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physics (45) 45
high energy physics - experiment (38) 38
particle physics - experiment (25) 25
[phys.hexp]physics [physics]/high energy physics - experiment [hep-ex] (24) 24
experiment (18) 18
physical sciences (17) 17
physique des particules élémentaires (16) 16
high energy physics (15) 15
phenomenology (15) 15
física (14) 14
science & technology (13) 13
physics - high energy physics - experiment (10) 10
cms (9) 9
high energy physics - phenomenology (9) 9
physics of elementary particles and fields (8) 8
physics, particles & fields (8) 8
cern lhc coll (7) 7
collisions (7) 7
dark matter (7) 7
nuclear and high energy physics (7) 7
nuclear experiment (7) 7
particle physics (7) 7
physics and astronomy (7) 7
astronomy & astrophysics (6) 6
astrophysics (6) 6
engineering; physics and astronomy (6) 6
exact sciences and technology (6) 6
experimental results (6) 6
fysik (6) 6
hadron-hadron scattering (6) 6
natural sciences (6) 6
naturvetenskap (6) 6
nuclear physics (6) 6
the physics of elementary particles and fields (6) 6
[phys.hphe]physics [physics]/high energy physics - phenomenology [hep-ph] (5) 5
engineering (5) 5
general (5) 5
lhc (5) 5
dark matter: production (4) 4
hep (4) 4
high energy astrophysical phenomena (4) 4
physics - high energy physics - phenomenology (4) 4
physics, nuclear (4) 4
proton proton collisions (4) 4
simplified models (4) 4
astronomy and astrophysics (3) 3
beyond standard model (3) 3
bosons (3) 3
cross section (3) 3
dark matter: coupling (3) 3
dark matter: interaction (3) 3
direct detection (3) 3
ee (3) 3
effective field theory (3) 3
interpretation of experiments (3) 3
jets (3) 3
large hadron collider (3) 3
nuclear physics - experiment (3) 3
p p: colliding beams (3) 3
p p: scattering (3) 3
quantum field theories, string theory (3) 3
scattering [p p] (3) 3
subatomic physics (3) 3
subatomär fysik (3) 3
supersymmetry (3) 3
114 physical sciences (2) 2
530 physics (2) 2
analysis (2) 2
atlas detector (2) 2
beyond the standard model (2) 2
classical and quantum gravitation, relativity theory (2) 2
collider phenomenology (2) 2
collider search for dark matter (2) 2
colliding beams [p p] (2) 2
cosmology of theories beyond the sm (2) 2
couplings (2) 2
cross sections (2) 2
dark matter: mediation (2) 2
dark matter: relic density (2) 2
eft (2) 2
electrons (2) 2
electroweak (2) 2
elementary particles, quantum field theory (2) 2
exotica (2) 2
fis/01 - fisica sperimentale (2) 2
fizikai tudományok (2) 2
formula omitted (2) 2
hadron-hadron scattering; nuclear and high energy physics (2) 2
hep-ex (2) 2
higgs (2) 2
high-energy collider experiments (2) 2
high-luminosity lhc (2) 2
instrumentation and detectors (2) 2
lead (2) 2
long-lived particles (2) 2
mass (2) 2
medicine; physics and astronomy (2) 2
monte carlo (2) 2
muons (2) 2
new physics: search for (2) 2
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Nuclear and particle physics proceedings, ISSN 2405-6014, 04/2016, Volume 273-275, pp. 503 - 508
Journal Article
