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in-vitro fertilization (38) 38
ivf (33) 33
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fertilization in vitro (29) 29
ovarian stimulation (28) 28
infertility (27) 27
pregnancy rate (24) 24
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ovulation induction - methods (22) 22
fertilization in vitro - methods (21) 21
analysis (19) 19
in vitro fertilization (19) 19
fertility (18) 18
obstetrics and gynecology (17) 17
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gonadotropin-releasing hormone - antagonists & inhibitors (16) 16
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assisted reproduction (11) 11
embryo transfer (11) 11
follicle-stimulating-hormone (11) 11
gnrh antagonist (11) 11
medicine, general & internal (11) 11
ovulation induction (11) 11
retrospective studies (11) 11
body mass index (10) 10
cryopreservation (10) 10
obesity (10) 10
prospective studies (10) 10
risk (10) 10
womens health (10) 10
embryonic development (9) 9
endocrinology & metabolism (9) 9
gynecology (9) 9
infertility, female - therapy (9) 9
live birth (9) 9
risk factors (9) 9
sperm injections, intracytoplasmic (9) 9
time factors (9) 9
age (8) 8
aged (8) 8
cancer (8) 8
cohort studies (8) 8
estradiol (8) 8
follicle stimulating hormone - therapeutic use (8) 8
obstetrics and gynaecology (8) 8
pregnant women (8) 8
reproductive techniques, assisted (8) 8
young adult (8) 8
animals (7) 7
anti-mullerian hormone (7) 7
child (7) 7
children (7) 7
developmental biology (7) 7
expression (7) 7
follicle stimulating hormone - administration & dosage (7) 7
gene expression (7) 7
genetics & heredity (7) 7
health aspects (7) 7
multidisciplinary sciences (7) 7
netherlands (7) 7
ovary (7) 7
assisted reproductive technology (6) 6
cycles (6) 6
diet (6) 6
embryo implantation (6) 6
fertility preservation (6) 6
fertilization (6) 6
gonadotropin-releasing hormone - analogs & derivatives (6) 6
human chorionic-gonadotropin (6) 6
infertility - therapy (6) 6
journal article (6) 6
logistic models (6) 6
menstrual cycle (6) 6
miscarriage (6) 6
oocytes (6) 6
ovarian response (6) 6
ovulation induction - adverse effects (6) 6
plant roots (6) 6
plants (6) 6
polycystic-ovary-syndrome (6) 6
pregnancy, multiple (6) 6
prognosis (6) 6
public, environmental & occupational health (6) 6
reproductive medicine (6) 6
reproductive technologies (6) 6
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Journal Article
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Journal Article