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by Sastre, Joaquín and Crespo, Astrid and Crespo, Y. Puente and Fernandez-Sanchez, Antonio and Rial, Manuel and Plaza, Vicente and González, F. Callejas and López, J. Jiménez and López, P. Sánchez and Riaza, M. Martínez and Orenes, M. Moscardó and Montaño, P. Prieto and Toro, M. Torrecillas and Balaguer, C. Andreu and Girones, M. Antón and Martinez, R. Lama and Martinez, F. Sola and Martinez, P. Benito and Martinez, P. Marin and Martinez, R. Rodriguez and Martinez, C. Baeza and Martín, I. Flores and Delgado, P. Gonzalez and Calahorro, M. Martos and Carrasco, G. Mediero and Pacheco, R. Rodríguez and Tomás, V. Vilella and Godoy, M. Mota and Yébenes, J. Zapata and Balza De Vallejo, O. Villarreal and Fernandez, A. Bueso and Fernandez, A. Moreno and Fernandez, J. Alvarez and Fernandez, E. Macias and Fernandez, D. Gutierrez and Gonzalez, T. Bazus and Gonzalez, M. Millan and Gonzalez, F. Garcia and Gonzalez, R. Blanco and Gonzalez, F. Carballada and De Las Pozas, G. Castaño and Donado, C. Diaz and Angulo, S. Díaz and Ortiz, G. Gala and Ortiz, A. Romero and Mañana, B. Requejo and Nieves, E. Gómez and Torrado, J. Marin and Culla, M. Dordal and Pla, J. Juanola and Bellfill, R. Lleonart and Velasco, J. Martos and Nogues, E. Pinto and Ortun, M. Rivera and Aguñin, P. Rubinstein and Farre, N. Subira and Combas, J. Valldeperas and Zubeldia, I. Ansotegui and Hortigüela, G. Bernaola and Ayuso, J. Ciruelos and Álvarez, G. González and Peña, A. Losada and Peña, M. Herrerias and Castro, A. Vega and Castro, A. Lahuerta and Llorente, P. Losada and Malanda, N. Marina and Miguel, T. Peña and Miguel, E. Morchon and Hernandez, M and Hernandez, M. Rodriguez and Timon, S. Jimenez and Carreño, S. Porcel and Olbah, M. Alwakil and Muñoz, A. Arnedillo and Mohedad, J. Chamorro and Camacho, A. Letran and Lopez, J. Florido and Lopez, C. Merinas and Lopez, J. Almagro and Bernal, S. Niño and Pellon, L. Fernandez and Portal, F. Ortiz and Rodríguez, M and Rodríguez, A. Suárez and Alapont, M. Modesto and Raducan, I and Segarra, M. Salvador and Bonilla, P. Galindo and Calderon, P. Mata and Rodriguez, M. Escribano and Rodriguez, P. Cordero and Rodriguez, M. Mena and Pérez, M. Martín and Villarejo, M. Morales and Aparicio, M. Blanco and Muíño Joga, M. Do and Garcia-Boente, L. Fontan and Paz, V. García and Paz, A. Cobas and ... and Investigators CONCORD Study Grp and investigators of the CONCORD Study Group
The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice, ISSN 2213-2198, 11/2018, Volume 6, Issue 6, pp. 1953 - 1959
It has been documented that anxiety and depression are prevalent in patients with asthma and are associated with greater frequency of exacerbations, increased... 
