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by Le Guillou, Adrien and Pugliese, Pascal and Raffi, François and Cabie, André and Cuzin, Lise and Katlama, Christine and Allavena, Clotilde and Drame, Moustapha and Cotte, Laurent and Bani-Sadr, Firouzé and Orticoni, M and Soavi, M J and Luquet- Besson, I and Ressiot, E and Carta- Padovani, M and Ducassou, M J and Bertone, H and Galie, S and Galinier, A and Monclar, M and Ritleng, A S and Ivanova, A and Blanco-Betancourt, C and Lions, C and Poizot-Martin, I and Dhiver, C and Saadia Mokhtari, M and Ménard, A and Tissot Dupont, H and Toméi, C and Meddeb, L and Belkhir, A Y and Ravaux, I and Alvarez, M and Biezunski, N and Debard, A and Delpierre, C and Lansalot, P and Lelièvre, L and Martin-Blondel, G and Piffaut, M and Porte, L and Saune, K and Delobel, P and Pugliese, P and Breaud, S and Ceppi, C and Chirio, D and Cua, E and Dellamonica, P and Demonchy, E and De Monte, A and Durant, J and Etienne, C and Ferrando, S and Garraffo, R and Michelangeli, C and Mondain, V and Allavena, C and Bernaud, C and Billaud, E and Biron, C and Bonnet, B and Bouchez, S and Boutoille, D and Brunet-Cartier, C and Deschanvres, C and Gaborit, B and Hall, N and Jovelin, T and Le Turnier, P and Morineau, P and Reliquet, V and Sécher, S and Cavellec, M and Soria, A and Ferré, V and André-Garnier, E and Rodallec, A and Lefebvre, M and Grossi, O and Aubry, O and Raffi, F and Amazzough, K and Benabdelmoumen, G and Bossi, P and Cessot, G and Charlier, C and Consigny, P H and Danion, F and Dureault, A and Duvivier, C and Goesch, J and Guery, R and Henry, B and Jidar, K and Lanternier, F and Loubet, P and Lortholary, O and Louisin, C and ... and Dat’AIDS Study Group
Clinical Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1058-4838, 08/2019
Abstract Background In late 2013, France was one of the first countries to recommend initiation of combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) irrespective of... 
Journal Article
Atmospheric Environment, ISSN 1352-2310, 10/2009, Volume 43, Issue 33, pp. 5193 - 5267
Journal Article
by Yi, Chuixiang and Ricciuto, Daniel and Li, Runze and Wolbeck, John and Xu, Xiyan and Nilsson, Mats and Aires, Luis and Albertson, John D and Ammann, Christof and Arain, M Altaf and de Araujo, Alessandro C and Aubinet, Marc and Aurela, Mika and Barcza, Zoltán and Barr, Alan and Berbigier, Paul and Beringer, Jason and Bernhofer, Christian and Black, Andrew T and Bolstad, Paul V and Bosveld, Fred C and Broadmeadow, Mark S J and Buchmann, Nina and Burns, Sean P and Cellier, Pierre and Chen, Jingming and Chen, Jiquan and Ciais, Philippe and Clement, Robert and Cook, Bruce D and Curtis, Peter S and Dail, D Bryan and Dellwik, Ebba and Delpierre, Nicolas and Desai, Ankur R and Dore, Sabina and Dragoni, Danilo and Drake, Bert G and Dufrêne, Eric and Dunn, Allison and Elbers, Jan and Eugster, Werner and Falk, Matthias and Feigenwinter, Christian and Flanagan, Lawrence B and Foken, Thomas and Frank, John and Fuhrer, Juerg and Gianelle, Damiano and Goldstein, Allen and Goulden, Mike and Granier, Andre and Grünwald, Thomas and Gu, Lianhong and Guo, Haiqiang and Hammerle, Albin and Han, Shijie and Hanan, Niall P and Haszpra, László and Heinesch, Bernard and Helfter, Carole and Hendriks, Dimmie and Hutley, Lindsay B and Ibrom, Andreas and