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by Weinstein, John N and Collisson, Eric A and Mills, Gordon B and Shaw, Kenna R Mills and Ozenberger, Brad A and Ellrott, Kyle and Sander, Chris and Stuart, Joshua M and Chang, Kyle and Creighton, Chad J and Davis, Caleb and Donehower, Lawrence and Drummond, Jennifer and Wheeler, David and Ally, Adrian and Balasundaram, Miruna and Birol, Inanc and Butterfield, Yaron S.N and Chu, Andy and Chuah, Eric and Chun, Hye-Jung E and Dhalla, Noreen and Guin, Ranabir and Hirst, Martin and Hirst, Carrie and Holt, Robert A and Jones, Steven J.M and Lee, Darlene and Li, Haiyan I and Marra, Marco A and Mayo, Michael and Moore, Richard A and Mungall, Andrew J and Robertson, A Gordon and Schein, Jacqueline E and Sipahimalani, Payal and Tam, Angela and Thiessen, Nina and Varhol, Richard J and Beroukhim, Rameen and Bhatt, Ami S and Brooks, Angela N and Cherniack, Andrew D and Freeman, Samuel S and Gabriel, Stacey B and Helman, Elena and Jung, Joonil and Meyerson, Matthew and Ojesina, Akinyemi I and Pedamallu, Chandra Sekhar and Saksena, Gordon and Schumacher, Steven E and Tabak, Barbara and Zack, Travis and Lander, Eric S and Bristow, Christopher A and Hadjipanayis, Angela and Haseley, Psalm and Kucherlapati, Raju and Lee, Semin and Lee, Eunjung and Luquette, Lovelace J and Mahadeshwar, Harshad S and Pantazi, Angeliki and Parfenov, Michael and Park, Peter J and Protopopov, Alexei and Ren, Xiaojia and Santoso, Netty and Seidman, Jonathan and Seth, Sahil and Song, Xingzhi and Tang, Jiabin and Xi, Ruibin and Xu, Andrew W and Yang, Lixing and Zeng, Dong and Auman, J Todd and Balu, Saianand and Buda, Elizabeth and Fan, Cheng and Hoadley, Katherine A and Jones, Corbin D and Meng, Shaowu and Mieczkowski, Piotr A and Parker, Joel S and Perou, Charles M and Roach, Jeffrey and Shi, Yan and Silva, Grace O and Tan, Donghui and Veluvolu, Umadevi and Waring, Scot and Wilkerson, Matthew D and Wu, Junyuan and Zhao, Wei and Bodenheimer, Tom and Hayes, D Neil and Hoyle, Alan P and Jeffreys, Stuart R and ... and Canc Genome Atlas Res Network and Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network and The Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network and Department of Mathematical Sciences, Mathematical Statistics and Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten and Institutionen för matematiska vetenskaper, matematisk statistik and Faculty of Sciences and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 10/2013, Volume 45, Issue 10, pp. 1113 - 1120
The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Research Network has profiled and analyzed large numbers of human tumors to discover molecular aberrations at the DNA, RNA,... 
ONCOGENE | FUSION | MUTATIONS | GENE | IDENTIFICATION | GENETICS & HEREDITY | Gene Expression Profiling | Neoplasms - genetics | Genome | Neoplasms - pathology | Humans | Medical research | Breast cancer | Mutation | Genomics | Tumors | Index Medicus | Genetik | Medicinsk genetik | Medical Genetics | Genetics
Journal Article
by Birney, Ewan and Stamatoyannopoulos, John A and Dutta, Anindya and Guigó, Roderic and Gingeras, Thomas R and Margulies, Elliott H and Weng, Zhiping and Snyder, Michael and Dermitzakis, Emmanouil T and Thurman, Robert E and Kuehn, Michael S and Taylor, Christopher M and Neph, Shane and Koch, Christoph M and Asthana, Saurabh and Malhotra, Ankit and Adzhubei, Ivan and Greenbaum, Jason A and Andrews, Robert M and Flicek, Paul and Boyle, Patrick J and Cao, Hua and Carter, Nigel P and Clelland, Gayle K and Davis, Sean and Day, Nathan and Dhami, Pawandeep and Dillon, Shane C and Dorschner, Michael O and Fiegler, Heike and Giresi, Paul G and Goldy, Jeff and Hawrylycz, Michael and Haydock, Andrew and Humbert, Richard and James, Keith D and Johnson, Brett E and Johnson, Ericka M and Frum, Tristan T and Rosenzweig, Elizabeth R and Karnani, Neerja and Lee, Kirsten and Lefebvre, Gregory C and Navas, Patrick A and Neri, Fidencio and Parker, Stephen C. J and Sabo, Peter J and Sandstrom, Richard and Shafer, Anthony and Vetrie, David and Weaver, Molly and Wilcox, Sarah and Yu, Man and Collins, Francis S and Dekker, Job and Lieb, Jason D and Tullius, Thomas D and Crawford, Gregory E and Sunyaev, Shamil and Noble, William S and Dunham, Ian and Denoeud, France and Reymond, Alexandre and Kapranov, Philipp and Rozowsky, Joel and Zheng, Deyou and Castelo, Robert and Frankish, Adam and Harrow, Jennifer and Ghosh, Srinka and Sandelin, Albin and Hofacker, Ivo L and Baertsch, Robert and Keefe, Damian and Dike, Sujit and Cheng, Jill and Hirsch, Heather A and Sekinger, Edward A and Lagarde, Julien and Abril, Josep F and Shahab, Atif and Flamm, Christoph and Fried, Claudia and Hackermüller, Jörg and Hertel, Jana and Lindemeyer, Manja and Missal, Kristin and Tanzer, Andrea and Washietl, Stefan and Korbel, Jan and Emanuelsson, Olof and Pedersen, Jakob S and Holroyd, Nancy and Taylor, Ruth and Swarbreck, David and Matthews, Nicholas and Dickson, Mark C and Thomas, Daryl J and Weirauch, Matthew T and Gilbert, James and ... and ENCODE Project Consortium and Baylor College of Medicine Human Genome Sequencing Center and Washington University Genome Sequencing Center and Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute and NISC Comparative Sequencing Program and Broad Institute and The ENCODE Project Consortium
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 06/2007, Volume 447, Issue 7146, pp. 799 - 816
Journal Article
Journal Article
Cell Cycle, ISSN 1538-4101, 02/2011, Volume 10, Issue 3, pp. 413 - 424
Histones are post-translationally modified by multiple histone-modifying enzymes, which in turn influences gene expression. Much of the work in the field to... 
