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1910, 63
by Ablain, Michaël and Allard, Patrick and Anquetin, Sandrine and Balkanski, Yves and Bard, Édouard and Bekki, Slimane and Berthier, Étienne and Blamart, Dominique and Blard, Pierre-Henri and Blay, Michel and Blayo, Éric and Bony, Sandrine and Bopp, Laurent and Braconnot, Pascale and Brenguier, Jean-Louis and Bustarret, Étienne and Cadule, Patricia and Cassou, Christophe and Cazenave, Anny and Céron, Jean-Pierre and Chappellaz, Jérôme and Chauvaud, Laurent and Ciais, Philippe and Codron, Francis and Corrège, Thierry and Cortijo, Elsa and Cottet, Georges-Henri and Criqui, Patrick and Dandin, Philippe and Daux, Valérie and Davin, Édouard and Decharme, Bertrand and Delcroix, Thierry and Delecluse, Pascale and Delire, Christine and Déqué, Michel and de Marsily, Ghislain and de Noblet-Ducoudré, Nathalie and Donnadieu, Yannick and Douville, Hervé and Dubuisson, Philippe and Dudok de Wit, Thierry and Dufresne, Jean-Louis and Durand, Gaël and Féral, Jean-Pierre and Fluteau, Frédéric and France-Lanord, Christian and Friedlingstein, Pierre and Friess, Benjamin and Fuchs, Alain and Gaillardet, Jérôme and Garnier, Emmanuel and Genty, Dominique and Gerbeau, Jean-Frédéric and Goddéris, Yves and Grousset, Francis and Guillemot, Hélène and Guilyardi, Éric and Guimberteau, Matthieu and Guiot, Joël and Hall, Nick and Hourcade, Jean-Charles and Hourdin, Frédéric and Jeandel, Catherine and Joussaume, Sylvie and Jouzel, Jean and Kageyama, Masa and Khodri, Myriam and Klein, Patrice and Krinner, Gerhard and Laj, Paolo and Landais, Amaelle and Laval, Katia and Legras, Bernard and Le Bohec, Céline and Le Hir, Guillaume and Le Maho, Yvon and Le Treut, Hervé and Lilensten, Jean and Llovel, William and Lott, François and Maisonnave, Éric and Marchesiello, Patrick and Mascart, Patrick and Masson-Delmotte, Valérie and Mémery, Laurent and Metzl, Nicolas and Meurdesoif, Yann and Mignot, Juliette and Mosseri, Rémy and Naveau, Philippe and Petit, Jean-Robert and Peyron, Odile and Picon, Laurence and Pironneau, Olivier and Planton, Serge and Polcher, Jan and Pucéat, Emmanuelle and Rabatel, Antoine and Ramonet, Michel and ...
10/2017, ISBN 9782271071989
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