Depression | Anxiety | Asthma control | Asthma exacerbations | Health care resources | Asthma | PANIC-ATTACKS | OUTPATIENTS | ADULTS | VALIDATION | HOSPITAL ANXIETY | RISK | PREVALENCE | IMMUNOLOGY | FUNCTIONAL STATUS | SPANISH VERSION | ALLERGY | MENTAL-DISORDERS | Health care | Substance abuse treatment | Physicians | Mental depression | Multivariate analysis | Patients | Primary care | Variables | Anxieties | Questionnaires | Sociodemographics
Journal Article
by Karp, Daniel S and Chaplin-Kramer, Rebecca and Meehan, Timothy D and Martin, Emily A and DeClerck, Fabrice and Grab, Heather and Gratton, Claudio and Hunt, Lauren and Larsen, Ashley E and Martínez-Salinas, Alejana and O'Rourke, Megan E and Rusch, Aien and Poveda, Katja and Jonsson, Mattias and Rosenheim, Jay A and Schellhorn, Nancy A and Tscharntke, Teja and Wratten, Stephen D and Zhang, Wei and Iverson, Aaron L and Adler, Lynn S and Albrecht, Matthias and Alignier, Auey and Angelella, Gina M and Zubair Anjum, Muhammad and Avelino, Jacques and Batáry, Péter and Baveco, Johannes M and Bianchi, Felix J J A and Birkhofer, Klaus and Bohnenblust, Eric W and Bommarco, Riccardo and Brewer, Michael J and Caballero-López, Berta and Carrière, Yves and Carvalheiro, Luísa G and Cayuela, Luis and Centrella, Mary and Ćetković, Aleksandar and Henri, Dominic Charles and Chabert, Ariane and Costamagna, Alejano C and De la Mora, Aldo and de Kraker, Joop and Desneux, Nicolas and Diehl, Eva and Diekötter, Tim and Dormann, Carsten F and Eckberg, James O and Entling, Martin H and Fiedler, Daniela and Franck, Pierre and Frank van Veen, F J and Frank, Thomas and Gagic, Vesna and Garratt, Michael P D and Getachew, Awraris and Gonthier, David J and Goodell, Peter B and Graziosi, Ignazio and Groves, Russell L and Gurr, Geoff M and Hajian-Forooshani, Zachary and Heimpel, George E and Herrmann, John D and Huseth, Anders S and Inclán, Diego J and Ingrao, Adam J and Iv, Phirun and Jacot, Katja and Johnson, Gregg A and Jones, Laura and Kaiser, Marina and Kaser, Joe M and Keasar, Tamar and Kim, Tania N and Kishinevsky, Miriam and Landis, Douglas A and Lavandero, Blas and Lavigne, Claire and Le Ralec, Anne and Lemessa, Debissa and Letourneau, Deborah K and Liere, Heidi and Lu, Yanhui and Lubin, Yael and Luttermoser, Tim and Maas, Bea and Mace, Kevi and Madeira, Filipe and Mader, Viktoria and Cortesero, Anne Marie and Marini, Lorenzo and Martinez, Eliana and Martinson, Holly M and Menozzi, Philippe and Mitchell, Matthew G E and Miyashita, Tadashi and Molina, Gonzalo A R and Molina-Montenegro, Marco A and ... and Biodiversitet and Lund University and Centrum för miljö- och klimatforskning (CEC) and Biodiversity and et al and Lund university sustainability forum and Lunds universitets hållbarhetsforum and Centre for Environmental and Climate Research (CEC) and Lunds universitet and BECC - Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a Changing Climate
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN 0027-8424, 08/2018, Volume 115, Issue 33, pp. E7863 - E7870
Journal Article
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, ISSN 0037-1106, 10/2016, Volume 106, Issue 5, pp. 2112 - 2135
PREdiction of NOn-LINear soil behavior (PRENOLIN) is an international benchmark aiming to test multiple numerical simulation codes that are capable of... 
Journal Article
BMJ Open Respiratory Research, ISSN 2052-4439, 09/2017, Volume 4, Issue 1, p. e000189
IntroductionDifferences between the opinions of patients and physicians on the impact of asthma are common. We hypothesised that patient–physician discordance... 
perception of Asthma/breathlessness | Asthma | Health care | Perceptions | Mental depression | Studies | Hospitals | Tuberculosis | Antidepressants | Anxieties | Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease | Clinical medicine | Patient satisfaction | Communication
Journal Article
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, ISSN 0037-1106, 04/2018, Volume 108, Issue 2, pp. 876 - 900
This article presents the main results of the validation phase of the PRENOLIN project. PRENOLIN is an international benchmark on 1D nonlinear (NL)... 
