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Immunity, ISSN 1074-7613, 03/2016, Volume 44, Issue 3, pp. 698 - 711
Journal Article
by Pagès, Franck and Mlecnik, Bernhard and Marliot, Florence and Bindea, Gabriela and Ou, Fang-Shu and Bifulco, Carlo and Lugli, Alessandro and Zlobec, Inti and Rau, Tilman T and Berger, Martin D and Berger, Anne and Nagtegaal, Iris D and Vink-Börger, Elisa and Hartmann, Arndt and Geppert, Carol and Kolwelter, Julie and Merkel, Susanne and Grützmann, Robert and Van den Eynde, Marc and Jouret-Mourin, Anne and Kartheuser, Alex and Léonard, Daniel and Remue, Christophe and Wang, Julia Y and Wang, Yili and Bavi, Prashant and Roehrl, Michael H A and Ohashi, Pamela S and Nguyen, Linh T and Han, SeongJun and MacGregor, Heather L and Hafezi-Bakhtiari, Sara and Wouters, Bradly G and Masucci, Giuseppe V and Andersson, Emilia K and Zavadova, Eva and Vocka, Michal and Spacek, Jan and Petruzelka, Lubos and Konopasek, Bohuslav and Dundr, Pavel and Skalova, Helena and Nemejcova, Kristyna and Botti, Gerardo and Tatangelo, Fabiana and Delrio, Paolo and Ciliberto, Gennaro and Maio, Michele and Laghi, Luigi and Grizzi, Fabio and Fredriksen, Tessa and Buttard, Bénédicte and Angelova, Mihaela and Vasaturo, Angela and Maby, Pauline and Church, Sarah E and Angell, Helen K and Lafontaine, Lucie and Bruni, Daniela and El Sissy, Carine and Haicheur, Nacilla and Kirilovsky, Amos and Lagorce, Christine and Meyers, Jeffrey P and Paustian, Christopher and Feng, Zipei and Ballesteros-Merino, Carmen and Dijkstra, Jeroen and van de Water, Carlijn and van Lent-van Vliet, Shannon and Knijn, Nikki and Mușină, Ana-Maria and Scripcariu, Dragos-Viorel and Popivanova, Boryana and Xu, Mingli and Fujita, Tomonobu and Hazama, Shoichi and Suzuki, Nobuaki and Nagano, Hiroaki and Okuno, Kiyotaka and Torigoe, Toshihiko and Sato, Noriyuki and Furuhata, Tomohisa and Takemasa, Ichiro and Itoh, Kyogo and Patel, Jayendrakumar B and Patel, Prabhu S and Vora, Hemangini H and Shah, Birva and Rajvik, Kruti N and Pandya, Shashank J and Shukla, Shilin N and Zhang, Guanjun and Kawakami, Yutaka and Marincola, Francesco M and Ascierto, Paolo A and Sargent, Daniel J and Fox, Bernard A and Galon, Jérôme
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 05/2018, Volume 391, Issue 10135, pp. 2128 - 2139
Journal Article
Cancer Research, ISSN 0008-5472, 09/2015, Volume 75, Issue 17, pp. 3446 - 3455
Journal Article
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 04/2013, Volume 8, Issue 4, p. e61001
Journal Article
OncoImmunology, 05/2016, Volume 5, Issue 5
Microsatellite unstable colorectal cancers (CRC) express frameshift mutation-derived tumor-specific neoantigens. We recently showed that: (i) frameshift... 
neoantigen | colorectal cancer | Adoptive cell transfer | T cell | immunotherapy | + | frameshift mutation | neopeptide | tumor-specific CD8 | microsatellite instablility
Journal Article
OncoImmunology, ISSN 2162-4011, 05/2016, Volume 5, Issue 5, p. e1115943
Journal Article
PLoS ONE, 04/2013, Volume 8, Issue 4
Background Colorectal cancers (CRCs) with microsatellite instability (MSI) are associated with a good prognosis and a high density of tumor-infiltrating... 