Proteins | Binding | Landes | Calcium | Biology | Bioscience | Cell | Cycle | Organogenesis | Cancer | Histone-modifying enzymes | Histone methylation | ChIPseq | DEVELOPMENTAL REGULATORS | DROSOPHILA-MELANOGASTER | MIXED-LINEAGE LEUKEMIA | CELL BIOLOGY | histone methylation | LITTLE-IMAGINAL-DISCS | POLYCOMB COMPLEXES | EMBRYONIC STEM-CELLS | GENOME-WIDE ANALYSIS | GENE-EXPRESSION | CXXC DOMAIN | GROUP PROTEINS | histone-modifying enzymes | Histones - chemistry | Epigenesis, Genetic | Humans | Jumonji Domain-Containing Histone Demethylases - physiology | Drosophila melanogaster - genetics | Drosophila melanogaster - metabolism | Repressor Proteins - physiology | Drosophila Proteins - physiology | Transcription, Genetic | Chromosomal Proteins, Non-Histone - physiology | Lysine - metabolism | Binding Sites | Cell Line | Nerve Tissue Proteins - physiology | Retinoblastoma-Binding Protein 2 - physiology | Gene Expression Regulation | Polycomb-Group Proteins | Enhancer of Zeste Homolog 2 Protein | Nerve Tissue Proteins - metabolism | Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 | Animals | Histone-Lysine N-Methyltransferase - metabolism | Histone Demethylases | Mice | Models, Genetic | Nuclear Proteins - physiology | Protein Processing, Post-Translational | Histones - metabolism | Lysine - chemistry | Methylation | Histone-Lysine N-Methyltransferase - physiology | Index Medicus
Journal Article
by Hudson, Thomas J and Anderson, Warwick and Aretz, Axel and Barker, Anna D and Bell, Cindy and Bernabé, Rosa R and Bhan, M. K and Calvo, Fabien and Eerola, Iiro and Gerhard, Daniela S and Guttmacher, Alan and Guyer, Mark and Hemsley, Fiona M and Jennings, Jennifer L and Kerr, David and Klatt, Peter and Kolar, Patrik and Kusuda, Jun and Lane, David P and Laplace, Frank and Lu, Youyong and Nettekoven, Gerd and Ozenberger, Brad and Peterson, Jane and Rao, T. S and Remacle, Jacques and Schafer, Alan J and Shibata, Tatsuhiro and Stratton, Michael R and Vockley, Joseph G and Watanabe, Koichi and Yang, Huanming and Yuen, Matthew M. F and Knoppers, Bartha M and Bobrow, Martin and Cambon-Thomsen, Anne and ssler, Lynn G and Dyke, Stephanie O. M and Joly, Yann and Kato, Kazuto and Kennedy, Karen L and Nicolás, Pilar and Parker, Michael J and Rial-Sebbag, Emmanuelle and Romeo-Casabona, Carlos M and Shaw, Kenna M and Wallace, Susan and Wiesner, Georgia L and Zeps, Nikolajs and Lichter, Peter and Biankin, Anew V and Chabannon, Christian and Chin, Lynda and Clément, Bruno and de Alava, Enrique and Degos, Françoise and Ferguson, Martin L and Geary, Peter and Hayes, D. Neil and Johns, Amber L and Kasprzyk, Arek and Nakagawa, Hidewaki and Penny, Robert and Piris, Miguel A and Sarin, Rajiv and Scarpa, Aldo and van de Vijver, Marc and Futreal, P. Anew and Aburatani, Hiroyuki and Bayés, Mónica and Bowtell, David D. L and Campbell, Peter J and Estivill, Xavier and Grimmond, Sean M and Gut, Ivo and Hirst, Martin and López-Otín, Carlos and Majumder, Partha and Marra, Marco and McPherson, John D and Ning, Zemin and Puente, Xose S and Ruan, Yijun and Stunnenberg, Henik G and Swerdlow, Harold and Velculescu, Victor E and Wilson, Richard K and Xue, Hong H and Yang, Liu and Spellman, Paul T and Bader, Gary D and Boutros, Paul C and Flicek, Paul and Getz, Gad and Guigó, Roderic and Guo, Guangwu and Haussler, David and Heath, Simon and Hubbard, Tim J and Jiang, Tao and ... and Int Canc Genome Consortium and International Cancer Genome Consortium and The International Cancer Genome Consortium and Science for Life Laboratory, SciLifeLab and Centra and Proteomik (stängd 20130101) and Skolan för bioteknologi (BIO) and KTH
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 2010, Volume 464, Issue 7291, pp. 993 - 998
Journal Article