Journal Article
by Abeysekara, A.U and Aguilar, S and Aguilar, J.A and Alfaro, R and Almaraz, E and Álvarez, M and Álvarez, C and Álvarez-Romero, J. de D and Arceo, R and Arteaga-Velázquez, J.C and Badillo, C and Barber, A and Baughman, B.M and Bautista-Elivar, N and Belmont, E and Benítez, E and BenZvi, S.Y and Berley, D and Bernal, A and Bonamente, E and Braun, J and Caballero-Lopez, R and Cabrera, I and Carramiñana, A and Carrasco, L and Castillo, M and Chambers, L and Conde, R and Condreay, P and Cotti, U and Cotzomi, J and D’Olivo, J.C and de la Fuente, E and De León, C and Delay, S and Delepine, D and DeYoung, T and Diaz, L and Diaz-Cruz, L and Dingus, B.L and Duvernois, M.A and Edmunds, D and Ellsworth, R.W and Fick, B and Fiorino, D.W and Flandes, A and Fraija, N.I and Galindo, A and Garcı´a-Luna, J.L and Garcı´a-Torales, G and Garfias, F and González, L.X and González, M.M and Goodman, J.A and Grabski, V and Gussert, M and Guzmán-Ceron, C and Hampel-Arias, Z and Harris, T and Hays, E and Hernandez-Cervantes, L and Hüntemeyer, P.H and Imran, A and Iriarte, A and Jimenez, J.J and Karn, P and Kelley-Hoskins, N and Kieda, D and Langarica, R and Lara, A and Lauer, R and Lee, W.H and Linares, E.C and Linnemann, J.T and Longo, M and Luna-García, R and Martı´nez, O and Martı´nez, L.A and Martı´nez, H and Martínez, J and Martı´nez-Castro, J and Martos, M and Matthews, J and McEnery, J.E and Medina-Tanco, G and Mendoza-Torres, J.E and Miranda-Romagnoli, P.A and Montaruli, T and Moreno, E and Mostafa, M and Napsuciale, M and Nava, J and Nellen, L and Newbold, M and Noriega-Papaqui, R and Oceguera-Becerra, T and Olmos Tapia, A and Orozco, V and Pérez, V and Pérez-Pérez, E.G and ...
Astroparticle Physics, ISSN 0927-6505, 05/2012, Volume 35, Issue 10, pp. 641 - 650
► HAWC gamma ray observatory is described. ► Two different DAQs allow HAWC to detect gamma ray bursts. ► HAWC sensitivity to gamma ray bursts is simulated. ►... 
Journal Article
by Abeysekara, A.U and Alfaro, R and Alvarez, C and Álvarez, J.D and Ángeles, F and Arceo, R and Arteaga-Velázquez, J.C and Avila-Aroche, A and Ayala Solares, H.A and Badillo, C and Barber, A.S and Baughman, B.M and Bautista-Elivar, N and Becerra Gonzalez, J and Belmont, E and Benítez, E and BenZvi, S.Y and Berley, D and Bernal, A and Bonilla Rosales, M and Braun, J and Caballero-Lopez, R.A and Caballero-Mora, K.S and Cabrera, I and Carramiñana, A and Castañeda-Martínez, L and Castillo, M and Cotti, U and Cotzomi, J and de la Fuente, E and De León, C and DeYoung, T and Diaz-Azuara, A and Diaz-Cruz, L and Diaz Hernandez, R and Díaz-Vélez, J.C and Dingus, B.L and Dultzin, D and DuVernois, M.A and Ellsworth, R.W and Fernandez, A and Fiorino, D.W and Fraija, N and Galindo, A and García-Torales, G and Garfias, F and González, A and González, M.M and González, L.X and Goodman, J.A and Grabski, V and Gussert, M and Guzmán-Cerón, C and Hampel-Arias, Z and Harding, J.P and Hernández-Cervantes, L and Hui, C.M and Hüntemeyer, P and Imran, A and Iriarte, A and Karn, P and Kieda, D and Kunde, G.J and Langarica, R and Lara, G and Lara, A and Lauer, R.J and Lee, W.H and Lennarz, D and León Vargas, H and Linares, E.C and Linnemann, J.T and Longo, M and Luna-Garcia, R and Marinelli, A and Martínez, L.A and Martínez, O and Martínez, H and Martínez-Castro, J and Martos, M and Matthews, J.A.J and McEnery, J and Mendoza Torres, E and Miranda-Romagnoli, P and Moreno, E and Mostafá, M and Nava, J and Nellen, L and Newbold, M and Noriega-Papaqui, R and Oceguera-Becerra, T and Page, D.P and Patricelli, B and Pelayo, R and Pérez-Pérez, E.G and Pretz, J and Ramírez, I and Rentería, A and Rivière, C and Rosa-González, D and ...
Astroparticle Physics, ISSN 0927-6505, 03/2015, Volume 62, Issue C, pp. 125 - 133
VAMOS was a prototype detector built in 2011 at an altitude of 4100 m a.s.l. in the state of Puebla, Mexico. The aim of VAMOS was to finalize the design,... 
Detector prototype | Scientific verification | TeV cosmic rays | FORBUSH DECREASES | ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS | PHYSICS, PARTICLES & FIELDS | Gamma rays | Analysis | Physics - Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics
Journal Article