by Abdallah, Jalal and Araujo, Henrique and Arbey, Alexandre and Ashkenazi, Adi and Belyaev, Alexander and Berger, Joshua and Boehm, Celine and Boveia, Antonio and Brennan, Amelia and Brooke, Jim and Buchmueller, Oliver and Buckley, Matthew and Busoni, Giorgio and Calibbi, Lorenzo and Chauhan, Sushil and Daci, Nadir and Davies, Gavin and De Bruyn, Isabelle and De Jong, Paul and De Roeck, Albert and de Vries, Kees and Del Re, Daniele and De Simone, Andrea and Di Simone, Andrea and Doglioni, Caterina and Dolan, Matthew and Dreiner, Herbi K and Ellis, John and Eno, Sarah and Etzion, Erez and Fairbairn, Malcolm and Feldstein, Brian and Flaecher, Henning and Feng, Eric and Fox, Patrick and Genest, Marie-Hélène and Gouskos, Loukas and Gramling, Johanna and Haisch, Ulrich and Harnik, Roni and Hibbs, Anthony and Hoh, Siewyan and Hopkins, Walter and Ippolito, Valerio and Jacques, Thomas and Kahlhoefer, Felix and Khoze, Valentin V and Kirk, Russell and Korn, Andreas and Kotov, Khristian and Kunori, Shuichi and Landsberg, Greg and Liem, Sebastian and Lin, Tongyan and Lowette, Steven and Lucas, Robyn and Malgeri, Luca and Malik, Sarah and McCabe, Christopher and Mete, Alaettin Serhan and Morgante, Enrico and Mrenna, Stephen and Nakahama, Yu and Newbold, Dave and Nordstrom, Karl and Pani, Priscilla and Papucci, Michele and Pataraia, Sophio and Penning, Bjoern and Pinna, Deborah and Polesello, Giacomo and Racco, Davide and Re, Emanuele and Riotto, Antonio Walter and Rizzo, Thomas and Salek, David and Sarkar, Subir and Schramm, Steven and Skubic, Patrick and Slone, Oren and Smirnov, Juri and Soreq, Yotam and Sumner, Timothy and Tait, Tim M.P and Thomas, Marc and Tomalin, Ian and Tunnell, Christopher and Vichi, Alessandro and Volansky, Tomer and Weiner, Neal and West, Stephen M and Wielers, Monika and Worm, Steven and Yavin, Itay and Zaldivar, Bryan and Zhou, Ning and Zurek, Kathryn and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States)
Physics of the Dark Universe, ISSN 2212-6864, 09/2015, Volume 9-10, Issue C, pp. 8 - 23
Journal Article
by Abercrombie, Daniel and Akchurin, Nural and Akilli, Ece and Maestre, Juan Alcaraz and Allen, Brandon and Gonzalez, Barbara Alvarez and Andrea, Jeremy and Arbey, Alexandre and Azuelos, Georges and Azzi, Patrizia and Backović, Mihailo and Bai, Yang and Banerjee, Swagato and Beacham, James and Belyaev, Alexander and Boveia, Antonio and Brennan, Amelia Jean and Buchmueller, Oliver and Buckley, Matthew R and Busoni, Giorgio and Buttignol, Michael and Cacciapaglia, Giacomo and Caputo, Regina and Carpenter, Linda and Castro, Nuno Filipe and Ceballos, Guillelmo Gomez and Cheng, Yangyang and Chou, John Paul and Gonzalez, Arely Cortes and Cowden, Chris and D’Eramo, Francesco and De Cosa, Annapaola and De Gruttola, Michele and De Roeck, Albert and De Simone, Andrea and Deandrea, Aldo and Demiragli, Zeynep and DiFranzo, Anthony and Doglioni, Caterina and du Pree, Tristan and Erbacher, Robin and Erdmann, Johannes and Fischer, Cora and Flaecher, Henning and Fox, Patrick J and Fuks, Benjamin and Genest, Marie-Helene and Gomber, Bhawna and Goudelis, Andreas and Gramling, Johanna and Gunion, John and Hahn, Kristian and Haisch, Ulrich and Harnik, Roni and Harris, Philip C and Hoepfner, Kerstin and Hoh, Siew Yan and Hsu, Dylan George and Hsu, Shih-Chieh and Iiyama, Yutaro and Ippolito, Valerio and Jacques, Thomas and Ju, Xiangyang and Kahlhoefer, Felix and Kalogeropoulos, Alexis and Kaplan, Laser Seymour and Kashif, Lashkar and Khoze, Valentin V