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by Browning, DJ and Glassman, AR and Aiello, LP and Beck, RW and Brown, DM and Fong, DS and Bressler, NM and Danis, RP and Kinyoun, JL and Nguyen, QD and Bhavsar, AR and Gottlieb, J and Pieramici, DJ and Rauser, ME and Apte, RS and Lim, JI and Miskala, PH and Solomon, SD and Bressler, S and Finkelstein, D and Gehlbach, PL and Sung, JU and Zimmer-Galler, I and Doll, W and Donohue, D and Jurao, R and Sheehan, SE and Belt, J and Sharuk, GS and Arrigg, PG and Schlossman, DK and Shah, ST and Kopple, A and Stockman, ME and Bestourous, L and Calderon, RM and Cavallerano, JD and Chau, T and Cavicchi, RW and Strong, J and Wells, JA and Clark, L and Bearden, RT and Taylor, MM and Spivey, R and Evans, MA and Stone, ML and Gardner, TW and Neely, KA and Chobanoff, SM and Frawley, ML and Ringenbach, KC and Rodriguez, E and Bennett, TJ and Kokame, GT and Shen, J and Chamian, SM and Yuen, A and Callanan, DG and Solley, WA and Elmore, GJ and Boleman, B and Creighton, J and Gray, K and Martinez, JA and Dooner, JW and Harper, CA and Montesclaros, CA and Odean, CE and Cadena, I and Sabo, RA and Berger, BB and Rodriguez, M and Rathman, J and Gallia, B and Ostrander, B and Elman, MJ and Raden, RZ and Sloan, MD and Starr, J and Salfer-Firestone, D and Cain, T and Sotirakos, P and Chew, EY and Coleman, HR and Lerner, R and Short, GL and Cunningham, D and Foster, GE and Kuehl, EM and Palmer, M and Antoszyk, AN and Helms, JV and Price, AK and Chatari, LB and Murphy, HL and Bowen, RM and Lutman, B and McOwen, MD and Gross, JG and ... and Diabetic Retinopathy Clinical Research Network and Diabet Retinopathy Clinical Res Ne
Ophthalmology, ISSN 0161-6420, 2007, Volume 114, Issue 3, pp. 525 - 536
Journal Article
by Bevan, A J and Golob, B and Mannel, Th and Prell, S and Yabsley, B D and Aihara, H and Anulli, F and Arnaud, N and Aushev, T and Beneke, M and Beringer, J and Bianchi, F and Bigi, I I and Bona, M and Brambilla, N and Brodzicka, J and Chang, P and Charles, M J and Cheng, C H and Cheng, H.-Y and Chistov, R and Colangelo, P and Coleman, J P and Drutskoy, A and Druzhinin, V P and Eidelman, S and Eigen, G and Eisner, A M and Faccini, R and Flood, K T and Gambino, P and Gaz, A and Gradl, W and Hayashii, H and Higuchi, T and Hulsbergen, W D and Hurth, T and Iijima, T and Itoh, R and Jackson, P D and Kass, R and Kolomensky, Yu G and Kou, E and Križan, P and Kronfeld, A and Kumano, S and Kwon, Y J and Latham, T E and Leith, D W. G. S and Lüth, V and Martinez-Vidal, F and Meadows, B T and Mussa, R and Nakao, M and Nishida, S and Ocariz, J and Olsen, S L and Pakhlov, P and Pakhlova, G and Palano, A and Pich, A and Playfer, S and Poluektov, A and Porter, F C and Robertson, S H and Roney, J M and Roodman, A and Sakai, Y and Schwanda, C and Schwartz, A J and Seidl, R and Sekula, S J and Steinhauser, M and Sumisawa, K and Swanson, E S and Tackmann, F and Trabelsi, K and Uehara, S and Uno, S and van de Water, R and Vasseur, G and Verkerke, W and Waldi, R and Wang, M Z and Wilson, F F and Zupan, J and Zupanc, A and Adachi, I and Albert, J and Banerjee, Sw and Bellis, M and Ben-Haim, E and Biassoni, P and Cahn, R N and Cartaro, C and Chauveau, J and Chen, C and Chiang, C C and Cowan, R and Dalseno, J and ... and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States) and Virginia Polytechnic Inst. and State Univ. (Virginia Tech), Blacksburg, VA (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
The European Physical Journal C, ISSN 1434-6044, 11/2014, Volume 74, Issue 11, pp. 1 - 928
Journal Article
FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY, ISSN 1664-2295, 03/2019, Volume 10, p. 189
Introduction: Vertebral artery stenosis can lead to posterior circulation TIAs and stroke. Stenting is often performed to treat symptomatic vertebral artery... 
stent | endovascular | STENOSIS | ANGIOPLASTY | vertebral artery | embolic protection device | stroke | FAILURE | NEUROSCIENCES | RETRIEVAL | CLINICAL NEUROLOGY | Usage | Care and treatment | Research | Vertebrobasilar insufficiency | Endovascular stents
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Queiroz, N and Humphries, NE and Couto, A and Vedor, M and Costa, I and Sequeira, AMM and Mucientes, G and Santos, AM and Abascal, FJ and Abercrombie, DL and Abrantes, K and Acuna-Marrero, D and Afonso, AS and Afonso, P and Anders, D and Araujo, G and Arauz, R and Bach, P and Barnett, A and Bernal, D and Berumen, ML and Lion, SB and Bezerra, NPA and Blaison, AV and Block, BA and Bond, ME and Bonfil, R and Bradford, RW and Braun, CD and Brooks, EJ and Brooks, A and Brown, J and Bruce, BD and Byrne, ME and Campana, SE and Carlisle, AB and Chapman, DD and Chapple, TK and Chisholm, J and Clarke, CR and Clua, EG and Cochran, JEM and Crochelet, EC and Dagorn, L and Daly, R and Cortes, DD and Doyle, TK and Drew, M and Duffy, CAJ and Erikson, T and Espinoza, E and Ferreira, LC and Ferretti, F and Filmalter, JD and Fischer, GC and Fitzpatrick, R and Fontes, J and Forget, F and Fowler, M and Francis, MP and Gallagher, AJ and Gennari, E and Goldsworthy, SD and Gollock, MJ and Green, JR and Gustafson, JA and Guttridge, TL and Guzman, HM and Hammerschlag, N and Harman, L and Hazin, FHV and Heard, M and Hearn, AR and Holdsworth, JC and Holmes, BJ and Howey, LA and Hoyos, M and Hueter, RE and Hussey, NE and Huveneers, C and Irion, DT and Jacoby, DMP and Jewell, OJD and Johnson, R and Jordan, LKB and Jorgensen, SJ and Joyce, W and Daly, CAK and Ketchum, JT and Klimley, AP and Kock, AA and Koen, P and Ladino, F and Lana, FO and Lea, JSE and Llewellyn, F and Lyon, WS and MacDonnell, A and Macena, BCL and Marshall, H and ...
NATURE, ISSN 0028-0836, 08/2019, Volume 572, Issue 7770, pp. 461 - 461
Journal Article
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 2004, Volume 93, Issue 23
The introduction of additional phases by loop contributions that can shift the experimentally measurable parameter α 
Journal Article