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by Swerdlow, Daniel I and Preiss, David and Kuchenbaecker, Karoline B and Holmes, Michael V and Engmann, Jorgen E L and Shah, Tina and Sofat, Reecha and Stender, Stefan and Johnson, Paul C D and Scott, Robert A and Leusink, Maarten and Verweij, Niek and Sharp, Stephen J and Guo, Yiran and Giambartolomei, Claudia and Chung, Christina and Peasey, Anne and Amuzu, Antoinette and Li, KaWah and Palmen, Jutta and Howard, Philip and Cooper, Jackie A and Drenos, Fotios and Li, Yun R and Lowe, Gordon and Gallacher, John and Stewart, Marlene C W and Tzoulaki, Ioanna and Buxbaum, Sarah G and van der A, Daphne L and Forouhi, Nita G and Onland-Moret, N Charlotte and van der Schouw, Yvonne T and Schnabel, Renate B and Hubacek, Jaroslav A and Kubinova, Ruzena and Baceviciene, Migle and Tamosiunas, Abdonas and Pajak, Andrzej and Topor-Madry, Romanvan and Stepaniak, Urszula and Malyutina, Sofia and Baldassarre, Damiano and Sennblad, Bengt and Tremoli, Elena and de Faire, Ulf and Veglia, Fabrizio and Ford, Ian and Jukema, J Wouter and Westendorp, Rudi G J and de Borst, Gert Jan and de Jong, Pim A and Algra, Ale and Spiering, Wilko and der Zee, Anke H Maitland-van and Klungel, Olaf H and de Boer, Anthonius and Doevendans, Pieter A and Eaton, Charles B and Robinson, Jennifer G and Duggan, David and Kjekshus, John and Downs, John R and Gotto, Antonio M and Keech, Anthony C and Marchioli, Roberto and Tognoni, Gianni and Sever, Peter S and Poulter, Neil R and Waters, David D and Pedersen, Terje R and Amarenco, Pierre and Nakamura, Haruo and McMurray, John J V and Lewsey, James D and Chasman, Daniel I and Ridker, Paul M and Maggioni, Aldo P and Tavazzi, Luigi and Ray, Kausik K and Seshasai, Sreenivasa Rao Kondapally and Manson, JoAnn E and Price, Jackie F and Whincup, Peter H and Morris, Richard W and Lawlor, Debbie A and Smith, George Davey and Ben-Shlomo, Yoav and Schreiner, Pamela J and Fornage, Myriam and Siscovick, David S and Cushman, Mary and Kumari, Meena and Wareham, Nick J and Verschuren, W M Monique and Redline, Susan and Patel, Sanjay R and Whittaker, John C and Hamsten, Anders and Delaney, Joseph A and ... and DIAGRAM Consortium, MAGIC Consortium, InterAct Consortium and MAGIC Consortium and InterAct Consortium and DIAGRAM Consortium
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by Liu, Ching-Ti and Raghavan, Sridharan and Maruthur, Nisa and Kabagambe, Edmond Kato and Hong, Jaeyoung and Ng, Maggie C.Y and Hivert, Marie-France and Lu, Yingchang and An, Ping and Bentley, Amy R and Drolet, Anne M and Gaulton, Kyle J and Guo, Xiuqing and Armstrong, Loren L and Irvin, Marguerite R and Li, Man and Lipovich, Leonard and Rybin, Denis V and Taylor, Kent D and Agyemang, Charles and Palmer, Nicholette D and Cade, Brian E and Chen, Wei-Min and Dauriz, Marco and Delaney, Joseph A.C and Edwards, Todd L and Evans, Daniel S and Evans, Michele K and Lange, Leslie A and Leong, Aaron and Liu, Jingmin and Liu, Yongmei and Nayak, Uma and Patel, Sanjay R and Porneala, Bianca C and Rasmussen-Torvik, Laura J and Snijder, Marieke B and Stallings, Sarah C and Tanaka, Toshiko and Yanek, Lisa R and Zhao, Wei and Becker, Diane M and Bielak, Lawrence