Jacobs, Cor and Johansson, Torbjörn and Jongen, Marjan and Katul, Gabriel and Kiely, Gerard and Klumpp, Katja and Knohl, Alexander and Kolb, Thomas and Kutsch, Werner L and Lafleur, Peter and Laurila, Tuomas and Leuning, Ray and Lindroth, Anders and Liu, Heping and Loubet, Benjamin and Manca, Giovanni and Marek, Michal and Margolis, Hank A and Martin, Timothy A and Massman, William J and Matamala, Roser and Matteucci, Giorgio and McCaughey, Harry and Merbold, Lutz and Meyers, Tilden and Migliavacca, Mirco and Miglietta, Franco and Misson,, Laurent and Mölder, Meelis and Moncrieff, John and Monson, Russell K and Montagnani, Leonardo and Montes-Helu, Mario and Moors, Eddy and Moureaux, Christine and Mukelabai, Mukufute M and ... and Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States) and Oak Ridge National Environmental Research Park and Dept of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science and eSSENCE: The e-Science Collaboration and Lund University and Lunds universitet and Institutionen för naturgeografi och ekosystemvetenskap and BECC - Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a Changing Climate
Environmental Research Letters, ISSN 1748-9326, 07/2010, Volume 5, Issue 3, p. 034007
Journal Article
Journal Article
Biogeosciences, ISSN 1726-4189, 10/2011, Volume 8, Issue 10, pp. 2869 - 2886
Terrestrial ecosystems represent a major sink for ozone (O3) and also a critical control of tropospheric O3 budget. However, due to its deleterious effects,... 
Life Sciences | Agricultural sciences
Journal Article
Environmental Pollution, ISSN 0269-7491, 2007, Volume 150, Issue 1, pp. 125 - 139
Journal Article
by Loubet, P and Lenzi, N and Valette, M and Foulongne, V and Krivine, A and Houhou, N and Lagathu, G and Rogez, S and Alain, S and Duval, X and Galtier, F and Postil, D and Tattevin, P and Vanhems, P and Carrat, F and Lina, B and Launay, O and Seddik, K and Lesieur, Z and Bonmarin, I and Loulergue, P and Bodilis, H and Servera-Miyalou, M and Sadler, I and Momcilovic, S and Kanaan, R and Coolent, N and Tan Boun, K and Blanche, P and Charpentier, J and Daviaud, F and Mongardon, N and Bretagnol, A and Claessens, Y.E and Rozenberg, F and Yazdanpanah, Y and Burdet, C and Harent, S and Lachatre, M and Rioux, C and Bleibtreu, A and Casalino, E and Choquet, C and Leleu, A and Belghalem, K and Colosi, L and Ranaivoson, M and Verry, V and Pereira, L and Dupeyrat, E and Bernard, J and Emeyrat, N and Chavance, P and Debit, A and Aubier, M and Pradere, P and Justet, A and Mal, H and Brugiere, O and Papo, T and Goulenok, T and Boisseau, M and Jouenne, R and Alexandra, J.F and Raynaud-Simon, A and Lilamand, M and Cloppet-Fontaine, A and Becheur, K and Pelletier, A.L and Fidouh, N and Ralaimazava, P and Beaumale, F and Costa, Y and Munier, E and Betend, F and Amour, S and Loeffert, S and Francourt, K and Merle, C and Letois, F and Géraud, P and Driss, V and Noslier, S and Ray, M and Sebbane, M and Konaté, A and Bourdin, A and Klouche, K and Léglise, M.S and Couve-Deacon, E and Fruit, D and Fenerol, C and Vallejo, C and Jouneau, S and Lainé, F and Thébault, E and Fillatre, P and Le Pape, C and Beuzit, L and Chau, F and ... and FLUVAC Study Grp and FLUVAC Study Group
Clinical Microbiology and Infection, ISSN 1198-743X, 04/2017, Volume 23, Issue 4, pp. 253 - 259
Journal Article