustos, Maria D and Cao, Jun and Chen, Jun-Hu and Collet, Louis and Cui, Liwang and Thakur, Garib-Das and Dieye, Alioune and Djallé, Djibrine and Dorkenoo, Monique A and Eboumbou-Moukoko, Carole E and Espino, Fe-Esperanza-Caridad J and Fandeur, Thierry and Ferreira-da-Cruz, Maria-Fatima and Fola, Abebe A and Fuehrer, Hans-Peter and Hassan, Abdillahi M and Herrera, Socrates and Hongvanthong, Bouasy and Houzé, Sandrine and Ibrahim, Maman L and Jahirul-Karim, Mohammad and Jiang, Lubin and Kano, Shigeyuki and Ali-Khan, Wasif and Khanthavong, Maniphone and Kremsner, Peter G and Lacerda, Marcus and Leang, Rithea and Leelawong, Mindy and Li, Mei and Lin, Khin and Mazarati, Jean-Baptiste and Morlais, Isabelle and Muhindo-Mavoko, Hypolite and Musset, Lise and Na-Bangchang, Kesara and Nambozi, Michael and Niaré, Karamoko and Noedl, Harald and Ouédraogo, Jean-Bosco and Pillai, Dylan R and Pradines, Bruno and Quang-Phuc, Bui and Ramharter, Michael and Randrianarivelojosia, Milijaona and Sattabongkot, Jetsumon and Sheikh-Omar, Abdiqani and Silué, Kigbafori D and Sirima, Sodiomon B and Sutherland, Colin and Syafruddin, Din and Tahar, Rachida and Tang, Lin-Hua and Touré, Offianan A and Tshibangu-wa-Tshibangu, Patrick and Vigan-Womas, Inès and Warsame, Marian and Wini, Lyndes and Zakeri, Sedigheh and Kim, Saorin and Eam, Rotha and Berne, Laura and Khean, Chanra and Chy, Sophy and Ken, Malen and Loch, Kaknika and Canier, Lydie and Duru, Valentine and Legrand, Eric and Barale, Jean-Christophe and Stokes, Barbara and Straimer, Judith and Witkowski, Benoit and Fidock, David A and Rogier, Christophe and Ringwald, Pascal and Ariey, Frederic and Mercereau-Puijalon, Odile and KARMA Consortium
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 06/2016, Volume 374, Issue 25, pp. 2453 - 2464
Journal Article
Nanoscale, ISSN 2040-3364, 01/2016, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp. 543 - 552
In this work, copper (Cu) species were used as reducing reagents in the colloidal preparation of novel cross-shaped gold (Au) nanostructures in oleylamine. The... 
Journal Article
Nanoscale, 01/2016, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp. 543 - 552
In this work, copper (Cu) species were used as reducing reagents in the colloidal preparation of novel cross-shaped gold (Au) nanostructures in oleylamine. The... 
Journal Article
American Journal of Emergency Medicine, ISSN 0735-6757, 2013, Volume 31, Issue 8, pp. 1201 - 1207
Journal Article
by Cambau, E and Saunderson, P and Matsuoka, M and Cole, S.T and Kai, M and Suffys, P and Rosa, P.S and Williams, D and Gupta, U.D and Lavania, M and Cardona-Castro, N and Miyamoto, Y and Hagge, D and Srikantam, A and Hongseng, W and Indropo, A and Vissa, V and Johnson, R.C and Cauchoix, B and Pannikar, V.K and Cooreman, E.A.W.D and Pemmaraju, V.R.R and Gillini, L and Kriswamati, A and Al-Samie, Abdul Rahim and Issoufou, Ahamed and Tiendrebeogo, Alexandre and Kingalu, AmriMiraju and Randrianantoandro, Andriamira and Kumar, Anil and Chauffour, Aurelie and Win, Aye Aye and Pandey, Basudev and Agrawal, C.M and Widaningrum, Christiana and Schmotzer, Christine and Kafando, Christophe and Bhandari, Chuda Mani and Sema, Cynthia and Vidanagama, D.S and Scollard, David M and Beyene, Demmissew and Morelo, Eliane Faria and Kassa, Elizabeth Dizaneh and Ramarolahy, Enerantien Benoit and Claco, Eric and Villalon, Ernesto ES and Sidibe, Famoussa and Sakho, Fatoumata and Abdoulaye, Fomba and Guilengue, Francisco F and Gajete, Fransesca and Babu, Gadde Rajan and Moussa, Gado and Thakur, Garib Das and Cabanos, Gemma and Sock, Gouressi and Clugston, Greame and Zaidy, Hany and Watanabe, Haruo and Kawuma, Herman Joseph and Mallari, Irene Balenton and Goulart, Isabella Maria Bernandes and Ahamed, Issoufou and Subbanna, J and Houzeo, Jean Gabin and Luengu, Jean Norbert Mputu and Bertolli, Jeanne and Lloyd-Owen, Jonathan and Matheu, Jorge and Brunelli, José Pereira and Alzate, Juan Camilo Beltran and Neupane, Kapil Dev and Osuga, Katsunori and Yamaguchi, Kazuko and Azam, Khalid and Lin, Khin Maung and Momoudu, Kodia and Kyaw, Kyaw and Bide, Landry and Doanh, Le Huu and My, Ley Huyen and Shah, Mahesh and Kodio, Mamadou and Sidibe, Mamadou and Ebenezer, Mannam and Grossi, Maria Aparecida de Faria and Balagon, Marivic F and Canlonon, Marlience and Makino, Masahiko and Htoo, Maung Maung and Ahmed, Md Jamsheed and Nadine, Mintsey-mi-Makuth and Roferos, Florenda Orcullo and Krismawati, Hana and Thida, Mya and Htoon, Myo Thet and Neupane, K.D and Nguyen Phuc, Nhu Ha and Van, NguyenThi Hai and ... and WHO Surveillance Network Antimi and WHO surveillance network of antimicrobial resistance in leprosy
Clinical Microbiology and Infection, ISSN 1198-743X, 12/2018, Volume 24, Issue 12, pp. 1305 - 1310
Journal Article
世界胃肠病学杂志:英文版, ISSN 1007-9327, 2016, Volume 22, Issue 43, pp. 9613 - 9622
Journal Article
BMC Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1471-2334, 03/2018, Volume 18, Issue 1, pp. 131 - 7
Background: Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD; EC deficiency is one of the most common X-linked recessive hereditary disorders in the world.... 
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) | Myanmar | Malaria | Primaquine | G6PD deficiency | DIAGNOSIS | INFECTIOUS DISEASES | STABILITY | FEMALES | COMMON VARIANT | RESISTANCE | HEMATOLOGICALLY IMPORTANT MUTATIONS | MALES | BLOOD | Prevention | Plasmodium falciparum | Complications and side effects | Care and treatment | Dehydrogenases | Analysis | Dosage and administration
Journal Article
Journal Article
GENOME BIOLOGY, ISSN 1474-760X, 08/2019, Volume 20, Issue 1, pp. 171 - 14
Journal Article
BMC Medicine, ISSN 1741-7015, 01/2019, Volume 17, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 20
Plasmodium falciparum infections with slow parasite clearance following artemisinin-based therapies are widespread in the Greater Mekong Subregion. A molecular... 
Genetic aspects | Research | Gene mutations | Malaria | Drug therapy
Journal Article