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physics of elementary particles and fields (370) 370
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13000 gev-cms (272) 272
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8000 gev-cms (212) 212
hadron-hadron scattering (197) 197
colliding beams [p p] (190) 190
background (168) 168
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supersymmetry (110) 110
calculating (96) 96
computing (96) 96
counting (96) 96
electric digital data processing (96) 96
transverse momentum: missing-energy (96) 96
basic electric elements (95) 95
blasting (95) 95
casings or constructional details of electric apparatus (95) 95
checks for wings (95) 95
climate change mitigation technologies in information andcommunication technologies [ict], i.e. information andcommunication technologies aiming at the reduction of thir ownenergy use (95) 95
control or regulating systems in general (95) 95
controlling (95) 95
devices for moving wings into open or closed position (95) 95
electric communication technique (95) 95
electric switches (95) 95
electric techniques not otherwise provided for (95) 95
electricity (95) 95
emergency protective devices (95) 95
engineering elements and units (95) 95
fixed constructions (95) 95
frames, casings, or beds of engines or other machines orapparatus not specific to an engine, machine, or apparatusprovided for elsewhere (95) 95
functional elements of such systems (95) 95
general measures for producing and maintaining effectivefunctioning of machines or installations (95) 95
general tagging of cross-sectional technologies spanning over several sections of the ipc (95) 95
general tagging of new technological developments (95) 95
heating (95) 95
hinges or other suspension devices for doors, windows or wings (95) 95
keys (95) 95
lighting (95) 95
locks (95) 95
manufacture of assemblages of electrical components (95) 95
mechanical engineering (95) 95
monitoring or testing arrangements for such systems orelements (95) 95
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regulating (95) 95
relays (95) 95
safes (95) 95
selectors (95) 95
stands or supports (95) 95
technical subjects covered by former us classification (95) 95
technical subjects covered by former uspc (95) 95
technical subjects covered by former uspc cross-reference art collections [xracs] and digests (95) 95
technologies or applications for mitigation or adaptation againstclimate change (95) 95
telephonic communication (95) 95
thermal insulation in general (95) 95
weapons (95) 95
window or door fittings (95) 95
wing fittings not otherwise provided for, concerned with thefunctioning of the wing (95) 95
astrophysics (90) 90
elementary particles, quantum field theory (90) 90
quantum field theories, string theory (90) 90
cern lab (87) 87
channel cross section: upper limit (86) 86
final state:jet lepton (83) 83
index medicus (82) 82
quantum physics (79) 79
classical and quantum gravitation, relativity theory (78) 78
astronomy & astrophysics (77) 77
high energy astrophysical phenomena (76) 76
transverse momentum dependence (76) 76
mass dependence (75) 75
instrumentation and detectors (70) 70
rapidity dependence (69) 69
nuclear physics (67) 67
kinematics (66) 66
bottom: particle identification (64) 64
data analysis method (62) 62
jet: bottom (62) 62
humans (61) 61
top: pair production (61) 61
z0: leptonic decay (57) 57
transverse momentum (55) 55
physics and astronomy (52) 52
hep-ex (50) 50
channel cross section: branching ratio: upper limit (49) 49
higgs particle: hadroproduction (49) 49
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Library Location Library Location
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Journal Article