and Khurana, Raman and Kotov, Khristian and Kovalskyi, Dmytro and Kulkarni, Suchita and Kunori, Shuichi and Kutzner, Viktor and Lee, Hyun Min and Lee, Sung-Won and Liew, Seng Pei and Lin, Tongyan and Lowette, Steven and Madar, Romain and Malik, Sarah and Maltoni, Fabio and Perez, Mario Martinez and Mattelaer, Olivier and Mawatari, Kentarou and McCabe, Christopher and Megy, Théo and Morgante, Enrico and Mrenna, Stephen and Moon, Chang-Seong and Narayanan, Siddharth M and Nelson, Andy and Novaes, Sérgio F and Padeken, Klaas Ole and Pani, Priscilla and Papucci, Michele and Paulini, Manfred and Paus, Christoph and Pazzini, Jacopo and Penning, Björn and ... and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States) and The Ohio State Univ., Columbus, OH (United States)
Physics of the Dark Universe, ISSN 2212-6864, 01/2020, Volume 27, Issue C, p. 100371
Journal Article
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, ISSN 1742-6588, 06/2016, Volume 718, Issue 2
Conference Proceeding
by Alimena, Juliette and Beacham, James and Borsato, Martino and Cheng, Yangyang and Vidal, Xabier Cid and Cottin, Giovanna and Curtin, David and De Roeck, Albert and Desai, Nishita and Evans, Jared A and Knapen, Simon and Kraml, Sabine and Lessa, Andre and Liu, Zhen and Mehlhase, Sascha and Ramsey-Musolf, Michael J and Russell, Heather and Shelton, Jessie and Shuve, Brian and Verducci, Monica and Zurita, Jose and Adams, Todd and Adersberger, Michael and Alpigiani, Cristiano and Apresyan, Artur and Bainbridge, Robert John and Batozskaya, Varvara and Beauchesne, Hugues and Benato, Lisa and Berlendis, S and Bhal, Eshwen and Blekman, Freya and Borovilou, Christina and Boyd, Jamie and Brau, Benjamin P and Bryngemark, Lene and Buchmueller, Oliver and Buschmann, Malte and Buttinger, William and Campanelli, Mario and Cesarotti, Cari and Chen, Chunhui and Cheng, Hsin-Chia and Cheong, Sanha and Citron, Matthew and Coccaro, Andrea and Coco, V and Conte, Eric and Cormier, Félix and Corpe, Louie D and Craig, Nathaniel and Cui, Yanou and Dall'Occo, Elena and Dallapiccola, C and Darwish, M R and Davoli, Alessandro and Cosa, Annapaola de and Simone, Andrea De and Rose, Luigi Delle and Deppisch, Frank F and Dey, Biplab and Diamond, Miriam D and Dienes, Keith R and Dildick, Sven and Döbrich, Babette and Drewes, Marco and Eich, Melanie and ElSawy, M and Valle, Alberto Escalante del and Facini, Gabriel and Farina, Marco and Feng, Jonathan L and Fischer, Oliver and Flaecher, H U and Foldenauer, Patrick and Freytsis, Marat and Fuks, Benjamin and Galon, Iftah and Gershtein, Yuri and Giagu, Stefano and Giammanco, Andrea and Gligorov, Vladimir V and Golling, Tobias and Grancagnolo, Sergio and Gustavino, Giuliano and Haas, Andrew and Hahn, Kristian and Hajer, Jan and Hammad, Ahmed and Heinrich, Lukas and Heisig, Jan and Helo, J C and Hesketh, Gavin and Hill, Christopher S and Hirsch, Martin and Hohlmann, M and Holmes, Tova and Hulsbergen, W and Huth, John and Ilten, Philip and ... and Contributors & Endorsers and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States) and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States)
Journal of physics. G, Nuclear and particle physics, ISSN 0954-3899, 09/2020, Volume 47, Issue 9, p. 90501
Journal Article