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by Willsey, A. Jeremy and Fernandez, Thomas V and Yu, Dongmei and King, Robert A and Dietrich, Andrea and Xing, Jinchuan and Sanders, Stephan and Sanders, Stephan J and Mandell, Jeffrey D and Huang, Alden Y and Richer, Petra and Smith, Louw and Dong, Shan and Samocha, Kaitlin E and Abdulkadir, Mohamed and Bohnenpoll, Julia and Bromberg, Yana and Brown, Lawrence W and Cheon, Keun-Ah and Coffey, Barbara J and Deng, Li and Elzerman, Lonneke and Fründt, Odette and Garcia-Delgar, Blanca and Gedvilaite, Erika and Gilbert, Donald L and Grice, Dorothy E and Hagstrøm, Julie and Hedderly, Tammy and Heiman, Gary A and Heyman, Isobel and Hoekstra, Pieter J and Hong, Hyun Ju and Huyser, Chaim and Ibanez-Gomez, Laura and Kim, Young Key and Kim, Young-Shin and Koh, Yun-Joo and Kook, Sodahm and Kuperman, Samuel and Lamerz, Andreas and Leventhal, Bennett and Ludolph, Andrea G and Lühr da Silva, Claudia and Madruga-Garrido, Marcos and Maras, Athanasios and Mir, Pablo and Morer, Astrid and Münchau, Alexander and Murphy, Tara L and Nasello, Cara and Openneer, Thaïra J.C and Plessen, Kerstin J and Roessner, Veit and Shin, Eun-Young and Sival, Deborah A and Song, Jungeun and Song, Dong-Ho and State, Matthew W and Stolte, Anne Marie and Sun, Nawei and Tischfield, Jay A and Tübing, Jennifer and Visscher, Frank and Walker, Michael F and Wanderer, Sina and Wang, Shuoguo and Woods, Martin and Zhang, Yeting and Zhou, Anbo and Zinner, Samuel H and Barr, Cathy L and Batterson, James R and Berlin, Cheston and Bruun, Ruth D and Budman, Cathy L and Cath, Danielle C and Chouinard, Sylvain and Coppola, Giovanni and Cox, Nancy J and Darrow, Sabrina and Davis, Lea K and Dion, Yves and Freimer, Nelson B and Grados, Marco A and Hirschtritt, Matthew E and Illmann, Cornelia and Kurlan, Roger and Leckman, James F and Lyon, Gholson J and Malaty, Irene A and Mathews, Carol A and MaMahon, William M and Neale, Benjamin M and Okun, Michael S and Osiecki, Lisa and Pauls, David L and Posthuma, Danielle and Ramensky, Vasily and Robertson, Mary M and ... and Tourette Int Collaborative Genetic and Tourette Syndrome Assoc Int Consor and Tourette Syndrome Association International Consortium for Genetics (TSAICG) and Tourette International Collaborative Genetics (TIC Genetics)
Neuron, ISSN 0896-6273, 05/2017, Volume 94, Issue 3, pp. 486 - 499.e9
Journal Article
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