by Liu, Mengzhen and Jiang, Yu and Wedow, Robbee and Li, Yue and Brazel, David M and Chen, Fang and Datta, Gargi and Davila-Velderrain, Jose and McGuire, Daniel and Tian, Chao and Zhan, Xiaowei and Agee, Michelle and Alipanahi, Babak and Auton, Adam and Bell, Robert K and Bryc, Katarzyna and Elson, Sarah L and Fontanillas, Pierre and Furlotte, Nicholas A and Hinds, David A and Hromatka, Bethann S and Huber, Karen E and Kleinman, Aaron and Litterman, Nadia K and McIntyre, Matthew H and Mountain, Joanna L and Northover, Carrie A. M and Sathirapongsasuti, J. Fah and Sazonova, Olga V and Shelton, Janie F and Shringarpure, Suyash and Tian, Chao and Tung, Joyce Y and Vacic, Vladimir and Wilson, Catherine H and Pitts, Steven J and Mitchell, Amy and Skogholt, Anne Heidi and Winsvold, Bendik S and Sivertsen, Børge and Stordal, Eystein and Morken, Gunnar and Kallestad, Håvard and Heuch, Ingrid and Zwart, John-Anker and Fjukstad, Katrine Kveli and Pedersen, Linda M and Gabrielsen, Maiken Elvestad and Johnsen, Marianne Bakke and Skrove, Marit and Indredavik, Marit Sæbø and Drange, Ole Kristian and Bjerkeset, Ottar and Børte, Sigrid and Stensland, Synne Øien and Choquet, Hélène and Docherty, Anna R and Faul, Jessica D and Foerster, Johanna R and Fritsche, Lars G and Gabrielsen, Maiken Elvestad and Gordon, Scott D and Haessler, Jeffrey and Hottenga, Jouke-Jan and Huang, Hongyan and Jang, Seon-Kyeong and Jansen, Philip R and Ling, Yueh and Mägi, Reedik and Matoba, Nana and McMahon, George and Mulas, Antonella and Orrù, Valeria and Palviainen, Teemu and Pandit, Anita and Reginsson, Gunnar W and Skogholt, Anne Heidi and Smith, Jennifer A and Taylor, Amy E and Turman, Constance and Willemsen, Gonneke and Young, Hannah and Young, Kendra A and Zajac, Gregory J. M and Zhao, Wei and Zhou, Wei and Bjornsdottir, Gyda and Boardman, Jason D and Boehnke, Michael and Boomsma, Dorret I and Chen, Chu and Cucca, Francesco and Davies, Gareth E and Eaton, Charles B and Ehringer, Marissa A and Esko, Tõnu and Fiorillo, Edoardo and Gillespie, Nathan A and Gudbjartsson, Daniel F and Haller, Toomas and ... and HUNT All In Psychiat and 23 Me Res Team and 23andMe Research Team and HUNT All-In Psychiatry
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 02/2019, Volume 51, Issue 2, pp. 237 - 244
Journal Article
by McKay, J.D and Hung, R.J and Han, Y and Zong, X and Carreras-Torres, R and Christiani, D.C and Caporaso, N and Johansson, M and Li, Y and Byun, J.Y and Dunning, A and Pooley, K.A and Qian, D.C and Liu, G and Bojesen, S.E and Wu, X and Marchand, L. le and Albanes, D and Bickeböller, H and Alich, M.C and Bush, W.S and Tardon, A and Rennert, G and Teare, M.D and Field, J.K and Kiemeney, L.A and Lazarus, P and Haugen, A and Schabath, M.B and Anew, A.S and Shen, H and Hong, Y.C and Yuan, J.M and Bertazzi, P.A and Pesatori, A.C and Ye, Y and Diao, N and Su, L and Zhang, R and Brhane, Y and Leighl, N and Johansen, J.S and Mellemgaard, A and Saliba, W and Haiman, C.A and Wilkens, L.R and Fernandez-Somoano, A and Fernandez-Tardon, G and Heijden, H.F.M. van der and Kim, J.H and Hu, Z and Davies, M and Brunnström, H and Manjer, J and Melander, O and Muller, D and Overvad, K and Trichopoulou, A and Tumino, R and Doherty, J.A and Barnett, M.P and Chen, C and Goodman, G.E and Cox, A and Taylor, F and Woll, P.J and Brüske, I and Wichmann, H.E and Manz, J and Muley, T.R and Risch, A and Rosenberger, A and Grankvist, K and Shepherd, F.A and Tsao, M.S and Haura, E.B and Bolca, C and Holcatova, I and Janout, V and Kontic, M and Lissowska, J and Mukeria, A and Ognjanovic, S and Orlowski, T.M and Scelo, G and Swiatkowska, B and Zaridze, D and Bakke, P and Skaug, V and Zienolddiny, S and Duell, E.J and Butler, L.M and Koh, W.P and Gao, Y.T and Houlston, R.S and McLaughlin, J and Stevens, V.L and Joubert, P and Lamontagne, M and Nickle, D.C and ... and SpiroMeta Consortium and Medicinska fakulteten and Institutionen för medicinsk biovetenskap and Institutionen för strålningsvetenskaper and Umeå universitet
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 2017, Volume 49, Issue 7, pp. 1126 - 1132
Journal Article
Pediatric pulmonology, 12/2018
Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) have identified genetic polymorphisms associated with bronchodilator response (BDR), but it is unknown how these... 
