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humans (10) 10
female (9) 9
aged (8) 8
male (8) 8
middle aged (8) 8
clinical neurology (7) 7
exercise (6) 6
stroke (5) 5
adult (4) 4
animals (4) 4
peripheral vascular disease (4) 4
physical fitness (4) 4
treatment outcome (4) 4
accelerometry (3) 3
base sequence (3) 3
body mass index (3) 3
cardiorespiratory fitness (3) 3
cardiovascular system (3) 3
care and treatment (3) 3
cell biology (3) 3
ciencia (3) 3
cáncer (3) 3
endovascular therapy (3) 3
fibrinolytic agents - therapeutic use (3) 3
genes (3) 3
mechanical thrombectomy (3) 3
molecular sequence data (3) 3
mortality (3) 3
myophosphorylase deficiency (3) 3
oncology (3) 3
patients (3) 3
reperfusion (3) 3
rhodnius (3) 3
rhodnius - genetics (3) 3
stroke - drug therapy (3) 3
thrombectomy (3) 3
thrombectomy - methods (3) 3
tissue plasminogen activator - therapeutic use (3) 3
àrees temàtiques de la upc (3) 3
acute ischemic-stroke (2) 2
aged, 80 and over (2) 2
alteplase (2) 2
analysis (2) 2
brain ischemia - drug therapy (2) 2
classificació ams (2) 2
clinical trials (2) 2
cross-sectional studies (2) 2
crystals (2) 2
developmental biology (2) 2
double-blind (2) 2
ejercicio físico (2) 2
embryo (2) 2
embryo, nonmammalian - metabolism (2) 2
endovascular procedures (2) 2
endovascular procedures - methods (2) 2
enfermedades - mcardle (2) 2
evolution (2) 2
expression (2) 2
gap gene (2) 2
genetic research (2) 2
genetic transcription (2) 2
genética (2) 2
giant (2) 2
health aspects (2) 2
hunchback (2) 2
implants (2) 2
intravenous administration (2) 2
ischemia (2) 2
matemàtica aplicada a les ciències (2) 2
matemàtiques i estadística (2) 2
matemàtiques i estadística::matemàtica aplicada a les ciències [àrees temàtiques de la upc] (2) 2
mcardle disease (2) 2
medical imaging (2) 2
medicina (2) 2
molecular biology (2) 2
neuroimaging (2) 2
neurosciences (2) 2
nursing (2) 2
outcomes (2) 2
prevention (2) 2
prospective studies (2) 2
quality of life (2) 2
quality-of-life (2) 2
recovery of function (2) 2
research (2) 2
rhabdomyolysis (2) 2
rhodnius - embryology (2) 2
rhodnius prolixus (2) 2
risk (2) 2
rna interference (2) 2
salud (2) 2
sedentary time (2) 2
segmentation (2) 2
sequence analysis, dna (2) 2
stroke - surgery (2) 2
survivors (2) 2
thrombectomy - adverse effects (2) 2
tissue-plasminogen activator (2) 2
vitamin-b6 supplementation (2) 2
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Developmental Biology, ISSN 0012-1606, 2012, Volume 361, Issue 1, pp. 147 - 155
Journal Article
by Rafael D. Mesquita and Raquel J. Vionette-Amaral and Carl Lowenberger and Rolando Rivera-Pomar and Fernando A. Monteiro and Patrick Minx and John Spieth and A. Bernardo Carvalho and Francisco Panzera and Daniel Lawson and André Q. Torres and Jose M. C. Ribeiro and Marcos H. F. Sorgine and Robert M. Waterhouse and Michael J. Montague and Fernando Abad-Franch and Michele Alves-Bezerra and Laurence R. Amaral and Helena M. Araujo and Ricardo N. Araujo and L. Aravind and Georgia C. Atella and Patricia Azambuja and Mateus Berni and Paula R. Bittencourt-Cunha and Gloria R. C. Braz and Gustavo Calderón-Fernández and Claudia M. A. Carareto and Mikkel B. Christensen and Igor R. Costa and Samara G. Costa and Marilvia Dansa and Carlos R. O. Daumas-Filho and Iron F. De-Paula and Felipe A. Dias and George Dimopoulos and Scott J. Emrich and Natalia Esponda-Behrens and Patricia Fampa and Rita D. Fernandez-Medina and Rodrigo N. da Fonseca and Marcio Fontenele and Catrina Fronick and Lucinda A. Fulton and Ana Caroline Gandara and Eloi S. Garcia and