CD3 antigen
Journal Article
by Althammer, Sonja and Steele, Keith and Rebelatto, Marlon and Tan, Tze Heng and Wiestler, Tobias and Schmidt, Guenter and Higgs, Brandon and Li, Xia and Shi, Li and Jin, Xiaoping and Antal, Joyce and Gupta, Ashok and Ranade, Koustubh and Binning, Gerd and Bellmunt, Joaquim and de Wit, Ronald and Vaughn, David J and Fradet, Yves and Lee, Jae Lyun and Fong, Lawrence and Vogelzang, Nicholas J and Climent, Miguel A and Petrylak, Daniel P and Choueiri, Toni K and Necchi, Andrea and Gerritsen, Winald and Gurney, Howard and Quinn, David I and Culine, Stéphane and Sternberg, Cora N and Mai, Yabing and Puhlmann, Markus and Perini, Rodolfo F and Bajorin, Dean F and Sharma, Padmanee and Callahan, Margaret K and Calvo, Emiliano and Kim, Joseph W and de Braud, Filipo and Ott, Patrick A and Bono, Petri and Pillai, Rathi N and Morse, Michael and Le, Dung T and Taylor, Matthew and Spilliopoulou, Pavlina and Bendell, Johanna and Jaeger, Dirk and Chan, Emily and Antonia, Scott J and Ascierto, Paolo A and Hennicken, Delphine and Tschaika, Marina and Azrilevich, Alex and Rosenberg, Jonathan and Levy, Ofer and Chan, Christopher and Cojocaru, Gady and Liang, Spencer and Ophir, Eran and Ganguly, Sudipto and Toporik, Amir and Kotturi, Maya and Kfir, Tal Fridman and Murter, Benjamin M and Logronio, Kathryn and Dassa, Liat and Leung, Ling and Greenwald, Shirley and Azulay, Meir and Kumar, Sandeep and Alteber, Zoya and Pan, Xiaoyu and Machlenkin, Arthur and Benita, Yair and Drake, Andrew W and Chajut, Ayelet and Salomon, Ran and Vankin, Ilan and Safyon, Einav and Hunter, John and Levine, Zurit and White, Mark and Leidner, Rom and Kang, Hyunseok and Haddad, Robert and Segal, Neil H and Wirth, Lori J and Ferris, Robert L and Hodi, F. Stephen and Sanborn, Rachel E and Gajewski, Thomas F and Sharfman, William and McDonald, Dan and Srivastava, Shivani and Gu, Xuemin and Phillips, Penny and Passey, Chaitali and Seiwert, Tanguy and Habtetsion, Tsadik and ...
Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer, ISSN 2051-1426, 12/2016, Volume 4, Issue S2
Journal Article
by Schmidt, Manfred and Verhoeyen, Els and Gobbo, Emilie and Divers, Dominique and Oudrhiri, Noufissa and Griscelli, Frank and Bennaceur-Griscelli, Annelise and Klatzmann, David and Anguela, Xavier M and Sharma, Rajiv and Sharma, Rajiv and Li, Hojun and Li, Hojun and Haurigot, Virginia and Haurigot, Virginia and Haurigot, Virginia and Bhagwat, Anand and Bhagwat, Anand and Davidson, Robert and Davidson, Robert and Zhou, Shangzhen and Zhou, Shangzhen and Zhou, Shangzhen and Doyon, Yannick and Gregory, Philip D and Gregory, Philip D and Gregory, Philip D and Holmes, Michael C and Holmes, Michael C and Holmes, Michael C and High, Katherine A and Carbonaro, Denise and Shaw, Kit and Jin, Xiangyang and Geiger, Sabine and Mishra, Suparna and Cooper, Aaron and DeOliveira, Satiro and Sokolic, Rob and Candotti, Fabio and Carmo, Marlene and Arumugam, Paritha and Alonso-Ferrero, Maria and Schambach, Axel and Schambach, Axel and Baum, Christopher and Baum, Christopher and Baum, Christopher and Risma, Kimberly and Malik, Punam and Jordan, Michael and Rivat, Christine and Booth, Claire and Thrasher, Adrian and Whilding, Lynsey and Archibald, Kyra and Oberg, Daniel and Golan, Talia and Hubert, Ayala and Shemi, Amotz and Khvalevsky, Elina Zorde and Gabai-Malka, Racheli and Focht, Gili and Brunschwig, Zivia and Raskin, Stephen and Goldberg, Nahum and Ben-David, Eli and Peretz, Tamar and Eliakim, Rami and Dankur, Alan and Galun and Rachmur, Itzik and Domb, Avi and Kopelman, Yael and Hantz, Yael and Lahav, Mor and Arbel-Alon, Sagit and Dickson, George and Barkats, Martine and Daboussi, Fayza and Silva, Georges and Cedrone, Frederic and Epinat, Jean Charles and Juillerat, Alexandre and Valton, Julien and Montini, Eugenio and Biffi, Alessandra and Biffi, Alessandra and Calabria, Andrea and Calabria, Andrea and Biasco, Luca and Biasco, Luca and Cesani, Martina and Cesani, Martina and Benedicenti, Fabrizio and Benedicenti, Fabrizio and Plati, Tiziana and Leo, Simone and Zanetti, Gianluigi and Aiuti, Alessandro and ...
Human Gene Therapy, ISSN 1043-0342, 10/2012, Volume 23, Issue 10, pp. A1 - A173
Journal Article
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