Journal Article
Thorax, ISSN 0040-6376, 05/2018, Volume 73, Issue 5, pp. 414 - 421
Journal Article
PLoS Genetics, ISSN 1553-7390, 07/2018, Volume 14, Issue 7, pp. e1007452 - e1007452
Journal Article
Journal Article
Thorax, ISSN 0040-6376, 2014, Volume 69, Issue 5, pp. 415 - 422
Journal Article
by Yun, Jeong H and Lamb, Andrew and Chase, Robert and Singh, D and Singh, Dave and Parker, Margaret M and Saferali, Aabida and Vestbo, J and Vestbo, Jørgen and Tal-Singer, R and Tal-Singer, Ruth and Castaldi, Peter J and Silverman, E and Silverman, Edwin K and Hersh, Craig and Hersh, Craig P and Crapo, James D and Make, Barry J and Make, B and Regan, Elizabeth A and Beaty, Terri and Begum, Ferdouse and Busch, Robert and Cho, Michael and DeMeo, Dawn L and Boueiz, Adel R and Foreman, Marilyn G and Halper-Stromberg, Eitan and Hansel, Nadia N and Hardin, Megan E and Hayden, Lystra P and Hetmanski, Jacqueline and Hobbs, Brian D and Hokanson, John E and Laird, Nan and Lange, Christoph and Lutz, Sharon M and McDonald, Merry-Lynn and Qiao, Dandi and Santorico, Stephanie and Wan, Emily S and Won, Sungho and Al Qaisi, Mustafa and Coxson, H and Coxson, Harvey O and Gray, Teresa and Han, MeiLan K and Hoffman, Eric A and Humphries, Stephen and Jacobson, Francine L and Judy, Philip F and Kazerooni, Ella A and Kazerooni, Ella and Kluiber, Alex and Lynch, David A and Newell, John D and Newell, John and Ross, James C and San Jose Estepar, Raul and Schroeder, Joyce and Sieren, Jered and Stinson, Douglas and Stoel, Berend C and Tschirren, Juerg and Van Beek, Edwin and van Ginneken, Bram and van Rikxoort, Eva and Washko, George and Wilson, Carla G and Jensen, Robert and Everett, Douglas and Crooks, Jim and Moore, Camille and Strand, Matt and Hughes, John and Kinney, Gregory and Pratte, Katherine and Young, Kendra A and Curtis, Jeffrey L and Martinez, Carlos H and Pernicano, Perry G and Hanania, Nicola and Hanania, N and Alapat, Philip and Atik, Mustafa and Bandi, Venkata and Boriek, Aladin and Guntupalli, Kalpatha and Guy, Elizabeth and Nachiappan, Arun and Parulekar, Amit and Barr, R. Graham and Austin, John and D'Souza, Belinda and Pearson, Gregory D.N and Rozenshtein, Anna and Thomashow, Byron and MacIntyre, Neil and McAdams, H. Page and Washington, Lacey and ... and ECLIPSE Investigator and COPDGene Investigator and COPDGene and ECLIPSE Investigators
The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, ISSN 0091-6749, 06/2018, Volume 141, Issue 6, pp. 2037 - 2047.e10
Journal Article