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by W. B. Atwood and J. Ballet and D. Bastieri and B. M. Baughman and B. Berenji and G. F. Bignami and E. D. Bloom and J. Bregeon and G. A. Caliandro and F. Camilo and P. A. Caraveo and C. Cecchi and Ö. Çelik and A. Chekhtman and C. C. Cheung and J. Chiang and S. Ciprini and J. Conrad and S. Cutini and G. Desvignes and A. de Angelis and F. de Palma and S. W. Digel and M. Dormody and E. do Couto e Silva and P. S. Drell and Y. Edmonds and C. Farnier and P. Fusco and F. Gargano and D. Gasparrini and N. Gehrels and S. Germani and N. Giglietto and I. A. Grenier and M. H. Grondin and J. E. Grove and S. Guiriec and A. K. Harding and M. Hayashida and E. Hays and G. Jóhannesson and R. P. Johnson and T. J. Johnson and W. N. Johnson and J. Kataoka and M. Kerr and M. L. Kocian and M. Kramer and M. Kuss and J. Lande and L. Latronico and M. Lemoine-Goumard and F. Longo and F. Loparco and M. N. Lovellette and P. Lubrano and R. N. Manchester and M. Marelli and M. N. Mazziotta and J. E. McEnery and T. Mizuno and M. E. Monzani and A. Morselli and I. V. Moskalenko and P. L. Nolan and E. Nuss and T. Ohsugi and D. Paneque and D. Parent and V. Pelassa and M. Pepe and F. Piron and T. A. Porter and R. Rando and P. S. Ray and L. S. Rochester and M. Roth and A. Sander and P. M. Saz Parkinson and J. D. Scargle and T. L. Schalk and E. J. Siskind and D. A. Smith and G. Spandre and B. W. Stappers and J. L. Starck and E. Striani and M. S. Strickman and D. J. Suson and H. Tajima and T. Tanaka and J. B. Thayer and G. Theureau and S. E. Thorsett and L. Tibaldo and Y. Uchiyama and N. Vilchez and E. Wallace and P. Weltevrede and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States)
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 8/2009, Volume 325, Issue 5942, pp. 848 - 852
Journal Article
The American journal of cardiology, ISSN 0002-9149, 2010, Volume 105, Issue 8, pp. 1083 - 1089
Journal Article
AIP Conference Proceedings, ISSN 0094-243X, 2012, Volume 1505, pp. 225 - 228
Conference Proceeding
by Ackermann, M and Albert, A and Baldini, L and Ballet, J and Barbiellini, G and Barbieri, C and Bastieri, D and Bissaldi, E and Bottacini, E and Brandt, T.J and Bregeon, J and Bruel, P and Buehler, R and Caliandro, G.A and Cameron, R.A and Caraveo, P.A and Cecchi, C and Charles, E and Chekhtman, A and Cheung, C.C and Chiang, J and Chiaro, G and Ciprini, S and Cohen-Tanugi, J and Cutini, S and D'Ammando, F and De Palma, F and Desiante, R and Drell, P.S and Fegan, S.J and Ferrara, E.C and Franckowiak, A and Fusco, P and Gargano, F and Godfrey, G and Grenier, I.A and Grove, J.E and Guillemot, L and Guiriec, S and Hagiwara, K and Harding, A.K and Hays, E and Hewitt, J.W and Hill, A.B and Horan, D and Johnson, T.J and Knödlseder, J and Kuss, M and Latronico, L and Lemoine-Goumard, M and Li, J and Li, L and Longo, F and Loparco, F and Lovellette, M.N and Lubrano, P and Maldera, S and Manfreda, A and Marshall, F and Martin, P and Mayer, M and Mazziotta, M.N and Michelson, P.F and Mirabal, N and Mizuno, T and Monzani, M.E and Morselli, A and Moskalenko, I.V and Murgia, S and Naletto, G and Nuss, E and Ohsugi, T and Orienti, M and Orlando, E and Paneque, D and Pesce-Rollins, M and Piron, F and Pivato, G and Porter, T.A and Rando, R and Razzano, M and Reimer, A and Reimer, O and Reposeur, T and Romani, R.W and Parkinson, P.M. Saz and Schulz, A and Siskind, E.J and Smith, D.A and Spada, F and Spandre, G and Takahashi, H and Thayer, J.B and Thompson, D.J and Tibaldo, L and Torres, D.F and Uchiyama, Y and Vianello, G and Wood, K.S and Zampieri, L
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 11/2015, Volume 350, Issue 6262, pp. 801 - 805
Journal Article