F and Biggs, Mary L and Bottinger, Erwin P and Bowden, Donald W and Chen, Guanjie and Correa, Adolfo and Couper, David J and Crawford, Dana C and Cushman, Mary and Eicher, John D and Fornage, Myriam and Franceschini, Nora and Fu, Yi-Ping and Goodarzi, Mark O and Gottesman, Omri and Hara, Kazuo and Harris, Tamara B and Jensen, Richard A and Johnson, Andrew D and Jhun, Min A and Karter, Andrew J and Keller, Margaux F and Kho, Abel N and Kizer, Jorge R and Krauss, Ronald M and Langefeld, Carl D and Li, Xiaohui and Liang, Jingling and Liu, Simin and Lowe, William L and Mosley, Thomas H and North, Kari E and Pacheco, Jennifer A and Peyser, Patricia A and Patrick, Alan L and Rice, Kenneth M and Selvin, Elizabeth and Sims, Mario and Smith, Jennifer A and Tajuddin, Salman M and Vaidya, Dhananjay and Wren, Mary P and Yao, Jie and Zhu, Xiaofeng and Ziegler, Julie T and Zmuda, Joseph M and Zonderman, Alan B and Zwinderman, Aeilko H and Adeyemo, Adebowale and Boerwinkle, Eric and Ferrucci, Luigi and Hayes, M. Geoffrey and Kardia, Sharon L.R and Miljkovic, Iva and Pankow, James S and Rotimi, Charles N and Sale, Michele M and Wagenknecht, Lynne E and ... and MEDIA Consortium and COGENT-BP Consortium and AAAG Consortium and eMERGE Consortium and MAGIC Consortium and CARe Consortium
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Journal Article
JAMA pediatrics, ISSN 2168-6203, 01/2018, Volume 172, Issue 1, pp. 32 - 42
Journal Article
Pediatric radiology, ISSN 1432-1998, 2018, Volume 48, Issue 3, pp. 374 - 382
... on neurometabolites in early childhood Charles Gasparovic 1 & Arvind Caprihan 1 & Ronald A. Yeo 2 & John Phillips 1,3 & Jean R. Lowe 4 & Richard Campbell 5 & Robin K. Ohls 4... 
Pediatrics | Brain | Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy | Medicine & Public Health | Prematurity | Oncology | Erythropoiesis stimulating agents | Nuclear Medicine | Children | Imaging / Radiology | Ultrasound | Neuroradiology | FORMER | LOW-BIRTH-WEIGHT | ABNORMALITIES | METABOLITE CONCENTRATIONS | ANTERIOR CINGULATE | VOLUME | INJURY | NEUROPROTECTION | ADOLESCENTS | PEDIATRICS | RADIOLOGY, NUCLEAR MEDICINE & MEDICAL IMAGING | Biomarkers - metabolism | Hematinics - therapeutic use | Humans | Signal-To-Noise Ratio | Child, Preschool | Male | Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy - methods | Brain - metabolism | Magnetic Resonance Imaging | Infant, Premature | Female | Child | Longitudinal Studies | Infant, Newborn | Physiological aspects | Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy | Usage | Medical examination | Research | Infants (Premature) | Erythropoiesis | Neonates | Neuroprotection | Cell culture | Frontal lobe | Animal models | Erythropoietin | Spectroscopic analysis | Infants | Creatine | Substantia grisea | Proton magnetic resonance | Magnetic resonance spectroscopy | Spectrum analysis | Age | Spectroscopy | Inositol | Statistical analysis | Phosphocreatine | Substantia alba | Magnetic resonance imaging | Correlation analysis | Choline | Birth weight | Resonance | N-Acetylaspartate | N-Acetylaspartylglutamic acid | Glutamine
Journal Article
Nature medicine, ISSN 1546-170X, 2019, Volume 25, Issue 10, pp. 1607 - 1614
Journal Article