Fernando A. Genta and Gloria I. Giraldo-Calderón and Bruno Gomes and Katia C. Gondim and Adriana Granzotto and Alessandra A. Guarneri and Roderic Guigó and Myriam Harry and Daniel S. T. Hughes and Willy Jablonka and Emmanuelle Jacquin-Joly and M. Patricia Juárez and Leonardo B. Koerich and José Manuel Latorre-Estivalis and Andrés Lavore and Gena G. Lawrence and Cristiano Lazoski and Claudio R. Lazzari and Raphael R. Lopes and Marcelo G. Lorenzo and Magda D. Lugon and David Majerowicz and Paula L. Marcet and Marco Mariotti and Hatisaburo Masuda and Karine Megy and Ana C. A. Melo and Fanis Missirlis and Theo Mota and Fernando G. Noriega and Marcela Nouzova and Rodrigo D. Nunes and Raquel L. L. Oliveira and Gilbert Oliveira-Silveira and Sheila Ons and Lucia Pagola and Gabriela O. Paiva-Silva and Agustina Pascual and Marcio G. Pavan and Nicolás Pedrini and Alexandre A. Peixoto and Marcos H. Pereira and Andrew Pike and Carla Polycarpo and Francisco Prosdocimi and Rodrigo Ribeiro-Rodrigues and Hugh M. Robertson and Ana Paula Salerno and Didier Salmon and Didac Santesmasses and Renata Schama and Eloy S. Seabra-Junior and Livia Silva-Cardoso and Mario A. C. Silva-Neto and ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, ISSN 0027-8424, 12/2015, Volume 112, Issue 48, pp. 14936 - 14941
Journal Article
Annals of Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 10/2016, Volume 27, p. vi518
Journal Article
by Campbell, Bruce C V and Campbell, N and Campbell, D and Campbell, Bruce CV and Majoie, Charles B.L.M and Majoie, Charles B L M and Albers, Gregory W and Menon, BK and Menon, Bijoy K and Yassi, Nawaf and Sharma, M and Sharma, Gagan and van Zwam, Wim H and van Oostenbrugge, Robert J and Demchuk, Andrew M and Demchuk, AM and Guillemin, Francis and White, Philip and Dávalos, A and Dávalos, Antoni and van der Lugt, Aad and Butcher, Kenneth S and Butcher, KS and Cherifi, Aboubaker and Marquering, Henk A and Cloud, Geoffrey and Macho Fernández, Juan M and Madigan, Jeremy and Oppenheim, Catherine and Donnan, Geoffrey A and Roos, Yvo B W E M and Roos, Yvo B.W.E.M and Shankar, L and Shankar, J and Shankar, Jai and Lingsma, Hester F and Lingsma, Hester and Bonafé, Alain and Raoult, Hélène and Hernández-Pérez, María and Hernández-Pérez, M and Bharatha, Aditya and Bharatha, A and Jahan, Reza and Jahan, R and Jansen, Ivo and Jansen, O and Jansen, Olav and Richard, Sébastien and Levy, Elad I and Berkhemer, Olvert A and Soudant, Marc and Aja, L and Aja, Lucia and Davis, Stephen M and Davis, T and Krings, T and Krings, Timo and Tisserand, Marie and San Román, Luis and Tomasello, Alejandro and Tomasello, A and Beumer, Debbie and Brown, Martin M and Brown, Scott and Brown, B and Liebeskind, D and Liebeskind, David S and Bracard, Serge and Bracard, S and Muir, Keith W and Dippel, Diederik W J and Dippel, Diederik W.J and Goyal, M and Goyal, Mayank and Saver, Jeffrey L and Jovin, TG and Jovin, Tudor G and Hill, Michael D and Hill, MD and Mitchell, Peter J and Fransen, Puck SS and van den Berg, René and van den Berg, Lucie A and van den Berg, Jan S.P and Yoo, J and Yoo, Albert J and Schonewille, Wouter J and Vos, Jan Albert and Nederkoorn, Paul J and Wermer, Marieke JH and van Walderveen, Marianne AA and Staals, Julie and Hofmeijer, Jeannette and van Oostayen, Jacques A and Lycklama à Nijeholt, Geert J and Boiten, Jelis and Brouwer, Patrick A and Emmer, Bart J and de Bruijn, Sebastiaan F and ... and HERMES Collaborators and HERMES collaborators
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Journal Article